Saturday, March 15, 2008

*chirp chirp* ....Hi? Uh... ka-boom? Falcon paunch?

[Shade and Dark enter a Zelda-esque dungeon]
[they look at each other, and nod]
[they look at the dungeon, and see multiple deadly traps, and Ganondorf at the end in front of a giant treasure chest]
Shade: Let's go.
[Shade hops around a giant fire trap]
[Dark follows, and dives in front to dodge flaming arrows]
[they grab each other's hand, and Dark flings Shade across a bottomless pit]
[Shade grabs a bottle on the other side and tosses it to Dark]
[Dark drinks it and gains Icarus' wings, allowing him to float across]
[they take a few steps forward, but Shade hops back with Dark as a crusher slams down]
[the two look at each other and stretch their feet]
[the moment the crusher rises, they dash faster than light to the other side before the crushers fall again]
[only one thing remains: Ganondorf]
Ganon: Nice job getting here. However.... you will go no further! Be ready for EVENT # 40! THE. FINAL. BATTLE!
[Bowser and King Dedede join the fight and they roar at Shade and Dark]
[the chao grin at each other, hold their fists behind them, and yell...]
Both: FALCON.............
[the three kings realize the obvious fact that they are screwed, and frown]
[the double Falcon Punch completely KO's the kings, and the chao approach the treasure chest]
[cue Zelda 'chest opening' sequence]
[their hands rise into the air, a latin choir sings, and a single case appears in their hands]
[they lower their hands to look at the game.... and....]
Dark: HALO 3!?
Shade: What the HELL!?
[Dark chucks it into the lava]
Shade: That was stupid.
Dark: For the loss, man. FOR THE LOSS!!
Shade: I guess we'll never find it...
Dark: Yeah. The quest for the holy game was a complete waste...
[Dark breaks into tears]
Dark: It just.... doesn't exist! NOOOO!!!!
[Shade consoles Dark, and looks around]
Shade: ...Dark... look! Over there!
[a bigger treasure chest is right behind Halo 3's]
Dark: Dude!!! How did we not notice that!?
[cue Zelda 'chest opening sequence']
[their hands rise into the air, a latin choir sings, and a single case appears in their hands]
[they lower their hands to look at the game.... and....]
Both: SUPER.... SMASH.... BROTHERS..... BRAWL!!!!!!!!!

The end.

I hope you enjoyed that little short, because I enjoyed making it.

Before you ask, no, Brawl is NOT as good as they say it is.'s TWICE as good. I got it the moment it came out, I beat Subspace Emissary in 10 hours with my brother, I got the last character the day after (Jigglypuff is hard this time), got the last stages the NEXT, and am currently trying to get all 314 songs. I dunno how many I have, but it's not all of them.

Adventure mode? Awesome. I have ALL the cutscenes, which takes at least two play-throughs to do, and have about 6 created stages. CD Factories pwn. Now, why can't I get any CDs?! I NEED THE MARX THEME! IT WILL COMPLETE ME!

Nintendo really came through for me, man. They really did.

The Mario Land Underground theme owns. Really.

In fact, allow me to look up all the greatest songs I've heard so far, just to share the awesomeness!

The Victory Road song was the link at the top. Mario Land Underground 02 Battle (Kirby 64) HOT DAMN, the best Gourmet Race remix I've EVER heard! What the hell, King K. Rool ship deck 2. King Dedede's theme Team Galactic. Y'know, from Diamond and Pearl. 0.0 ....this is the best Mute City remix I've ever heard... Encounter. From Metal Gear Solid. You'll know it if you've played it. Attack, from Fire Emblem 7 (in US, "Fire Emblem") Listen to it. You know what it's called. It's not changed. It's awesome. Nintendo did awesome here. Finally, to cut things short, here is the best Metroid remix I've ever heard. The Brinstar theme.

Hope that's enough awesomeness for ya.

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