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In Accompanying Dark Halls chapter 1

SO, this episode is another game adaption. It is also an accompanying script to the epic DCAHall3. But, since it's a game adaption, and I really don't feel like making one of those, in order to make this experience more bearable, I'm posting every chapter as I finish them. here's chapter 1! :D

..wait, which "last time" are we talking about?
Uh.. last time, on Episode 73, Shadow got his third chaos drive. Then he, Shade, Dark n' Red got sent to another place.
Mecha Knuckles, Mephiles, and the Tails Doll ALSO got sent somewhere.
Both were tasked with acquiring a chaos drive.
Then, on Halloween, they both did their tasks and got their chaos drives. EXCEPT.. Mephiles DID get a drive.. but he's missing now.
So now The Veteran's Committee are trying to figure out where Mephy is.
Let's find out what happens.

[cut to a dark void]
[Levity Nite has gathered the characters]
Shadow: So we don't know where Mephiles is?
Nite: Not a clue.
TD: You're searching, though?
Nite: Yes.
Shade: WAIT. You guys keep sending us to different times, so you must have, like.. time-travel abilities, right?
Nite: Right.
Shade: So why don't we just go back and grab Meph before he was snatched?
Nite: Various reasons, the biggest being that our powers are a little.. limited recently.
Shadow: Oh yeah. You mentioned something about some sort of.. fugitive on the loose? That can bend the scripts?
Nite: Yes... the fugitive is preventing us from doing a number of things.
[Eggman runs in]
Egg: We've found him!
[the scene abruptly switches to a dark screen]

?: Same as it always was, isn't it? The mind just keeps sending you back again.
It's interesting how you can find comfort in any familiar situation... even a familiar nightmare.
Wake up. It's time for the REAL nightmare to begin.

