Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, and you're having one big early Christmas...

[camera pan of various Sonic stages (Sonic 1, 2, or 3, doesn't matter)]
Shade (VO): Mecha Infinite Life-Killing Machina Abatir Nuociuter.
[pan of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and then of City 17 (look it up)]
Shade (VO): Just an Ordinary evil Entity.
[pan of Earth's highways]
Shade (VO): Equillibrium-Catching Hacker Omni.
[pan of a happy, cartoony place]
Shade (VO): And, uh.... the other one.
[pan of various film sets]
Shade (VO): Together, those four have formed the CORE of...
[pan of the Station Square chao garden]
Shade (VO): A Veteran's Beg. Otherwise known as...
[pan of a base deep within Halo]
Shade (VO): The Beta Avengers.
[cut to Shade sitting in a classy chair in front of a gray background, he gets up]
Shade: Lemme give you the scoop.
[Shade steps up to the camera]
Shade: Just a few days ago, Echo delivered a powerful blow to our gardens. Remember? You were watching.
[Shade turns his head to the side]
Shade: I managed to escape into Casinopolis during this time.
[Shade closes his eyes]
Shade: I... don't know what happened to the others.
[Shade opens his eyes and looks at the camera]
Shade: Since then, I have been in a daze, wondering dubbyuh-tee-eff just happened.
[Shade turns around (back to the camera)]
Shade: However, this doesn't mean I'm out.
[Shade abruptly turns around and shakes his fists]
Shade: I hate Echo. I'm gonna FIND him.... and END him.
[close-up on Shade's face]
Shade: As well as his friends, the Beta Avengers.
[cut to the trailer-- the Invader Zim theme playing in the background as the following appears on-screen]
[Shade and Dark shooting headcrabs, houndeyes, and other Half-Life creatures]
[Shade playing pinball in Casinopolis]
[the G-Man's face close-up (look him up)]
[Shade and Dark in a dark parking lot shooting zombie police officers]
[Chao driving a Warthog while Shade is in the turret, shooting random Halo enemies]
[Shade, Dark-Hawk, Phantom, and Chaosky (OMG ITZ TEH NEWCOMER!) fighting on the Titanic (or IS it?)]
[the Darks high-tailing it from the cops in a BMW on America's open roads (in the car, there's beer)]
[Shade fighting a great glob of poo (who is singing an opera)]
[the chao running away from a horde of Omochao]
[finally, while the song is at its most dramatic-- Shade aiming a homing missle at a large, tripod-like machine/beast, and just as it hits, the screen fades out]
[dark screen- the following word appears in a simple, white, type-writer font, very small writing]
DCA6 (a deep-voiced announcer says "Dark Chao Adventures... SEASON SIX: The Gray Journey!")
[a few seconds later, cut to deep in the Black Mesa Research Facility, Shade is wielding a crowbar and sneaking around]
Shade: (sing-song) Oh, E-cho-orzz.... come out to PLAY-EE-AAAAYYY....
[fade-out, "COMING SOON" appears on-screen]

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