Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Links and other things!

Chao Talk! Actually, it's just the part of it that has a few DCA things on it. Role-Play Game and the Fanfic.

I'll get more stuff later, but I think that's good for links now.

This is not completely DCA related, but he is in the RPG sooooo...CHAOSKY (my best Chao or have at least paid most attention to), IS... GOD!!!!!!!!
I mean... A HERO CHAOS!!! Which is pretty much the same thing in Chao World!!!
Yayness! He's my first Super Chaos so that's why I'm so happy!
Too bad no one at school has much of a clue to what I'm talking about...

So if you want something on here or want to know anything or whatever, just comment!

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