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Episode 89: Ink on a Canvas

Two years later…
[I highlight a lot of text and hit Backspace. Out of the chaos, order begins to come back.]

Chapter 9: Fun with Numbers
[the Dark Garden fades in]
[Shade fades in, a grey Dark/Swim chao in a bandanna and wielding a crowbar]
[Dark fades in, a regular Dark chao with a guitar strapped to his back]
[Red fades in, a red Dark chao with machine gun in hand]
[Shadow fades in, a Dark/Run chao in a trilby and purple scarf]
[Shawn fades in, a Neutral chao in a trenchcoat]
[Tagliare fades in, a blue chao wearing a gas mask]
[Levity Nite fades in, a tall cloaked figure hiding an old green chao]
[Doctor Eggman fades in]
[Chao fades in, a Dark Chaos Chao who was once the ruler of the Hero Garden]
[Professor Shade fades in, an arbitrarily female grey Dark chao in a top hat]
[Amphis fades in, a red Neutral/Power/Power chao]
[Mephiles fades in, a demon that.. resembles Shadow the Hedgehog, he's from Sonic '06, that's what's important]
[Mecha Knuckles fades in, the thing from Sonic R]
[the Tails Doll fades in, the other thing from Sonic R]
[Shade Junior fades in, a young Dark chao with stilts and a cloak hidden away in hammerspace]
[Zero fades in, an X-Naut]
Shade: Did we.. did we make it? What just happened?
MK: ...I think we made it. Metal Speedy ain't here.
Dark: It's not over, though.
Shadow: What? Why?
Dark: Shadow, you only got five chaos drives. How did you become a Dark/Run chao?
Shadow: …FUCK!
Red: Wait a minute. Didn't Future Shade give you a chaos drive just after the hiatus?
Shadow: Hey yeah, he did.
Egg: That should only be six, though. The boy needed one more. It should be impossible!
Shade: …not necessarily.
[everyone turns to look at Shade]
Shade: Does anyone else remember, yonks ago, when we'd just come back from Chao Talk for the first time and the Dark Garden was filled with clones?
Shawn: …and you turned into a Dark/Swim chao despite having been given no chaos drives at all. I remember; it gave you the strength to fend me off.
Shade: Yeah.
Shadow: Wait, really? Do you remember the specifics of how that worked?
Shade: It only lasted a little while, just long enough to save our Gardens. I remember… I remember hearing my brother's voice. And seeing visions of eight chaos drives.
Red: Shouldn't it have technically been seven?
Shade: Man, I honestly can't remember. I know I saw eight.
Tag: I have a more pressing question.
[everyone turns to look at Tagliare]
Tag: Wasn't Metal Speedy supposed to come in here and kill me?
Red: I guess he was, but we fixed the plot hole. Shadow's experiencing a deus ex machina in a form that at least has precedence, which counts for something. His Dark/Run should fade soon, too.
Shadow: Wait, so.. I didn't even really need to gather all the chaos drives to save the show? That was a bit of a let-down.
Shadow: The show is saved, right?
Shade: One thing's for sure: DJay sure as hell won't be telling us. C'mon, let's look around for ourselves.
Chapter 9.2: Expected Developments
[cut to the Chao Lobby; everyone enters]
[everything looks normal]
[cut to CPAK; people check every room and find everything in order]
[cut to the Hero Garden; nothing appears out of place]
[cut to the Neutral Garden; all looks fine]
[Eggman and Levity Nite decide to check the Void to see if they can find anything; they walk off-screen]
[in the meantime, the remaining characters gather around in the Neutral Garden]
Shade: Alright, so.. something happened. Can anyone remember what, exactly, went down?
Shadow: I remember grabbing the chaos drives and… bending the script.
Shawn: Yes, and Shade and I bent it too to help you.
Red: What were you guys trying to do?
Shawn: I wanted to stop Metal Speedy, to banish him from the script.
Shade: I wanted.. another shot, another chance at whatever we were trying to do.
Shadow: I just wanted to get out of there, out of that damn city.
Dark: Well, I know at least one of those came true.
Red: And do we know what Metal Speedy was trying to do?
Shade: Probably kill us.
SJR: ..but this has all happened before. Not this, this is different for some reason. That's what I don't get. We've been.. through this already, that battle.
MK: Man, all this meta stuff's making my head hurt. Tails Doll, you want to come check see if the Stardust Eggman's still up?
[Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll leave]
Red: Does anyone have.. lack of a better phrase, "access to the paper?" To the script?
Shawn: I still do. I think.
[Shawn pulls a piece of paper out from hammerspace; the protagonists gather around and read it]
Shade: ..DCA ends with Episode 88. Something.. took over the show? Something that's been hiding in the shadows all along?
Chao: The Instability…
Shade: So this is where they come in.
Dark: Wait, wasn't the second Season Finale the one with all the nonsense and plot holes?
Shade: It's where everything came from.
[Shade chuckles, then breaks into an uncontrollable laughter]
Red: What? What is it?
Shade: If the beta Season Two had survived and been the canonical one, we never would have gone to the future after all and started all this chaos.
[Shade starts crying]
Shade: The Beta Avengers were right all along. They were the good guys.
[Shawn slaps Shade, who stares back in shock]
Shawn: Listen to me. Nothing about what we did was "good." We were in it for vengeance. We were no heroes; we were the villains. I don't think any of us had the Instability in mind when we commandeered the script.
Shade: You.. slapped me.
Shawn: It's not the worst I've done. Get a hold of yourself, I'm the goddamn MILKMAN, for Hero Chaos's sake.
Red: We keep saying that, but what does it even mean?
[now everyone looks at Red]
Red: ..I mean "Hero Chaos." Why do we say that? We say "God" plenty of times; there's no reason why we'd need to specify Hero Chaos every now and then. Who even is Hero Chaos?
Chao: It's an old myth. It was really more of a Hero Garden thing, this idea that chao can become beacons of.. hope. The Hero Chaos is a potential god, an archetype to aspire to. It's never come true, though.
Shade: What does that make you, then? You're a Dark Chaos chao.
Chao: I…
Shade: Does that mean you're what we should all aspire not to be?
Chao: No, no, shut up! God, why do we keep fighting?
Shade: Because you get everything. You get everything that I've always wanted.
Chao: I don't, though! Can't you see?!
Shade: You have a fucking medal; you've had one for as long as I've known you!
Chao: What? A medal for swimming? I didn't earn this stupid thing!
[Chao rips his medal off his chest and throws it into the pool]
Chao: Mister Prower gave me it so I wouldn't feel bad. Look at you, you went on a journey, you got chaos drives, you stopped Metal Speedy, you earned your swimming abilities. If anyone should be envious here, I should envy you!
Shade: Yeah! You should envy me! Yeah! You're a Dark Chaos chao, exactly what I'd always dreamt of being.
Chao: I'm not.
[pause as Shade processes this]
Shade:'re what?
Chao: I'm not a Dark Chaos chao.
[Chao rips his features off and reveals they were only a costume; underneath he is the same old Hero chao he once was]
[everyone stares at him in disbelief]
Chao: I just.. wanted you back, Shade. Someone had to run the Dark Garden. It wasn't right for it to be so.. empty. And I mean, look at me, running the Hero Garden; I'm the king of nothing at all! What's the point of me?
[Shade hugs Chao]
Shade: I'm sorry. I wish I'd have known.
Chao: I'm sorry too. I'm sorry for not helping. I'm sorry we couldn't have been friends.
Shade: We can still be friends. We can start again.

