Saturday, November 17, 2007

Promotional phrase, plus trailer.

Well, not exactly a phrase, but more like the name of the second feature-length episode. ...and it's not even an episode, but TWO episodes put together for marketing value. ......yeah, I'm just pulling all this outta my arse, sorry about that. Simply put, I'm making a TV Movie Except Without the TV (TMEWT), which is simply Episodes 39 and 40 put together. There, that's it. Here's the title of the 'episode,' as well as a phrase I pulled out (and edited) of a video game.

"Now You're Thinking With Portal Storms" (title) "At the end of the episode, he will be baked, and there will be cake." (phrase)

Now for the trailer! But, THIS IS NOT A DCA TRAILER. Still, the 'movie' is based on what the trailer is a trailer of, and so I figured this trailer would be on-spot enough to double as the trailer for this. ...four times. I said 'trailer' four times in that sentence. Once again, the movie is based on the game the trailer is for. The plot is close, most of the dialogue will remain unchanged, and they are both funny. Here it is:


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