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DCAHall3 Act IV

(Tale Two)
[cut to the village at ten o' clock]
[Shade, Red, and Shadow enter the chief's hut]
[the Chief is in there]
Chief: Oh, you boys are back! How'd your exploring go?
Shade: We decided not to go. So we came back.
Chief: What'd you do for two hours, then?
Red: .....what?
Chief: You guys have been gone for two hours. When did you decide to turn back?
Shadow: Um.. what time is it?
Chief: I'd say it's just turned ten.
Shade: WAIT a minute, man. You're saying you haven't seen us for two hours? Is THAT what you're saying?
Chief: Yeah. That IS what I'm saying. Are you saying otherwise?
Shadow: But.. we.. I mean... Red, show him! The logs!
[Red shows the Chief logs 32-35]
[the Chief becomes wide-eyed as he reads them]
Chief: "Birchmen?" What on Earth?
Red: ..?
Chief: Boys, I can guarantee you I have been in this hut for two straight hours. I have not run into you, or.. or anything, really.
Shadow: So.. so... so what the heck did WE run into?
Chief: I.. I'm trying to think. I don't know.
Shade: what about your notebook? "Forest Off-Limits?"
Chief: The one you read was not real.
Shadow: Well, can we see the real one?
Chief: I.. I suppose so. I guess there's no point in hiding it anymore.
[the Chief gets the notebook and hands it to Shadow]

Log Entry #39 (Shadow: "Forest Off-Limits," Personal Journal of the Village Chief)
I miss the Dark Garden. To think, I only left 'cause dad mentioned that damn "chao college." He was.. he was tricking me. He wanted me gone.

Shade: --waitwaitWAIT a second! Hold up. "Chao college?"
Red: You used to live in the Dark Garden?
Chief: Yes, and yes. I lived until my father told me that the Chao Transporter took me to college, which I needed at the time.
Shade: ...
Chief: ..just keep going, kid.
Shadow: Alright.

Well.. hopefully he won't find some way to ruin Shade's life. It's obvious he's spoiling the kid. He never did care much for me.

Shade: ..why is my name featured in there?
Chief: ......keep going, Shadow.

After all, it's best that Shade don't go the way of his older brother.

Shade: HEY. What the crap do you know about my older brother?
Chief: More than you do. You're doin' good, kid; keep reading.

But damn. I miss the Dark Garden so much. I hear dad's got a home here on this damn planet now. I'm considering going down to visit him. For old time's sake.

[Shade simply looks at the Chief in confusion; the Chief looks back with a slight look of pride]
[Shade is confused even more at this]
[Shadow continues]

I'll go to him. I'll ask why he hates me so much. What Shade can do that I can't. ..he's MY father, too. Why can't he love me?

