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Enjoy this new mystery. :D

[cut to a gritty hotel lobby]
[at the front desk is Metal Sonic, the robot as cool and as blue as Chuck Norris with frostbite]
[he sighs, picks up a pen, and hands it to a female grey Dark chao]
[the Dark chao signs her name on a sheet of paper and hands the pen to the chao next to her]
[the chao signs it then hands it to the NEXT chao]
[he signs it, and gives it back to the female chao, who hands it back to Metal]
MS: *reads sheet* Alright, Shade... and... Chaosky.. and, uh..... Zay-goo? Zagu. Right.
[Metal searches among the keys in the front desk, and hands one to the female Dark chao]
MS: Well, we can give you room 302. Just take the elevator to the third floor, and.. it's the first door on yer..... left.
[the chao move down the hallway, and into a pod-shaped elevator]
[they ride it upwards to the third floor, and then step out]
[on the way to Room 302, they pass a wasp robot whose room is across the hall]
[the Dark chao finds the room and unlocks the door]
[inside is your average hotel room]
[the three chao look at each other]
[the Dark chao puts on a trilby hat]

[the camera pans through Stardust Speedway Zone, Act 2, a la Sonic CD]
[it stops panning at a giant statue of Doctor Eggman]
[a large sign on the statue reads "Hotel Stardust"]
DJay32 presents...
[the camera shows time progressing, and lots of badniks coming and going from the hotel]
A new mystery in the world...
[Eggman is always seen going in and out every day]
..of Dark Chao.
[one day, Eggman stops leaving]
Professor (She)Shade-on and the Diabolical Hotel

[Mecha Knuckles steps outside, and looks around, curious]
A spin-off tale of Dark Chao Adventures
[he steps back inside]
Starring the female Shade. :D

"Hotel Stardust: Room 302" (3:45 PM - 4:00 PM)

[Room 302]
[close-up of the Dark chao wearing the trilby hat; "Shade" appears on-screen]
(Ka-wik little note: We'll call her "Shade," rather than "SShade" for this series.)
Shade: Well, here we are. Hotel Stardust, just as Mecha requested.
[close-up of a different chao; "Chaosky" appears on-screen]
Chaosky: Speaking of, what did Mecha want? Why are we here?
Shade: I don't know... he just called me up and told me my detective skills were needed again.
[close-up of the other chao; "Zagu" appears on-screen]
Zagu: This place is weird. Awful lot of robots around here.
Shade: Well, obviously this is an hotel for badniks. I mean, what better place for one than in an Eggman statue?
[Shade sets a briefcase down on the bed]
Chy: Yo, Prof. I've been meaning to ask you, what's in the case?
Shade: Just some stuff...
[Shade opens the briefcase, and pulls out a notebook and pencil]
Shade: ..such as my memo pad, and other trinkets. Now, let's go find Mecha.
[they leave room 302]

Shade: Huh? There's someone out here.
[it's a robot version of Knuckles the Echidna]
Shade: Hey.
[close-up of the robot; "Mecha" appears on-screen]
MK: Hey, glad to see you made it!
Shade: Of course. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to help you out, after how you helped me in my last case.
[Shade notices that Mecha is holding a mop]
Shade: What's with the...? *points at mop*
MK: Oh, that? *nervous chuckle* I'm... kinda... the maid around here.
[Chaosky and Zagu laugh; Shade holds back a smile]
MK: Shut up.
Shade:'re doing a good job.
MK: Yeah, very funny.
Shade: So, what's the problem? Why'd you want my help?
MK: Oh, right, that.
[Mecha looks around]
MK: It's too open here. Follow me.
[the chao follow Mecha around the hall into a laundry room]

