Monday, March 8, 2010


[cut to the Dark Garden, at least 30 years in the future (maybe more)]
[Shade has a cowboy hat, a stubble, and a shotgun]
[he is sitting in a rocking chair, shotgun across his lap]
[his cowboy hat is covering his face, and.. he's sleeping :P]
[as he snores, a loud crash comes from somewhere in the garden]
[Shade jolts up, pointing his shotgun at where the sound came from]
[he looks around, but not a single thing is out of place]
Shade: Oh..... must've been a dream.
[he relaxes]
Shade: I guess I'll... just... rest my eyes a bit more........ *snore*
[he falls asleep again]
[the camera focuses entirely on him as robotic legs are heard moving towards him]
[Shade's eyes open halfway]
?: Thank you for assuming the Party Escort Submission Position.
[Shade then realizes what he's looking at, and faints]
[the screen fades to black]
[noises are heard of something BIG being dragged out of the Dark Garden by a robot]

Coming soon, Projekt: Drattmannc0meth

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