Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Talk About Video Games...

Those of you who don't know an incredible amount of DCA info probably wouldn't know about DCAWG-- the abbreviation for the code name of my newest project: Dark Chao Adventures: War of the Gardens. Like I said, that's the code name. What's the REAL name? I'll reveal it when I've done more work on it.

Anyway, so far, DCAWG's.... not nearly close to halfway complete. However, I have completed the Training missions and have even finished the bulk of the first mission (for Darks). Really, those times when I DO work on it, I really work on it, y'know? Also, the Training missions have been compiled into a small little demo (of a demo). As in, it's not even a DEMO. It's more like... a demo OF a demo. ...of a demo. Which is cool. ...of a demo. So, it's really small. Only around 27 KB. Yeah, no, no, that's not much at all.

Download link-- wait, why should I just GIVE it to you? It's only for good pals of mine (or big fans) or for 'paying' customers down by Shady Cross Paths!

"WTF are you talking about?"

Down there in Chao Talk, we have these shops. I made one called 'Shady Cross Paths,' full of DCA merchandise for download. To get money, you have to post. One post=3 CT money. The 'demo' is only... what, 15 bucks? Join, make five posts, and WHAM, you got yourself enough smackers to own the New York Mets. -BUT, let's just... focus on the demo.

"So... where is this Chao Talk?"

I dunno, if mLe hasn't already given out the link, GOOGLE it. Don't Wiki it, you won't find anything. You might try Yahooing it, though. Maybe even Asking it.

....Anyhoo, as soon as I'm done with the DCA Halloween special, "Palotta Scary Stuff," I'll post it in Chao Talk, then up here. ...I mean, REALLY, mLe, why don't you try tossing some o' my eppies onto this blog? The viewers would like it if the ONLY fansite of DCA had some episodes. Still, expect DCAHall to come here soon.

One last thing, regarding "DCAHall": You'll see me using tons of weird terms, such as that one I just used. These will simply be short phrases, codenames, and abbreviations used to save time and space. For one thing, DCAHall means "Dark Chao Adventures Halloween." ...Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure THAT one out...

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