Thursday, December 9, 2010

DCA Audio Edition

Check the site for all your DCA needs-- visual, AND audio.

First, you'll find the site has had the crap uploaded out of it. The front page changes with every refresh, the wonderful Logic has provided us with some official art, and the biggest change.. pop-up radio.

That's right. Check out the main page, then click on "DJay's Radio DS" or whatever the link is second-from-the-bottom. There, you'll find, as of December 10th, 2010...

-Metroid music (just for the hell of it)
-The Official DCA Podcast Thing (YES.)
That's right. The podcast. DCP. ..DCAP. Dark Chao Audio (Podcast). Chao Chat, 200.1 FM, baby! The first episode of the podcast was in ten parts, last week.

DCAHall3 is in audio format now. That's right, the WHOLE THING.

This week, we did a more traditional cast.

Dark Chao Audio Episode Two: Horrible Looping Skills
Listen in horror as I attempt to read DCA101 and DCA102. Yeah, the first two episodes.. in AUDIO FORMAT. Listen in more horror as I talk about random stuff, try to be creepy, and play some not-so-progressive rock.

I will convert at least one DCA episode into audio format a week. Holidays pending.

Enjoy, whoever you are. :D