Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have but one question for everyone: WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE? I mean, don't normal schools end in May? Or is everyone magically on vacation at the same time?

I apologize if there is a good reason behind someone's absense, because I'm simply frustrated. I work so ****ing hard on Episode 42 (harder than you think, it was in the making since before the FIRST TMEWT), and nobody says anything about it. The only person I'm in contact with says, "It was good."

Although I once said I finished it in a few days, I still started it around half-way through Season 5. So I'm not exactly a liar!

I miss the good ol' days about a year ago, when people read and commented on these eppies, and every episode was cherished, except numbers 2 and 20. Don't you? The days when I spewed out episodes like butter. Or whatever the phrase is.

I can promise that the next episode, too, will be good. Better than good, it'll be pretty random and unexpected. Certainly not as long as the last one, but definitely as good in quality. And I'm pretty sure that's what matters, right? .......right?

I'm really sorry for sounding so off-beat, but... I'm just so freaking BORED! Am I the ONLY one who DOESN'T have things to do every day? Am I the only one who is cursed to check all these websites, and have NOTHING new? I'm sure in a while, I'll fall victim to the curse of activity, but for now.... can't life give people BREAKS?

DCA6 is here, people.... it's the season I've been foreshadowing for so long. It's the one with the most plot twists!

Right now, just for those who DO read all this when I post it, I will give one of the most spoiler-riffic things I've ever said about Season 6.

The Beta Avenger story will get closure at the end of the season. In other words, you won't see the Betas for a while. You'll get their master plan for this season, but then... they'll quiet down. In defeat. This will satisfy those who want CLOSURE to the series!

Of course, DCA will continue. It'll probably jump the shark, but the Beta Avengers will just settle in and those who want to will be regulars. Those who don't will never return.

And the chao will remain in their gardens and in the SA2 world for a few seasons, just as everyone likes it.

All that needs to happen is I NEED SUPPORT. Just comments, but still! As long as I get comments, good OR bad, the season will continue. I am only going to post episodes every time I get some reviews, or something like that.

Either way, this is going to be a good season.

There, I let off some steam, and told what I wanted you to know. Just.... please. Comment. Someone. See ya when I see ya.

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