Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Book of Faces, Week of 3/7 review

So it turns out that the Dark Chao Adventures Book of Faces was updated a few more times last week than I thought, and with some really behind-the-scenes stuff, too! Stuff not even this blog gets! Then again, only two people (not including myself) are fans of DCA on Facebook, so only two people have access to these things. I don't even know if they paid attention, either.

Whatever, I guess I'll just post the top secret behind-the-scenes info on here.

[cut to a close-up of Shadow (chao)'s face, filled with scorn, anger, depression, and.. other emotions]
[majestic, yet somewhat depressing music plays as the camera zooms out oh-so-slowly]
[as it zooms out, it is revealed that Shadow is wearing a crown, and sitting on a throne]
[he is now a full-fledged Dark/Run chao (albeit green)]
[around the throne are many strange characters]
[as it keeps zooming out, Shadow (voice-over) gives a monologue to the viewers]
Shadow (VO): Well........ there I am. Shadow, the Green One.
King of ALL the land, too. Who'd have thought THAT?
But how did I come to this, I hear you ask?
And who are all those strange fellows that surround my throne, I hear you also say.
Come closer, and I'll tell you.
It's a long story. And it all started.... six months ago.
And what a trip THAT was!
It's what I like to call...
My Green Journey.
[the camera reaches about ten feet away from Shadow; two large doors close on the camera]
["DCA7" appears on-screen in cursive]

Now, TOP SECRET information! Remember DCAHall3? I said I'd make it for 2009, but I wasn't able to? It was gonna be a Left 4 Dead script, too, but I changed that. I've got a much better idea for a Halloween script. I'm gonna be working on it all year. It might not even take place in the future (breaking a beautiful tradition). So far, I've got one scene of it taking place on that highway Shade went on, back in Episode 40. Remember, after he destroyed Aperture Science? Yeah, THAT highway.

Anyway, I can't reveal too much, and I'm Still trying to work on a possibLe promo picture or something... I mean, I'm cErtainly not revealing the bad guy yet. There's a slim chaNce I'll reveal the bad guy in some promotional posts in fall or something... but, there's also a gooD chance I won't rEveal the bad guy at all. Those of you who are smaRt can probably figure out who the bad guy is really quick, then do a Google search, or suMmin'... but, then agAin, people don't even read these posts, aNyway.

Happy Halloween. :P

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