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Chao Talk Just Got Even MORE Mysterious!

(writer's note: some parts of this episode are not based on secretcity6, but rather my attempt at making my own part of Chao Talk)
A team of chao... lost in a city.... and the only help they have are the rumors of a strange lab called "Daedalus!"

Will they survive? Find out in this installment of...

Dark Chao Adventures! 2008 Edition

Episode 08-Six: Secrets in the Labs

[the story resumes in the courtyard outside the Town Hall]
Chapter 1: Just How Dangerous IS Red Metal?
[the floor tiles are ripped away, pieces of the walls are gone, and the sky is an unnerving gray]
Shade: Wow... this place is so messed up. Looks like--
Dark: Knuckle.
[canned laughter]
[Knuckle punches Dark]
Shade: I was GONNA say "looks like the Red Metal got here first."
[as they walk into the labs, Dark stares nervously at the Turrican statue, which has sparks flying out of it]
[in the rocket turret hall, all is eerily quiet, the head of the turret completely gone]
Dark: ..just keep walking.
[they keep moving and enter the new corridor...]
[they enter a large room with stairs leading up in front of them, some empty work stations are to their sides]
[at the top of the stairs is a door, above the door is a large sign reading "Daedalus Laboratories"]
[an oddly familiar symbal is on the sign]
Shade: We're finally here... Daedalus Labs...
MS: Just three seconds in, and I already wanna go home. And I'm... I'm ME! I never wanna back out!
Dark: Well, let's get moving.
[they go up the stairs, and the door opens, revealing a hallway]
Telepathy: A mysterious lab hidden in the city... maybe you can finally find some answers. That symbol looks familiar...
[they step back, and look once more at the symbol]
[the symbol is an odd, red, upside-down G, with four little 'hinges' at the bottom (normally, the top of the G)]
[cut to a dark hallway, enter Mecha Knuckles]
MK: This place sure is spooky...
[eerie screaming is heard, Mecha turns and sees the Nomble sucking him in]
[he runs, and manages to outrun the suction]
MK: Phew...
[the Nomble begins to slowly move closer to Mecha]
[he runs, the Nomble goes faster]
[when the Nomble is closing in, the Tails Doll breaks in and saves him]
MK: Tails Doll?
TD: Poker players are pals, no matter if they're a robot, nor voodoo doll. Right?
MK: ....right. Thanks. ...pal.
TD: Hey, cut the mushy gay stuff, Mecha; I only said my line to add drama.
MK: Sorry.
[the Doll sets Mecha down in another room]
MK: Say, uh... where are we?
TD: Hell if I know.
[the Tour Guide appears behind a window]
TG: You're in Chao Talk's insane asylum.
[the poker players turn in shock]
TG: By that, I mean... you're in the remains of the Office of Death.
MK: The remains? What happened to the actual place?
TG: The Red Metal got to it.
[cut to the others entering the labs, to their right is a closed door with a puzzle piece window above it]
[as in, the square that was previously used for the puzzle pieces]
PF: Aw, Hero chaos...
[after some exploration, they find a cafeteria, and see a poster for Red Metal]
Poster: Resistant to fire, Consumes organic material (Don't Touch!), Distorts gravity (Reality?), NO KNOWN WAY TO STOP IT
[they also find a journal]
Hero: It appears to be a journal of a scientist who worked here. *reads journal* appears they were working on an unknown red material...
Q: Perhaps it's Red Metal?
K: Duh.
Dark: Yeah, we've pretty much figured that out, Quartz.
He: Where ya been all this time-- Mars?
[Luis notices a large vending machine labeled "Hand Crusher"]
LGS: Hm?
[he uses it, and screams, then pulls out a crushed hand]
LGS: OW!!!
[he then randomly dies]
Chapter 2: The Tour Guide Makes a Comeback
[cut to the ruined remains of the Office of Death, Mecha and the Doll are talking to the Guide]
TG: you can tell, the Red Metal is very dangerous.
MK: Yeah... from what you told us, it MUST be.
TD: Who are you, mysterious stranger?
TG: Just call me... your tour guide to this mysterious city.
[under the cloak, Shade Junior grins an evil grin]
TG: Allow me to lead you away from the Nomble, and out of the Red Metal carnage.
[the Guide leads them out of the Office of Death, and towards the train station]
MK: Where are we going?
TG: I'm taking you two to the train station.
TD: Oh, goody! Time to get outta this horrid place!
[the further they go, the darker their surroundings get, and the more destroyed the city gets]
MK: Uh... this place doesn't seem safer than the other place. all.
TG: Oh, that's just to scare you. It's actually quite safe.
[the Guide stops, and sees the Nomble around a corner]
TG: !!! Um... you two wait here, I'm going to... uh........ well, just stay here.
[he goes and talks to the Nomble]
[the chao make it to the top floor, where it seems to be a living quarters/office]
[they split up]
[the Darks explore one section...]
DH: *sigh* Are we there yet?
Dark: ...that was not actually... usable in the given situation.
Shade: Lemme answer this. No, we're NOT there yet.
DH: Aww...
[they find three doors, one leads to a computer, the second is closed, and the third leads nowhere]
[the closed door has a window revealing a puzzle piece!]
Dark: ...Shade, are you somehow... losing IQ?
Shade: ....I don't hope so.
Dark: *facepalm* ...apparently so. Why don't we check out the other two doors for secrets?
[they're about to when suddenly, a dark, cloaked figure appears in the corner of Dark's eye]
Dark: Shade Junior?
[the figure is standing on top of a platform below the catwalks the Darks are on]
Dark: Hey, son, no need to wear that cloak; I know it's you.
[the figure hops along the platforms]
Dark: Junior, where ya going?
[Dark hops down and follows, the others follow him]
SShade: Hey Dark, where are we going?
Dark: Shade Junior's leading us somewhere.
[the figure points to a small crawlspace in the wall, and hops in; the Darks follow]
[at the same time, the Tour Guide returns from his talk with the Nomble]
TG: Uh... it turns out I lead you the wrong way. I just came back from... the map of the town. Yeah. You need to go the other way.
[Mecha and the Doll head back; the Guide stays]
MK: Hey, ain't you comin'?
TG: No, I am needed elsewhere.
[the Guide slowly walks around a corner]
[they reach a large room]
[the room: the Darks entered from a vent on the top little 'walkway,' another vent is visible further down the walkway]
[however, the figure is standing below the walkway, in front of a lone door]
TG?: *very slightly distorted* Come down. There is a secret lab in here, with all the answers you seek.
[Dark nervously hops down to the ground, and looks around at the blood splattered everywhere]