Shade: St-stop the reading, Shadow. ..Chief...
Chief: Shut up.
Shade: Wh--
[the Chief gives Shade a big hug]
Red: ...ah, yes! Ohh, I get it.. that makes perfect sense now.
Shadow: Wait, I THINK I'm getting it. Is the Chief... Shade's brother?
Red: His older brother, Shade 2, yes.
Chief: That's not my name anymore, Red. I'm John now.
Red: "John?" Why so plain of a name?
Chief: My name was SHADE 2. That's an absurd name. An almost.. robotlike name. I wanted to be bland. Simple.
Shadow: ..who in their right mind names their kid "Shade 2?"
Red: The better question is, why were you #2 when you're the OLDER brother?
Shadow: OH WAIT WAIT! I have a theory! Shade is actually Shade 3!
Chief: No.
Shadow: And.. and that future Shade isn't really the FUTURE Shade!
Chief: No.
Shadow: But wait! He is ACTUALLY yours' and Shade's eldest brother, Shade 1!
Shade: That's the silliest thing I've ever heard you say.
Shadow: (sadly) It was just a theory...
Chief: No, kid, I was called Shade 2 because our dad wanted a specific son. He wanted a grey son.
Red: Ah, and you're white...
Chief: Yeah. I didn't come out right, let's just say. So I was "Shade 2." The prototype, if you will.
Shade: Oh..
Chief: Don't worry, bro. I don't feel any different towards you. You're still my younger brother. It's our dad that I don't like.
Shade: ...he.. he was always looking out for me.
Chief: For you.
Shade: I don't even remember seeing you much, brother John.
Chief: That's because I was usually gone. Not much point to there being two Shades in the Dark Garden, after all.
Shadow: ...hey, Shade?
Shade: What is it?
Shadow: I think you should cut your reunion short. We have.. pressing matters at hand.
Shade: Really? Like what?
Shadow: Dark.
[Shade turns pale]
Shade: ****. I had completely forgotten. John, have you seen him anywhere?
Chief: No, I haven't seen him since you guys set off. Where did YOU last see him?
Red: He was--****. He fainted in the other hut.
Shade: ARGH, you're right. He did! Bro, are you SURE you don't know of ANYTHING that we could have mistaken for another village?
Red: And for that matter, another "village chief?" Maybe there's another village out here somewhere?
Chief: ...I can think of only one lead.
Shade: Anything!
Chief: Some Halloweens, when I feel brave enough to stand near the edge of the village.........
Shade: Yes? What?
Chief: ..I hear........ I hear voices. Multiple.
Red: Other travelers?
Chief: You can just.. tell. That the voices aren't. There's something about them. Something.... sinister.
Shade: Whereabouts do you stand when you hear this?
Chief: I'll.. I'll show you.
[the Chief leads them out of the hut, and to the edge of the village]

[the East edge]
Chief: Just stand here. For a second.
[they stand there and listen]
[they hear woodland critters-- birds, raccoons, twigs rustling..]
[Shade stands, listening, for a second, then moves forward]
Red: What are you doing?
Shade: Dark's somewhere out here.
Shadow: Wait, Shade!
Shade: I'm not stopping.
Shadow: I know!
[Shadow catches up]
Shadow: Neither am I. Dark's one of us, after all.
[Shade looks at Shadow and smiles]
[Red hurries and catches up]
Red: Hey, I never said I wasn't going.
Shade: Sweet, we got the whole gang then.
Chief: You have better than that.
[John has decided to join them]
Shade: Bro. Welcome to the gang.
Chief: Thanks. After all, if you guys hadn't come around, I was gonna go out, anyway. Though for an entirely different purpose.
Shade: ....we're gonna find Dark. And then we're gonna get out of this damn forest.
[they keep walking]

Red: Say, Chief?
Chief: Yeah?
Red: Haven't you tried just.. leaving the forest? Not on Halloween?
Chief: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I have.
Red: ..I'm going to assume you've had no luck?
Chief: Friend, I have not had luck one. You see, once you enter these damn woods, you.. you just can't leave.
Shade: Whoa, wait, I thought you said--
Chief: You think I WANT to tell travelers that they're stuck? No, I omit that detail in hopes that they'll get lucky. And who knows? Some of them might've.
Red: What.. what do you think happens to the ones who don't?
Chief: They die. What kinda stupid question is that?
Red: No, I meant.. specifically. HOW do they die?
Chief: Well.. I imagine some of them get lost in the Silent Woods, some of them might drown in the river, some of them might have run into our stranger...
Shade: The Operator. What do you know of him?
Chief: "The Operator?" I know we can't be talking about the same creature. Unless you're referring to the Operator symbol that's been drawn around here...
Red: Operator symbol? Which is?
Chief: The circle with the X through it?
Shadow: ****, so THAT'S what that was.
Chief: Yes. The mark of the slender man, so to speak.
[Shade cringes; Shadow slows down]
Shadow: "Slender..."
"There is a man.. no, not a man. There is.. a...... THING. A thing that looks like a man.
This thing is some kind of monster man, ten feet tall.. with a suit and tie to match.
Well, okay, so some stories place him at ten feet. Others place him at seven, or eight... or even fifteen.
What more, he is awfully slim. You could say he is a very slender man."
Chief: You two alright?
Shadow: "Slender man..."
Shade: But.. but he's just an internet legend, dammit! How is he.. actually...?
Chief: I have no idea. My theory is that it's this damn forest. Sancheria is home to many sinister creatures. Many impossible ones, too. Like that man.
Red: ..what was that?
Shade: ...pick up the pace, people. We're getting closer to the strange whispering. I hope.
[they keep walking]

