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DCA 08 (secrecity5) begins! ...with secretcity4.

[cut to the Hero Garden, Hero came home from school to find no one there]
Hero: Hello? Chao? Tail? Knuckle? Speedy? Aqua? Anyone?
[he looks around and finds not one soul]
Hero: Where are they? ...if I were an oven mitt... *snap* Dark Garden.
[he goes to the Dark Garden]
Hero: This is weird.
SShade: I know.
Hero: !!! Whoa! What the?
SShade: I'm wondering where they are, too.
Hero: I'll forgive you for scaring the crap outta me...
SShade: I thought you heroes couldn't say 'crap.'
Hero: *groan* It's just one of Chao's rules. Believe it or not, but... I actually wanted to be a Neutral.
SShade: I see.
MK: Isn't THAT weird?
Both: !!!
SShade: Mecha Knuckles, what the DARK GARDEN were you doing?
MK: The other Poker players are gone, and only Metal has the key to the toilet.
Hero: Wait, the Poker Gang has disappeared?
MK: Didn't I just say that?
Hero: This is odd. Where could everyone BE?
[they look around and check behind the Neutral Garden waterfall, finding a dark room]
SShade: Um... was this always here?
Hero: Nope.
[Hero slowly approaches a large tube with the number '47' on it; SShade and Mecha Knuckles follow]
MK: What... what do you suppose it is?
Hero: I don't know...
SShade: Wait, this all seems familiar... Shade talked about something like this. ...But what?
[the three enter it, and are suddenly frozen]
[fade in to the same tube unfreezing them an undetermined amount of time later]
Hero: What just happened?
MK: I think the tube ate us.
Hero: Really?
MK: No.
Hero: So why'd you say it!?
MK: 'Cause.
[the two argue as SShade fearfully steps towards the large window near them]
SShade: Um... guys? ...I don't like the look of this...
[the other two look out as well, and gasp as they see a large, screaming face running loose]
MK: What the **** is that thing?
Hero: Don't say that. It's the Nomble... the worst scum to ever run amok in the world.
SShade: Hey, wait... wasn't the Nomble on Chao World... NOT... wherever we are?
MK: Add two and two together, kids.
Hero: ...four?
MK: NO! This Nomble thing was on Chao World, and we don't know where we are, so we must be in Chao World!
[SShade and Hero look at each other with fear]
Hero: Oh, Hero Chaos, no...
SShade: It... can't be!
MK: What?
Hero: The Nomble will kill us if we don't run!
MK: Heh... this thing? How can that face freak kill ME? I'm Mecha Knuckles! You dirtbags may be small and sufficent for squishing, but not ME! Mecha don't bend that way!
[the two chao quickly hide, and Mecha turns around; he is suddenly squashed by the Nomble]
[zoom-in on the chao in fear as the Nomble's horrifying scream is heard]

A team of chao... lost in a DEADLY city... and the only help they have? ...HELP? You kiddin'? WHAT help?

Dark Chao Adventures 08. Freaky. Deadly. Funny. Laugh. Scream. Terror. Teppop. CHAO.

Episode 08-One: Escape from the Bus Station!

Chapter 1: This Seems Familiar
[suddenly, the Nomble moves away, and the chao take a peek out the window]
SShade: Uh-oh...
[they're in a peaceful-looking city]
Hero: Please, please, PLEASE tell me we're not in--
?: --Chao Talk. It's sad, is it not?
[they turn around and see a gray chao wielding a crowbar-- He]
SShade: He! What happened to you?
He: I was meant to be in the Chao World, so I left the gardens. Besides, I got a neat job offering in the Chao Stadium as a racer.
[check Sonic Adventure 2's Challenge races]
He: However, something went wrong. Something terrible.
Hero: ...what?
He: ...I don't know. Something messed up the 'Goodbye' option... I woke up in the bus station, about to be crushed.
SShade: How'd you get out?
He: Hello? Crowbar? This thing is my weapon of choice! I've found a million and one uses!
[silence; a cough is heard]
He: ...nontheless, there's no point just standing here. Let's go to the bus station and look for stuff.