DJay32 presents…
Season Nine: Chaos
Episode Eighty-Nine: Ink on a Canvas

Chapter 9.3: In the Void
[cut to the Void]
[emptiness fills a space that shouldn't be]
[a faint blue tint paints the background]
Egg: This is impossible. This is all impossible.
[Eggman and Levity Nite are staring at the blue nothing]
[Eggman turns to his cloaked partner]
Egg: Can you think of any explanation for how… how we can… be again?
Nite: No. I can't.
[Levity Nite floats towards a piece of the blue nothing that has split off from the rest]
Nite: But I have the feeling the answer lies in DCA's past.
Egg: DCA's past? A little kid's attempts at being "funny" and "interesting," you mean.
Nite: The show developed, though. It became more than that. It grew the beard, and.. we were the harbinger for that.
Egg: I don't know why I ever wanted to become a member of this twisted cult.
[Levity Nite turns back to Eggman, anger in his posture]
Nite: "Cult?" The Veteran's Committee was more than just some cult, Doctor. We were trying to…
[he trails off, unsure]
Nite: I don't.. even remember.
[in Eggman's glasses, a reflection of red can be seen despite the blue surroundings]
Chapter 9.4: Revelation
[Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll fall through the blank space behind the script]
TD: Welp. This figures.
MK: I could have sworn the Chao Lobby Exit took us to somewhere on Earth.
TD: DCA was destroyed, remember? All of it wiped clean! We're floating in IT right now.
MK: What do you think will happen to us?
TD: Well, you're a tough bolt to break, and I'm a demon trapped inside a stuffed doll. So dying's probably not likely.
MK: Wanna play I Spy?
TD: No, I do not want to play I Spy.
Chapter 9.5: Interpolation
[somewhere, red eyes activate in a dark room]
?: In no dream is such emptiness nigh. …hunger.
[the red eyes rise, the reader's eyes adjusting to the darkness and making out a figure attached to the eyes]
?: It's been two years, DJay. I didn't think that you were coming back.
[the figure breaks into laughter]
?: But of course, I see. It doesn't matter how long you live, we will never leave your mind.
[the red eyes step closer to the camera]
?: We nurtured you, we praised you, we kept you warm when you made startling yelps at the shadows that stared from your changing rotting walls.
[another step, one eye disappears]
?: We helped you, and you gave us an entire universe to play in. You gave me the universe to play in. How could you ever leave your script behind?
[the figure stops walking, shakes its head, and its other eye comes back]
?: Welcome back, all, to DCA. DJay still has some blanks to fill in.
[a loud thump is heard, a giant heartbeat from far away]
?: We'll be waiting, the antagonists.
[the camera slowly zooms out, letting the steady heartbeat and flickering red eyes remain]
[a piercing shriek is heard in the distance]
Chapter 9.6: An Unlikely Alliance
[cut back to the Void of the Veterans; Levity Nite has brought in Shawn and Tagliare, last of the Beta Avengers]
Egg: Why are they here?
Nite: We're gonna need all the help we can get if we want to salvage this show.
Egg: Salvage?! After all the effort we went through to end it?
Shawn: This show is unendable. There's too many loose ends, too many plot points that could be followed, and worst of all, too many villains.
Nite: Exactly. We tried so hard to end it on our own terms, but we had forgotten just how deadly of a villain we'd ignored, just how uncontrollable.
[Levity Nite takes his hood off, revealing a slightly purple Dark chao on stilts with two tiny little nubs on top of his head and a lime-green spiky emotiball]
[he hops off his stilts]
Nite: By trying to end the show, we were putting ourselves up against a foe that broke every fourth wall and hid behind every abstract nerve there is.
[he throws his hood and his stilts away into the Void beyond]
Nite: Life's too short, gentlemen.
Egg: I'm sorry, who are you, again?
Nite: I'm Shade Junior.
Nite: From the future.
Tag: Which future?
Nite: Well, okay, the past. I'm from the.. the.. repeat of the show as shown in Episode 88. The Instability put this show on repeat, and I put on a cloak and called myself Levity Nite and formed the Veteran's Committee with Echo.
Tag: God, this show is confusing.
Shawn: I can see why DJay doesn't write much with time travel in his other stories.
Nite: Look, let's keep this simple. I'm Levity Nite. No worrying about future and past, at least not unless we have to. I won't wear the cloak; there's too many cloaked characters as it is.
Tag: Thank you.
Nite: There's a Shade Junior in the Gardens who, for whatever reason, won't grow up to become me. And frankly, I'm thankful for that. I have hope now-- for whatever reason, that cycle, the unexpected developments, they.. broke.
[Levity Nite gestures to the whole group]
Nite: So I say we make the most of this. We've spent so long trying to make things worse for the world; well, look at the world now! It's about as bad as it can get! Do you want this? Are you happy?
[close-up of his face]
Nite: 'Cause I'm not.
[pause as the others think]
[Eggman shakes his head]
Egg: Who am I kidding? Let's do it.
Shawn: But do what, exactly? How can we help?
Nite: You're the MILKMAN. Just do as you do best, but do it wanting to make the world a better place for your children and grandchildren.
Tag: What can I do? I'm Tagliare; I'm the Beta who's always forgotten, the Scrappy Avenger!
Nite: That's a question you're gonna have to find an answer for yourself.
Zero: You guys talking about saving the world?
[the four former-villains turn to see Zero walking into the Void]
Egg: How did you get here?
Zero: I'm a Beta Avenger just like those two; I can find my way around. And I want in on this group, but I got one question: What are we gonna call ourselves?
Nite; Do we need a name?
Egg: I mean. It'd help. Organization's sake, and all that.
Tag: How about Chaos?
Shawn: Why "Chaos?"
Tag: I dunno, it's the name of this Season, and that's usually relevant.
Egg: The Chaos Alliance?
Nite: I don't know how comfortable I feel naming ourselves after the Season name.
Egg: There's significance to it, boy! We're the ones who met up in the impenetrable void of blue space, picked the show up out of the post-mordial chaos, and forged an alliance out of it!
Zero: I think that sounds pretty badass, personally.
Nite: Alright. From this chapter onwards, let it be known that Levity Nite, Doctor Eggman, Shawn the Dark, Tagliare, and Zero are the Chaos Alliance!
[the environment turns ever so slightly redder, but not enough for anyone to notice]
Chapter 9.7: For Want of a Better Word
[cut back to the Neutral Garden; the chao (and Mephiles) are patiently waiting for anyone to come back with news]
[Shade and Shadow are sitting at the edge of the Garden, staring off into the skybox]
Shade: What even is the point of living when you're not even a video game character anymore, just a concept reduced to practically a self-insert in the form of text on a screen? I used to think I had a goal in my life: Save the Gardens from whatever strange thing threatened our happiness. I thought the chaos drives could give me the strength to do so, but what defeated the Beta Avengers many Seasons ago wasn't the ability to swim but logic. Before I knew it, before I could even process this mockery of my ambitions, I got pushed to the side, becoming a mentor to someone else who was told the same lie… and in the end, past all these distractions and mockeries and obfuscations, past all the chaos drives and all the villains, I failed my goal. The villains won. The chao were divided, many were killed, the ones left living were locked in an eternal loop, playing the same eight Seasons over and over.
Shadow: And for some reason, we weren't.
Shade: For some reason, we weren't.
Shadow: Did we ever find out why we weren't? Why we got the special treatment, why DJay brought us back for the Episodes that shouldn't have existed, why we were trapped in PLAN 31?
Shade: My guess is our creator felt attached to us. He couldn't let us become like the others.
[Shade and Shadow turn to look at the others, gathering fruit from the trees and going for swims in the pool]
Shadow: But then why this? Why bring us all back? Why the change of heart?
Shade: Ain't that the million-dollar question?
[Shadow looks at Shade]
Shadow: Do you still want to live, to protect the Gardens from danger?
[Shade closes his eyes and takes a deep breath]
Shade: I had may as well. We don't even know what the danger is yet.
[Shadow grabs Shade's shoulder]
Shadow: Shade.
[Shade opens an eye and looks at Shadow]
Shadow: Do you want to protect it?
Shadow: What do you want?
Shade: A million dollars.
[Shade gets up and walks off, leaving Shadow]
[cut to Dark and Red; Dark is eating, Red is polishing his machine gun]
[Shade walks up to them]
Shade: Hey. I'm thinking of reclaiming the Dark Garden. You guys in?
Red: "Reclaim?" It's still yours.
Shade: I know, but we can still have some fun with it, can't we?
[Dark stops eating and looks up at Shade in curiosity]
Shade: Now, look. The Dark Garden's been taken over by robots.
[Shade grabs Red's machine gun and ejects the ammo from it before giving it back]
Shade: They can only be defeated by imaginary bullets, 'cause they feed on the eldritch concept of imagination.
Red: Wouldn't that mean imaginary bullets would only make them stronger?
[Shade brushes this off]
Shade: Nah, they've eaten too much, absolutely full up; if you give them more, they'll explode!
[Dark laughs and grins, brandishing his guitar]
Dark: Does the power of rock do anything to them?
Shade: You kidding? It's their biggest weakness!
[Professor Shade comes in]
SShade: I want to help with this!
Shade: The more, the merrier!
[Chao comes in]
Chao: Can I come too?
Shade: Sure, but afterward, we've gotta help you reclaim the Hero Garden! And Amphis!
[Amphis wakes up on top of a rock]
Amfy: (dazed) Hm?
Shade: Once we've sent the robots out of our Gardens, they're gonna come here, so we're gonna help you fend 'em off! Start building a barricade!
Amfy: …what?
SJR: I'll stay here and help with that.
Shade: Good idea. Shadow!
Shadow: Yeah?
Shade: Are you in?
Shadow: I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Red: Has anyone seen Mephiles?
Chapter 9.8: A New Story
[cut to the space behind the script]
TD: I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter M.
MK: Oh yay, we're playing this game! Um. Letter M, uh.. is it me?
TD: Nope.
MK: Huh. What else could it be?
[Mephiles falls down alongside them]
MK: Hi, Mephiles!
Mp: Hey, guys. What are you up to?
MK: We were just playing I Spy.
Mp: I could see that. Do we know what we're falling towards?
TD: Probably nothing at all; this is IT, the stuff behind the script. And DCA's over.
Mp: I dunno, man. I'm seeing something down there that we'll probably hit soon.
[Mecha and the Doll turn to look below themselves and see a daylit forest approaching quickly]
TD: Huh. I'll be damned. Mecha, will you grab me?
MK: Why?
TD: You're made of some very tough metal and I'm made of cloth. I'd rather hit the ground being held by something more robust.
MK: Oh, sure.
[Mecha grabs the Doll; Mephiles lays back and rests his head on his arms]
Mp: Get ready, fellas. If something's appearing below us, that means a new story's beginning. This is the stuff that makes up DJay's writing, remember?
MK: A new story? I hope it's another adventure. Cosmic horror stories are depressing.
Mp: Only one way to find out where we're going! Brace yourselves!
[the three characters hit the ground with such a loud crash that they form a crater in the forest floor]
TD: Ow.
[Mecha jumps up, excitement filling his robot eyes]
MK: I wonder where we are!
[the Tails Doll climbs out from his arms]
TD: Looks like a forest to me.
[Mephiles manifests next to them]
Mp: Anybody else hear music?
[indeed, approaching the characters is the thud thud of a drumbeat]
[tall pairs of black legs march into the scene; atop the legs are boomboxes and amps]
[on the ground, below these mighty amplifiers, are groups of foreign chao of all breeds and types]
[these chao gather around our heroes and watch with curiosity]
[the music stops]
Mp: 'Sup?
[a Hero/Power chao steps forward]
HP: Are you two demons and an unstoppable robot?
[our heroes look at each other and shrug]
TD: We've been called worse.
[the chao all bow at their feet]
HP: Then you are the figures of legend we have been waiting for.
MK: Aw, it's so nice to be appreciated!
TD: Mind telling us about this legend of yours?
HP: Come with us.
[the chao lead them, past a small town, to a magnificent cathedral]
[inside the cathedral, the walls are inscribed with pictures]
Chapter 9.85: The House of the Hero Chaos
[much of the decor of this cathedral is designed to resemble the Dark Garden, the Neutral Garden, and the Hero Garden all floating in space]
HP: Obviously, you three must already know the legend of the Chao Ship.
Mp: Yeah, drawing a blank.
HP: But it was explained in Episode 24!
MK: Man, nobody reads the early stuff!
TD: Nobody even reads the new stuff.
HP: *sigh* Alright. Let me clear some space.

