Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I said I would...

So, here's DCAHall!

"Okay, class, please settle down!"
Mister Miles "Tails" Prower said with a frown.
For today was Halloween, the day the chao looked forward to,
except for Phantom, who had his head by his book like glue.
Shade asked him "What's up, chum?"
Phantom replied, "Nothing, just feeling glum."
He believed this, believed it with no doubt,
Until Mister Prower saw him out.

Dark Chao Adventures... HALLOWEEN EDITION: Pelottaa Scary Stuff

Tale ONE... the Tale of Phantom

[cut to CPAK, dismissal, Phantom is walking home]
[Shade catches up with him]
Shade: Hey, why were you so depressed back there?
Ph: It's... it's nothing. I'm fine.
[Phantom starts walking faster]
Shade: HEY!
[Shade runs to catch up]
Shade: Seriously, what's the deal!? It's NOT nothing! You're the coolest guy (besides ME, of course) that I know!
Ph: ...*sigh* All right, but only if you don't tell anyone.
Shade: I won't, honest!
Ph: Well, I kinda got into a fight with...a bully. He says he's gonna kill me tonight. When I'm least expecting it.
Shade: Oh, don't worry about it, me and the other Darks, we can handle any chao!
Ph: Here's the bad part... he's sorta Metal Sonic.
[Shade stops walking, mouth wide open]
Shade: Muh... Muh... METAL!?
Ph: Yeah... that's why I'm not looking forward to tonight.
Shade: W-well, d-don't worry... we'll, uh... we'll.... we'll........
Ph: Exactly. I'm going to the Neutral Garden to prepare for my doom.
Shade: You do that, I'm pretending I never said, heard, nor THOUGHT anything.
[Shade thinks for a second]
Shade: *sigh* Man, this will not be fun to say... Phantom... I... guess I'll... help.
Ph: Thanks, but it's not like you'll help much.
[later, in the Neutral Garden, Phantom is sitting by the cliff]
Ph: This is ridiculous! What makes you think he'll fall for this?
Shade (off-screen): Just trust me on this one.
[later, evening strikes, and two red eyes are seen at the entrance to the garden]
MS: Phantom... I'm here. And I'm ready to make you PAY for what you said.
Ph: I know.... go ahead, do your worst.
MS: With pleasure.
[Metal steps into the garden and hits a wire, signalling something for Shade]
MS: Let me wring your little neck!
[Metal reaches for Phantom, but Shade flies by wearing a white sheet]
Shade: OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo.... I'm the floating head of DOOM!
[Metal grabs Shade as he flies by the second time, and pulls him off the strings]
MS: What's THIS? Another annoying little snot-hole?
Shade: Don't you mean as--
MS: I don't need a CHAO to tell me how to insult. You were trying to protect this crap-dung, WEREN'T YOU?
Shade: Yeah... "crap-dung"? What kind of insult is THAT?
MS: STOP MAKING FUN OF MY INSULTS! Here, allow me to 'correct' your head...
[Metal reaches for Shade's head, when suddenly, Gir jumps at him and plays with Metal's head]
Gir: What's this dooo? What's THAT dooo? What's THIS dooo? Ooh, what's THAAAAT?
ZIM: Gir, come back to ME, ZIM!
[Gir jumps back and waves to the screen]
ZIM: Gir, enough breaking the fourth wall, I need it for my evil plans.
MS: Where'd you freaks come from?
ZIM: We always come when you least expect it... moo-hoo-hoo-haaa-HAAA!
[ZIM and Gir mysteriously leave]
MS: ....well, that was... weird. I'm going home. See ya.
[Metal leaves]
Ph: 0.0
Shade: 0.0
Ph: 0.0
Shade: 0.0
Ph: Metal... DIDN'T kill me!? 0.0
Shade: That'll be ten bucks.

