Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ace Attorney: Silver the Hedgehog

Bowser: Defense. You claim you have an explanation as to what's REALLY going on here?
Silver: Not only that, your honor... but, I'm not wearing any pants!
Silver: Just kidding.
Bowser: Don't ever do that again! PENALTY!
[SFX: explosion, part of the player's health bar goes down]
Shade: Silver, please stop. You've only got a little bit of health left before the judge decides to throw us out.
Silver: Okay, okay! I'm sorry!
Tails: I request that the defense make a fool of themselves NOW, rather than later.
Bowser: Seconded.
Silver: Okay! Okay. Here's how it goes down.

Crub didn't take the photos personally, he used an external camera. He set the camera to take pictures at his command, and first took the first photo. Then, he took the vase from the stand, and accidentally moved the stand. He then took the second picture. Shadow noticed him, and let Bob go. Crub then killed Bob, and threw the vase at Shadow, who attempted to catch it. Third picture. It hit Shadow, knocking him unconscious.

Bowser: An... an EXTERNAL camera?
Silver: Yes.
Bowser: Wait a minute. Don't think I'm fooling for this one! Those don't exist, do they, Mister Prower?
Tails: Uh.... yeah, they do, Your Honor.
Bowser: Argh. You young'uns and your newfangled techno-ology robots...
Silver: Well, witness? Anything to say for yourself?
Crub: ..........................................
Bowser: Witness?
Crub: ..............(voice cracking) **** you, man.
[the screen fades out]
(In the end, Crub confessed. Apparently, he reset himself after the crime, and made up an alibi.
According to the crabbot, he reset himself so it would be very hard for him to crack under pressure.
Yeah, something like that.)

[black screen]
[SFX: Pottery breaks]
Crub: Uh-oh. What was that?
[Crub looks at a house nearby]
[SFX: door open]
Shadow: HEY! What are you doing?!
Bob: Oh, um....
Shadow: Wait, isn't that my...?
Bob: Sorry!
Shadow: You broke my vase! You'll pay for that!
Bob: Wait! Stop!
Crub: *gasp*
[SFX: gunshots]
[SFX: pottery crash]
[SFX: Shadow groans]
[Shadow gets up, holding a gun]
Shadow: Yikes.... this isn't good.

[cut to the courtroom]
Crub: ..And that's how it happened, Your Honor.
Bowser: Interesting. So, you killed him... why, exactly?
Crub: Actually, I was designed to kill Shadow. I decided to get rid of the witness first, but when Shadow was knocked out...
Shade: thought he was dead, and left.
Crub: Yeah! How'd you know?
Shade: I've encountered similar situations in the past.
Crub: So, am I going to jail?
Bowser: Yes.
Crub: For how long?
Bowser: Ten years.
Crub: Aw, crap.

"April 6, 12:00 PM,
District Court
Defendant Lobby no.5"

Shade: Nice job out there, Silver.
Silver: Wha? Me? But, you're the one who helped most.
Shade: Yeah, but you said Crub was still lying. If it wasn't for you, Shadow would be in jail instead of Crub.
Silver: ...thanks, Shade.
Shade: There's just one thing still bothering me, though...
Silver: What's that?
Shade: Crub said he was designed to kill Shadow... but, why? And by whom?
Silver: Hopefully, we won't have to worry about it.
Shade: Yeah. Hopefully. C'mon; let's go to the Chaos Cola bar. I'm thirsty.
Silver: *chuckle* Okay, Shade. Drinks are on me.
[the screen turns black]

(Well, that's the story of my first REAL case. Unfortunately, it's also my last case with Shade.
And also unfortunately, that "designed to kill Shadow" thing would come back to haunt me.)

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