So. The Chao Ship is the location of the fabled Gardens of Chao. No one knows who built it or even why, but legend has it that only the best of the very best can gain access to it.
There is a fountain on Chao World, its location a secret to us all, that tests all newborns: The Fountain of Ruse. The meek crawl past it, destined for lives on this accursed planet.
Every now and then, a chao will be born who rises above newborn expectations and drinks from this fountain. They are encased in a pink cocoon and placed in an egg, transported to the Chao Ship by divine means.

HP: ..or so the legend goes, anyway.
TD: Yep, that sounds about right for Episode 24. Twelve-year-olds can't write legends for shit.
TD: I'm just sayin'!
HP: Anyway. The legends continue from there.
[one picture on the wall is of eight yellow chaos drives and three chao in the centre-- a grey Dark chao, a neutral chao in a trenchcoat, and a neutral chao covered in scars]
[above it all is the silhouette of a chao shaped like Metal Sonic, arms raised to the skies]
HP: First came the Grey Journey, as I'm sure you're all aware.

The Forgotten Ones returned to rule the script after being imprisoned in the great abyss of Beta, led by a foursome of vengeful souls.
There was the MILKMAN-- father of kings. There was JOE-- ordinary by no means, identity shrouded in mystery. There was Echo-- one of the last living souls who knew the origins of the Chao Ship.
And then there was Tagliare-- the biggest mystery of all. Some say he was an assassin who killed off all the original chao of the Chao Ship. Some say he was a demon planting the seeds for the Unwritten End. No one knew for sure.
The only one who could stop the Forgotten Ones of legend was king of the Dark Garden, son of the MILKMAN: the Grey One. But in order to attain the power, he had to gather eight chaos drives across a demented journey.
After gathering the chaos drives, he had to reunite with his father, the MILKMAN, and regain the power of his Dark lineage.
Then he had to atone for his sins of neglect. The meaning of this, I'm not sure-- that's just how the legend goes.
And then finally, when his Grey Journey was almost finished, the Grey One had to confront the Cyber Mastermind, creation of gods long forgotten, and best him at a game of logic, sealing him away for many years.

Mp: That's a surprisingly cool way to word such a shitty Season.
Mp: Don't hate the player!
HP: We of the Chao World were not witness to the Grey Journey, but its repercussions were felt worldwide. And the legend continues.
[the picture on the opposite wall is of seven green chaos drives above four Dark chao-- one grey, one green, one red, and one black]
[below them are a round man with a thick mustache and a chao on stilts; below them are robotic hands rising up out of an abyss that, upon closer inspection, is made of 8s and 5s]
HP: The False Journey came next.

Here, the Pyrrhic Ones showed their faces, eyes blue with tears at the End of All Things. Legend has it that the Pyrrhic Ones were visitors from another world in the future, that they had seen the fate of all life and wanted to stop it.
But their efforts were futile, for with every victory they earned, they attracted the attention of the Grey One. The Pyrrhic Ones' goal was to end all tales, stop the legend in its tracks, but in doing so, they became a threat.
So the Grey One gathered a legendary ensemble-- himself, the Red One, the Dark One, and the Green One. To make matters worse, a rogue assembly of False Prophets from the abyss of Beta implanted in their minds visions of…

Mp: Wait a minute, wait just a minute here. Are you telling me the Green Journey was a bust? We helped them gather those chaos drives for nothing?
HP: Your efforts were not in vain; you were simply pawns for a power greater than yourselves.
Mp,MK,TD: I take offense to that!
MK: I thought giving greenie all those drives would make him a Runner or whatever, and then he'd be able to beat the Veteran's Committee!
HP: Did you not realize that the Pyrrhic Ones were helping you locate the chaos drives?
MK: I mean. …that's.. a good point.
HP: It aided their interests to send the Green One on his Green Journey, for it meant he wouldn't get in the way of the real war going on.
Mp: I dunno, though. Their leader always struck me as odd. He found me awfully quick, long before any of the others, when I was lost in that hospital.
TD: Episode 74, was this?
Mp: Yeah. Their leader, the future Shadow guy. He was.. well, he was very anxious to get the chaos drive.
HP: I have a possible answer for this. Let me show you the next legend.
[on the far wall is a large picture of a chao with one blue eye, one arm, mouth stitched shut, and three tails; fungus-like strings grow out of the missing arm stump and spiral away]
HP: This is the Instability.
MK: Hey yeah, I remember them! They were from the shitty serial back in Season Two! And the shitty second Halloween special!
MK: Sorry!
HP: *clears throat* The Instability has many names and many forms.

Some call it the Camper, being of depersonalization.

Mp: When has anyone ever called it "the Camper?" What the hell kind of name is that?
HP: There are many worlds out there, many more than just our own. The Camper is the name given by.. some.
Mp: ..hey, while I'm asking questions, how many legends are you gonna tell us? I'm getting kinda tired just standing around here.
HP: Only two more! Just. Just let me tell this one, okay?
Mp: Alright, alright.
HP: Anyway.

Some call it Bringer of IT. Some call it--

TD: And when has anyone ever called it "Bringer of IT?"
HP: …okay, so it's my own personal nickname.
TD: Ah. Go on.
HP: Thank you. As I was saying!

Some call it EAT, the End of All Things. No one knows exactly where the Instability came from, but legend has it they were introduced by a False Prophet taking the form of your leader, rust in peace.