Tale TWO... the Tale of Morph

[the tale begins in the Dark Garden, seven minutes left until 8, when all the chao go out for the Trick-or-Treating]
Shade: Oh, boy, am I looking forward to this!
Dark: I know! My new costume is the scariest, I'm gonna get all the candy!
Shade: Dark... you're a toaster.
Dark: Yeah, isn't it SPOOKY?
Shade: Well, I'M Evil Kirby from the Kirby anime, with that spooky face and everything!
Red: Eh, he wasn't THAT scary.
Shade: Says YOU! Plus, I doubt YOU'RE anything that scary.
Red: What are you talking about? I'm the scariest of scary!
Shade: Well, what ARE you?
Red: An American Naruto fan.
Dark: EEEEEEK!!! Get it away from me!
Red: So, Shadow, what are YOU?
Shadow: I'm Vector from Shadow the Hedgehog.
Shade: Heh. No way, your voice isn't squeaky enough.
Shadow: It is SO squeaky enough! Listen... FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!
Shade: HOLY--
[glass breaks]
Dark: That... was the single scariest sound I've EVER HEARD...
Shade: Hey, Shade, what are YOU for Halloween?
SShade: Me? Oh, nothing special. Just Mario.
Shade: Y'know, I've always liked a girl in overalls...
[everyone takes a step away from Shade]
Shade: I WAS KIDDING! Mario's almost as scary as Devilish's costume!
DH: Heh, loser. None of YOUR costumes are scary!
Shade: Oh yeah? Well, what are YOU supposed to be?
DH: I'm a four-eyed two-mouthed demon scorpion thing. Pretty scary, huh?
Ph: Shut up, you're not scary at all!
DH: You wanna bet, freak face?
Ph: HEY! Vampires are NOT freaky! Now, (like a vampire) leeet me suuuck youuur bluuuud!
SB: Why don't you ALL shut up? None of your costumes are scary.
Shade: Go away, S.Bonic. What are you doing in here, anyway? I thought you were working on a new garden.
SB: Yeah, well, I wanted to show you the scariness of my costume, but now, I'll be on my way.
Shade: (as S.Bonic's leaving) Heh... a CHAO.... that's a stupid costume.
[8 o clock starts, and the chao go to the Hero Garden]
Shade: Hello? Lousy Heroes, trying to keep their candy to themselves...
Shade: Okay, uh... DARK, you open the gate!
[Dark opens the Hero Garden gate, and inside, everything is empty and dark]
Shadow: Um... he...hello?
[inside is a swirling portal]
Shade: Hey, a portal! Sweet, Chao must've done something to bring Half-Life to life! Maybe he isn't so bad, after all!
[the Darks run into the portal, and come out in the Hero Garden, but everything's orang-y red]
Red: Whoa, it's... ME!
Shade: It's not RED, it's red SHADES, HEAVILY shaded RED!
[looking around, the chao find Chao curled up in a corner]
Dark: Chao?
Chao: ...
SShade: Chao, what happened?
Chao: ...
Shade: Okay, Chao, I like the whole Half-Life thing, but now you're just creeping me out.
[Devilish reaches for Chao, who turns his head around-- his face is gone]
Darks: AAHH!
[Chao gets up and reaches for Dark]
Shade: Dark, run! Don't let him touch you!
Dark: Why not?
Shade: I dunno, I mean, it's only authentic. Creepy things DO NOT equal happy touches. Now, RUN!
[Dark runs, followed by the others]
[they run out into the lobby and close the gate]
SShade: *pant*
Dark: *pant*
Everyone else: *pant*
[slowly, they all turn around, and scream]
[instead of space, outside they see fire, molten rock, and.... uh.... more fire]
Shade: What the Dark Garden's going on!?
Dark: I think that we weren't meant to step into that portal... I think stepping into it messed up time!
[everyone stares at Dark as he continues]
Dark: ...thus making everything a living-- (notices the others staring at him) ...uh.... sorry.
[the Darks slowly go down the stairs, but the stairs collapse and they fall]
[Devilish pouts as the others look at him]
Shade: Calm down.... it wasn't that much of a fall.
[suddenly, Chao falls down, too]
Chao: No, no, I followed you guys into the portal. But, man, that face-less me was scary...
Shade: Well, where should we go?
Dark: Well, last time things were a living Dark Garden, we met up with Future You and he explained most of the things.
Shade: Good idea.
[they go to the Dark Garden, and find most things are on fire, there are headcrabs eating Dark chao's heads, and Melee pros are running free]
Shade: 0.0
Red: 0.o
SShade: o.0
Shadow: o.o
Ph: >.0
DH: 0.<
Dark: Oh, thanks Hero Chaos everything's normal...
All: >.>/<.<
[Shade punches the pro, makes a crude remark about how "cheap wavedashing is," and proceeds forward, followed by the others]
Shade: Hello? Shade?
?: Huh? What? Who's... who's there?
Shade: It's me again. Me and my pals.
?: Oh..... Shade.... you shouldn't have come back here. You're not ready.
Shade: Ready for what? And... what happened here?
[the chao steps out from the shadows and reveals himself as future Shade]
SF: (holding a shotgun) Do you REALLY want to know?
[the chao gulp]
Red: Hey, I'm the one here with the scariest costume, I think I can take whatever you toss at us.
SF: (rubbing the shotgun) Y'know... somehow, I doubt that...
[ShadeF points the shotgun at Devilish]
SF: Have you ever held... a GUN before?
Red: *gulp* Uh... no...
SF: Have you ever TRULY been afraid? When's the last time a group of zombies from outta this dimension threatened to suck YOUR guts out? HUH?
Red: Uh... I guess... never....
SF: Exactly. You're not ready. You're too scared. You're ALL too scared!
[ShadeF moves the shotgun, pointing at each and every chao's head]
SF: I can sense it in your eyes.... in your expressions.... in your statures. Ain't nuttin' you guys can do to make me think otherwise.
[Shade steps forward, ShadeF points the shotgun at him]
SF: Stop.
Shade: I-if you press that trigger--
SF: What? I'll cease to exist? Son, after what I'VE been through... I think I'm fine with that.
[ShadeF cocks the shotgun, and points it right at Shade's eye]
SF: I want to be put out of my misery.
[the others look at ShadeF's finger, and notice it slowly pressing down on the trigger]
SF: See, I'm SERIOUS. You guys aren't ready.
[Chao notices ShadeF lower his guard for a second, and kicks him in the face]
Chao: Hey, while Devilish may not be ready... while Dark may not be ready.... while even I may not be ready...
[close-up on Chao's face]
Chao: If anyone, SHADE'S ready. He has been through a lot. Just look at this right here-- he's had a shotgun pointed at him.
Shade: Yeah, and I'm still trying to get over that...
[ShadeF gets up, grabs Chao's arm, gets him in a hold, and points the shotgun at him]
SF: I see.... well, I believe you. ...about Shade, anyway. But... what you said about yourself...
[Chao starts to nervously sweat]
SF: Heh... anyone stupid enough to knock ME down... they MUST be ready. Chao.... you haven't changed a bit.
[ShadeF lets go of Chao, and puts his shotgun away]
SF: Still... while you may be ready... the truth may shock you. It may send you crying home to your mommy. Your last warning.
[the chao all look at each other]
Shade: I'm ready.
Chao: (sigh) I may as well...