Dark: What... happened here?
TG: Oh, there was a security system in here. Very deadly. Various Chao died.
Dark: Was?
Chapter 3: Head toooo theeee Hills... Run forrrr Yourrrr Liyiyiiife!
TG: Ah, well, the... *twitch* ...uh... Red Metal destroyed it. It's gone now, though.
Dark: okay?
TG: Why, yes. I am fine. Just...
[camera zoom-in on Dark's face]
TG: ..the Red Metal is quite frightful, you see.
[Dark becomes slightly curious, anxious, and very scared. He looks like he really wants to head for the hills]
[he discards it as "primitive instincts"]
[back to normal camera angles]
Dark: ...I see. *gulp* And, the... answers you spoke of. What answers?
TG: How Red Metal got here. How to stop it.
Dark: But... but this board we found said there was no known way to stop it!
TG: ..the Red Metal is quite frightful, you see.
Dark: Right, I suppose that makes sense-- huh? What?
[eerie silence]
TG: Well. *cough* *hack* ...I presume you would like to just see the answers for yourself, correct?
Dark: (thinking) Something's wrong here...
TG: So? Won't you open the door? It's your average "step near it to open" door.
Dark: You... you mean "automatic."
TG: It matters not.
Dark: Right. Um... if you say so, Junior.
[Dark slowly steps towards the door, step by step]
[he looks around: the Darks are cautiously and horrifyingly watching his steps; the Guide is standing completely still, watching nothing but the door]
[Dark is extremely scared by now, although he does not see a logical reason to be]
[he is slowly approaching the door]
[step (note: these aren't fillers. Trust me. They're so you can actually FEEL how Dark feels, y'know?)]
[suddenly, this happens just as the door opens--]
?: DARK, NO!!!
[Dark instantly turns around, and for him, time stops]
[he sees Shade Junior with the Darks, all of them with terrorized expressions staring at the door]
[he turns and sees the other Guide slowly turning towards Dark before just disappearing]
[time slowly reverts to normal as Dark turns to face the door, and screams]
[cut to Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll, walking onwards through the ruined city]
MK: So--
TD: Shut up.
MK: I was only trying to--
TD: Be quiet.
MK: Why?
TD: I think I hear something.
[Mecha quiets down and listens]
MK: I don't hear any--
TD: SHH!!!
[silence-- except for a very silent warping sound which quickly stops]
TD: stopped?
MK: What WAS that?
[suddenly, the Guide walks in]
TG: *slightly distorted* I know the way out.
[back with Dark, the door WASN'T open, it was something much worse...]
[somehow, he manages to say all that in one second as the Nomble engulfs the entire floor (the others on the walkway are fine) and crushes Dark]
Shade: ....bye-bye, Dark.
[a mourning and solemn pause]
SJR: ......(whispering) master, what did you do to him?
[Junior hears telepathy from the Nomble]
SJR: ...but... why? *getting louder in anger* He wasn't a bad chao!
[the others look at him oddly]
Chapter 4: The Guide to the Afterlife
SJR: He was just a moron who YOU helped by making him smarter! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?
SShade: Who are you talking to?
SJR: Stay out of this. Yes, master, I KNOW he knew too much, but couldn't you have spared him?
Shade: Wait, are you talking to the Nomble?
SJR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, now please, stay out of this! NOMBLE! I KNOW YOU'RE HIDING SOMETHING! WHY DID YOU KILL MY DAD!?
SJR: .........oh. You could've said that before.
DH: Dude, what's going on? What'd he say?
SJR: Not now, I have some Poker Gang members to lead!
SJR: ...they're what? ...but... but I'm HERE, there's no way I could already be--..... oh, ****!
Shade: What?
SJR: Guys, I gotta go. Tour guide stuff; hope you understand.
Shade: But--
[Shade Junior disappears]
Shade: Junior, what's happened to you? *sigh*
[cut to Mecha and the Doll being lead by *supposedly* Shade Junior]
TD: Say, uh... where are we going?
TG: I told you. Out.
TD: Yeah, I understand that; out where, though?
TG: Just... out.
MK: Seriously, can't you tell us?
[the Guide stops and turns to face them]
TG: All right. I understand this city fills you with misery, correct?
MK: Uh... yeah, I guess so.
TG: Well, it's time to leave this misery! I shall lead you on the path to the light!
MK: Of the outside world?
TG: ...anyway, follow.
[the Guide continues leading them; they reach the Bus Station]
TG: Just a little longer. Keep following.
[the Guide leads them down into a dark corridor]
[cut to Shade Junior, hurrying to the Bus Station, hoping he's not too late]
SJR: *sigh* I've made a big mistake... and now I'm only making it worse... but, this has to be done.
TD: Uh... I dunno, I mean, it looks kinda dark in there.
TG: Relax. The exit is through here.
TD: Oh, why didn't you say so?
[they go into the corridor, and the Guide is about to enter a seperate room when Junior whacks him with a baseball bat]
TG: UGH! Oof.......
[the Guide falls to the floor, and rolls down the hall until he hits a wall]
TG: You... I thought you were guiding the chao...
SJR: Well, they can guide themselves.
[cut to the Darks at a large bottomless pit]
DH: How will we do this?
Shade: Don't worry, this pit is OBVIOUSLY fake!
[Shade is about to step off the edge when the camera returns to the Guides]
SJR: Besides, I'm the Nomble's assistant. What the Dark Garden are YOU? His secretary?
TG: *gets up* Me? Just call me... your tour guide to the afterlife...
SJR: What's THAT supposed to mean?
TG: Simple... I shall take you straight to it, and you can 'guide' yourself afterwards...
SJR: Shut up and let's settle this.
[they charge at each other, but the After-Guide stops, Junior stops in curiosity]
TG: ....where'd you get the bat?
[cut to Onett, Ness is about to smack a vicious snake with a baseball bat when Shade Junior steals it]
SJR: I need to borrow this. Knew you'd understand! *runs off*
[Ness stands in shock, the snake lunges at him]
[cut to the Guides, they fight]
[in the end, Junior wins (thanks to Ness' trusty bat which he doesn't have anymore)]
SJR: I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta split.
[he runs down the hall, and hurries through the dimension-changing surroundings]
SJR: Man, I hope I'm not too late...
[camera zoom-in on the unconscious "guide" on the ground, he slowly lifts the head of his cloak]
[the camera switches to the chao before the identity is revealed]
[Shade continuously steps off the edge, before Dark-Hawk grabs him]
DH: Shade, that's not working. Why not try... jumping across?
Shade: What? That's CRAZY talk!
[Dark-Hawk jumps across, and gets a puzzle piece]
Shade: Oh.