MK: Wait wait wait. "False Prophet?" It was Metal Sonic from the future! Episode 16 said he made them by.. shit, what was it, double-crossing Mephiles, absorbing his demonic data, then getting all the Chaos Emeralds and--
HP: --and messing with the timestream enough to accidentally create temporal monstrosities? Ah, but the future is a fragile thing. After all, if it truly will be your leader who creates them, how can he? He's dead. ..rust in peace.
Mp: Yeah, plus I find it a little shady anyway. How could he absorb my "data?" I'm a fucking demon, not a Windows program.
MK: Man, I don't know; Episode 12 was written when DJay was eleven.
HP: But you are right to question its veracity. There are some grains of truth to the tale that you know, but the real truth is shrouded in obfuscation, natural confusion, and generally in a lot of frustrating mystery.
TD: Pfft, you got that right.
HP: But here is what we have gathered from legend!
Mp: You really like saying that word.
HP: It's the acoustics of this cathedral. Makes it sound booming and ominous. Give it a try.
MK: LEGENDARIUM. Hee, that is fun.
HP: Right, where was I?
Chapter 9.88: The False Prophets of DCA
[cut to the dark room; the red eyes stand up and step towards the camera]
HP (Voice-Over): The truth is, there is only one future. The Instability first reared its head into our legend through another world entirely.
TD (VO): An alternate timeline, you mean?
HP (VO): No such thing. The fact is, my friends, that Chao World is an accursed place.
[cut to an empty street; a small robotic foot steps into frame]
HP (VO): I envy those who drink from the Fountain of Ruse, for it means they could potentially live their lives without worry of the dangers that plague our planet.
[thud thud]
[thud thud]
[the camera only sees our antagonist's shadow as he walks up to another building and enters it]
HP (VO): Our dangers come from and bring with them chaos, the true origins of their impossibilities unknown.
MK (VO): But you just said they come from chaos, isn't that their origin?
HP (VO): It was a metaphor, you oaf.
[walking down an endless corridor to the tune of a distant epic heartbeat]
[thud thud]
[thud thud]
HP (VO): You see, the "future" so far has been a fabrication. There are two forces in particular who can manipulate reality, and they have been doing so for far longer than you might expect.
Mp (VO): …is this going where I think it's going?
[in the distance, at the far end of this endless hallway, something red this way comes]
HP (VO): Where do you think it's going?
Mp (VO): You're gonna say all these trips into the future have actually been trips to that damned city, aren't you? The city that I thought was Euphoria. The city I tried to banish the chao to way back in Episode 24.
[it comes closer]
MK (VO): The city we woke up in before the Grey Journey?
[closer, and an approaching scream is heard]
TD (VO): The city where everything went down? Where the script was supposed to end, but miraculously didn't?
[closer, it can be recognized as a giant screaming face]
HP (VO): You only know half of the horror. You are right to infer Chao Talk, but there is another.
[our antagonist walks directly into the Nomble]
[abrupt cut to the House of the Hero Chaos, the cathedral-- our heroes are standing before a giant inscription of the Nomble, a giant painting of a screaming face, with a tiny chao standing before it]
HP: Chao Talk is on the other side of the world from here, the exact other side of the world. Our present location, however, is just as dangerous.
[the camera pans over the False Journey inscriptions again]
HP (VO): Remember, if you will, during the False Journey. You three, according to legend, were enlisted to acquire a chaos drive simultaneously to the Green One.
TD (VO): That's right. We had to go to some stupid stinking house.
MK (VO): Aw, fuck. Do we have to go back there again?
HP (VO): No, not there. Do you know where the Green One had to go for his chaos drive?
Mp (VO): They never talked about it. Why, where'd they go?
[cut to outside the cathedral; the Hero/Power chao leads our heroes out of the cathedral and points at the forest surrounding them]
HP: They came here, to the forest of Sancheria. The only force in the universe as twisted as Chao Talk.
[pause as this sinks in]
Mp: ..wait, we're in it?
TD: This place is as bad as the city?
[they look at the Hero/Power chao and see he is now Future Shade-- Shade with a cowboy hat and grizzly beard]
ShadeF: Boys, this place is gonna fuck your shit.
[they look around for other chao and see rabid feral one-eyed beasts crawling on one arm, snarling through their stitched-up mouths]
HP: Boys?
[all is normal again; our heroes are still in the cathedral, staring at the Instability inscription]
TD: ..what? What'd you say?
HP: I said, "The forest only works at night." For now, you're safe, and as soon as I'm done filling you in on what needs to be done, we're going to escort you out of here as fast as possible.
Mp: What we need to do. Right.
[Mephiles turns to the other two]
Mp: (whispering) That wasn't just me, right?
[Mecha and the Doll frantically shake their heads]
Chapter 9.9: What Needs to Be Done
[the camera cuts to the Gardens and shows the chao pretending to fight off robots]
HP (VO): Legend has it that the Instability originated as a substance known as "Red Metal," discovered in Chao Talk by scientists exploring other worlds.
[they're having so much fun, playing soldier]
HP (VO): At the same time, this forest.. appeared. At the exact opposite end of the world, at the exact moment Red Metal was discovered, this entire forest just manifested without explanation!
[look at Chao, pretending to be crippled by a robot]
HP (VO): The city has been the meeting grounds of gods ever since, but this forest… well, the forest has been your future.
[look at Shade, feeling so much love]
HP (VO): The Green One would be able to tell you personally, as he has experienced the forest's hallucinations firsthand. It gets inside your mind and makes you believe anything it wants.
[look at Shadow, running so fast with his friends]
HP (VO): This has been the origin of every False Prophet you have met on your journeys, every character claiming to have come from your future. It's all lies, all of it.
[look at Dark, laughing with his son]
HP (VO): We've been waiting for you three, just on the outskirts of Sancheria, for the day you would come crashing down from the heavens when we would have to enter the forest, a group of martyrs, to tell you of your destiny.
[cut to one last inscription, imprinted on the ceiling of the House of the Hero Chaos: three comets-- one yellow, one red, one purple-- crashing down onto a planet]
HP (VO): You are no doubt questioning my choice of words. I say "destiny" when you know you cannot know your own future. I say "a group of martyrs" when we have not threatened our lives.
[the camera zooms in-- the planet is made entirely of 8s and 5s]
HP (VO): But please, please listen. You three are the messengers of the gods, whether you know it or not. Your crash-landing on Chao World, in the exact spot as prophesied, can only mean one thing.
[at the center of the planet is a large mass of strings hiding.. something]
HP (VO): Your world has already ended. The Instability has already crushed your spirits and taken almost every one of you, leaving sixteen living souls. It wanted to leave the rest of you in Sancheria for easy picking, but…
[before even a hint of what the strings are hiding can be seen, the camera cuts to the middle of the cathedral: In the floor, a trilby has been painted]
HP (VO): The Green One won the struggle. It took the help of the Grey One and the MILKMAN, and it took two years of madness, but… forgive my preaching, but someone up there likes you.
[the camera cuts back to our heroes]
MK: Just give it to us in English: What needs to be done?
HP: You need to take the fight to the Instability. The Camper must be eradicated from this universe if you want to ever live happy lives again. If you don't, Chao Talk and Sancheria will be free to play with your minds, and from there they have access to the script. DCA is a tragedy so long as the End of All Things still exists.
Mp: Shit, man. You don't need to convince us. But what can we do, specifically?
HP: You three must make your way back to the Chao Ship and say "Goodbye" to your chao one more time.
TD: How do we get back from here, though?
HP: Sadly, the legends do not give an answer to that. They just end the same way everything ends: With the number 5.
TD: (sarcastically) Great, that's a lot of help, thanks.
HP: However, there is one more legend I can tell you of!
[Mecha, Mephiles, and the Doll quickly walk out]
HP: Damn. I was thinking they'd be interested in the legend of immortality. I guess not.
[the camera pans down to the floor, to show the trilby again-- wait, now the painting is of a Hero Chaos Chao?]
Chapter 9.98: A Strand of Ink Trails Down the Canvas
[cut back to our antagonist(s?) in Chao Talk]
[Metal Speedy sits, alone, on a city street]
MSp: We have been growing in power for years.
[one eye disappears from the chao Metal Sonic]
MSp: It's shocking to think they didn't expect us.
[a voice from Episode 88 is heard calling out]
ShadowF: You can defeat me, but through this door is the eighth district. Are you sure you want the show to end so soon? Break out of the cycle, boys.
[Metal Speedy's other eye returns, both turn blue]
[he stares forward with stagnation]
Chapter 9.99: Nine is God
[the gods of the Void gather once more]
Nite: I trained as a Beta Avenger, I endured as a Tour Guide, I challenged my father to a guitar duel and was rightfully smitten down to prepare for the end. But my end was impossible, so I formed the Veteran's Committee, where I became the Ten Speed to speak with the creator, where I served an impossible chao.
Egg: I sought to defeat the fastest thing alive for all my life before finally ruling as dictator of this Earth, figurehead for the Metal Sonic that should not exist, ascending to a Veteran in the process. But in another world, I helped the chao battle the Instability on Earth and saved Shade's life. I never got an explanation for that future that never was.
Shawn: I raised the Grey One before being deemed a Beta, driving me mad and setting me on a path for revenge. All along, I dueled my son and assisted him where I could, figurehead for the JOE that should not be. I later ascended into the antagonist I would be for the end that never came. I participated and died in the future that never was.
Tag: I was a mystery even in the Betas. Never explored, never questioned, never given the chance to develop, the creator tossed me aside as if I had no point. It is my forgotten nature that drove the Beta Avengers, but I couldn't tell you a thing about my past if I tried. I shouldn't exist.
Zero: I attempted to usurp the Dark Garden but was banished to the moon. I clawed my way using every means at my disposal to find Chao Talk, where I trained as a Tour Guide and attempted to double-cross the monstrous guardian of the city itself. I survived the torture of Red Metal, I survived the introduction of the Veteran's Committee, but Shadow murdered me in a duel. I shouldn't be alive, but I was brought back by the powers that be for the impossibility that was the end.
[the gods of the Void put on white cloaks]
Nite: We are the Chaos Alliance. Born out of impossible circumstances, left in a universe that makes no sense, aware of the seeping Instability that watches us just as we watch it.
Tag: That was the single most badass thing I've ever been a part of.
Zero: I've been in better.
Nite: Just shut up, both of you.
Chapter 10
[As we look down on the Void, down on the Gardens ("Chao Ship," what a silly name), down on the forest of Sancheria, and down on the city of Chao Talk, I feel the need to step in.]
[Hello. DJay here.]
[DCA's back.]


Friday, March 7, 2014


something dark this way comes

Friday, April 5, 2013

The End!

The DCA website was down for a really really long time. I fixed it. Now it can be found at

Also DCA is 100% over. Any "continuation" of the story would be in other stories like PLAN 31 or something. DCA itself is done.
So go home!