[the others back down]
SF: Heh heh heh... isn't this funny? Two rivals.... working together to save the greater good.
[ShadeF instantly turns his chuckle into a rough expression]
SF: You'll go down in history, boys.
[Shade and Chao's eyes widen]
SF: As the ones who DIED. Died trying to save the greater good. You'll DIE. This won't be fun.
[ShadeF begins to slowly walk around the two, hands behind his back]
SF: History was never kind to its subjects, Field Marshal Shade.... Commander Chao.
[ShadeF grabs his shotgun, and continues circling them]
SF: Allow me to inform you... on why things are so DOWN.
[ShadeF stops in place and points towards the crab-like creatures roaming around]
SF: These things you see. They're called headcrabs. Not the friendly type, either.
[ShadeF resumes circling them]
SF: These DEADLY fiends first hop at your head... then proceed to PIERCE your cranium with its sharp "beaks."
[Shade starts to get nervous, and looks at his head with fear]
SF: Once attatched, they will completely destroy your mind. .....LITERALLY. Taking over, you will become a zombie.
[Chao begins to worry]
SF: I can see it now... a Hero chao and a Dark chao... entering this garden... with headcrabs for heads!
[Shade and Chao look at each other, each scared]
SF: Your arms? Ripped to shreds. your own central nervous system. The headcrab manages to HACK its way into that.
[Shade and Chao look at their arms with worry]
SF: After being ripped to shreds, your arms are REPLACED. Replaced with what look like muscle tissues with a faint arm form.
[ShadeF stops, wields his shotgun, and shoots a headcrab, killing it]
SF: However, once you go zombie... once your sanity has completely disintigrated like that... you are still conscious.
[ShadeF changes his hand into a fist]
SF: Can you imagine that? As a zombie, you are still ALIVE. You are completely AWARE of your condition... you still feel pain.
[Shade and Chao worry even more]
SF: And yet... when you become zombies, I will have to shoot your stinkin' heads clean off. You'll feel it. It won't be pleasant. I can't guarantee your survival. In fact, I guarantee your death.
[they start crying]
SF: BUT... there's a slim chance you'll save the future... WITHOUT turning into zombies. A slim chance. SLIM.
[they stop crying, and worry less]
SF: And that's just the headcrabs, the LEAST of our problems!
Chao: Look, can you just tell us what we need to do before I die of fear?
SF: No, sorry, no can do. Before you leave on your ONE LAST MISSION... you must know the threats.
[ShadeF resumes circling them]
SF: Right after Shade left this place... after Metal Solaris was destroyed... I came back to life.
[Shade smiles]
SF: Only to return to my living hell.
[Shade frowns]
SF: You see, although Metal Sonic was defeated, that was a crazy thing you did. attracted someone's attention.
Shade: Who?
SF: I do not know his name... only of the tales on the walls in CPAK.
Chao: Wait, what tales?
SF: I suggest you avoid reading the tales... lest you end up like Dark.
Dark: Hey, I'm right here!
SF: Don't... have a good heart....
Shade: Okay, now what are you talking about?
[ShadeF stands there for a few seconds, silent]
Chao: Hey, are you listening to us?
SF: ...just go to CPAK, and stop him.
Shade: But... stop WHO?
[ShadeF reaches for his shotgun, Shade and Chao run to CPAK]
[so, they go to CPAK, and notice train tracks in front of the building]
Shade: Whoop-dee-doo, train tracks. And a dune buggy. --SHEEEE-OOOT!
Chao: What's wrong?
Shade: This looks an awful lot like a part of Highway 17 on Half-Life 2...
Chao: Why? What happened then?
Shade: We need to get THAT dune buggy all the way across these train tracks.
[a train whizzes by and runs the dune buggy over]
[the screen turns black]
[the screen becomes normal, showing the chao entering the train area]
Shade: Whoop-dee-doo, train tracks. And a dune buggy. --Wait a minute... what just happened?
Chao: I don't know. I think a train ran over the buggy.
Shade: What? No way, it's right--
[a train runs over the dune buggy]
Shade: ...there. ...crap.
[the screen turns black and resets]
Shade: Whoop-dee-doo, train tracks. And a dune buggy. --WILL I STOP SAYING THAT!?
[a train is heard honking in the distance]
Chao: ...let's go.
[they run, enter the buggy, and drive it off the tracks for a second as the train whizzes past]
[they continue to drive the buggy forward and to the end of the tracks]
Shade: We made it! HA! TAKE THAT, YOU UGLY TRAIN!
[another train comes by and runs the buggy over]
[the screen resets]
Shade: Whoop-dee-doo, trai.... uh... oh, good, I stopped.
Chao: That was pretty cheap. I think that, in order to get this to work, we'll have to use careful timing and swift controls--
Shade: Screw that, I'm using noclip!
[Shade magically flies across and to a large building, Chao decides to follow]
Chao: ...well, that wasn't a very productive solution. We didn't learn anything!
[Shade stares at Chao]
Shade: Um... Chao... lemme break this to ya... in video games, YA DON'T LURN NUTTIN!
[moving on, the chao enter the large building and see that it sprawls for miles underground]
Shade: Chao, this is it. We've reached CPAK.
Chao: *gulp* I... guess we did, didn't we? Let's go.
[looking around, the building is a dark shade of blue, and surprisingly cold]
[Chao looks and notices something on a wall]
Chao: *gasp* Shade, LOOK!
Shade: What? Whoa... writing on the wall! "Darkness is bliss... obey him, obey him."
[Chao spots more writing on the wall]
Chao: "Feel the shadows triumph your body. Resistance to comply with this is not accepted."
Shade: "See the tales of Morph scattered in this building... it was one to succumb."
Chao: Huh. Why is the word 'morph' capitalized?
Shade: I don't know... I say we split up and study for more lore.
Chao: "LORE"? You've been playing Metroid Prime again, haven't you?
Shade: Well... yeah... still, I think we should. Meet back here in five minutes.
Chao: *sigh* ...okay.
[they run to opposite ends of the ruined building, Shade is exploring the classrooms]
Shade: *shudder* Why is it so cold in here? Oh, more writing!
[Shade runs to a corner of the class with tons of desks scattered around]
Shade: "Run, kids... run." Is that all? Where's the really spooky stuff?
[he notices some of the writing dripping down]
Shade: ...?
[Shade touches some of it, and brings it close to his face]
Shade: ...blood? This was all written... in BLOOD? Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! BEST. HALLOWEEN. EVER.
[he turns around, and becomes very scared-- suddenly, writing is scattered all over the walls]
Shade: Strange... I...don't remember all this being here...
[he runs up to some and reads it]
Shade: (getting more scared with each one) "I can see you." "Stay still." "Let me come to you." "I'm right behind you." "Can you feel me breathing down your neck?" "See the large shadow around you? That's me." "This is gonna be messy."