Hero: Like we have a choice.
[so they do]
[hours are spent searching, but all they find are the things they found before, and one living room]
Hero: This is hopeless! *hops onto couch* What are the chances of actually finding a way outta here?
SShade: I know.... this place is Hell. And I don't mean 'Dark Garden' Hell, I mean 'HELL' Hell. He, turn on the radio, will you?
[He does, and some Star Trek dance song is playing]
SShade: Ew, turn it off.
[He does]
[minutes later, SShade tells him to see if the song's finished, and it's still playing]
SShade: Not finished? Great, now we have to stay in Hell, listening to THIS.
Hero: I dunno; the song's not that bad.
[half an hour passes, and the chao just sit there while the same song is playing the whole time]
SShade: Does this song EVER end? What station is this, Geek FM?
He: Uh... I think this is all the radio can play.
[SShade groans and slams her fists on the calendar nearby, which slips away to reveal a secret room]
[in the secret room are coordinates for who knows what]
Hero: This place is creepy.
He: Thanks, Eagle-Eyes.
[the chao decide to look around due to boredom, and they find a new door open; they all enter it]
[inside are hundreds of filing cabinets, stretching as high as the eye can see]
He: What do you suppose are in these?
SShade: I don't know; let's check one.
Hero: I don't think you should, Shade.
SShade: Why not?
Hero: Well, considering the rest of this town...
SShade: Good point. Let's just look for anything of significance.
[they all keep walking, and the files seem to multiply in numbers, and get higher]
Hero: I think I'm going crazy...
He: Why do you think that?
Hero: It seems as if... the WALLS are filing cabinets...
[the other two look higher, and see that it's not just his craziness; the walls and ceiling really ARE!]
[Hero turns back, but stops; he starts twitching]
SShade: What's wrong NOW?
Hero: Um... we DID come this way... right?
SShade: Last time I checked; why do you ask?
Hero: I ask because... there's a filing cabinet where we just came from.
SShade: There are filing cabinets EVERYWHERE, Hero.
He: *turns around* ...Uh... Shade... he's right. ...the cabinets are moving...
[they all run, screaming, and eventually fall through a floor]
Chapter 2: 1408, Chao Edition
[seconds later, He opens his eyes and sighs]
He: Well.... looks like our little journey didn't take us anywhere...
[the other two wake up, and gasp]
SShade: We're... we're back in the living room!? How did this...?
Hero: Well, no point sitting here listening to silence; let's hear that Star Trek!
[Hero turns the radio on, but the song is distorted]
[the three stand, disturbed, as the song shifts between normal and slow, then back again]
[He slowly steps towards the TV, and gasps]
He: You... you guys may want to take a look at this...
[on the TV is an odd, worm-like face]
SShade: All in favor of going to the cafeteria for something to eat?
Both: Aye.
[they leave the room, but are shocked to enter the living room]
He: But... but we just left this room! ...hey, where'd the TV, couch, Chess Table, and radio go?
[Hero steps forward a bit and looks in fear at the door on the ground]
[familiar screams for help are heard coming from within]
SShade: Wait... is that... Dark? I'm coming, Dark!
[she jumps into the door, and falls into the living room, followed by the other two]
Hero: Hey, who turned the room to its side?
[the room is flipped about 90 degrees onto its side; SShade notices Dark]
SShade: Dark! What were you doing in here?
Dark: I don't know! Now HELP! There's a room with a large, spinning chair in there! I'm scared!
[...whaddya know, it's true]
Hero: That's... weird. Then again, in this city, what ISN'T?
[they enter the room, and quickly drop through the floor into a strange, yellow hallway]
[upon further walking, they find Tail running in fear]
Hero: Tail! What's wrong?
Tail: I'm terrifyed! There's something going on here, I tell you!
He: What's going on here?
Tail: I... I don't know.... I mean, I heard some evil laughter coming from somewhere....
[after some looking, they're the only ones in there]
Tail: Hero... you believe me, don't you?