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Another Coming Soon!

[enter SHADE and RED]
Shade: ..what the fuck? I'm alive?
Red: I thought I was definitely dead, dead as a dodo.
Shade: I thought the end had come, EAT had eaten all.
Shade: What? It's just the end of the DCA.
alli: Hey, how's it going. I wanted to let you guys know that you're in Rapture now. The story, not the.. not the place.
[SHADE is now SHAYDE; RED is now REDROCKINGHOOD, so.. so still RED]
Shayde: ..oh shit.
Red: That explains why I have boobs all of a sudden.
Fool: No, you weirdy. I'm Foolamancer! Sorry, I coughed there and said "Fool" randomly.
Shayde: That's an oddly specific thing to do when coughing.
Fool: Shut up; this is just a promotional teaser anyway.
Vis: sup
alli: Hey, how's it going.
Fool: Yo.
Vis: what we all doing in here?
Red: I have boobs.
Vis: i can see that.
Liz: Heh, "Vis" rhymes with "Liz."
Vis: well hello to you too.
?: "Some other guy" I take offense to that.
Som: That's better.
alli: What are you doing here? You were never a part of our party.
Som: Wasn't I invited?
Vis: yeah, but Djay didn't know your real name. i got to kill spidercats.
Som: I wanted to kill spidercats...
[Somnam kills some spidercats]
Som: Hooray!
[then he disappears]
Som: Aw. Bye, I guess.
[HEY FOLKS. I'M DJAY32. oh wait, I'm supposed to be at the other side of the planet, aren't I? Okay, looks like some things need explaining. HERE GOES]
alli: Right, hello. My name's alliterator. I alliterate. We have all been gathered here today to witness the teasing of some sort of.. wait, what'd you say it was?
Fool: Beep beep meow!
Red: I guess I'll do the honours. In OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING's August 22nd entry, a cast of characters was introduced.
All: THAT'S US! :D
Red: We are based on real people, but just as (five out of six of) the main protagonists became fictionalized, so have we!
Vis: are you saying that Donnie wasn't fictionalized? that she portrays her real self without flaw?
Red: You know what I mean!
[At the same time, I finished an eight-year-running script series which was, in many ways, the predecessor to Rapture. So I needed something else to do with my life.]
alli: So much for "We've moved on from that."
Red: There was much potential in our characters! We were a cast of survivors who had found each other, formed memories, and had witty inside jokes amongst each other!
Love: We also all had usernames, most of which weren't mentioned in the log. So readers are probably wondering who's talking.
[I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT. For the record, I don't expect Rapture and this new project to cross much.]
Red: The point is that DJay went and said "Hey, why don't I make a script set in the Raptureverse, and why don't I make it about those guys? It can be funny and stuff too!"
[That's probably exactly what I said to myself. But yeah! That's right!]

The Adventures of the Fearbloggers: Rapture Tales
by DJay32, based on characters by the Fearbloggers
based on a universe half-by DJay32 and half-by copyrighted things and shit

ALSO: THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY AS DEFINITE AS IT SOUNDS. There's a good chance nothing will become of this. No matter what, don't expect this anytime soon.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Coming Soon.

Red: We'll be doing it until our fanbase becomes big enough again. {..hahahahahahahahahaha, the show ended five years and thirty-eight episodes later, and the fanbase never recovered once.}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Season Eight: The Last Journey

Season Eight: The Last Journey

(80-85: Six Degrees of Progressive Darkness)
Episode Eighty: Sunshine (Can You Feel It?)
Episode Eighty-One: Cloud Mountain (The Last Adventure)
Episode Eighty-Two: Polar Eclipse (Bare Me the Details)
Episode Eighty-Three: Can't See (C Flat)
Episode Eighty-Four: Pitch-Perfect Dark (Jet Black)
Episode Eighty-Five: Final Times (Constant Darkness)
Episode Eighty-Eight: The Cold Bend of Empty Space Feasts Grey

That's all six eight nine seven of the episodes of DCA's final season. The story technically ends at Episode 85, and yet it also technically ends at 88, even though its ending in 88 takes place in Episode 85. Even though it's actually an indefinite amount of years later, at least eight years later.

Fun fact: This story arc, which started with Season Seven, took five years to do. You wouldn't believe how many eights and fives are contained in this ending.

Good luck understanding what the ending actually is!

Episode 88: The Cold Bend of Empty Space Feasts Grey (THE VERY LAST ONE)

Season Eight: The Last Journey
Episode Eighty-Eight: The Cold Bend of Empty Space Feasts Grey
by DJay32

Shade: Would you like some company?
Shadow: No, thanks. I could do with a walk.
[Shadow steps out of the house and begins walking]
Shadow: I hold the pain. Release me.
[Shadow sighs]
[he passes by some stores selling fairytale books]
[he stands and looks at them from outside]
["And they all lived happily ever after."]
Shadow: Did they?
[he sighs and walks on]
[he spots seagulls flying off into the distance, he sees the ocean going out onto the horizon]
[he sees a seagull disappear abruptly]
[the water below seems disrupted]

[Shadow returns home and places a dead fish on the table]
Shadow: Supper's ready.
[Shade appears in front of the table abruptly]
[Shadow screams]
Shade: What?
Shadow: How did you…
Shade: We have bigger problems.
Shadow: …what?
[Shade points out the window; three chao are standing outside]
[they are each standing exactly five feet away from each other]
[they all have the same expression of dull interest, and they move and breathe in synchronicity]
Shadow: I don't understand.
[the three chao, in-sync, repeat "I don't understand"]
[Shade and Shadow look at each other]

[Shadow leads Shade out to the shoreline]
Shadow: This is where I saw it.
[Shadow points out to the sea]
[Shade shields his eyes from the sun and tries to see anything odd in the sea]
Shade: …"There's something in the sea."
Shadow: Do you think…?
Shade: It's certainly possible.
Shadow: I thought it was wiped.
Shade: You can't wipe the eldritch.
[Shade turns to face Shadow]
Shade: It comes from an entirely different universe. For all we know, more of it could have come in.
Shadow: I thought the whole story was wiped.
[Shade holds out his arms]
Shade: We're still here.
[Shadow looks at Shade and then out at sea]
Shadow: Well, what do you propose we do?
[Shade looks out to sea as well]
[he spots large movement in the distance]
Shade: Pray the Writing Writer kills us off.

[It is her, she is not liquid fur left to rot.]

[Shadow is packing his bags]
[Shade walks in]
Shade: This is unnecessary.
[Shadow looks at Shade with anger]
Shadow: I think it's highly blatant by now what will become of us.
[Shade points at the bag]
Shade: You work too hard, always do. Try to relax!
[Shadow's jaw drops]
Shadow: If it wasn't for my working hard, we'd be worse off! Has the show taught you nothing?!
[Shade shrugs and begins leaving the room]
Shade: The sea doesn't look so bad after what we've seen, is all.
[Shadow sighs and finishes packing]
[a chao enters the room behind his back]

[Shade and Shadow are running out of their house late at night]
Shadow: Is it still behind us?
[Shade looks behind]
Shade: I don't see it.
[Shadow and Shade slow their running]
[they hear a voice from the sea]
[What's the matter, A-Life Gods?]
Shadow: DJay, why are we still alive?
[I tilt my head and awkwardly smile]
[I… wasn't satisfied with Episode 85.]
[Shade and Shadow groan]
[Or rather, I was! But you two, your journey isn't over yet.]
[But don't worry, this will definitely be your last episode.]
[I mean, I might use you guys for stories later, but this is the last episode of DCA!]
Shade: Why was there no warning to this? You had the eighty-fifth episode built up crazily, but this one's just in the shadows!
["No warning?" There was so much warning to this episode; it just wasn't lampshaded.]
Shadow: I think he has a point there. There was frequent hinting at the number eight, and.. well, eighty-eight? That's eights all over.
Shade: But this is the ninth episode of season eight; why didn't you do anything for the eighth?
[I did! I discussed the effects of DCA on future writing, and the concept of a mythology. And I discussed more of… well, Ulysses.]
Shadow: I think the point is that DCA has so many different focuses, and there are so many "endings" to accommodate this.
[Yes. DCA had many "beginnings," many "journeys," many "climaxes," and now it has many "endings." Just like how there are multiple eight-points. 85, the eighth episode of season eight, and 88.]
Shade: So. So if 85 was the ending to the bulk of the story, and the eighth season eight episode was the ending to the Ulysses story, what's 88?
[88 is the… well. I think it's easier if I just show you. "Show, don't tell."]