Season Seven (The End?)
Episode Seventy-Four: In Accompanying Dark Halls

[cut to a padded cell]
[Mephiles gets up and looks around]
Mp: ....uh-oh. Where the hell am I? This ain't... wait, no, where WAS I? a house.. and.. the car.. but.. wait, what's this?
[Mephiles pulls out a chaos drive of his pocket or whatever >.>]
Mp: Oh. Oh yeah. I.. right! Yeah, the Veterans and.. yeah. I remember now.
[he looks around again]
Mp: Though I don't remember going here. WAIT. What if.. I'm crazy? And all my memories are just fabrications of my loony psyche?
get out already
Mp: ..whoa. I.. I think I'll try getting out.
[Mephiles pushes at the door to his cell; it opens]
Mp: What kind of place has cell doors openable from the inside?
[he finds himself in a cell hallway; the lights are flickering and dark]
Mp: ...oh, of course. A horror game taking place in a haunted hospital.
Chapter 1: Rebirth of the Demon
[he begins walking down the hallway]
Mp: You know, I've played a lot of horror games. They're not scary. Not even FEAR was scary. Condemned was, though. Kinda.
[a woman in a black dress runs past him quickly]
Mp: AH oh. That girl. Wasn't she in FEAR, actually? Er, no, she was in that house! That house I was in last night. ..WAS it last night?
[he walks toward a large gate; the gate slams shut; a red light turns on]
PA: SECURITY ALERT. AREA UNDER LOCKDOWN. Please remain calm, and await further assistance. :D
Mp: The smiley was a nice touch. Guess I'll wait here, then.
Mp: ..oh, right. Horror game. Assistance ain't coming. Guess I'll go down this hallway to the left, then!
[he goes down the dark hallway to the left]
youre scared
Mp: Pfft, no, I'm not. Like I said, I've played a LOT of horror games. For instance, this light that I'm walking towards? It'll go out soon.
[it doesn't]
Mp: Ha, I accounted for that. In that case, option 2: around this here corner, is a monster, ghost, or just plain scary sight.
[he walks around the corner to find just a door, and a window to the right]
[in the window, he can see the switch for the lockdown]
Mp: Right. Uh... option 3, then. Once I pull that switch, ****'s gonna go down. For real.
[he enters the door and pulls the switch; he also finds and grabs a flashlight]
Mp: ....nothing?
Mp: HOly oh, a radio. Just a radio.
Radio: Hello? Can you hear me? Yes, I'm talking to YOU, boi!
[the voice sounds old and German]
Radio: Look, if you want to get out of here, then do exactly as I say.
Mp: Wait, who is this?
Radio: I know you have a lot of questions, but for now it is absolutely vital that you get here as quickly as you can.
Mp: Pfft, sure, sure. The typical "radio voice helper." Right, where do I go?
Radio: First, we're gonna have to get you armed. Head to the cafeteria, then to the kitchen.
Radio: Yes. You'll find a surprise waiting for you there. You'll need it.
[the woman flashes outside the window for a second]
Mp: ..right. Cafeteria. Kitchen.
[he goes back to the door and opens it]
[he catches a glimpse of someone peeking around the corner at him, then retreating]
[around the corner, there is no one]
[he heads back through the halls, then into the gate]
Mp: Sheesh, DJay. You and your--
Mp: Ow. What the? Who's there? Hello?
[no one is there]
[he enters the cafeteria and finds it pitch-black, so he turns on his flashlight]
Mp: Kay. Cafeteria. Where is the kitchen?
[he finds a door to the left and enters it, then enters a small room with its lights on]
[a dead chef is on the ground, axe protruding from its body]
Mp: Huh. Guess that's the surprise that I'll need.
[he rips it from the corpse]
Mp: Sorry, pally-o. Need this.
[he heads for the door and finds it closed]
Mp: What? I don't recall closing i--
Mp: **** WHO'S THERE!?
[the chef has gotten up and is now whacking him]
[he chops the zombie to bits with his new weapon]
Mp: ....**** THIS ****ING ****. -.-
[he exits the kitchen and heads for the cafeteria doors, only to see them slam shut]
Mp: Eep. ..wait, there are TWO sets of doors.
[he heads for the other set, and they suddenly open for him]
Mp: ...............
[he slowly exits and heads back; the gate going back slams shut]
Mp: So much slamming! ..oh hey, a wooden barricade. EAT AXE
[he is now in a large room with a set of double doors, locked, and a radio on a table]
Radio: I see you found my axe. No idea how it found its way out here, but you should consider it a blessing.
Mp: I do.
Radio: You have no idea how much you're going to need it.
Mp: This is a horror game, so I can guess.
Radio: Things have gotten pretty ugly in here. I wish we could continue this pleasant conversation, but you'd better keep moving.
Mp: I think I know what you mean.
Radio: I'm unlocking the doors for you.
[the double doors open]
Mp: ..huh. Cool.
[he enters the doors, and then enters a maintenance shaft, THEN enters a vent]
Mp: Freaking vents. They suck. And just watch, some sort of scary thing is going to pop out at m--
Mp: ..or the vent will collapse under my weight, leaving me locked in a small security checkpoint.
[in the checkpoint is a door leading to the actual security room; he enters it]
[inside is a switch]
[after pulling it, the lights go out, and five figures appear outside the room for a second before vanishing]
Mp: o__o ...ohey, the pathway forward is open now.
[he continues going forward]
[he is now in a room with two elevators and ANOTHER security room]
[the elevators do not work, so he enters the room]
Mp: Hm. What's in here? OH
[there is an emergency pistol on display]
Mp: I am SO stealing this.
[after stealing it, the lights go out entirely except for some back-up ones]
[also, a television switches on]
Mp: Ooh, TV.
[on the TV is an old scientist with a large mustache and bald head]
Sci: Are you picking this up?
Mp: Uh.. yeah.
Sci: Good. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Wily, and I am the greatest scientific genius in the world!
Mp: Eggman's smarter.
Wily: No, he is not! Anyway, like you, I am stuck in this.. this... HELLHOLE.
Mp: It's one hell of a hellhole, at that.
Wily: Yes, well... there have been some.. shall we say... COMPLICATIONS, and as a result, we're cut off.
Mp: ...not even gonna question that.
Wily: It is just you and I here. All alone. a manner of speaking, anyway.
Mp: I know what you mean.
Wily: The good news is that I've heard they're sending c--
Wily: OH VUNDERFIDDLE, I'm losing you! Look, I'll explain everything when you get to me. I'll open the elevators for you. Just keep adva--
[the TVs switch off]
Mp: Crap.
[he sees a woman out of the corner of his eye]
Mp: ...crap!
[she gets closer, then disappears]
[then she walks by, stops, and stares at him]
Mp: ffffffffuuuuuu--oh right, I have a pistol now! I'm not scared of you anymore!
[he runs out of the room and shoots at thin air]
Mp: ...fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--
Mp: WHAT? Who? Huh? .....*whimpers*
[he quietly gets on the elevator and presses the button]

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