Hero: Actually, yes. Shocking as it may seem, there are VERY high chances of Tail being true.
[suddenly, they all fall through the floor again, and land in some sort of facility]
SShade: Okay, I'm getting tired of dropping through the floor!
DJ: Hey, I didn't make this place.
SShade: I know, but did you HAVE to choose for us to go HERE? Couldn't we go somewhere BETTER?
He: Shade, stop breaking the fourth wall.
[looking around, all they see is a door and some oily water]
[they enter the door, and find another door which doesn't open, and some dials]
[each dial raises a little crawlspace above the water]
[everyone looks at Dark]
Dark: What?, crap.
[He raises one crawlspace, allowing Dark to enter it, and SShade raises another, which Dark enters]
[then, Tail raises the third one, Dark enters; Hero raises the fourth one which Dark exits through and opens the door]
Dark: You... you jerks! I could've fallen into the oil and DIED!
SShade: Be glad we didn't just dip you into the oil.
[they continue and see three jail cells-- one with a man sitting in a corner, one with a man trying to open the cell, and the other with a dead man]
Dark: Hey, that's no man; that's the Tails Doll!
TD: HEY! GET ME OUTTA HERE! I'm sick of trying to open this freaking door!
[they somehow let him out]
TD: Thanks, I guess... when we get outta here, you chao will be cursed last.
[they enter the next room]
Chapter 3: Mad Dash into the Beyond
[in the room is a dial next to a window, and the way into the next room]
[out the window is a door which opens as long as the dial is held down]
[one mad dash later, Dark runs past thousands of turrets and gets behind the door]
[Dark finds a second dial and keeps the door open for the rest]
[they enter a door and find themselves in a black-and-white corridor, nothing special]
[after some moving, they reach a colorful set of rooms which lead to a junction]
Hero: I say we go to the right. I mean, the left just seems.... creepy.
He: While that's one crappy reason, I agree with you. I'm getting some... vibes from the left.
[they go to the right, except Dark, who hears something]
?: Hey. You. C'mere.
Dark: Who, me?
?: Yeah, you. Come to the left.
[Dark goes and drops into a large room with three abstract paintings]
?: Now, see that large painting to the right? Walk into it.
[Dark does and sees another black-and-white corridor]
[he sees some sort of figure in front of him]
Dark: Who are you?
?: Call me... your tour guide to this haunted city.
Dark: Okay, T.G, just what's going on here? Why'd you want me to go here?
TG: Keep on going through this corridor, and you will see...
[Dark slowly walks across, and falls through the floor into another corridor, not black-and-white; TG follows]
TG: Now follow me across these septic tanks-- I mean, candy silos. Come, jump into the last one!
[TG jumps in, followed by Dark, and TG turns a dial, opening a secret passage]
[TG enters and bids Dark to follow him]
[cut to the others entering a room with a large pit in the middle]
He: What do you suppose is in there?
Shade: Hey, is that you guys? COME DOWN HERE, I NEED YOUR HELP!
[they jump into the pit and find Shade]
SShade: Shade! *hugs Shade* I was so worried! Where are we?
Shade: Some sort of mine... of some sort. Through this passage is a large button, but I'm too scared to get to it!
Hero: Shade, how'd you even end up here?
Shade: I dunno. I mean, I woke up here after trying to ditch school. Mister Prower sure knows how to torture us, huh?
He: You're not in CPAK, or anywhere like that; you're in Chao Talk!
[Shade's pupils widen]
Shade: Suh... suh... say WHAT!?
SShade: We're scared about it, too.
TD: So, where's this button you were talking about?
[Shade leads them across the 'mine' to a button, which the Doll presses]
Telepathy: A SUPER SECRET trigger has been found!
Shade: ...well, THAT sucked. Hey, have you guys found Dark yet?
He: Yeah, he's right here. He's been awfully quiet lately...
[they look around]
He: ...uh-oh.
Shade: Eh, he's Dark; he can get outta trouble faster than me. In the mean time... where do we go from here?
[they look down the 'mine' shaft]
[Shade hacks a loogie down the shaft, but they don't hear it hit the ground]
Hero: Creepy.
