Saturday, June 28, 2008

DCA Site Down.

Yeah, uh... it's been down for a couple of days.

Just wanting to make it official.

Yes, I will try to get it back up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Heh. Futurama is funny.

Anyway, the DCA site is having another "smorgasboard" of updates. Over the next few days, or until I stop feeling like it, the site will be updated with tiny things, and big things.

There's a list on the main page of all the current updates.

I recommend you check Dark's biography, and The Legend of Chao Talk.


Seriously, though, it's


Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Can't Believe It.

STILL nothing is happening! mLe told me things'd start happening around this week, I think, and STILL, nothing is happening!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DJaytendo DS number 2 *Season 6 spoilers ahead*

Seriously, I'm going to mention some information about 603, and some hints towards 604, so I'd recommend you don't read this until I release 603.

Remember: #0# is a term that represents what episode I'm talking about. If I say "603," the 6 means "Season 6," and the "03" means episode 3. So, 603 means the third episode in Season 6, or Episode 43.

DJaytendo DS (Developer's Secrets) 2

Well, 602 has already passed, hasn't it? Man, that sucker was big. Half-Life is a big game, so what's the point of making Half-Life in a nutshell? I took my time. A few parts were off, or not in the right order, but I think I established some of its biggest moments into a small script.

During 603, Shade will regain his sanity in exchange for a more serious disposition. Hey, he's gonna be driving the whole time, and I don't want them to die in a car accident!

The Beta Avengers aren't just MILKMAN, JOE, ECHO, and TAGLIARE, you know. And they are smarter than you think. If Shade needs to get to Zim in order to get teleported back to the lobby, then obviously the old dairy king'll know of it beforehand. And if the Avengers are gonna fall, MILKMAN'll know it beforehand, as well. After all, he holds the mysterious paper...

Actually, on the topic of A Veteran's Beg, didja ever get the feeling that, maybe, the MILKMAN is on Shade's side? And, by that, I mean, he might go to extreme lengths just to protect him, wouldn't he? Just... who IS he?

JOE, as well. Is he truly JUST an Ordinary evil Entity? Or is he actually a very UNordinary evil entity? Something stinks about this whole deal, don't you think?

Echo... Metal Sonic's shadow, now a purple flight chao from hell. Quite the formidable fighter, isn't he? Is he really evil? Or is he just doing his job?

Now, Tagliare may seem a TRUE mystery, but is rather simple. A lonely, lonely demoman, who wields the powers of illusion, and has mastered them. Where does he fit in with the whole "mystery" deal of the avengers? Something's fishy about these four "leaders of Betas."

This "paper" business is a little off, as well. A paper that says EVERYTHING about the show. Sounds to me more like either a plot synapsis, or a leak. And we all know that leaks aren't always true...

Say, what happened to the Daleks? ...oh, right, they blew up. My mistake, sorry.

I'm positive that there are more characters in the Betas.... like the Rebel chao, and the Cyber chao. Could there be more I'm forgetting? ....maybe.

One more creepy thing: the TV room. Y'know, the Betas' trademark room. With the blue screens that show all the gardens and clips from previous episodes. The MILKMAN and JOE are always watching 'em? I can't help but feel that we've seen that room before, in a regular episode... somewhere around the debut of the Beta Avengers...

When I think about it, and this is a pretty cool coincidence, but the four Beta Avenger leaders sound somewhat like... I dunno, Metal Gear Solid bad guys. Four soldiers who are stronger than the normal ones, one of them knows everything, one of them is a complete mystery, one of them is a shapeshifting fighter, and the last one's a demoman who has mastered the powers of illusion. It seriously reminds me of Metal Gear Solid.
How is it a coincidence? You'll find out later.

Making multiple environments for the chao to mess around in is pretty hard, y'know? 'Cause I'm not that much of an original person. You know it, I know it, the chao know it. Especially when it comes to making up cars for the chao to hijack.

Was that enough? All right, fine, I'll give you one random line from 603.

Red: Um... moving on, who here has tried the Super Metroid burgers?

See ya when I see ya.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have but one question for everyone: WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE? I mean, don't normal schools end in May? Or is everyone magically on vacation at the same time?

I apologize if there is a good reason behind someone's absense, because I'm simply frustrated. I work so ****ing hard on Episode 42 (harder than you think, it was in the making since before the FIRST TMEWT), and nobody says anything about it. The only person I'm in contact with says, "It was good."

Although I once said I finished it in a few days, I still started it around half-way through Season 5. So I'm not exactly a liar!

I miss the good ol' days about a year ago, when people read and commented on these eppies, and every episode was cherished, except numbers 2 and 20. Don't you? The days when I spewed out episodes like butter. Or whatever the phrase is.

I can promise that the next episode, too, will be good. Better than good, it'll be pretty random and unexpected. Certainly not as long as the last one, but definitely as good in quality. And I'm pretty sure that's what matters, right? .......right?

I'm really sorry for sounding so off-beat, but... I'm just so freaking BORED! Am I the ONLY one who DOESN'T have things to do every day? Am I the only one who is cursed to check all these websites, and have NOTHING new? I'm sure in a while, I'll fall victim to the curse of activity, but for now.... can't life give people BREAKS?

DCA6 is here, people.... it's the season I've been foreshadowing for so long. It's the one with the most plot twists!

Right now, just for those who DO read all this when I post it, I will give one of the most spoiler-riffic things I've ever said about Season 6.

The Beta Avenger story will get closure at the end of the season. In other words, you won't see the Betas for a while. You'll get their master plan for this season, but then... they'll quiet down. In defeat. This will satisfy those who want CLOSURE to the series!

Of course, DCA will continue. It'll probably jump the shark, but the Beta Avengers will just settle in and those who want to will be regulars. Those who don't will never return.

And the chao will remain in their gardens and in the SA2 world for a few seasons, just as everyone likes it.

All that needs to happen is I NEED SUPPORT. Just comments, but still! As long as I get comments, good OR bad, the season will continue. I am only going to post episodes every time I get some reviews, or something like that.

Either way, this is going to be a good season.

There, I let off some steam, and told what I wanted you to know. Just.... please. Comment. Someone. See ya when I see ya.