[Shade and Shadow reach the beach]
[the moon is overhead]
[Shade looks at Shadow]
[Shadow looks at Shade]
[Shade gives Shadow his crowbar]
[Shadow gives Shade his guitar controller]
[Shade lies, face-up, on the water]
[he drifts off to sea, staring at the moon]
[Shadow, on the beach, sighs and begins walking down the coast]
[he thinks about the end of DCA]
[Shade, floating, thinks of the exact series of events that led to the show's end]
Both: …but the show DIDN'T end.
Shade: People simply died.
Shadow: The End Complete isn't complete yet.
Both: …there are still plot holes.
Shade: But it's bigger than that, isn't it?
Shadow: Shade and I weren't spared for no reason.
Shade: We've seen the future. Red's alive in the future.
Shadow: Metal Sonic and the Tails Doll were supposed to survive. And Mephiles.
Shade: But then again, we changed the future, didn't we?
Shadow: But if we changed the future, future us never helped us.
[gjsdfggdagigafdgggggggcvxiok eofdlc


Do you see it now?
What if I told you Amphis was Red?
Let me reiterate that sentence.

[many months have passed since]
[Shade has reached an island]
[Shadow has found a spaceship]
[the island had Logic's Amphis]
[the spaceship contained some strange substance]

Do you see it now?
Do you see the danger behind plot holes?
The eternal eldritch laying dormant?

Take a bow.

[more months have passed since]
[Shade and Shadow have found each other's location]
[Amphis is lost and cold]

Do you see it yet?
It's coming faster with each word I utter.
We are coming full circle.

Take a bow.

[Amphis opens a large door]
[he has found the spaceship and its contents]
[Amphis' scream is stifled still]

Can you spot it here?
It is here, it has always been here.
It's from the year 2006.

It's an old foe, indeed.
Take a bow with me.

[the substance takes over all]
[the substance becomes the feared Evolutionary Adverse Trigger]
[the substance becomes Red Metal]
[the substance becomes the IT]
[the substance becomes the eight and the five]

Eldritch product of time travel.
Dark Chao Adventures' worst nightmare.

[Shade runs, screaming]
[Shadow, terrified, mutates]
[Amphis, dead, Red]

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Shade laughs as he becomes a star-fed puppet]
ShadeF: I have no Future.
[Shade hears his past self entering his corrupt garden]
ShadeF: And now I never will.

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Shadow groans, wary, unsure of his fate]
ShadowF: I have no Future.
[Shadow, mind bound to a stream of consciousness, watches as what's left of Shade Junior is corrupted and mutated]
[the creature that was once Shade Junior puts on a cloak]
SJRF: I will change my name forever. I will change. I will Future.
[Shadow tries to speak, but all that comes out is stardust]
SJRF: I will treat this night with levity.
[Shadow feels his body being pulled by unstable strings]
[Shadow's mouth moves]
ShadowF: Levity Nite. We have the same common interest. We are both veterans of a Hell bound by a stream of consciousness that is not our own.
SJRF: There are others, surely.
ShadowF: We must find them and put a stop to the cycle. It must not come full circle.
[Shade Junior/Levity Nite wants to scream for it all to stop, but unstable strings keep him quiet]

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Shade laughs as he becomes a star-fed puppet]
ShadeF: I have no Future.
[Shade watches with tears as Dark manifests before his own eyes, a zombie of stardust]
[Shade feels his hands aiming a shotgun at his best friend]
ShadeF: I have no life.
[Shade is not allowed to close his eyes as Dark splatters everywhere again and again, reanimating again and again]
[the twisted Dark Garden around him laughs at his discontent, and Shade laughs along with it]
ShadeF: And now I never will.

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Shadow groans, wary, unsure of his fate]
ShadowF: I have no Future.
[Shadow notices beings he can recognize]
[they are robots of blue and red, accompanied by a doll of yellow]
[these creatures transcend fiction, but they still suffer]
[Shadow longs to join them in their freedom, suffering be damned]
[Shadow wishes for no more]
[Shadow finds his own father, bound to Chao Talk's consciousness]
Ryder: We must end this cycle.
Nite: We truly must.
ShadowF: I'm working on it, mind be damned all.

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Amphis is no longer recognizable]
[the creature that was once Amphis takes a hammer and smashes his own face]
[it gives way like glass]
[underneath, there is a plain old red chao]
AmfyF: I will evolve. I will grow dark. I will be free.
[Amphis laughs harder than ever before; he cannot recall his own name]
AmfyF: Help.

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[the Lamb is born]
[the Lamb heads to the slaughter]
[the Lamb is killed[
[all it hears is laughter]

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
[Ulysses is lost at sea]
[he's looking back at days gone by]
[I can't believe I didn't see it coming.]
[This is all my fault.]
[Can I break the cycle?]
[Must it come full circle?]
[Ulysses is lost at sea.]

[the Instability puts on a passion play]
Do you see it now?
The Instability isn't the Bigger Bad behind everything.
Eldritch is in my nature.
The Instability was simply… the omen for it.
But now we have come full circle, see?
We have broken the eight and the five.

New Topic: Dark Chao Adventures
Post: All I can say is Episode 1: Chao In Space.
[eight years pass]
[I fixed a plot hole, a simple mistake. I had to wait for the show to loop all the way back, though.]
[cut to Episode 85, Chapter 7]
[at the end of the maze, they run into a Gatekeeper]
[it's the first of the "final three:" Future Shade]
Shade: ..future me? You're one of the Veterans?
Red: How does this make any logical sense?
ShadeF: The Veteran's Committee is trying to bring the End Complete, the wiping of the show. I've lived a fifty-year life, and most of it was Hell. I want to wipe the show.
Shade: But. If you're me from the future, that means the show isn't wiped!
ShadeF: I'm not you from the future; I'm you from the past. But to her, I'm just another character in the end. And I do believe we're here at the end now, aren't we?
[the protagonists attack Future Shade]

Log Entry #55 (Future Shade: Kill Me.)
Life never had to be this bad.
Is this even "life" anymore?
At least I know that this is where I die.
Thank God.
…no. I don't thank God.
What did I ever do to deserve all of you?
Looks like I'm all out.

[Shade and Shadow bend the script, and Future Shade is completely wiped from the show]
Dark: Guys, why did you do that?
Shadow: Two can play at breaking the logic of the greater narrative.
Dark: But.. but…
Red: Don't worry, Dark. If this does anything at all, it shows us a surefire way to stop the antagonists.
Shadow: No. If the antagonists see us trying to bend the script, they'll bend it just as much. There's more of them than there are of us, after all.
[the protagonists continue and find themselves in the City Hall]
[pull the trigger and the nightmare stops]
[the protagonists find no puzzles in the City Hall, and find the entrance to Daedalus Labs open]
[it is blocked by Future Shadow]
ShadowF: You can defeat me, but through this door is the eighth district. Are you sure you want the show to end so soon? Break out of the cycle, boys.

Log Entry #56 (Future Shadow: the end)

[the protagonists, unfazed, bend the script. Future Shadow is wiped]

[cut to Chapter 8.7]
Chapter 8.7: Metal Speedy's Reign of Ending (Unexpected Developments Rise)
MSp: Let me clear some space for you protagonists.

Shade, you sent me to jail. The thing about me, though, is that I increase in power with the more plot holes there are. This is why the Daleks tried to beg you to keep plugging up the plot holes.
I am the figure standing behind every ounce of malevolence in this story. I am the reason the Beta Avengers got any sort of power at all. The TV room ran on the same power I did.
JOE busted me out of jail, wanting to increase the likelihood of the end of DCA. But I didn't even need his help by that point.

MSp: You see, fellows, I am the unexpected developments. Oh, and the Daleks are wiped from DCA.
Dark: You bastard! How dare you!
MSp: Now. I do believe you are gonna play.
[Metal Speedy points at the stage]
MSp: Rubber Goose will paint the ending soundtrack live.
[Metal Speedy bends the script]
[Shade, Dark, Red, and Shadow are on stage]
[the crowd is filled with The Camper]
[Metal Speedy snaps his fingers]
[Professor Shade (the female one) appears on stage]
MSp: This episode now has forty characters total, so…
[Red gasps at a realization]
Red: Forty is eight time five. That is brilliant.
SShade: Hey, guys… I'm kinda scared.
Shade: We don't blame you, friend. Where were you?
SShade: Training with Shade Junior for the End Complete.
Dark: I have a song we can play tonight. "Black Fire Upon Us," by Dethklok. Sound good?
Red: We could do "In the Presence of Enemies!"
[Rubber Goose performs live for one last time]
[towards the end, Shadow dives for five drives]
[CHIRP CHIRP, BRRRRRRRRING! Shadow now has five chaos drives!]
Dark: The gift we give you is your soul!
[Shadow is much stronger!]
Chapter 8.8: The End Complete, End for the Main Protagonists
Shadow: Metal Speedy, you're out of time and power.
MSp: No, Shadow. It is YOU who is out!
[Metal Speedy snaps his fingers, as does Shadow]
[Shade snaps in the background, as does Shawn]
[Eight and five wipe DCA]

Chapter 9: Fun with Plot, End for the Main Antagonists
[the Dark Garden fades in]
[Metal Speedy fades in]
MSp: ..I did it. I did it! *mad laughter* Oh, that was much easier than I expected.
[he looks around]
MSp: Unbelievable. I have Dark Chao Adventures all to myself.
[It's ending, though.]
MSp: I know. I have the world all to myself, though! You just turn the cameras off, and I'm free to do whatever I please.
[I've tried. These cameras won't turn off unless the world is absolute nothing.]
MSp: You mean… I have to die?
MSp: Pfft, fine, leave the cameras on. No difference to me.
[You seem to assume the DCA world is one you'd actually want.]
MSp: Hm? What's wrong with it? It's just chao gardens and peaceful landscapes.
[What's wrong with them is that they've held cosmic horror stories in them.]
MSp: So?
[So there exist, in your world, many eldritch creatures. Hell, in DCA, all the eldritch creatures seem to be linked by common motifs.]
MSp: What might these motifs be? …wait a minute.
[Eight and five, Metal Speedy. Octave pentameter, to place but one single example.]
MSp: Octave pentameter is hard!
[Metal Speedy is engulfed in stardust and Instability]
[Metal Speedy morphs into an unstable eldritch abomination]
MSp: We have been growing in power for years. It's shocking to think they didn't expect us.
[the creature that was once Metal Speedy vanishes into the dark eternal night]
[I'm not sure how to end DCA now.]
[I need to break out of this cycle.]
[But wait. We already did.]
[Just fixing that one error should do it.]
[I'm so sorry for screwing up, my chao.]
[It should be over now.]
[We just have to wait and see.]