[Shade slowly turns around, but nothing's there. The shadow around him disappeared, and the feeling of breathing down his neck went]
Shade: ...I'm gonna go now.
[Shade runs off]
[cut to Chao, investigating the restrooms]
Chao: Hello?
(inaudible whispers)
Chao: Uh... who's there?
?: (whisper) .......m...o...n...s...t....e..r...s.......
Chao: Wh-what?
?: (whisper) ....c..a..n..y..o...u......s..e...e......t..h..e...m....? ..t..h..e...y..'r...e......e..v..e..r.y..w.h.e..r..e.
[Chao realizes the whispers are coming from an open stall at the end of the room]
?: (whisper) p...l...e..a...s..e........h..e....l...p........m...e......
[Chao slowly creeps toward the stall]
?: (whisper) s...a...v...e......m..e....
[a few more steps, and he's there...]
?: (whisper) ...h...e.....l....p...
[he can see a faint shadow of a chao]
?: (whisper) C...h...a...o.......h...e...l...p.......m...e......
[he's coming to the stall]
?: (slightly louder whisper) I...k..n..o..w.......w..h...o.....y...o...u.....ARE....
[he's almost there]
?: (not a whisper, but a quiet talk- sounds like an adult chao) Help.
[one more step..]
?: COME. NOW. SAVE ME. (distorted) YoU kNoW yOu WaNt To....
[Chao quickly jumps in front of the stall and sees it's empty]
Chao: ...what?
[he notices the toilet is covered in blood, and behind it is writing]
Chao: "Turn around."
[he does, and almost screams-- his face was drawn in blood on a mirror]
Chao: ....whoa...
[the drawing turns into a mad face]
[the mouth opens, and as the following appears in blood on the mirror, a distorted voice says it out loud]
"Say hello to Cham for me!"
[Chao screams, runs out of the room, and eventually smacks into Shade]
Both: OOF!
Shade: Don't hurt me--Chao?
Chao: Oh, Shade, for once, I'm SO glad to see you!
Shade: DiD yOu SaY hElLo To ChAm??????????
Chao: AAAHHH!!
Shade: Hey, what's wrong?
Chao: *shudder* I'm... I'm scared... really scared... I'm hallucinating...
[Chao spots a dark hand reach for Shade]
[Shade turns around, and nothing's there]
Shade: Whoa, you really ARE hallucinating. What'd you find?
Chao: I... I heard a voice. It... sounded like... like... (his eyes widen)...CHAM.
Shade: Chao... you just miss him. Nothing's gonna get you, I promise. How about we never split up again?
Chao: *pant* ...alright...
Shade: Okay. Let's check the Principal's office.
[they walk to the green door, and slowly open it]
[inside, a dark figure is sitting at the desk, drumming its fingers]
Shade: Who... who are you?
?: Ah, what's this? Some more beings NOT full of shadows?
Chao: Hey, he asked you something, you should answer!
?: Come closer. I have... CAKE... for you.
Chao: Um... okay.
Shade: Wait, stop! Chao, whatever you do, DON'T go near him! He's obviously the one who messed up the future!
?: The future? ...!!! I now know who you are.... SHADE. I've been waiting for you.
Shade: Are you the one whose attention was attracted once I stopped Metal Sonic?
?: Why, as a matter of fact, YES. Yes I am. I am the one who sent a living hell to all the gardens!
Chao: But.. who are you?
?: What? Don't you remember me?
[the figure stands up, and slowly steps towards them, like a zombie]
Shade: Aw, shoot.
[Shade runs off]
Chao: Wait, what? WAIT FOR ME!
[Chao follows, and the figure slowly follows]
[later, in a classroom]
Chao: Who was he?
Shade: Isn't it obvious? "Morph," the deep voice, the way he walks, the shadows?
Chao: Well... it... KINDA rings a bell.
Shade: Chao, he's MEPHILES! Mephiles from the future!
[they notice writing appearing on the walls]
Chao: "Leave not, shadow succumb."
Shade: "Win is impossible when up against shadows."
Chao: "The cake is a lie."
Shade: "Wanna know what it's like to die?"
Chao: "Say hello to Cham for me!" Shade, let's run.
[they try to run out the door, but Mephiles is coming in]
Mp: Trick... or... TREAT!
[Shade and Chao scream]
[the walls slowly become darker]
Shade: And to think that this is when Mephiles FINALLY gets his revenge... 30 years later!
Chao: Shade, I never managed to tell you this, but... I've always looked up to you.
[Mephiles laughs as he reaches for the chao]
[they both scream]
SF: Hey, Doctor Phyllis, eat HEADCRAB!
[a headcrab suddenly attatches itself to Mephiles' head]
Mp: *screaming* OW! AHHH! AAHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!
[Mephiles falls on to the floor, revealing ShadeF by the doorway]
Shade: You... you saved us...
SF: Yeah, not for long. C'mon, it's only a matter of time before he comes back as a zombie!
[ShadeF runs, the others follow]
[they stop by the front door]
Chao: Why'd you stop, we've gotta run!
SF: Shi-- the door's locked! That shadow dork knew I was coming!
[Mephiles (plus headcrab head) slowly limps into the main room]
Mp: That's right.. and even while... my control... slips away... this headcrab... will be the death.... of you...
[Mephiles stops and screams, then the chao watch in horror as his arms melt away, up to the messed-up muscle tissue]
Shade: Shade, HURRY UP!
SF: I'm trying! --oh, right, I have a shotgun.
[ShadeF shoots the headcrab off Mephiles' head, revealing a very distorted face, which collapses]
All: Phew...
SF: Okay, stand back, let me blast the door down.
[he does, and they go back to the Dark Garden]
Dark: Got any 3s?
Red: Go fish.
Dark: *sigh* Go figure...
[the others come in]
Red: Whoa, what the Dark Garden happened to you guys?
DH: Yeah, you look like you saw the king of shadows, or somethi--
Chao: Shut. Up. NOW.
Ph: But... what happened?
Shade: Don't wanna talk about it.
Q: C'mon, what happened?
SF: SHUT THE HELL UP. I need to tell you guys how to get back.
[they all become interested]
SF: To get back, you need to go into the Neutral Garden. ..but, that's not gonna be easy.
Shade: What? Why not?
SF: Well, let me put it simply: "We don't go there anymore." A FPS-player like yourself would understand.
Shade: *gasp* Aw, crap... it's Ravenholm all over again...
SF: But, here's the good part-- the portal back is within steps of entering there.
Chao: Hey, before we go... why are the portals here, anyway?
SF: Allow me to put this one simply, too: Halloween plus the hellish future plus Mephiles' strange powers equals portals.
Chao: Oh. C'mon, Shade, let's get outta here.
[they all say goodbye to ShadeF, and leave to the Neutral Garden]
[in the Neutral Garden, they're ambushed by headcrabs]
[a few seconds later, they all jump into the portal, and Shade kicks a headcrab off Dark's head]
[then, back in the Neutral Garden (present)...]
All: *pant*
Chao: Oh, sweet Hero Chaos, I NEVER want to go to the future ever again...
Shade: Tell me about it...
Dark: The future? We were in the future?
Ph: Hey, didn't you figure it out?
Red: Don't forget-- he's Dark.
Ph: Oh, right.
[they all pant more]
Red: So... worst ending ever?
Shade: Yeah, I mean, it's not funny...
SShade: But, at least Shade learned a lesson...right?
Shade: Nope!

