Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Been gone a few days, and I still am.

It's DJay again. What's up?

I have a very good reason, well, TWO, for not updating any DCA stuff.

1 (the one I just made up): No feedback. C'MON!

2 (the REAL one): New computer. Don't worry, all the DCA data has already been transferred. Come on, guys, I'm smarter than that. But, this CPU plays games like a race car! Freaking awesome! Plus, I'm currently downloading the first ever Portal demo, "The First Slice." A full eleven levels, apparently. Let me just say that with this new computer, it may take a while before I decide to make anything.

However, let me just say that I have some surprising surprises in my surprising surprise bag. Surprise!

[SFX: Radio turn on]
Male1: As many A-Lifes may know.... it's lonely being made by Sonic Team. Very. Hated by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft fans everywhere!
Female: I recently went to a DVD store, and everyone noticed I was a Nightopian. Suddenly, I was being shot at! I didn't know what to do! It's so lonely being an A-Life...
Male1: Well, recently, we here at Chao Raging Against People have created our own radio station, "Chao Chat!" The only station where Sonic Team createes can join together and just... chat.
Male2: After losing my leg to a Master Chief cosplayer, I decided to tune in to this station. It completely changed my life! I'm never lonely again!
Male1: So, tune in to Chao Chat, at 200.1 FM, to listen to REAL chao and never be alone again!

"Heroes United"
Female (polite): Welcome to the Hero Garden. Welcome.... to the future. The future where we can beam our voices into your radio sets and automobiles. The wonderful hosts at Chao Chat have decided to allow us to keep a line open for all of your input... and output. Output.... from the future. Tune in every day at 7:00 AM until 5, only on 200.1 FM.

"The Dark Show"
Red: Wassup, listeners? Red here, but you can call me "Devilish." I'm here to inform you of the wildest party to hit the gardens-- and YOU'RE invited. Where? Your local radio, at 200.1 FM. When? 5:00 PM until 7 in da morning! What day? EVERY day. We're gonna talk about everything from the Alphabet to Zucrose. ...everything in between, I swear.

"Poker Tourney 08"
[SFX: glass smash]
MS: Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, calm down! Oh, hey. Metal Sonic here, at the 2008 Poker Tournament.
[SFX: group of drunk guys cheer]
MS: Hey, hey, shhh! Guys, we're on the radio! Shut up! Oh, well, uh... every Thursday, at 8:00 PM, the Darks hand the mics over to us to give you the inside scoop on the night's poker game. The game lasts until 9 PM, and someone always loses more than just the game.
MK: He means people get their legs ripped off!
MS: Hey, Mecha, shut up!
[SFX: shove, Mecha crashes into something]
MS: Trust me, this is something you do NOT wanna miss out on. Only on Chao Chat, 200.1 FM!

Female: The following commercial represents a show not suitable for ages 17 and younger.
Red: Ever get tired of the public bull**** they teach you in CPAK? Well, tune in to 200.1 FM every night starting at midnight until 7 AM for some true "politics," if you catch my drift. Hell, once a week, we get some hot girls to come by the station and undress for us. It's WILD, and you do NOT wanna miss this. The Late Nite Darks, only on Chao Chat!

Before you turn on your radio, DON'T. This is not a real radio show they are speaking of, it's only available in DCA's gardens. In other words, it'll be a running gag, as well as some other stuff I won't speak of.

I hope we speak again some time!

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