Friday, February 15, 2008

A little break before the next 'project'

By 'project,' I mean like a season, a special, an episode, or a series of shorts, or something like that.

Anyway, the title says it all. I'm taking a break. Yes, I AM working on the new DCA08 eppy, and that'll be finished maybe tomorrow, but after that, the break begins.

During the break, feel free to just SPLASH OUT on ideas.

....that means gimme all the ideas you have. By the way, I am planning something big, unbelievable, undeniabally awesome, and just plain fan service. Just. Plain. Fan. Service. ...old DCA fan, I mean. ...a fan of the old DCA, I mean. By 'old,' I think I mean first season. Maybe 1 and 2. And, hey, isn't that EVERYONE?

Don't worry; while I'm working on the "fan service," feel free to continue giving ideas. I'm always open to them. GIVE THEM NOW! NOW! NOW!

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