Saturday, June 13, 2009

DCWhatnow? (also, Shade-on conclusion)

Man, I haven't done anything DCA-related since DCA09.... freaking Facebook.

Sorry about that, guys. ...well, if you read this blog, then, sorry. Anway, I've got SOMETHING for you. The conclusion to Professor Shade-on!

Bonus series
"Professor Shade-on and the Curious Animals"

JOURNAL (Chapter 8)

- Tigers invaded the Dark Garden, who sent them? SOLVED (BIG "SOLVED")

- Phantom entered the Lobby with Eggman. Chaosky says he was chased BY Eggman a few moments later! Whom is Eggman? SOLVED

- Someone stole the Poker Gang's poker cards, but left a joker and three 2s. Who stole the deck? SOLVED

- Knuckles has been murdered! Amy's going to court! But, did she REALLY kill him? SOLVED

- An Omochao dead in the Neutral Garden! Odd death, as well! But, how did it die? SOLVED

- The Omochao Association is in Room 124. But, there IS no Room 124! Where IS it, then? SOLVED

- Room 124 has been found! But, no exit. Where's that exit? SOLVED

- Thrown in a dungeon! Given a dark green melon with no stem! What to do? SOLVED

- Time for the answer! The culprit whom released the animals is to be revealed! But, who is he? SOLVED

- Can't hold him forever! Chaos did it, alright! But, why? UNSOLVED

Chaos started Chaos Cola, WHY?
Chaos killed Knuckles, HOW? WHY?
Chaos unleashed the animals, HOW? WHY?
Chaos got Punchinello to be an accomplice, HOW? WHY?
Chaos kidnapped SShade, WHY?
Chaos set them free, WHY?
Chaos went to the gardens with a chainsaw, WHY?


[cut to the Police Station]
[Chaos is still in custody]
Policeman: Well, we can't keep him in here forever. We may as well let him go.
SShade: Not so fast, police.
[the female Shade is there now, as well as Chaosky, Zagu, Mecha, and Metal]
SShade: I know why Chaos did it.
Chaos: Heh. Highly unlikely.
SShade: Just watch me.

The Big Whodunitz (Why Chaos Did it)

First, let us go back in time, to when Tikal and Knuckles were in love. That was nice and all, but Amy isn't the only one
who stood in between them. Chaos loved Tikal very much. After all, they have to stay together in the Master Emerald, why not?
So, once Chaos found out that Tikal was in love with Knuckles, he got in contact with Amy/Amy fell in love with Knuckles.
This was the perfect oppurtunity for Chaos to strike.

Tikal went to Knuckles' apartment, and was knocked unconcscious. Then, Chaos got there, and murdalized him. Somewhere around that time, Tikal got up and left.

You see, once Tikal left him, Chaos knew the love they shared was gone. He slowly fell into a crazed state, having lost
his one true love. So, he decided to get Tikal sent to jail. And he did. He wasn't even brought up in the case, and that
is my fault.

Anyway, once he was loveless, he wanted to release his anger even more. So, he chose the creatures he was guarding-- us.
As you all know, Chaos is the guardian of the chao. But, he felt that we deserved to suffer, just as he was.

Then, he met Punchinello Kawizzyworth. This guy worked for the CIA. ...oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah, he did.
Anyway, Mr. Kawizzyworth told him about the G-A Project, and Chaos told him to put it into effect.

Then, after the animals were released, and Tikal was arrested, Punchinello let him know that we were poking around.
So, he kidnapped us. Why? To test our skills. He wanted to know which was the one behind Tikal's arrest.
That is why he threw the grenade in. Once I got rid of it, he let us go. He was hoping we would stop poking around, but...

He came to the gardens with a chainsaw, as you know. He came to kill the animals, and to finish off any remaining chao.
Of course, I was there to stop him.

Now, Chaos Cola was started just so he could keep a close eye on us. Make sure we die.

In the end, this complicated plan of his didn't work out, did it?

[Chaos is shaking heavily]
SShade: See? The face of a guilty person.
Chaos: Grr......
Policeman: Well done, Shade. You've helped us get a dangerous person put to jail.
SShade: I suggest you release Tikal, and also arrest a mister Punchinello Kawizzyworh. He's currently working at CPAK.
Policeman: We'll get right on that.
Chaos: Shade....... don't think I'll forget this. I won't. Your face... I will remember. Your death.... is certain.
[Chaos is then led into the police car]
Chy: I'm getting a big deja vu from this.
SShade: You are?
Chy: Yeah. I don't know why, but the scene with someone being put into a police car... being typed into DCA....
Zagu: Oh, I'm sure it's nothing. So, Shade, you ready to return home now?
SShade: Yes. The animals should be gone now. Oh, and also...
Both: Yeah, Shade?
SShade: Please.... call me, "Professor."