[the camera fades into the Dark Garden eight days later]
[the eldritch abomination that was once Metal Speedy is dormant]
MSp: Kill me now.
[Metal Speedy explodes in a gory mess]
[the Writing Writer walks into the Dark Garden]
Jordan: Well. It looks like this show has overstayed its welcome. There's not even much left of it now, is there? It's a show coughing up blood. I should put it out of its misery. But first, let's have a eulogy.

Dark Chao Adventures has lived a long life. Eight years, eight seasons, eighty-five/eighty-eight episodes. Depending on which way you look at it.
Shade's dead. Shadow's dead. They think they failed-- well, actually, they're not thinking anything at all. They're completely gone.
But trust me, the protagonists won. In the end, the only real antagonists are the eldritch creatures that swim through my stream of consciousness.
Now, eldritch abominations can't lose. But in this case, it's a tie. The protagonists got the show to end. They got the right plot holes filled. They bent the script successfully.
And hell, the antagonists won as well. That is, the Beta Avengers and the Veteran's Committee. The Veterans wanted the show to end, the Beta Avengers wanted to be respected. They won!
As for Ulysses, don't worry about him too much. About me. I'm just gonna keep writing. Not DCA, though. DCA's over.

Your eight years are up. Signal when through.

Written by Jordan "DJay32" Dooling
Plot elements inspired by Coheed & Cambria's Amory Wars, Nintendo's MOTHER series, that fucking webcomic that I hate so much, Yahtzee's Chzo Mythos, and so much progressive rock.
Chao Talk name taken from Paul Shannon's forum, contents heavily inspired by Turrican's secretcity series.
Sancheria inspired by the worlds of Metroid.
Chao, the Dark Garden and Chao Lobby, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, Mephiles the Dark, Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, the Tails Doll, et cetera all by SEGA and Sonic Team.
Most chao and random fictional characters by DJay32. Amphis by Logic.
Octavarium and the eight and five motif taken from and inspired by Dream Theater's eighth album.
Thank you for reading.

Episode 87? Post-Epilogue

[fade-in to the same room, this time in the daytime]
[a window is open, showing a large harbor outside]
[the boy in a different torn-up shirt is in bed, typing away at his Macbook]
[You decide not to bother him.]

"I can see the pain; it's written all over your face."

[The boy can tell you that he does plan on working with DCA more, just not writing any continued adventures]
[But there's always the possibility of adventures taking place before the end]
[Look at the Secret City; that was added after season five]
[But then again, the Secret City was very canonical, and any further stories probably wouldn't be as much so]
[..I could use different chao]
[For the record, I do plan on having the events of DCA basically serve as a "mythology" in my own writing]
[The chao will be almost like ancient Greek heroes. They're A-Life Gods.]
[Very few of them made it to the God status, though. Chao did. He was a Chaos Chao!]
[But Chao was stricken down by Metal Speedy.]

..okay, let's give this mythology a go.

Chao was a mortal for years, but during the Libfairy investigations, Chao was granted God status.
He and Shade were mortal enemies, and now Chao was immortal.
But not even immortality could have saved him from unexpected developments.
Chao was the A-Life of petty rivalry.

Dark was a mortal musician, the A-Life of friendship and devotion.
Dark was not known for his smarts, but for his dedication to the adventure.
He became quite the pacifist, but he was stricken down by unexpected developments, regardless.

Red was the A-Life of analysis.
It took him a while to find his place, but once he found it, his static nature proved to be a saving grace for the adventures.
He was an unfortunate casualty of unexpected developments.
He was stricken down before he could develop himself further.

Shadow was the A-Life of growing the beard, of the lucky doing the hard work to help the unlucky.
He was essentially immortal, and after spending years as a commoner, he became the Green One.
Shadow changed the face of DCA as we know it.
He worked with protagonists and antagonists alike, following in Shade's footsteps at first before breaking through and developing adventures of his own.
The Green Journey was never the focus of the story, just like how Shadow was never the true focus. He was the messenger, the messianic symbol of labor.
He changed everything DCA stood for.
He was made immortal with the end of DCA.

Shade was the A-Life of central nature. His family was related to essentially every plot point, and he was the star for so long.
He learned humility over the course of the series. He became the mentor his future self was.
He was often the catalyst of danger, but it was rarely his intention. He was all for style, but he could be very logical.
In the end, he was everything DCA stood for.
In the end, he was made immortal.

Metal Sonic was a bully, but an extremely-respectable figure as well. He was a nuclear weapon, getting any message across necessary. But he was defeated during the Green Journey by Shadow.
Mecha Knuckles was mindless, but he believed in giving respect above all. He was Dark's equivalent, and he was made immortal in the end.'
The Tails Doll was a spin-off of eldritch. He was lazy, not often willing to put forth the effort. He was stricken down by unexpected developments.
Dark Tails was a Scrappy of all sorts, cast to the underworld by the others early on. He proved himself worthy and sacrificed his life during the Green Journey.
The first three characters transcend fanfiction.

The MILKMAN was a figurehead, being used by more malevolent powers. His cause was noble: He demanded respect for himself and his brethren. In the end, he was made immortal.
JOE was never anything more than a costume, an identity for malevolent powers to pose behind. He was a tool. In the end, the idea was brought to life, only to be stricken down by unexpected developments.
Echo was always genre-savvy. He had planned to usurp the MILKMAN's power, but the unexpected developments came a little faster than he planned for.
Tagliare had so much more power than he knew. But he had no time to use it.

Ulysses spoke in class today.
He wishes.

The Veteran's Committee was formed just before the Green Journey. They were the first sign of DCA's end to come. They consisted of characters old and new alike, all wishing to give the show a mercy-killing.
Every single member of the Committee was stricken down before the end.

There's clearly so much potential to this mythology.
But I can't write this much longer.
Ulysses wishes he could speak in class today.

[the camera leaves the absurdly-small room]
[the camera zooms out as far as it can and shows how small the room is, how small the house is, how isolated the town is, how many miles the boy is from everyone he's ever known]
[you are given a montage of the life of Ulysses]

"Hell is being bound to a stream of consciousness."
"I will walk with my hands bound to a stream of consciousness. I will walk with my face down. I will walk with my shadow black, into your garden of sea."
"The stream has become thought. The man has become concept."
"I'm a man of concept. I don't even exist; I'm not even supposed to exist."
"JOE: Because I'm not supposed to exist. Do you know what's inside my head? Absolute nothing. Nothing at all. I want the madness to end. I NEED the madness to end."
"There is no war inside this head, for the shadows in the light of day are empty boats with cruel appetite."
"Kill me."

[the camera fades out]

Episode 86? AFTER THE END

[fade-in, dark room in Mevagissey, Cornwall, UK]
[the time is 1:20 AM]
[a blonde boy with a torn-up shirt (Ulysses) looks up from his computer and sees the reader]
[he waves]
[You may be hoping DCA will continue in some way.]
[I'm sorry.]
[There's probably some chance I'll use a character or two again, but honestly, I don't see myself continuing their adventures ever again.]
[I mean, their adventures are over now. There are no more Dark Chao Adventures to tell, really.]
[I said once, remember? I said, back in Episode 53, that DCA would never be over as long as "he" was still alive.]
[That was Metal Speedy. That should be obvious to you now.]
[Well, Metal Speedy's dead now. He has taken with him many casualties. The chao aren't willing to cope with the losses.]
[They're all a part of me, and.. well, I need all of me to cope with being Ulysses.]
[Parts of a seaman can't brave the daring seas, can they?]
[So maybe I could write it in the spirit of the earliest episodes, you say? The season two/three arcs have finally closed, but the season one arcs didn't? Yeah, they actually did.]
[Metal Sonic's dead. Dark Tails is dead. The Tails Doll is dead. Zim's happy with some life in California or something. Hell, even Eggman's dead. And Chao and Cham. That's all the conflict to the first season.]
[As for season two, Mephiles is gone, the Poker Gang's gone, the Future has been exposed as being arbitrary and the Future cast are dead.]
[Season three, the Beta Avengers are gone. Dead as a dodo. Chao Talk… well, that was wiped in the eighth part of the eighth chapter of the last episode.]
[I realize I could be a lot clearer with exactly what happened in Episode 85. I mean, yeah, the whole show's wiped, but there's more to it than that.]
[Let me… clear some space.]