Friday, October 26, 2007

DJay's "How to make a successful script", a best-seller!

You may be wondering, "DJay, how do you do it?" Well, I can respond to you in the book I'm pretending to make-- "How to Make a Successful Script." Let's read some excerpts.

Step 1: Plan the characters.

Step 2: Plan the area.

Step 3: Come up with all the conflicts.

Step 4: Toss away these ideas and do your favorite thing, whatever that may be.

Step 5: A few months later, lose your most favorable part of the thing, sulk over it for years.

Step 6: A few years later, spontaneously decide to create a story based on the favorable part of the favorite thing.

Step 7: Attempt to make it regular, but decide to instead make it in script format.

Step 8: ???

Step 9: Profit!

That was one excerpt. Not exactly the best role-model. But, let's go over the NEXT part of the book.

To make an interesting plot line, you must first become one with your favorable part of your favorite thing. ...unless it's a spider. Spiders don't let you become one with them. And they
fart a lot. Anyway, after becoming one with the favorable part, DEVELOP A SENSE OF HUMOR, and I mean a PROPER one, not the ones they show on TV. Those they show on TV focus too much on money, and too little on the fans. ..except with Avatar: The Last Airbender. They focus more on the fans, which is partly where I got the idea. Then again, I only assumed that, and we all know where THAT can get you. Like this one time...

Uh... let's skip through that and get to the rest of the hints.

...and that's why I'll never use a public toilet again! Anyway, back to the specifics. After you develop a proper sense of humor, GET A BRAIN, which you can't get anywhere but the North. I mean, they come FROZEN up there, perfectly preserved for you to, uh... borrow. While in the South, they melt. ...Except in Antartica, where they still freeze. See, if I'd assumed, I wouldn't have thought about Antartica, but of the regular parts of the South. Another example of how bad assuming is is when I once...

What the-- why did I keep rambling? Uh... skip ahead.

