Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Press Release '11

After long consideration and hiatus, I have decided to make some form of DCA-related material again! Specifically, this comes with the release of a hit new blockbuster, a title whose release I had actually already said I'd wait for and make something in DCA about it.

The chao have encountered many cinematic beauties over the years, but now they think they can take the term to a whole new level. Not content with ending the story at its current cliffhanger, the chao are going Back to the Future Part 2 on your ass.

Continuing a sort of alternate history canon, Shade needs to finish the fight by taking it... to the Instability and beyond.

Be on the lookout for Gear Theater, the action-packed sequel to Gears n' Roses. Formerly "Guns of War," I'm restarting it from the ground up, and this time.. I'm doing two games, not just one. That's right. I can double that offer. Call now, and you'll get not just Gears of War 2, but Gears of War 3 thrown in as well.

Dark Chao Adventures 2011 Edition: Gear Theater
The newest epic from DJay32

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