Friday, February 1, 2008

Who IS this?

Okay, I've noticed some people saying they hate DCA. I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T, I respect your opinions.
No, what I'm doing is asking you haters to please leave a comment in an entry stating WHY you hate DCA. And please, be honest. If it's something I can fix, I'll try to fix it. ...actually, could ANYONE leave a comment? I mean, even THIS place has a comment feature. It's located at the bottom of each entry.

Still, back to the subject. I won't be mad at you for hating DCA. I'll even try to see DCA through YOUR eyes, and see just how 'terrible' it is. But, I can't see it through your eyes unless you tell me what YOU see in DCA. Just be honest.

Now, for something DCA-related: I'm working on the new one. I just took a tiny break, but I'll have it done by tomorrow or Sunday. The weekend's usually the deadline, unless I have a REALLY good reason.

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