...and then I said, "NOT WITHOUT YOUR PANTS, MISTER!" Ha... well, anyway. After you have the Three Essentials: One With Favor, Sensing Humor, and Mind, you are completely ready. ...except ONE THING. The Fourth Essential: See Pee You Skittles. In other words, computer skills. If you have this, plus The Fifth and Final Essential: Script Abilities, you are REALLY completely ready. Now all you need is a fan base like mine, and the effort it takes to make it to the big time! WHOO-HOO! Ah, but seriously, it's pretty hard work. How do I manage? With something I like to call... The Essential Cheat Sheet: Asperagus Sin Drones. This means "Asperger Syndrome." With it, my mind had already developed while others my age were sucking bottles! ...well, okay, I'm exaggerating. Still, it means I'm smart and like to brag. And there you have it, that's The Five Essentials and the Cheat Sheet, only in this book! Now, let's move on to Gonorhhea: The Noisy Killer--

Okay, enough of that. I hope this has helped you in your path to become a better salesman-- wait, what? You... you were trying to WHAT? Become a script writer!? Well, what are you doing asking me that, what do I look like, an awesome writer!? Go ask someone else!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls Are ICKY!

Yes, I know mLe showed you the first episode, but I want to give you a quick preview of the second season, to get you hooked s'more. The second episode's... not the hooking type. Enjoy.

Dark Chao Adventures Episode 9: Girls Are ICKY!
Chapter 1: Darky and the Brain
[in the Dark Garden, Dark is playing Sonic Riders, against Devilish]
Dark: HA! I just slapped poisonous gas onto you!
Devilish: Dark, that's NOT poisonous gas...
Dark: It's not? But, I could've sworn Eggman keeps poisonous gas in his..... oh.
[Shade walks in]
Shade: Who's thinking what I'm thinking?
Devilish: We DON'T have any sharks with lasers attatched to their heads, Shade!
Shade: Not what I was thinking... Dark?
Dark: I think I'm thinking the same, but this time, YOU wear the tutu!
Shade: What? No! I'm thinking of sending Shade Jr. to Preschool!
Dark: OH! I knew that! Ha...
Devilish: OOH! I just OWN'D you! YEAH! The dynamite's in YOUR pants, now! Uh-huh! Oh, yeah!
Shade: The what's in his WHERE!?
Devilish: Nothing. Nowhere. What? I didn't say anything. Did I say anything, Dark?
Dark: Yes, you did: "The dynamite's in YOUR pants, now!" That's what you said.
Devilish: Shade, what're we gonna do with him?
Shade: I have an idea, but first, we're gonna need those sharks with laser beams attatched to their hea--
Devilish: We're NOT getting any, Shade! Dark, take Shade Jr. to Preschool while I talk to Shade about those 'budget cuts'...
Dark: Yes, sir!
Shade: So, all I'm saying is that if I could borrow some coconuts, a bottle o' booze, and 3 copies of "Girl Chao Gone Wild Magazine"--
[Dark steps in]
Shade: -- (nervously) I..... could end world hunger! Y-yeah, that's it...
Dark: Sir, there's a girl at the gate, can she come in?
Shade: I've told you, Dark! It's "MAY she come in!" Set good examples for the chicks-- uh, female chao. Anyway, yes, she MAY.
[a chao that looks just like Shade, but with female features comes in]
Girl: Hello, Dark Chao ruler Shade, sir.
Shade: Uh..... please, um, call me... uh, Shade. State your name.
She-Shade: I am Shade, too!
Shade: Shade 2!?
She-Shade: No, my name is Shade, also!
Me: (I am the Narrator, remember?) This girl is based off of the 'replacement' Shade I got on a new memory card, but it turned out to be a girl.
Shade: So, uh.... Shade, what are you, um, here for?
SShade: I came here to join the.... [pulls out piece of paper]..."Idiot Army"?
Shade: Who gave that to you?
SShade: This nice Hero chao.
Shade: Don't listen to them! They're the enemy! You may call us what you want to, as long as I can call you...
[Shade passes her a piece of paper that says,"Write your phone number on the line below."]
Chapter 2: Just a Few..... Feminine Touches
[Later, Dark is facing Devilish, again, on Sonic Riders]
Dark: I think that fox is a pretty girl...
Devilish: He's a GUY. An 8-year old GUY.
Dark: Oh, shut up! You're just saying that cuz you got shocked by her girl-gigglyness!
Devilish: I was shocked by a plug he pulled out of his pocket.
Dark: HER pocket!
Devilish: Oh, yeah? Well, since you want proof, look at this! [He pulls out a Sonic comic, where Sonic calls Tails a 'he']
Dark: Oh. Well, I still think that red, big, woman is REALLY cute!
Devilish: (quietly) You think EggMAN is an EggWOMAN? I don't know you anymore...
[Shade walks in]
Shade: Dark, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Dark: I think so, Shade, but can the Gummi Worms really live in peace with the Marshmallow Chicks?
Shade: Huh?
Devilish: Don't listen to him, he thinks Eggman's a girl. Anyway, if our knees bent the other way, how would we ride a bicycle?
Shade: What? NO! I'm thinking of asking Shade out to the CPAK Valentine's Day dance!
Dark: That's great, and all, but, taking your OWN SELF to the 'Veelanteem's' Day dance? How'll you do the Tango?
Shade: I mean HER! [points to SShade]
Dark: Oh. Well, good luck!
[Shade walks away]
Devilish: Hmm.... hey, Dark, since we're on TAG mode, and there's a turbulence shortcut coming up, you thikin' what I'm thinkin'?
Dark: I think so, Devilish, but I find scratching just makes it worse.
Devilish: Okay, I KNOW I'm gonna have nightmares after hearing that. I'm scarred for life.
[Meanwhile, Shade gathered everyone]
Shade: OKAY! Listen up, everyone! I have an announcement!
Dark: Has it got anything to do with "Thinking what you're thinking"?
Shade: No.
Dark: Good, cuz I ran outta catchphrases.
Shade: I gathered you all here to say that Sonic--
Devilish: SONIC!? No, I SWEAR, Amy was in my bed when I got there!!!
Shade: No, Devilish, this has NOTHING to do with..... you.
Sonic: But, since you mentioned it...
Shade: No time to get into this! Sonic is taking me for a walk, okay?
Dark: Oh, okay.
Shade: And while I'm gone, Shade will be taking care of you!
Dark: Yeah, Dark likes speaking in 2nd person too, but Dark was wondering, since Shade's going out with Sonic, how can Shade
take care of Dark and Devilish?
Devilish: Dimwit, he means the GIRL will be taking care of us.
Dark: Oh. Okay!
SShade: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.
[Sonic and Shade leave]
Dark: ....
Devilish: ....
SShade: So.... anyone know where the bathroom is?
Dark: What's a bathroom?
SShade: Wha-huh? But... where do you... never mind, I don't want to know.
Devilish: Anyone wanna deface the big statue?
Dark: I DO!!!
[Dark and Devilish head to the island while SShade looks around a bit]
SShade: This place... it needs....
[Later, when Shade comes back...]
SShade: Just a few.... feminine touches...
Chapter 3: CPAK- Day of the Dance
[What were the feminine touches? You'll see at the end...]
[Later, at CPAK]
[Devilish is in the corner's 'Baddy-Bye Chao' prison, Dark is in the corner, wearing a 'Dunce' cap, and SShade is at the front
of the class, introducing herself]
DT: Yeah, yeah... who are you.... whatever...
SShade: I am Shade! Not the guy right there, but a girl Shade!
DT: Yeah, yeah... sit down.
[SShade sits down next to Shade]
Shade: Um... why are you sitting close to me?
SShade: I thought you liked me.
Shade: I DO! It's just.... well...
SShade: Well what?
Shade: Shadow read to me once--
DT: Shade, do you have something you'd like to share with the REST of the class?
Shade: Uh... no--
DT: Too bad, come up here and share it with everyone.
[Shade gets up to the front and shivers a bit]
Shade: Um... um... my Uncle Shadow read to me in a book once...
[a few minutes later, Shade is sitting in the Principal's Office]
P: What did you do?
Shade: Um... I just said that Girls had cooties.
P: (sigh) Shade, I know how you must feel, being the "Boss of Darks", and all, but saying that girls have COOTIES.... well...
it's unacceptable!
Shade: But all I said was they have cooties!
P: I know, and I can accept that, but throwing a paper airplane with the words "Cootie Airlines" on it, and hitting CHAO with it???
Shade: It was supposed to hit the girl Shade... but, Chao has cooties, too!
P: I don't care! You are suspended tommorrow!
Shade: Suspended how high in the air?
Shade: ....and this is punishment HOW?
[Shade goes back to class, and sits back down to where he was]
DT: Okay, everyone, quiet... today, we're learning about SHAPES... whoopee...
[Tails breaks in]
DT: What the???
Tails: Sonic found me and gave me an extra life. And YOU are fired!
DT: Ah, who cares? I was bored of this job, anyway.
[Dark Tails leaves]
Tails: Hey, everyone! Today, we're going on a FIELD TRIP!
[Everyone cheers]
Tails: A field trip.... to Stephen King's writing studio!
[Everyone is confused]
[Later... everyone comes back into class]
Chao: THAT was the goriest book ever read to me!
Dark: I don't know what 'Goriest' means, but that sure was a disgusting book!
[Shade and Devilish come in excited]
Shade: MAN! That was COOL!
Devilish: Yeah! Hey, remember the part when that guy's EYES popped and GOO came out of them?
Shade: YEAH! And-and, remember the part when that guy's TONGUE was chopped off and NAILED to the wall?
Tails: Urp... maybe I mistook him for Stephen Queen....
[the bell rings, and the P.A. turns on]
PA: Everyone! The CPAK Valentine's Day dance is NOW!
Chapter 4: Girls Really ARE Icky!
[at the dance... everyone but the 4 Dark chao are dancing]
Dark: Uh... I don't do dance.
Devilish: M-me neither. Besides, who wants to get tired?
Chao: HAHAHA!!! Awww... da widdle dorks don't do dance? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Shade: Shut up, Chao, and at least I CAN dance!
Chao: Oh? Yeah, sure... the dork does dancing...
Shade: Let's see YOU dance!
Chao: Okay, fool! Prepeare to be out-danced!
[Chao dances terribly]
Shade: More like out-losered, or something.
Chao: Let's see you dance, dork!
Shade: I don't NEED to. I'm still smart.
Chao: Oh, COME ON!!! I'M smarter than YOU!!! I'll show you: Winnifred Shakespeare was a football player unlike any other!
Dark: Don't you mean WILLFRED the WRITER?
Devilish: Yeah, even DARK knows he's called Willfred.
Chao: Okay, how about this: I am cool!
SShade: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's a good one! So, Shade, shall we dance?
Shade: Nope, we'll just reminisce over past Red Dwarf episodes like 'Psirens', 'Confidence and Paranoia', and 'Future Echoes'. And make fun of Chao.
SShade: (sigh) Alright... fine! If you guys don't want to dance, then FINE! What will you do? [later, in the Dark Garden...]
Chapter 5: The Last Line Of the Day:
[later, in the Dark Garden...]
Sade: Okay, okay, okay! We will now end this Episode of Red Dark with the ending to 'Me (Squared)'. Ready?
Devilish: No, no, no, no, NO! Too much Red Dwarf...
Dark: Yeah, really...
Shade: Well, what do you want to do, then?
Devilish: Get some sleep.
[as Devilish, Dark, Shade and SShade leave, Shade gets the line in:]
Shade: Souper. (super mixed with Gispatcho soup, said as a gag at the very end of Me (Squared)]
(laugh track, applause, the Red Dwarf ship appears on screen while the Credits roll by)