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A little break before the next 'project'

By 'project,' I mean like a season, a special, an episode, or a series of shorts, or something like that.

Anyway, the title says it all. I'm taking a break. Yes, I AM working on the new DCA08 eppy, and that'll be finished maybe tomorrow, but after that, the break begins.

During the break, feel free to just SPLASH OUT on ideas.

....that means gimme all the ideas you have. By the way, I am planning something big, unbelievable, undeniabally awesome, and just plain fan service. Just. Plain. Fan. Service. ...old DCA fan, I mean. ...a fan of the old DCA, I mean. By 'old,' I think I mean first season. Maybe 1 and 2. And, hey, isn't that EVERYONE?

Don't worry; while I'm working on the "fan service," feel free to continue giving ideas. I'm always open to them. GIVE THEM NOW! NOW! NOW!

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ALL UR BASE! It's ANOTHER plot-twist!

[the story resumes in the Deluxe Office]
Dark: We're not screwed! There has to be a way out of here!
MS: Hmm... {Scanning....Scan complete!} I'm pretty sure... there's a TON of activity going on behind that big Turrican statue.
[they check behind the statue and reach a large, black room]
Shade: Freaky.
[Dark steps back and falls through the floor (nobody notices yet)]
[Dark awakes in a colorful room, the Tour Guide is in front of him]
TG: Hello... DARK.
Dark: You!
TG: I have some matters to discuss with you. Mainly the whole 'Red Metal' business...
Dark: Let me guess... you're behind all this, trying to kill us with your little "Red Metal" stuff!
TG: Actually, no. This Red Metal material has been around for a while, longer than me.
Dark: .....I'm still not convinced.
TG: Well, listen to me. Chao Talk isn't just messed up because of the whole 'Hell' deal.
Dark: It's not?
TG: No. "Hell" came to Chao Talk FROM the Red Metal. This stuff is extremely dangerous.
Dark: Be a bit more specific, please?
TG: ...there is one last place for you and your friends to go to.
[the others drop down]
SB: The Daedalus Laboratories, right, Tour Guide?
TG: Shadow Bonic... yes, you are correct.
Dark: Wait, the WHAT-alus labs?
SB: Daedalus. He's someone in Greek mythology, said to have created the Minotaur's maze.
Shade: Yeah, and something to do with the game Kid Icarus for the NES.
SB: .......yeahhhhh, something like that.
Dark: I see.
Chao: So, THIS is the mighty Tour Guide you two were talking about? A shadowy figure?
K: He looks like JOE! Want me to bash his skull in two?
Dark: Not yet... first, we want answers.
[the Tour Guide had already vanished]
TG: (like voice in the wind) The Daedalus Labs... opposite the City Hall. You'll need four puzzle pieces to enter....
Dark: *sigh* ....I fear we may have quite the adventure ahead of us, guys.
SB: Right, but first, we need to get out of here.
[they follow the path, and reach a maze, solve it, keep going, find another maze, and solve it]
Speedy: Lots o' mazes, huh?
LGS: Yeah.
[they find themselves back outside, in the city]
Ph: C'mon, better start walking. You heard the guide, City Hall! We've got a LOT of walking to do.
[hours later, it's still dark, but they find the City Hall]
[opposite the hall, they find a door with a black square above it; one shape is in it (like a jig-saw)]
TG: I forgot to tell you-- when you got past the laser pyramid machines? You got a piece then.
[they turn around, and he had already disappeared]
DH: One down, three to go.
Shade: Let's get moving!

A team of chao... lost in a city.... and the only help they have are the rumors of a strange lab called "Daedalus!"

Will they survive? Find out in this installment of...