[it is a regular laundry room, exactly what you'd expect out of one]
MK: Right, well... you see, it's about Eggman.
Chy: Isn't he dead?
Shade: He was, but... eh, people keep coming back to life these days. Just don't worry about it.
Chy: Got it, Professor. ...sorry, Mecha. Carry on.
MK: Thanks. Doctor Eggman is the owner of this hotel, and so, he keeps coming and going from here about every week.
Shade: I take it he gets free food and such?
MK: Yup. Anyway, a while ago, he kinda...
Shade: Stopped coming?
MK: Not exactly. He stopped GOING.
Shade: Did you check the room in which he was staying?
MK: Yeah, but nobody was in there. None of his stuff, either. It was as if he up and left.
Zagu: Yet you say he didn't check out?
MK: Correct. But, that's not the strange part.
Shade: Let me guess. He still shows up every now and then.
MK: About once a day, at exactly 7:25 PM, in the hallway.
Zagu: This sounds like a freakin' GHOST story.
MK: You're tellin' ME. I'm out here at that time every day, too, doin' my routine laundry check, and... ugh.
Chy: Gives ya the jibblies? Do you ask him where he's been?
MK: I try, but he's always walking around a corner, then when I follow him, he's gone!
Chy: Like the G-Man...
MK: An' it's always the same corner, too! The corner that leads up to where the stairs to the fourth floor used to be.
Shade: What happened to them?
MK: The stairs? Ah, we took 'em down. The fourth floor's all storage; we don't use it anymore.
Shade: Does the elevator go there?
MK: Nah, the elevator's for the first three floors only.
Shade: Could Eggman possibly be staying up there?
MK: Nope. First of all, he'd need access to the stairs, which he doesn't. Secondly, we'd hear him, wouldn't we?
[Mecha looks as if he's about to say something, then hesitates]
Shade: Hey.
[Mecha looks at her]
Shade: You were gonna say something. What is it?
MK: Oh, it's.. nothing. Nothing at all.
Shade: I highly doubt that.
MK: Well, I don't! I've told you all I know, so you can go now.
Shade: Alright, fine.
[they leave]

[Mecha grabs his mop and leaves]
[Shade writes something down in her memo pad]
Zagu: Now what, Professor?
Shade: Now, boys... I feel like taking a walk. Come.
[Shade leads the other two through the hallway, and into the elevator]

[Floor 1 Hallway]
[they walk through the hallway, and pass two large double-doors]
[a sign in front says "Not Bad-nik Restaurant"]
[they keep walking]

[Front Office]
[they reach the front office, and find Metal Sonic there]
Shade: Hey, Metal.
[close-up of the blue robot version of Sonic the Hedgehog; "Metal" appears on-screen]
MS: You gonna pay fer the night now?
Shade: Yeah.
[Shade reaches into.. a.. pocket, or something]
[her eyes go wide]
Chy: Prof?
Shade: I seem to have misplaced my cash. Excuse me.
[she backs up, and pulls out her memo pad]

MYSTERY: Misplaced Money
(Mysteries go like this: Professor Shade will give you the run-down of everything, then leave the rest to you.)

"Hmm. I seem to have misplaced the cash required to spend the night here at the Hotel Stardust.
Let me look at the facts.

-We got here.
-We signed into the registry (no exchange of money, but Metal gave me the room key).
-We took the elevator up to the third floor.
-We saw a wasp badnik enter the room across from ours.
-We settled into Room 302, and discussed why we came here (I opened my briefcase and took out my memo pad and pencil).
-We left and found Mecha.
-Mecha led us into the Laundry room.
-Later, we left the room and came back to the first floor.
-We passed the restaurant.
-We arrived at the Front Desk.

Where could my money be? I need that stuff."

(This thing is your walking databank of everything within the story. After a while, it'll get pretty big.)

Notes: (Things the Professor has written in her memo pad during the chapter)
"What was Mecha about to say regarding hearing Eggman?"

Characters: (Any important characters you need to know about in the context of the chapter)
Professor Shade: Female, Dark chao, dons a trilby hat. Incredible detective skills.
Chaosky: Male, third-party chao, made by Invader mLe. The Professor's funny apprentice.
Zagu: Male, third-party chao, made by Scarlet. The Professor's other apprentice.
Metal Sonic: Robot version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Manager of Hotel Stardust.
Mecha Knuckles: Robot version of Knuckles the Echidna. Staff of Hotel Stardust. Friend of Shade's.
Doctor Eggman: Male, unknown age (prolly middle-aged), fat. Owner of Hotel Stardust. Disappears a lot.

Items: (Gadgets, trinkets, stuff like that; stuff the Professor has on her)
Memo pad: You're reading it.
Pencil: A writing utensil.
Trilby hat: The Professor wanted to wear a hat, but top hats are too common these days.

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