Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ze First Eppy

Hi! Yes, it's me, mLe, again. Or, "the boring one." ...because I'm not funny...nevermind. Well, DJay said that I should put eppies on here. It doesn't really take long to, well, CLICK something that just might send you striaght to the site to see it for yourself. But still, to get some of you in the DCA spirit, here's the first eppy of the first season...of DCA...

[Invader Zim theme playing, for those of you that have no idea, Dark Garden theme playing]DARK CHAO ADVENTURES Episode 1: Chao In Space
Chapter 1: Dark Garden
Deep down on the planet of Chao... the Dark Garden....
...A Chao named Shade.....
was planning to attack the Hero Garden.....
Shade: Okay, you shall dive down here and attack, you shall-
Dark: Sir?
Shade: What is it, Dark?
D: There's a neutral in here...
Shade: So? You were a neutral once, and I accepted you. Get back to work.
D: Yes, sir!
Shade: Anyway, you will loop-dee-loop down there, jump up and down like a monkey, and bite their brains off.
Shadow (chao): Siw?
Shade: (sigh) What is it, Shadow?
Shadow: Dewe is a Hewo hewe.
Shade: WHAT!? CHAO, BATTLE STATIONS! Where is he, Shadow?
Shadow: At da fwont doow.
Shade: The front door? Guards, find out what they want!
Guard: Sir, it appears as if they're...... teasing us...... they're sticking their toungues at us. They're wiggling their little tails at us. Now, they're showing a note to us.
Shade: Well, what does it say?
Guard: It says " HAHAHA! You're not invited to our party cause you're Dark Chao!"
Shade: Very well. I shall go, and challenge them to a match..... in SPACE!
[montage, with Oil Ocean theme playing]
[Shade holds up a blue halo. Then nods, yes.]
[He holds up a knife, then nods no.]
[He grabs a can of white paint, then nods, yes.]
[He grabs lipstick. Then nods, no.]
[He grabs his Hero Chao disguise kit, then nods yes]
[Oil Ocean theme stops.]
Chapter 2: Hero Garden
Shade: Well, how do I look?
[Dark faints.]
[Just imagine a white dark chao with a halo.]
Shade: I'm going now. (gulp). I've never WALKED out in the lobby before.
Dark: No one has. The Heroes were on a cart.
[Shade takes one step onto it.]
Shade: Hey, it's just glass!
[walks to the bottom of Hero stairs.]
Shade: (gulp)
[walks up steps, enters Hero Garden.]
Shade: Wow....
Knuckle: Hey, who are you? I'm Knuckle!
Shade: I'm, uh...... Sonikku. I'm new.
K: Okay! Wanna be friends?
S: Umm...... okay. Just friends, right?
K: Yep!
Tail: Hi! I'm Tail!
S: Hi, I'm Sonikku.
Speedy: Hi, I'm Speedy!
S: I'm Sonikku.
Chao:[in PERFECT British accent] Hi there, fellow Hero Chao. My name is Chao.I have been reborn. I'm, a perfect swimmer, and won 56 gold medals in racing.
S: (grr...)
Hero: Hewwo! I'm Hewo!
S: Hello Hero.
Chao: Come, everyone, Truth or Dare!
[they all sit in a circle]
[Chao spins the bottle, it lands on Tail]
Chao: Truth or Dare?
Tail: Um..... truth!
Chao: Did you prank the Dark Garden with that sign?
Tail: Yes I did!
[everyone clapping]
[Chao spins bottle, lands on Sonikku]
Chao: Truth or Dare?S: Um..... uh....... dare!
Chao: Alright, I dare you to race me in swimming!
Speedy: Don't do it, Sonikku, Chao's the 2nd best swimmer in the Chao World!
S: I think I can do it.
[they start swimming.]
Chao: Getting tired yet?
S: No.
[Sonikku speeds past Chao]
[after the race, everyone except Chao congratulates him]
Chao: Hmm..... no, couldn't be.... Shade wouldn't DARE show his face in's got to be a miracle.
Chapter 3: The Challenge
Chao: Hold on, you guys. I've got a truth for Sonikku.
S: (gulp)
Chao: Are you really Sonikku? Are you sure you're not.....SHADE, master of the Dark Chao?
S: .......
[looks around]
S: And if I was?
[Chao cracks his knuckles]
S: Yes-
[zips off]
Speedy: Don't worry, I'm faster than him.
[Speedy zips off]
[in the Dark Garden]
Shade: (pant.... pant....)
[Speedy zips in, and then runs out]
Speedy: I'm not going in there.....
[Shade sticks his toungue out at Speedy, then gets punched]
Shade: Ow. Speedy, tell Chao that I challenge him to a fight in SPACE!
Speedy: Sure, whatever.
[Speedy does just that.]
Chao: Okay, Shade. I accept your challenge.
[later, in space...]
Chapter 4: Space
Shade: Well, Chao. It's time to settle this for once and for all!
Chao: My pleasure!
[ they jump at each other, then start doing Chao Karate moves]
Shade: Hi-ya!
Chao: Take this!
Shade: You're going down, Chao.
[neutral chao comes up]
Cham: Hello, my name is Cham, I'm an adult neutral chao and I'm asking Why are we fighting?
Chao: Because..... um...... uh.....
Shade: I don't know. Wait, how can we breathe up here?
Cham: You can breathe because you're only in the Chao Lobby.
Shade: OH! Okay. Well, I'm hungry, I'm going home.
Chao: Yes, and I'm thirsty.
Cham: And I'm making a fool of myself.

[later, in the Dark Garden]
Dark: So, you ACTUALLY fought Chao in a fight?
Shade: Yeah, but Cham ruined everything....
Dark: Oh, while you were gone, a baby appeared.
Shade: That's nice. What's his name?
Dark: Shade Jr.!
Shade: Welcome to the Dark Garden, Shade Jr.! I wonder what he's thinking....
Dark: Propably something diabolical, like you.
Shade Jr.: (Uh-oh..... I wet myself.)

^__^ Hope you liked it! For more just CLICK HERE.

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