Dark Chao Adventures! 2008 Edition

Episode 08-Five: Indiana Dark and the Mysterious Puzzle Pieces

Chapter 1: The Retinal Damage Puzzle Piece (Never-Ending Maze of Despair)
[first, the third-party chao explore the courtyard]
DH: So Chaosky... what do you suppose is in the labs?
Chy: Oh, I dunno... maybe the Tour Guide is leading us right into a trap.
DH: Yeah, that's very likely...
Ph: I bet the Nomble's in there, waiting to crush us!
Honey: *sigh* Why did we have to wake up here? Why couldn't we just be in our gardens right now?
Buddy: Relax, sis'. I'm sure we'll get out soon!
[Buddy leans on a wall, which disappears, revealing a secret vent]
[they explore it, and find it's a flashing maze]
[they get lost in it]
DH: Ugh.... this place isn't exactly easy on the eyes...
Buddy: I'm sure the exit's right around this corner.
[dead end]
Q: We'll never get outta here...
Ph: Wait! I see the exit! Right there!
[they get out]
Q: YES! SWEET FREEDOM! *notices it's the courtyard* well, back into the eyesore.
[minutes pass, they're still lost]
Q: I'm tired! I wanna go home! My feet are wet! I'm BORED! This is BORING! My eyes hurt! You're a f--
Q: But I'm BORED!
Honey: You know what they say about bored people?
Q: What?
Honey: They're BORING.
[they still keep going]
[and going]
[and going]
[and going some more]
[they don't stop]
[not once]
[it never ends]
[keeps going]
[causes seizures]
[could kill them]
DH: Will you PLEASE!?
DJ: ...sorry.
[they find a spot where the maze drops down]
DH: OW! Stupid floor... dropping down...
Ph: Maybe we found the exit?
[they did]
Nights: Woo-hoo! You guys found me!
Ph: What?
Nights: I've been stuck here for DAYS! Trust me, that maze is one-way. It's like... like this is the only way out.
DH: *sigh* Oh, boy.
Ph: What about the puzzle piece?
Nights: Here. *gives piece*
Telepathy: You got the Retinal Damage puzzle piece!
[they cheer]
Honey: Yay, we got it; now we're stuck in this small room.
Chy: We're DOOMED!
Q: We are?
Chy: No, we'll get out and play with the pink ponies of La-La-Land-- OF COURSE WE'RE DOOMED!
[meanwhile, in the building...]
Chapter 2: The Tripmine Puzzle Piece (Dramatic Face-off)
[Metal Sonic, Shade, Dark and S.Bonic are exploring the second floor]
Dark: So, whaddya guys suppose is in the labs?
Shade: I dunno. The Nomble?
Dark: Yes, that's very likely... Shadow Bonic?
SB: Another deadly mystery...
Dark: Also likely. Metal?
MS: Death... destruction... *shudders* Red Metal.... our dooms.... our CERTAIN dooms.... gloom and depression...
Dark: ....interesting.
[they see a robot walk around a corner down the next hall]
Dark: Hm? *chases*
[around the corner-- nothing but a library]
Dark: Odd.
MS: Hey, what do you suppose is in this vent?
Dark: I dunno. Let's check!
[Metal lifts the vent cover off, and puts the chao in]
SB: *gasp* The puzzle piece! Across this bottomless pit!
MS: Well, I can't help, 'cause the vent's too small. I'll, uh... go for help.
[as Metal leaves, the Tour Guide walks up to the piece on the other side]
Dark: You again? Sheesh, haven't you passed the lethal amount of times shown in one season?
TG: Well, I add suspense. Now, enough small talk! This ends NOW!
[the Guide pulls out a shotgun and aims it at the chao]
TG: This ends now....
Dark: WHO'D HE HIT!? WHO!?
SB: He missed.
TG: So, are you willing to listen?
Shade: Let's hear your speech, fiend!
TG: Turn back. The Red Metal has spread too quickly... soon, this place will be nothing except...
SB: What? Nothing except WHAT?
TG: ....bottomless pits. Such as this room...
Dark: Are you implying that this room was once victim to a Red Metal flood?
TG: Yes. Turn back! Before YOU end up like this room...
SB: Dark, something's not right here...
Dark: I know. The Guide doesn't normally talk like this...
TG: Do not question my words! Don't! Not! Don't! Stop! Qiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....
[the 'guide' blows up, inside was Red Metal, which pours into the bottomless pit]
Shade: Weird.
SB: Now, for the matter of crossing this chasm.
[somehow, they find their way]
Telepathy: You got the Tripmine Challenge Piece!
[somehow, they get back]
Shade: So now what?
MS: Guys! I found ANOTHER vent!
[he takes them to the first floor, where they take a vent to an office, where they find a key card]
[on the second floor, they use a keycard to open a door revealing two sets of dynamite]
[meanwhile, back with the trapped third-party chao, they mysteriously get dynamite]
Ph: That's odd.
Q: *gasp* I get it! The others must have found dynamite, thus giving their 'team' the same!
DH: That doesn't make sense.
Chy: Hey, if it's a way out, I'm taking it.
[they blow the walls up, and find themselves by the Sledgehammer box]
[in other words, they're free]
DH: Sweet, sweet ground!
[meanwhile, the Heroes explore the top floor]
Chapter 3: The Speed Tunnel Puzzle (Unlocking the Door)
Hero: Well, this is boring. They're just rooms.
PF: Yeah. Not a secret in sight.
LGS: Yeah, except for the Turrican room, which we have yet to explore.
[their pupils widen]
Hero: DUH!
[they run into the Turrican room, and barely take two steps without falling through a floor]
Chao: Why didn't we think of this room sooner?
[looking around, they find themselves in some sort of secret sewer]
Speedy: Woo-hoo! Some room to run around in!
[Speedy steps into the main section, and screams as a large, red 'screen' smashes him into the wall]
Tail: I want out.
[they carefully try to make it to the door far ahead, but the screen easily crushes them]
[the third-parties find them]
DH: What's up? Trouble passing this red screen? Uh... did you try winging it?
[Dark-Hawk steps out, sees the screen, climbs up a ladder, it passes him without crushing him]
DH: There, see? There's a small hole at the top! Here, lemme try this next ladder.
[on the next ladder, it takes him upwards MOST of the way, but low enough for the screen to crush him]
Chao: Hero, please make a note that "winging it does not equal success."
Hero: Noted!
[the Darks somehow get there]
MS: Oh, I know how to do this. Just stand there, and take that screen on head-to-head!
[Metal stands there, and tries to push the screen when it comes by]
MS: See, guys? You just gotta use a little force...
Shade: I know! Get to that ladder, and then dash the rest of the way!
Dark: Look for a different opening!
SB: It must be an optical illusion. Perhaps we should look at it at a different angle...
Q: Noclip through it!
[a few seconds later]
Q: Um... what's the code for noclip, again?
Tail: Fly over it!
SShade: Hop over the hole?
[YAY! then, she missed-- SPLAT!]