[Shade pushes Tail down the shaft; Hero pushes Shade down in anger; everyone else pushes everyone else down in a chain reaction]
[Tails Doll jumps down]
[seconds later, they awake on nice, green grass]
Hero: Ugh... guys... I think... we're out.
Shade: Lucky us.... *faints*
[everyone faints in exhaustion]
Chapter 4: The Cage, the REAL Mine, and the 1408
[cut to Dark and TG, who climb down a ladder into a large room]
Dark: Whoa...
[the main feature of the room is a large cage; two buttons are nearby]
Dark: What's with the cage?
TG: All in good time, Dark... all in good time. For now, just follow me.
[he does, and the guide leads him accross some sort of Chess Table]
Dark: ...I don't even wanna know what just happened.
[the guide shows Dark to a door]
TG: Beyond this door is where you shall be on your own...
Dark: What? Why?
TG: Alas, I have... PLANS to take care of. Just remember this... the Nomble holds many secrets, too.
[the tour guide walks back as Dark opens the door]
[inside the door is a large mine going down a long way]
[and it's a REAL mine, too. It has a red-ish glow]
Dark: Very creepy.
[as he goes down, the guide's mysterious phrase about the Nomble buzzes through his head]
Dark: The Nomble holds many secrets.... what, exactly, did he MEAN?
[finally, Dark reaches the bottom of the mine, and gasps]
Dark: This seems familiar...
[he has reached the living room, except for one thing-- the room is gigantic!]
Dark: This is spooky. VERY spooky.
[carefully trying not to fall down the miles and miles of length to the floor, Dark walks along the bookcases]
[after some careful jumps, Dark makes it to the radio and turns it on]
[the Star Trek song is playing ridiculously slow]
[Dark runs around and reaches a small vent which leads to a large, towering room with grappling hooks]
Dark: w00t; grapples! I love these things!
[he uses them to get up, which leads to another grapple room, this time with a long drop]
Dark: I can do this! BATMAN POWERS... ACTIVATE!
[the Batman theme plays as Dark jumps, but the song stops as he falls]
[he uses the grapple to cushion his fall, and finds some sort of park, where he rests]
[a minute later, Dark tries the jump again, and makes it]
Dark: Sweet. ...huh?
[he can see the cage from his position, and sees the Tour Guide talking]
TG: ..n't fail. .....not to worry, sir; that Dark moron won't be able to go two steps without falling down the mine!
[monstrous mumbling is heard]
TG: Huh? ...he's where? ...sir, you must be mistaken; there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he could *notices Dark*... have... survived.
[Dark notices he's been noticed, jumps up the ladder into the 'candy silo,' and swims as fast as he can back to the corridor]
[TG follows him; Dark reaches a dead end]
Dark: So this is how it ends... gunned down by my own tour guide...
TG: So... what do you know?
Dark: Um... you were talking to someone, and you thought I was a moron.
TG: Quit your lying! *wields knife, points it at Dark* Tell me EVERYTHING you know!
Dark: That IS everything I know! I swear! I wouldn't lie to someone with a knife!
TG: ...*puts knife away* ...I see. You know what? I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time.
Dark: Thank you!
TG: Don't put your nose where it shouldn't be. Nosy people don't last long here.
Dark: I understand, sir!
TG: boss says you can go back to your friends. While I don't completely agree with this, I must let you.
Dark: Tell your boss I said 'thanks!'
TG: Listen... I'll teleport you to your friends, on TWO conditions.
Dark: Let's hear 'em!
TG: One: You stop being so nosy. Two: This whole thing, starting with meeting me, NEVER HAPPENED.
Dark: I read you loud and clear.
[the guide teleports him to his friends]
Shade: Dark! Where WERE you?
Dark: I met this guy--- uh.... I mean, I was in the bathroom.
Shade: Well, we don't know where we are. Think you can help?
[Dark looks around]
Dark: ...Nope.
[S.Bonic comes out of nowhere]
SB: You guys are in OMG park; Chao Talk's version of a suicide booth.

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