Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Episode 87? Post-Epilogue

[fade-in to the same room, this time in the daytime]
[a window is open, showing a large harbor outside]
[the boy in a different torn-up shirt is in bed, typing away at his Macbook]
[You decide not to bother him.]

"I can see the pain; it's written all over your face."

[The boy can tell you that he does plan on working with DCA more, just not writing any continued adventures]
[But there's always the possibility of adventures taking place before the end]
[Look at the Secret City; that was added after season five]
[But then again, the Secret City was very canonical, and any further stories probably wouldn't be as much so]
[..I could use different chao]
[For the record, I do plan on having the events of DCA basically serve as a "mythology" in my own writing]
[The chao will be almost like ancient Greek heroes. They're A-Life Gods.]
[Very few of them made it to the God status, though. Chao did. He was a Chaos Chao!]
[But Chao was stricken down by Metal Speedy.]

..okay, let's give this mythology a go.

Chao was a mortal for years, but during the Libfairy investigations, Chao was granted God status.
He and Shade were mortal enemies, and now Chao was immortal.
But not even immortality could have saved him from unexpected developments.
Chao was the A-Life of petty rivalry.

Dark was a mortal musician, the A-Life of friendship and devotion.
Dark was not known for his smarts, but for his dedication to the adventure.
He became quite the pacifist, but he was stricken down by unexpected developments, regardless.

Red was the A-Life of analysis.
It took him a while to find his place, but once he found it, his static nature proved to be a saving grace for the adventures.
He was an unfortunate casualty of unexpected developments.
He was stricken down before he could develop himself further.

Shadow was the A-Life of growing the beard, of the lucky doing the hard work to help the unlucky.
He was essentially immortal, and after spending years as a commoner, he became the Green One.
Shadow changed the face of DCA as we know it.
He worked with protagonists and antagonists alike, following in Shade's footsteps at first before breaking through and developing adventures of his own.
The Green Journey was never the focus of the story, just like how Shadow was never the true focus. He was the messenger, the messianic symbol of labor.
He changed everything DCA stood for.
He was made immortal with the end of DCA.

Shade was the A-Life of central nature. His family was related to essentially every plot point, and he was the star for so long.
He learned humility over the course of the series. He became the mentor his future self was.
He was often the catalyst of danger, but it was rarely his intention. He was all for style, but he could be very logical.
In the end, he was everything DCA stood for.
In the end, he was made immortal.

Metal Sonic was a bully, but an extremely-respectable figure as well. He was a nuclear weapon, getting any message across necessary. But he was defeated during the Green Journey by Shadow.
Mecha Knuckles was mindless, but he believed in giving respect above all. He was Dark's equivalent, and he was made immortal in the end.'
The Tails Doll was a spin-off of eldritch. He was lazy, not often willing to put forth the effort. He was stricken down by unexpected developments.
Dark Tails was a Scrappy of all sorts, cast to the underworld by the others early on. He proved himself worthy and sacrificed his life during the Green Journey.
The first three characters transcend fanfiction.

The MILKMAN was a figurehead, being used by more malevolent powers. His cause was noble: He demanded respect for himself and his brethren. In the end, he was made immortal.
JOE was never anything more than a costume, an identity for malevolent powers to pose behind. He was a tool. In the end, the idea was brought to life, only to be stricken down by unexpected developments.
Echo was always genre-savvy. He had planned to usurp the MILKMAN's power, but the unexpected developments came a little faster than he planned for.
Tagliare had so much more power than he knew. But he had no time to use it.

Ulysses spoke in class today.
He wishes.

The Veteran's Committee was formed just before the Green Journey. They were the first sign of DCA's end to come. They consisted of characters old and new alike, all wishing to give the show a mercy-killing.
Every single member of the Committee was stricken down before the end.

There's clearly so much potential to this mythology.
But I can't write this much longer.
Ulysses wishes he could speak in class today.

[the camera leaves the absurdly-small room]
[the camera zooms out as far as it can and shows how small the room is, how small the house is, how isolated the town is, how many miles the boy is from everyone he's ever known]
[you are given a montage of the life of Ulysses]

"Hell is being bound to a stream of consciousness."
"I will walk with my hands bound to a stream of consciousness. I will walk with my face down. I will walk with my shadow black, into your garden of sea."
"The stream has become thought. The man has become concept."
"I'm a man of concept. I don't even exist; I'm not even supposed to exist."
"JOE: Because I'm not supposed to exist. Do you know what's inside my head? Absolute nothing. Nothing at all. I want the madness to end. I NEED the madness to end."
"There is no war inside this head, for the shadows in the light of day are empty boats with cruel appetite."
"Kill me."

[the camera fades out]

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