K: Just SHOOT the dang thing!
LGS: Learn the secret?
[can't find one-- SPLAT!]
George Bush: Nuke it, like we do with ALL our problems!
[SPLAT! "YAY!!"]
SShade: Wait a minute...
[SPLAT! --I mean, uh... camera zoom-in on She-Shade]
SShade: My idea worked, didn't it? So, let's just keep trying THAT!
[in the end-- they made it]
[they grab the piece]
Telepathy: You got the Speed Tunnel Puzzle Piece!
All: YAY!
Telepathy: You got all the pieces! A new doorway has opened...
[the floor breaks down, and they land in the room with the flashlights]
[they quickly leave the building and enter the one opposite, and find that the door IS open...]
Chapter 4: A Surprising Security System
[inside, they find a small chasm, across the chasm is a doorway which a stickman randomly walks past]
Shade: Hoo, boy, now, how did we get across the LAST one?
Dark: I dunno! Didn't you see DJay use the word 'somehow' in place of the explanation? That's writer talk for LAZINESS!
[they try to jump across, but it's a little too far]
[and again]
[and again]
[and again]
[and once more]
Chao: 'Kay, DJ, enough fillers.
DJ: Well, I wanna stretch this part a little bit more, K?
Chao: NO! It's NOT okay!
Hero: Why CAN'T he, Chao?
Chao: Don't you see? If he finds a way for us to get across, he'll be helping HIMSELF!
Tail: That's crazy talk!
Chao: Really! He may get better at Sven Co-op, and find more ways for us to do this in the future!
K: I suppose that makes sense...
DJ: Okay, that's been long enough. Thanks, Chao.
Chao: You're welcome.
[the chao get across somehow]
K: YES! Time for pure success!
[Knuckle steps into the hallway, and a giant rocket blows him up]
TG: You must disable the rocket turret to continue.
[the Tour Guide disappears]
[down the hall is a small machine firing rockets-- HOMING rockets]
[the door in front of them opens]
Dark: I'm gonna have to make a run for it!
[he runs and dives, and JUST makes it into the small U-shaped room]
[the next door opens, revealing another U-shaped room]
Shade: Dark, don't try it! It's too far!
Dark: Nothing's too far for Dark! SUPERMAN POWERS.... ACTIVATE!
[the Superman theme plays as Dark rushes across the hallway to the next door]
[the theme stops as he blows up]
Dark: You got any better ideas?
[the rocket blows him up before he finishes saying the name]
MS: Hey, I got a better idea!
[Metal shoves Quartz into the hall]
Q: Wha?
Q: I got a better idea.
[Quartz shoves Metal into the hall]
Q: What? Why didn't he blow up?
Shade: That movie was a classic.
MS: Yeah, you ruined the joke. For that, you must pay!
[Metal grabs Quartz, and carries him all the way to directly in front of the turret]
MS: FRESHMAN!!! Guys, run.
Q: Mommy!
[KA-BOOM! The rocket blew the turret up, as well]
Dark: We weren't supposed to disable it THAT way, but it works.
Shade: Yeah, *eats popcorn* and it's classic comedy!
[the last door opens, but suddenly, the Tour Guide appears and knocks them all out]
[hours later, at mid-day, they wake up back in the room where they always respawn to-- the other building in the set of three buildings]
[Remember? Way back in Season 4, they jumped off the ledge and "fell at least 4 feet." THAT building]
Dark: Ugh...
TG: Dark, good, you're the only one awake. Listen to me... while you were knocked out by the rocket turret--
Dark: What do you mean? YOU knocked us out!
TG: It doesn't matter. I knocked you out because the Red Metal was in the middle of destroying the labs!
Dark: You mean... we can't explore it now?
TG: No, no, not at all. It's just... things will be messy. Trust me. Actually, I saved your life.
Dark: But... why would you DO all this? Just... who ARE you?
[the others wake up]
Shade: Ugh.... hey... is that...
Dark: It's the Tour Guide. He saved our butts out there, man.
Shade: No... I recognize him now.... he's....
[the Guide takes off his cloak, and hops off the stilts]
Shade: Shade Junior.
SJR: Hey, dad(s).
Dark: But... but why didn't you tell us before?
He: Yeah, and why team up with the Nomble?
Shade: And weren't you with the Beta Avengers?
SJR: I WAS. But... I found out their secret plan.
Chapter 5: Flashback!
[cut to Shade Junior talking with Metal Speedy]
SJR: You're gonna do WHAT!?
MSp: Calm down, Adjoined Usher.
SJR: Don't call me that! I can't believe you guys... your plan is so evil...
[after a long argument...]
MSp: Any so-called "Avenger" who doesn't want to avenge his past can't be one of us! You're outta here, pal!
SJR: Fine! The others need me more, anyway!
MSp: Oh no, you're not going anywhere... except STRAIGHT TO HELL!
SJR (Voice-over): One thing lead to another, and Metal Speedy ended up "saying Goodbye" to me.
[cut to Shade Junior being dragged to the Chao Transporter]
SJR: Okay, FINE! I'll start a new life in the Chao World!
MSp: Not even THAT... heh heh heh... buddy, we're gonna mess you and your pals up SO BAD!
[Shade Junior is thrown into the transporter]
[cut to Junior's POV (think FPS), the transporter hatch closing, Metal Speedy grabbing a crowbar, the hatch closes]
[loud noises are heard, sparks fly]
MSp: Say Goodbye, punk!
[cut to Shade Junior waking up in the Office of Death, he opens a door, and is about to be sucked into the Nomble]
[the suction stops]
SJR VO: I guess you could say I made a deal with the devil... the Nomble decided to spare me in exchange for, erm...
SB: What? In exchange for what?
SJR: Uh... exchange for... assistance. Yeah. I'm his assistant, helping him do stuff. Yeah...
[back to the building]
SJR: But, listen to me! The Daedalus Laboratories very well contain the secrets to destroying the Red Metal! You MUST go there and end this!
Shade: Hey, hold up! What was up with that Tour Guide who attacked us, and turned out to be Red Metal?
SJR: What? Uh... I'm not sure... like I said, the Red Metal is EXTREMELY dangerous. Really unpredictable.
Dark: I see...
SJR: Still, what do you say? Will you go to the labs?
SB: Will you be coming? You know more about this city than we do.
SJR: Uh... y'see, I can't. And for a good reason! It's just... I can't tell you. Let's just say it has to do with the Nomble, okay?
Shade: *sigh* Okay, Junior. If you say you REALLY can't come, then you can go. Just... at least try to appear here and there and help, okay? We know you're good at that.
SJR: Yes, sir!
[Shade Junior runs off]
Shade: Well, you heard him. We'd best get moving before the Red Metal--
[he looks out the window, and sees lots of things destroyed-- chunks of the floor and walls are destroyed, etc]
[everyone stares]
Shade: ....hoo, boy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SHOOP DA-WHOOP! It's teh plot twist!