Everyone: SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!!
SShade: I'll still be here!

A Bit of Details on DCAWG...

Okay, so earlier I said I was making a DCA game, right? Time to give some info.

- Those who played the "demo" may have noticed you can name your player. Yeah. I got this to work.

- There are two sides: Hero and Dark. Along the way, the way you complete missions determines which side you're on, a la Star Wars: KOTOR.

- The first mission involves you either a: (Dark) disguising as ambassadors to the Hero Garden. You won't do the talking, as you are but a newborn, but if you hear anything suspicious, you'll report it to your higher ranking officers. OR b: (Hero) Greeting the ambassadors, comforting them, and all that. Once again, you won't do much, but if you spot any suspicious activity, you report it to the others.

- There isn't exactly a Game Over screen yet. There WILL be one eventually, but only for parts where you will definitely die. If you're still alive, you'll wake up in the infirmary.

- And, of course, the game will include hilarious dialogue featuring the cast and crew from DCA, that's not exactly that hard to figure out.

Just remember, it's a TEXT ADVENTURE game. I mean, DCA is a script, text adventure is kinda the best adaption, isn't it? Look forward to more info as I work on it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, and you're having one big early Christmas...

[camera pan of various Sonic stages (Sonic 1, 2, or 3, doesn't matter)]
Shade (VO): Mecha Infinite Life-Killing Machina Abatir Nuociuter.
[pan of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and then of City 17 (look it up)]
Shade (VO): Just an Ordinary evil Entity.
[pan of Earth's highways]
Shade (VO): Equillibrium-Catching Hacker Omni.
[pan of a happy, cartoony place]
Shade (VO): And, uh.... the other one.
[pan of various film sets]
Shade (VO): Together, those four have formed the CORE of...
[pan of the Station Square chao garden]
Shade (VO): A Veteran's Beg. Otherwise known as...
[pan of a base deep within Halo]
Shade (VO): The Beta Avengers.
[cut to Shade sitting in a classy chair in front of a gray background, he gets up]
Shade: Lemme give you the scoop.
[Shade steps up to the camera]
Shade: Just a few days ago, Echo delivered a powerful blow to our gardens. Remember? You were watching.
[Shade turns his head to the side]
Shade: I managed to escape into Casinopolis during this time.
[Shade closes his eyes]
Shade: I... don't know what happened to the others.
[Shade opens his eyes and looks at the camera]
Shade: Since then, I have been in a daze, wondering dubbyuh-tee-eff just happened.
[Shade turns around (back to the camera)]
Shade: However, this doesn't mean I'm out.
[Shade abruptly turns around and shakes his fists]
Shade: I hate Echo. I'm gonna FIND him.... and END him.
[close-up on Shade's face]
Shade: As well as his friends, the Beta Avengers.
[cut to the trailer-- the Invader Zim theme playing in the background as the following appears on-screen]
[Shade and Dark shooting headcrabs, houndeyes, and other Half-Life creatures]
[Shade playing pinball in Casinopolis]
[the G-Man's face close-up (look him up)]
[Shade and Dark in a dark parking lot shooting zombie police officers]
[Chao driving a Warthog while Shade is in the turret, shooting random Halo enemies]
[Shade, Dark-Hawk, Phantom, and Chaosky (OMG ITZ TEH NEWCOMER!) fighting on the Titanic (or IS it?)]
[the Darks high-tailing it from the cops in a BMW on America's open roads (in the car, there's beer)]
[Shade fighting a great glob of poo (who is singing an opera)]
[the chao running away from a horde of Omochao]
[finally, while the song is at its most dramatic-- Shade aiming a homing missle at a large, tripod-like machine/beast, and just as it hits, the screen fades out]
[dark screen- the following word appears in a simple, white, type-writer font, very small writing]
DCA6 (a deep-voiced announcer says "Dark Chao Adventures... SEASON SIX: The Gray Journey!")
[a few seconds later, cut to deep in the Black Mesa Research Facility, Shade is wielding a crowbar and sneaking around]
Shade: (sing-song) Oh, E-cho-orzz.... come out to PLAY-EE-AAAAYYY....
[fade-out, "COMING SOON" appears on-screen]

Ze First Eppy

Hi! Yes, it's me, mLe, again. Or, "the boring one." ...because I'm not funny...nevermind. Well, DJay said that I should put eppies on here. It doesn't really take long to, well, CLICK something that just might send you striaght to the site to see it for yourself. But still, to get some of you in the DCA spirit, here's the first eppy of the first season...of DCA...

[Invader Zim theme playing, for those of you that have no idea, Dark Garden theme playing]DARK CHAO ADVENTURES Episode 1: Chao In Space
Chapter 1: Dark Garden
Deep down on the planet of Chao... the Dark Garden....
...A Chao named Shade.....
was planning to attack the Hero Garden.....
Shade: Okay, you shall dive down here and attack, you shall-
Dark: Sir?
Shade: What is it, Dark?
D: There's a neutral in here...
Shade: So? You were a neutral once, and I accepted you. Get back to work.
D: Yes, sir!
Shade: Anyway, you will loop-dee-loop down there, jump up and down like a monkey, and bite their brains off.
Shadow (chao): Siw?
Shade: (sigh) What is it, Shadow?
Shadow: Dewe is a Hewo hewe.
Shade: WHAT!? CHAO, BATTLE STATIONS! Where is he, Shadow?
Shadow: At da fwont doow.
Shade: The front door? Guards, find out what they want!
Guard: Sir, it appears as if they're...... teasing us...... they're sticking their toungues at us. They're wiggling their little tails at us. Now, they're showing a note to us.
Shade: Well, what does it say?
Guard: It says " HAHAHA! You're not invited to our party cause you're Dark Chao!"
Shade: Very well. I shall go, and challenge them to a match..... in SPACE!
[montage, with Oil Ocean theme playing]
[Shade holds up a blue halo. Then nods, yes.]
[He holds up a knife, then nods no.]
[He grabs a can of white paint, then nods, yes.]
[He grabs lipstick. Then nods, no.]
[He grabs his Hero Chao disguise kit, then nods yes]
[Oil Ocean theme stops.]
Chapter 2: Hero Garden
Shade: Well, how do I look?
[Dark faints.]
[Just imagine a white dark chao with a halo.]
Shade: I'm going now. (gulp). I've never WALKED out in the lobby before.
Dark: No one has. The Heroes were on a cart.
[Shade takes one step onto it.]
Shade: Hey, it's just glass!
[walks to the bottom of Hero stairs.]
Shade: (gulp)
[walks up steps, enters Hero Garden.]
Shade: Wow....
Knuckle: Hey, who are you? I'm Knuckle!
Shade: I'm, uh...... Sonikku. I'm new.
K: Okay! Wanna be friends?
S: Umm...... okay. Just friends, right?
K: Yep!
Tail: Hi! I'm Tail!
S: Hi, I'm Sonikku.
Speedy: Hi, I'm Speedy!
S: I'm Sonikku.
Chao:[in PERFECT British accent] Hi there, fellow Hero Chao. My name is Chao.I have been reborn. I'm, a perfect swimmer, and won 56 gold medals in racing.
S: (grr...)
Hero: Hewwo! I'm Hewo!
S: Hello Hero.
Chao: Come, everyone, Truth or Dare!
[they all sit in a circle]
[Chao spins the bottle, it lands on Tail]
Chao: Truth or Dare?
Tail: Um..... truth!
Chao: Did you prank the Dark Garden with that sign?
Tail: Yes I did!
[everyone clapping]
[Chao spins bottle, lands on Sonikku]
Chao: Truth or Dare?S: Um..... uh....... dare!
Chao: Alright, I dare you to race me in swimming!
Speedy: Don't do it, Sonikku, Chao's the 2nd best swimmer in the Chao World!
S: I think I can do it.
[they start swimming.]
Chao: Getting tired yet?
S: No.
[Sonikku speeds past Chao]
[after the race, everyone except Chao congratulates him]
Chao: Hmm..... no, couldn't be.... Shade wouldn't DARE show his face in's got to be a miracle.
Chapter 3: The Challenge
Chao: Hold on, you guys. I've got a truth for Sonikku.
S: (gulp)
Chao: Are you really Sonikku? Are you sure you're not.....SHADE, master of the Dark Chao?
S: .......
[looks around]
S: And if I was?
[Chao cracks his knuckles]
S: Yes-
[zips off]
Speedy: Don't worry, I'm faster than him.
[Speedy zips off]
[in the Dark Garden]
Shade: (pant.... pant....)
[Speedy zips in, and then runs out]
Speedy: I'm not going in there.....
[Shade sticks his toungue out at Speedy, then gets punched]
Shade: Ow. Speedy, tell Chao that I challenge him to a fight in SPACE!
Speedy: Sure, whatever.
[Speedy does just that.]
Chao: Okay, Shade. I accept your challenge.
[later, in space...]
Chapter 4: Space
Shade: Well, Chao. It's time to settle this for once and for all!
Chao: My pleasure!
[ they jump at each other, then start doing Chao Karate moves]
Shade: Hi-ya!
Chao: Take this!
Shade: You're going down, Chao.
[neutral chao comes up]
Cham: Hello, my name is Cham, I'm an adult neutral chao and I'm asking Why are we fighting?
Chao: Because..... um...... uh.....
Shade: I don't know. Wait, how can we breathe up here?
Cham: You can breathe because you're only in the Chao Lobby.
Shade: OH! Okay. Well, I'm hungry, I'm going home.
Chao: Yes, and I'm thirsty.
Cham: And I'm making a fool of myself.

