Friday, January 29, 2010


Wouldja lookit dat? I was bored (read: inspired and hyper) today, so I decided to make a logo for this neat lil' story. Remember it? Professor (She)Shade-on and the Curious Animals? Now, I might eventually add the "and the Curious Animals" part to the logo eventually, but this isn't the Curious Animals logo. This is just the "Professor Shade-on" logo (now with Dark chao emotiball picture! :D). Call it the... "series" logo.

Wait, what series? You may ask. Well... if you check the Official Dark Chao Adventures Book of Faces, you can find out exactly WHAT series. If you don't feel like doing anything right now, then I'll tell you later. Prolly this weekend, if I'm hyper enough to do stuff.

By the way, DCA won't end. :P Yeah. It won't. Season 7 WILL be the final season, though. ..kinda sorta. SPOILER: THE GOOD GUYS WIN LULZ o and soylent green iz peepul

It may take me a bit o' time to get around to finishing the Fear serial, though. :/ Still in Ravenholm, but now I'm working on the three-part Finale to Ravenholm! :D Next chapter's Highway 17. I love that one. ^_^ Whatever, I'm not even working on that one as much.

What ARE you working on, then? You may ask. I'll tell you when I've got a good enough intro to satisfy my hunger for awesomeness.

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