A team of chao... lost in a DEADLY city... and the only help they have? ...HELP? You kiddin'? WHAT help?

Dark Chao Adventures 08. Freaky. Deadly. Funny. Laugh. Scream. Terror. Teppop. CHAO.

Episode 08-Four: Reaching the Ice Temple

[the story continues with the chao exploring a colorful maze]
Chapter 1: The Mysterious Wall of Bricks
Hero: Man, all these colors are giving me a headache....
He: Tell me about it. What where these guys thinking when they built this place?
K: Yeah, I know... I mean, you can't take one step without collapsing from the colorfulness!
[Knuckle steps forward, and falls through the floor]
[the others follow, and find a floating patch of grass, and Dark-Hawk]
DH: Guys? How'd you get here? I mean... you fell out of thin air!
Shade: Yeah, and YOU'RE usually the one pulling the magic tricks. Where are we?
DH: I dunno. I've been stuck here for at least seven hours. I'm hungry!
Dark: Dang. How do you go so long without growing bored?
DH: Well, Phantom and Chaosky were here earlier. Phantom accidentally walked off the edge, and Chaosky dived in after him.
Shade: Didn't they respawn?
DH: Oddly, no.
Dark: That means they're not dead! There must be something down there!
DH: *gasp* I'm coming, guys!
[Dark-Hawk dives off the edge; a THUD is heard; minutes later, he returns]
DH: ...remind me never to do that again.
K: Remind ME to do that to Dark RIGHT NOW!
[Knuckle grabs Dark and tosses him off the edge; Dark sticks to the wall and finds a ledge; he climbs up and finds another patch of grass]
Dark: Nice try, Knuckle! I think I found how they survived!
[the others jump down]
PF: I say, the blokes who built this establishment certainly had much time on said hands.
Speedy: Quite so.
Tail: Indeed.
SShade: ...what's with the accents?
PF: I dunno.
[in the middle of the platform is a hole leading down to water]
Dark: Knuckle! Quick, I hear someone down there!
K: WHAT!? I'm coming, poor chao!
[Knuckle dives in]
Dark: Heh heh heh.... wait.... I DO hear someone down there!
[Dark dives in after him, followed by everyone else]
[out of the water, Dark looks around]
Dark: Um... guys? You may wanna see this.
[they walk out of the water, and gasp as they see a large wall]
Telepathy: Welcome to the big wall of bricks! One of these bricks is a secret trigger!
Hero: But... but there have got to be at least a hundred! We can't find ONE brick from here!
Shade: We don't have to. The exit's right over there.
[while they leave, S.Bonic and Dark check out the other side, and find a secret passage leading to a lone button]
Both: You press it.
Dark: I'm not touching that thing.
SB: Well, you're gonna have to; I'm not gonna.
Dark: *sigh* Fine...
[he presses the button; it disappears]
Telepathy: Dylan Hunt dancehall activated!
[their surroundings become a disco-like place]
Dark: ...okay.
[they leave, and find the Tour Guide]
TG: What are you two doing here!?
Dark: Uh... looking for dance halls?
TG: secret dancehall.... you two are going down. You hear me? Right down to the ground! C'mere!
SB: Dark, what do we do?
Dark: Uh... uh.... CHEESE IT!
[they split up and manage to escape the Tour Guide and find the others at a ledge]
SB: Guys? But, uh... I mean, what are you doing?
Chao: We've reached this ledge, and we've found these platforms that all lead up.
[Dark looks back and sees the Tour Guide's shadow]
Dark: Uh... uh.... well, just jump to each platform!
Chao: It's not that easy.
Chapter 2: The Four Stone Tablets
Dark: Whaddya talking about? GO!
[Dark throws Knuckle to the first platform, but a large, red thing drops down and crushes him]
Dark: *gasp* Was that the Nomble?
PF: No, it was just a red screen. It drops down every few seconds.
SB: ....*snap* Dark, quickly, come with me. Follow my lead!
[S.Bonic leads Dark back to the dancehall, carefully dodging the Tour Guide]
SB: Up there! There's a vent! I think I see something in it.
Dark: Okay, I've got an idea of how to open it.
[later, the Tour Guide comes in, holding a knife]
Dark: *throwing his voice* Help! I'm stuck in this vent!
TG: Heh... I have you now! *tosses knife at vent*
[the vent breaks, and a block falls onto his head, knocking him out]
Both: *cheer*
Dark: I think I know what to do with this.
[they take the block back to the ledge, push it off, and the red screen gets caught on it and stops moving]
[they jump up and find another maze]
He: *sigh* So many mazes... and NONE of them are that hard.
[at the end of the maze is a teleporter which leads them on a path, after the path is ANOTHER maze, this time vertical]
PFI: At least this one's original.
[at the end of the maze, they find Aqua]
Chao: Aqua? What are you doing here?
Aqua: You know the answer. Anyway, I saw this big, shadowy guy carrying four chao! He went down that hole!
[Dark and S.Bonic quickly jump down the hole, and find the Tour Guide]
TG: Well, well, well... where are your friends?
