Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Season Eight: The Last Journey

Season Eight: The Last Journey

(80-85: Six Degrees of Progressive Darkness)
Episode Eighty: Sunshine (Can You Feel It?)
Episode Eighty-One: Cloud Mountain (The Last Adventure)
Episode Eighty-Two: Polar Eclipse (Bare Me the Details)
Episode Eighty-Three: Can't See (C Flat)
Episode Eighty-Four: Pitch-Perfect Dark (Jet Black)
Episode Eighty-Five: Final Times (Constant Darkness)
Episode Eighty-Eight: The Cold Bend of Empty Space Feasts Grey

That's all six eight nine seven of the episodes of DCA's final season. The story technically ends at Episode 85, and yet it also technically ends at 88, even though its ending in 88 takes place in Episode 85. Even though it's actually an indefinite amount of years later, at least eight years later.

Fun fact: This story arc, which started with Season Seven, took five years to do. You wouldn't believe how many eights and fives are contained in this ending.

Good luck understanding what the ending actually is!

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