[later, in the Dark Garden]
Dark: So, you ACTUALLY fought Chao in a fight?
Shade: Yeah, but Cham ruined everything....
Dark: Oh, while you were gone, a baby appeared.
Shade: That's nice. What's his name?
Dark: Shade Jr.!
Shade: Welcome to the Dark Garden, Shade Jr.! I wonder what he's thinking....
Dark: Propably something diabolical, like you.
Shade Jr.: (Uh-oh..... I wet myself.)

^__^ Hope you liked it! For more just CLICK HERE.

Let's Talk About Video Games...

Those of you who don't know an incredible amount of DCA info probably wouldn't know about DCAWG-- the abbreviation for the code name of my newest project: Dark Chao Adventures: War of the Gardens. Like I said, that's the code name. What's the REAL name? I'll reveal it when I've done more work on it.

Anyway, so far, DCAWG's.... not nearly close to halfway complete. However, I have completed the Training missions and have even finished the bulk of the first mission (for Darks). Really, those times when I DO work on it, I really work on it, y'know? Also, the Training missions have been compiled into a small little demo (of a demo). As in, it's not even a DEMO. It's more like... a demo OF a demo. ...of a demo. Which is cool. ...of a demo. So, it's really small. Only around 27 KB. Yeah, no, no, that's not much at all.

Download link-- wait, why should I just GIVE it to you? It's only for good pals of mine (or big fans) or for 'paying' customers down by Shady Cross Paths!

"WTF are you talking about?"

Down there in Chao Talk, we have these shops. I made one called 'Shady Cross Paths,' full of DCA merchandise for download. To get money, you have to post. One post=3 CT money. The 'demo' is only... what, 15 bucks? Join, make five posts, and WHAM, you got yourself enough smackers to own the New York Mets. -BUT, let's just... focus on the demo.

"So... where is this Chao Talk?"

I dunno, if mLe hasn't already given out the link, GOOGLE it. Don't Wiki it, you won't find anything. You might try Yahooing it, though. Maybe even Asking it.

....Anyhoo, as soon as I'm done with the DCA Halloween special, "Palotta Scary Stuff," I'll post it in Chao Talk, then up here. ...I mean, REALLY, mLe, why don't you try tossing some o' my eppies onto this blog? The viewers would like it if the ONLY fansite of DCA had some episodes. Still, expect DCAHall to come here soon.

One last thing, regarding "DCAHall": You'll see me using tons of weird terms, such as that one I just used. These will simply be short phrases, codenames, and abbreviations used to save time and space. For one thing, DCAHall means "Dark Chao Adventures Halloween." ...Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure THAT one out...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh, and, one more thing-- Merry Christmas.

[fade-in: deep in the Black Mesa Research Facility, Shade is wielding a crowbar and sneaking around]
Shade: (sing-song) Oh, E-cho-orzz.... come out to PLAY-EE-AAAAYYY....
[dark screen- the following word appears in a simple, white, type-writer font, very small writing]


Hey there, how's it going? Who, me? What do you mean "Shut up, bub. Where's mLe?"? Well, I'm DJay32. I was recently invited to be a blogger at this blog, and I thought "....sure." So, here I am.

WHAT? "I don't care about no disc jockey, I want that fan fic guy"? Uh... well, this is awkward. I AM THAT FAN-FIC GUY. I'm the creator of DCA, and here at this blog, I suppose I can offer some exclusive things. First, I wanna give my thanks to mLe for making this blog. You're awesome. You're the #1 fan.

Anyway, now that the introductions are out of the way, let's get some blogging done!

Monday, October 22, 2007

If you're not a fan, then you haven't even read it

Not many people come to this blog...or my other blog...but here's some news for the people who are considerate enough to care that I do stuff!
I know that most (or some) of you can draw, most (or some...) of you can at least try to make an eppy that matches up to DJay's, and I KNOW all of you have SOMETHING to contribute to DCA!!!
We don't ask for much! We just ask for something!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Send in your DCA pictures, fan eppies, or anything you want! It can just be in a comment then I can send it to DJay because he needs stuff for the fan part of the website!


Make sure you either have your name or a nickname or something so that he can give you credit for the hard work you did! Assuming that you did anything!
So have fun, and get to work because I'm too lazy and don't have enough free time anyway to finish whatever I started at the moment!
Again, HAVE FUN!!! OR ELSE!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Links and other things!
Chao Talk! Actually, it's just the part of it that has a few DCA things on it. Role-Play Game and the Fanfic.

I'll get more stuff later, but I think that's good for links now.

This is not completely DCA related, but he is in the RPG sooooo...CHAOSKY (my best Chao or have at least paid most attention to), IS... GOD!!!!!!!!
I mean... A HERO CHAOS!!! Which is pretty much the same thing in Chao World!!!
Yayness! He's my first Super Chaos so that's why I'm so happy!
Too bad no one at school has much of a clue to what I'm talking about...

So if you want something on here or want to know anything or whatever, just comment!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Links! Links! Links!!!

OK, here's the links I said I'd have.

Official DCA Website~ Scripts, Info, Memorial, and Fan Stuff that's under construction.
CAUTION: Hilarity may cause you to wet yourself.

DCA Survey!

I do believe that's it for DCA Links...Unless...Nah, not now. Stay tuned for more links and what not!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

DCA Intro

This is the Dark Chao Adventures blog from the absolute #1 fan of DCA! I am very lucky to...sorta know the guy who makes it. DJay32. If you Google DJay32, you'll get a bunch of stuff on him. It's not all crap either!

So this blog will be nothing but DCA 24/7. Get used to it. Next entry I'll give you links to all the DCA stuff. New site, survey thing, and whatever else I can get my hands on!

So get ready, because this'll be the most awesome thing since technology (which most of us can't live without)!