Dark: They're back up there.
TG: I see. Well, I have taken four chao... uh... *pulls out small piece of paper* .....Phantom....Chaosky.... Honey.... and.... Quart!
SB: You... mean Quartz?
TG: Right. Anyway, I have placed them in these four chambers. Also in the chambers are four stone tablets: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth!
Dark: Your powers combined, this guy is Captain Planet.
TG: Shut up. Once all four are gathered, this door behind me will open. ...after I close it.
[the Tour Guide steps through the door, and it closes; the others come down; S.Bonic and Dark explain the situation]
Shade: Okay, four of us'll have to go look for the tablets, and another four for the lost chao.
Dark: I call wind!
Hero: I wanna go to the Water place!
SShade: Give me Fire.
Aqua: Earth is mine.
K: I'm looking for the Earth chao.
PF: Give me potato salad-- I mean, the fire chao.
SB: What the heck, I'll check the Water place.
DH: I'll help in Wind!
[they go]
[in Wind-- Dark and Dark-Hawk must traverse a thin cliff, all while powerful gusts attempt to blow them off the path!]
DH: This'll be a cinch. IRON BOOTS, ACTIVATE! *....nothing* I'll take care of this, Dark.
Dark: Uh.... Hawk? You don't have--
DH: A chance at falling? Thanks!
[Dark-Hawk steps forward, and falls off; later...]
DH: That was my idea, where's yours?
Dark: Well, if we run while sticking to the right, we may have a chance.
[they do that, and survive]
Dark: Hey, Chaosky.
Chy: Get me outta here. NOW.
[one long run later, they make it]
Dark: !!! We forgot the tablet!
DH: Nope. I got it.
Dark: Phew...
Chapter 3: The Ice Temple
[in Water-- Hero and Shadow Bonic must go deep-sea diving in the darkest depths of an underwater labyrinth!]
Hero: (thinking) Great. Swimming. Why'd I agree to this? ...hey, what's that? ...the tablet! *grabs and scrams*
SB: (thinking) Hmm... hey, why is Hero swimming the other way? ....... HE HAS THE TABLET! Come back!
Qz: (thinking) Hey, someone's coming for me! ...why's he stopping? ...why is he going the other way? I'll follow him.
[Hero and Shadow Bonic resurface, just as the entrance closes]
QZ: *bangs on closed entrance* HEY! HEY! REMEMBER ME?
SB: Oh yeah... well, Hero grabbed the tablet before I found you.
Hero: Don't blame me! I was simply doing my mission.
[Quartz decides to commit suicide by drowning, and finds his way back]
[in Fire-- She-Shade and Purflee are very close to the tablet, but must cross through LAVA to get to it!]
SShade: So hot in here...
PF: C'mon, we need to overcome the heat and find--
[Phantom runs out, holding the tablet]
PF: ....the chao and the tablet.
[they run out]
[in Earth-- Aqua and Knuckle must go spelunking inside a giant, incredibly dark maze!]
K: Great. Another maze. Hot damn.
Aqua: *slaps Knuckle* Don't even REMOTELY swear. You call yourself a hero? C'mon, Honey's somewhere in this dark maze!
K: *groan* But can't YOU find her? I'm too tired.
Aqua: Okay. If you say so.
[seconds later, Aqua runs out carrying the tablet and with Honey following-- the door seals as he exits]
K: HEY! LET ME OUT! ....*groans* *suicide*
[the door opens, revealing a black-and-white corridor, followed by a large park]
Dark: Hey.... I've seen this park before.... it was when I did some exploration of the bus station! But, something's different.
[they find a large sign with a question mark on it, next to some grenades]
Shade: Wait.... where'd all the others come from? Like YOU, Tail. I thought you had a bomb shelter!
Tail: Uh... we got bored, so we.... followed you? I mean, we don't know.
[Dark grabs a grenade, and throws it to a random spot, which blows a hole in the floor]
[in the hole is some sort of hallway, leading to the unknown]
Dark: Um... Knuckle, YOU go first.
K: ....*punches Dark* Fine, you *****.
[he enters, and doesn't come back]
[the others go in to check on him, and scream as they see his frozen body]
[their surroundings: a small, ice-cold cave]
MS: Stop! Get away from me!
Honey: Is that... Metal?
[they check outside the cave and see Metal Sonic cowering in fear]
Shade: Metal?
[Metal screams]
Dark: Wow. NOTHING scares YOU, and NOW look at you!
MS: Th-th-that tour guide guy.... he.... showed me the scariest thing imaginable.
SShade: What? What could be so scary that even YOU are scared of it?
MS: *inaudible whisper*
PF: Speak up!
MS: *whispering* Red..... Metal....
Dark: Isn't that the final boss in Knuckles Chaotix?
MS: Red....... Metal.... *scream* HELP ME!
SShade: Relax, Metal. Come with us, and everything'll be all right.
MS: Are you.... sure?
SShade: Yes. Come on!
[they get him off the ground and out of his fetal position]
[they stand there for a minute]
Honey: Um... where do we go from here?
MS: The tour guide guy said.... he said there was no way out of here.
Dark: No way out, except.... Metal, gimme your knife.
