Saturday, October 10, 2009

so i herd u liek mudkipz...

Yeah, so for some reason, I always feel great at the middle of the night. :P Weird. I mean, where I am, it's 2 AM now. Everybody else is sleeping, and yet I'm up. I love this time of night! :D

Still, I heard that you, my friends and fans, have most likely heard the news that DCA is ending. If you haven't, you probably haven't been here in a while. Or you just didn't feel like reading the thousands of scripts I've been churning out at a not-so-steady pace.

But, um... yeah.

DCA is ending.

Why? ....uh... actually, I'm not entirely sure. xD I just... decided that there's little chance of me coming up with another six seasons, or even five/four/three or... two. I mean, in THEORY, I could, but theory is a cruel mistress! While that may be my favorite KIND of mistress, that does not apply to this context! No, I have attempted making more storylines to DCA, but those have all resulted in DCA09, Professor Shade-on, Chao Chat (which, I realize, I have worked a TON on, but you'll never get to hear any of it! :D) and similar projects like those.

Simply put, I realized that if I don't end DCA soon, it would be on an eternal hiatus. And, who wants THAT? I don't want my greatest creation (which isn't saying much) to turn into Duke Nukem Forever! D:

WHEN is DCA ending? By the end of Season Seven. Of course, not even I know when that'll be. It COULD be when Shadow gets the last chaos drive and defeats the Veteran's Committee, but that's just a possibility. Hell, there's STILL the possibility of it not ending AT ALL! That might happen if people really want it to.

But, hey! Don't cry, people! Whether or not DCA is ending (even though it most likely is), Season Seven will DEFINITELY be a wild ride!

This has been a public service announcement from Jordan. (I think my name change from "DJay" to "Jordan" is gonna be official.)

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