Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Bit of Details on DCAWG...

Okay, so earlier I said I was making a DCA game, right? Time to give some info.

- Those who played the "demo" may have noticed you can name your player. Yeah. I got this to work.

- There are two sides: Hero and Dark. Along the way, the way you complete missions determines which side you're on, a la Star Wars: KOTOR.

- The first mission involves you either a: (Dark) disguising as ambassadors to the Hero Garden. You won't do the talking, as you are but a newborn, but if you hear anything suspicious, you'll report it to your higher ranking officers. OR b: (Hero) Greeting the ambassadors, comforting them, and all that. Once again, you won't do much, but if you spot any suspicious activity, you report it to the others.

- There isn't exactly a Game Over screen yet. There WILL be one eventually, but only for parts where you will definitely die. If you're still alive, you'll wake up in the infirmary.

- And, of course, the game will include hilarious dialogue featuring the cast and crew from DCA, that's not exactly that hard to figure out.

Just remember, it's a TEXT ADVENTURE game. I mean, DCA is a script, text adventure is kinda the best adaption, isn't it? Look forward to more info as I work on it.

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