MS: What knife? Who said I had a knife?
Dark: ....Metal.
MS: Okay.... *gives him knife*
Dark: Thank you. *chops Metal's head off*
[everyone commits suicide, they wake up back at the Deluxe Office]
Chapter 4: Secret Shell HQ
Chao: So, where do we go from here?
Dark: I don't know...
SB: There must be a place that we haven't explored yet.... I remember learning of a Shell HQ hidden somewhere in this building.
[Shade and Chao look at each other]
Shade: Um... we found a Shell sign. We didn't explore it because.... we were scared.
[Knuckle slaps Shade]
Shade: How could I WHAT? And I thought you were frozen!
K: TO DEATH! There's something called 'respawn,' you know!
Shade: Well, why are you yelling?
K: I DON'T KNOW! I'm angry 'cause I died, I guess!
Dark: But you die all the time!
K: So!? That's probably WHY!
SShade: Guys, GUYS! You're not making any sense! *sigh* Shade, Chao, where was this Shell sign?
[Shade and Chao lead them to the room with the large Shell sign]
Tail: Looking at that thing is freaking me out.... I'm going back to my bomb shelter! *flees*
SB: Hmm...
MS: Lemme have a look at it. {Scanning.... Scan complete!} The sign is made of shell-o-nite.
Dark: So how do we break it?
MS: With this special substance called "die-no-mite." It's found in grenades, and old TV shows.
Hero: Well, you heard the robot; let's get searching.
[He finds a spot in the wall on the second floor, breaks it, and finds a secret hole]
He: Hm? Grenades! ...but now I'm trapped. ...only one thing to do when you're trapped, and have grenades...
[cut to Tail, relaxing in his bomb shelter]
Tail: Ah... this is the life.... nohing can get me in here....
[the wall near him blows up; He slowly walks out, stares at Tail, who stares back; He quietly walks away]
[back at the Shell sign]
He: Got 'em. *tosses one at sign* HIT THE DIRT!
[the sign blows up, revealing a secret button]
Shade: Um... uh.... hey, Dark, can you get that? I'm on the phone.
Dark: Sure. *about to press button, stops* ....wait a minute....
Shade: Just press it.
Dark: Fine. *presses it*
[the desk retreats into the ground; everyone hops onto it; it stops at a door, which opens]
[inside is a dark, red corridor; it's really rusty]
[the Darks push the Heroes in, and the 'elevator' goes back up]
Hero: But-- D'OH!
[they begin exploring the rusty corridor, wondering what happened to it]
[around the corner, they find a sign that reads "Shell HQ"]
Chao: *gulp* This is it, guys. Hey, where's Tail?
[cut to Tail in his bomb shelter, boarding up the wall that was blown open; back to the others]
Hero: Ah, who cares?
[they find someone asleep in a bed]
All: ....
Speedy: (whispering) Let's not bother him.
PF: (whispering) Good idea.
[the person wakes up-- it's Luis!]
PF: Luis? Luis Sumatuma?
LGS: That's Luis GREEN Sumatuma to YOU!
PF: Hey, bud! How'd you survive the Nomble?
LGS: I don't know... there was this odd, red substance seeping into the room..... the Nomble saw it and ran.
Chao: Red substance?
LGS: Yeah. It must be deadly. I mean, NOTHING scares the Nomble!
[the last line echoes through Hero's head]
Hero: ....Red Metal....
Chao: What?
Hero:'s nothing. Just had a wild thought.
Chao: Well, get your head back to Chao Talk! We've gotta get outta here, remember? ....but how?
[they turn around and see a door leading back to the office]
Chao: ...oh.
[back with the others]
[Luis tells everyone his story; Metal freezes]
MS: substance?
LGS: Yeah.
MS: The Nomble's scared of it?
LGS: Yeah.
MS: ....oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh CRAP!
All: What?
MS: That red substance is Red Metal! The stuff I told you about!
Dark: Uh-oh. So, if the Nomble is scared of this odd substance, it MUST be dangerous! ...*gasp* It gets worse...
Dark: Well, if Purflee said he lost Luis to the Nomble here, and Luis says the Nomble saw the substance, that must mean the Red Metal is somewhere in this building!
He: Well, we're screwed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Who IS this?

Okay, I've noticed some people saying they hate DCA. I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T, I respect your opinions.
No, what I'm doing is asking you haters to please leave a comment in an entry stating WHY you hate DCA. And please, be honest. If it's something I can fix, I'll try to fix it. ...actually, could ANYONE leave a comment? I mean, even THIS place has a comment feature. It's located at the bottom of each entry.

Still, back to the subject. I won't be mad at you for hating DCA. I'll even try to see DCA through YOUR eyes, and see just how 'terrible' it is. But, I can't see it through your eyes unless you tell me what YOU see in DCA. Just be honest.

Now, for something DCA-related: I'm working on the new one. I just took a tiny break, but I'll have it done by tomorrow or Sunday. The weekend's usually the deadline, unless I have a REALLY good reason.