Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Trailer!

What am I currently working o--I mean, on what am I currently working? It's an old project. Originally thought up in late 2007, I believe, but it didn't start until '08. Let's see the new trailer!

What happened here?
Where is everyone?
Why do I suddenly know so much?

[cut to Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, and the Tails Doll ducking in a garden]
MS: It looks like this is it...
MK: Boss, I'd just like to say it's been a real pleasure serving under you.
TD: Yeah.... me, too.
MS: Why does it have to end this way?!
What's going on?

So many feature-length eppies... and yet... only the Season Finales exceed four/five chapters. What if... I were to make.... a TRUE feature-length script?

[cut to Mecha Knuckles reading a book in a library]
[the book's cover reads, "My Journal"]
Whose journal is it?

I mean, REALLY huge script. A truly feature-length one. One that would take a couple hours to read. It's possible, isn't it?

[cut to Chao lifting the vent cover off of a vent; inside is pure blackness]
Tail: I'm going in.
[Tail crawls in]
What's in there?

Like Gears n' Roses... except... more of a traditional DCA. With chapters, and featuring ALL the chao, as well as the Poker Gang. But, can I accomplish this?

[cut to the chao looking through a window, at a humanoid robot]
[suddenly, the lights go out, and there's an explosion]
[a completely black gateway appears behind the robot; it walks inside and disappears]
Shade: What happened?
[suddenly, the chao are sucked into a large, empty room]
Shade: NOW what happened?
[the chao see something slowly moving towards them, and scream]
Who was that robot? What happened? What did the chao see?

Can I really top 144 kilobytes?

And... where ARE the chao?

Will these questions ever be answered?

Of course they will.

Dark Chao Adventures 2009 Edition
"The Secret City"
The biggest single script ever made by DJay32
Even bigger than DCAHall2, "Gears n' Roses."

Coming rather soon. Ish.

[the Nomble flashes on-screen for a second]

So, that's it. Basically, DCA09 is one big script, as I have been planning all this time. You folks basically saw a preview of it (a BIG preview, actually), presented in an episodic format.

No, the REAL deal will be quite the real.... deal. Hope you look forward to it, until I decide to put it on hiatus again, and get back to work on Season 7, or Professor Shade-on, or maybe Silver: Ace Attorney.

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