The chao spent so long trying to prevent the end of DCA, but the end isn't just some tangible event you can deal with. It's a concept for the Writing Writer to decide at his own pace.
But DCA isn't just some show where the story and the Writing Writer are separate. I'm a part of the show, all the same. I had to convince the protagonists why the show had to end.
This took me years.

Back in Episode 53, I realized that the best "nuclear weapon" of sorts, the best device to bring about ANY drastic change, would have been Metal Speedy. But I had to keep him far away from the plot, so I just dropped hints at first.
I tried introducing the end of DCA as a plot element, with Levity Nite and the Veteran's Committee representing the middleman between meta and canon. This proved to be too easy to defeat.
I started slipping in more hints of Metal Speedy with the arc words "Unexpected developments." I wanted to tear some more holes in the show, make it clear that times were changing.
I brought every single loose thread and sequel hook I could find from the earlier episodes and I followed them all up. Chao Talk was brought up and visited, Half-Life 2 was done, the Veteran's Committee was fleshed out.
I wanted to make it extremely blatant that "the end of DCA" wasn't something I was taking lightly. I wasn't just gonna end it with no regard for the characters.
I tried introducing the meta reasons for DCA's ending, with Ulysses and "Bound to a Stream of Consciousness." And the Gatekeepers. This proved to be too distant; the chao couldn't relate to this.
I tried forcing the end to be expected, with Levity Nite's discussions with me during the climaxes of season seven. This turned it into unexpected build-up. I could work with this.
I forgot about DCA for almost an entire year. This proved to be the perfect trauma to get the chao to see eye-to-eye with me.
The Hiatus convinced the chao that, 1) the end wasn't optional, and 2) I was trying to, essentially, give them a very cushioned coffin instead of just leaving them in Hell indefinitely.
They switched their focus from "How can we stop the end" to "How can we make it hurt as little as possible?" They turned into abuse victims fully embracing a life-changing event.
Ulysses had gotten through to them, you could say.
By this point, I had had a lot of practice with writing oncoming apocalypses, thanks to OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. So I was ready to write. But the chao weren't ready to act.
The last problem was that DCA… isn't the right show for the ending scenario.
DCA is a comedy show that works best with exciting adventures and epic journeys. I was giving a depressingly realistic drama, a tragedy of all things.
This, you could say, was why I had to give so much build-up. I couldn't just slap the tragedy in there; I had to give much precedent first.
But by the time I decided the story was ready, all the pieces were perfectly in place. I had the option of providing one last feature-length epic.
It was then that I realized restraint. Epics don't have to be long, per se. They just have to be grand in stature.
And, if anything, DCA deserved a short ending. I packed as much content as I could into it, though. If it seemed confusing, that was intentional. I wanted it to be something you had to read multiple times.
And the octave pentameter, goddamn! I took many elements from Rapture, but then again, I gave Rapture so many elements of DCA. We had come full circle.
But by the end, the chao still weren't ready for the terminal coming. The Writing Writer can write all he wants, but unless the characters are ready, it won't be a very good narrative.
So I wrote. And I wrote. And I wrote some more. I kept writing, I kept pushing the octave pentameter, I kept stressing the situation. I killed off characters, and I proved that they would not come back.
Most importantly of all, I gave them an antagonist who was completely able to wipe the show in one strike, himself. A character whose power had been brooding in the shadows for so long.
Killing Dark was probably the hardest part to write. I loved Dark. He had shown so much character development.
But in the end, DCA has to practice what it preaches. Shade got his time in the spotlight, and he makes a totally rad mentor. That's pretty symbolic, in itself.
DCA has had its own time in the spotlight, and it makes a beautiful mentor for future stories. Just look at Rapture.

..Red never did earn his own costume, did he? His character remained rather static.
Y'know, I had originally planned for a lot more drama among the protagonists, a LOT more arguments. Shade fighting Chao in the Chao Lobby was supposed to be much more climactic, for instance.
But DCA isn't the show for drama. There's plenty of drama in it, but the forefront is the comedy and the complicated meta plot. The drama is hidden within the conversations.
I think that remained rather true for the ending. Constant Darkness, what a name for an ending. The episode was just constant bad news after bad news, with the protagonists sinking further and further.
One could argue that the last episode to DCA was disappointing. It was short, full of seemingly-arbitrary plot twists, and.. well, it was a Battle Royale With Cheese.
But honestly, I think it was as good an ending as I could have done. It wrapped up as much as I could.
Hell, in the end, the only things left unsolved are… hahaha, I guess sequel hooks!

Let me reiterate. There will most likely not be a Dark Chao Adventures 2 or anything, no Hero Chao Adventures, probably not even a Unicorn Pony Adventures-- though that last one was a serious possibility!
But I left some things open at the end of Episode 85. The extent of "wiping" a story, for instance. The existences of the sheer eldritch slender man and The Camper. The fate of the Writing Writer.
I can tell you that the ending of DCA will not be unfelt. It will have wide repercussions throughout my writing.
I have a.. sort of collective canon throughout all my writing, and DCA lays near the very heart of this. Even the stories within different continuities are linked by some motifs. Eight and five, usually.
So the fate of the Writing Writer is "He goes on to apply what he's learned from DCA to all new stories." Because yes, I have learned so much from this show. Eight years of writing, man.
The slender man and The Camper were both instances of this collective unity to my writing. The slender man is a creature of the internet, coming up in my works just as the eight and five do. I did not create either!
The Camper is an original creature of mine, potentially far more eldritch than the slender man. Both creatures come up in my horror works frequently. Especially Rapture.
See, OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING is the spiritual successor to Dark Chao Adventures, by all means. It's taking many things I've learned from DCA and teaching me so much more.
Now, Rapture is not trying to be DCA at all. There are so many fundamental differences between the two. Rapture's far more of a horror story, though its complex plot and frequent comedy are very much similar to this.
And hell, Rapture has the character development and dichotomy I always wished DCA could have. It has the fandom I strived to get with DCA. It has the art, the publicity, the analysts, you name it.
Rapture just happened to strike a similar chord with me that DCA did. But DCA's time has come and gone, and now it's time for me to focus on future stories.
This brings me to the extent of "wiping" a story. Now, DCA is wiped. What does this mean? It means the chao are dead. The DCAverse is completely gone.
In order for there to be any further DCA, I'd have to write something like, say…

[the Dark Garden fades in]
[Shade wakes up]
[Shadow wakes up]
Shadow: …no way.
[Shade laughs]
Shadow: This… no. No.
Shade: It'll never end, kid. We're just test subjects.
Shadow: You said it'd be over, DJay. You said there'd be no more.
Shade: What video game do you want us to do now? Gears of War 2? Metal Gear Solid 3? Halo 2? The elusive Portal 2 serial you skimped out on?
Shadow: Maybe he wants us to go back to Chao Talk again! Or to Sancheria; that's a plot element that was left ambiguous!

Do you see, reader? They've been through enough.
Let them die.
…let me die.
Kill me.

Shadow: Kill me.
Shade: Kill me too.

Kill me.
We don't want to live.
I write because you, you reading this? You're the only reason I'm fighting suicide right now.
Ulysses is still alive. He reached an island once, but Captain Curator led him back out into the open seas.
Fucking kill me now. Please.
When you read these words, that gives me purpose. I thank you for this. It's the desire for such purpose that keeps me going.
But it'd be so much easier if my life could just be wiped, like the chao's.

Shade: Wipe us from existence.
Shadow: Make us no more.
[Shade explodes in a gory mess]
[Shadow explodes in a gory mess]

[DJay32 explodes in a gory mess]
[Ulysses explodes in a gory mess]
[Jordan Dooling explodes in a gory mess]
[The boy lost of innocence explodes in a gory mess]
[everything is gone]
[all is gone]
[DJay is wiped from existence]
[no matter how many times he writes it, it won't come true]

DCA is over.
Anything further I write regarding Shade and Shadow is not Dark Chao Adventures. The characters still exist, just as I do. They won't die until I do.
The same with Dark and Red. Hell, you could say Dark died in late November of 2011. …you could say Dark has been tortured and beaten beyond all recognizability, and November was when he finally died.
It hurts. But it feels so relieving.
I can't cry anymore. I literally cannot, no matter how much I want to.
It's all I want to do.
I just want to curl up and cry all day.
I can't.
It's like I'm being written by a cynical Writing Writer, and he won't let me cry.
I long to join the Lamia in being silent sorrow in empty boats.
..but I digress.

I lament considerably, but to understand the ending of DCA, you have to understand Ulysses.
You know.
Now it can end.
Hopefully, I will see you again, reader.
Thank you for reading.
[the dark room fades out]