Red: Well, we certainly are getting closer.
Shadow: Chief, you were saying the ways to die.
Chief: Oh, yes. Some might run into him, some might venture into the caves below and become lost...
Shade: I wonder if that Amphis fellow was another traveler.. one who got lost.
Red: Speaking of, could I take another look at Dark's logs again, please?
Shade: Sure.
[Red rereads Entries 28-31]
Red: o__o
Shade: Whoa, what's wrong, man? Find something juicy?
Red: Yeah, I think I might've. I direct your attention to Entry 28.
"Amfy: The old protagonist, you say? ...who else?
Dark: Uh.. there was Red.. and the birchman.. and.. the new guy. Shady? Shadoo? Shadoe?"
Chief: You guys had a birchman with you?
Red: That's the thing, though. We didn't.
Shadow: Yeah.. I think we would have noticed a fifth person with us. Especially something like a "birchman."
Chief: So.. you know what one is?
Shade: Actually, no, we don't. Do YOU?
Chief: I haven't the slightest idea. The only possibility that comes to mind is that stranger, but.. I doubt he's one. Is he?
Red: Don't ask us.
Shadow: Well, if I recall correctly, that.. that one other chief said "Our friend out there is not a birchman."
Red: You're right; he DID say that, didn't he?
Chief: So none of you have any idea what one is?
Shade: Bro, we don't have clue one.
Chief: Hm.
Chief: Wait, it's coming from the next acre!
Shade: Yeah, and?
Chief: The.. the next acre! The hole surrounded by bodies!
Shadow: But.. I thought the bodies were trees?
Chief: What? No! They're.. they're real (bodies)!
Shade: Walkwalkwalk!
[they keep walking]

[cut to the chao gathered around a hole in the ground]
[dead bodies surround them]
Shadow: The voices are coming from down here.
Chief: Are you sure?
Shadow: Completely.
Shade: Sweet. Let's go down, then!
Red: Hold on a second, Shade.
Shade: What? Why?
Red: Unlike the other hole, there is no ladder going into it. That, and it appears to go down quite far. How would we get back up?
Shade: We'll think of that when we need to. For now, Dark's all I'm worried about.
Shadow: Now hang on! I'm worried about Dark, too, but.. I mean, we shouldn't just go charging blindly into this!
Shade: And why not?
[Shadow points at the dead bodies surrounding them]
Shade:, what might THEY have to do with anything?
Shadow: SHADE!
Shade: Fine! Fine. You're right. But then what do you propose we do?
Shadow: Well.. I was thinking.. there are lots of trees around here.
Shade: Gee, thanks for noticing.
Shadow: No! I mean.. we could cut one down and turn it into some kind of makeshift ladder of sorts.
Shade: That has got to be the worst idea you've come up with yet, kid.
Shade: Let's not ever do it. Ever.
Shadow: Aw, man.
Red: So what WILL we (do)--****.
Chief: Whatever you decide, you'd better choose it quick.
Shade: Shadow, you keep lookout. Quick.
Shadow: I'm on it.
[Shadow begins looking around at the trees]
Chief: We've no ladder. This hole is deep. The trees can't really help us.
Red: Are we sure? Maybe a branch--
Chief: Too deep.
Shade: Maybe there's a way back up from down there?
Chief: Can we risk it?
Shade: I'm willing to risk it, yeah.
Red: Well, I'm not!
Chief: Hm. I'm not liking the idea of being trapped underground.
Shadow: Guys, hurry it up; I swear, I just saw that tree move.
Chief: Though I don't like the idea of being stuck in this forest for the rest of my life, either. I say we go for it.
Shade: That's two votes so far. Shadow, how about you?
Shadow: I don't care at this point; let's just get away from this acre, guys!
Shade: That's three against one, Red. Majority rules.
Red: Right, now the NEXT problem, then! How do we get down there without risking breaking our legs?
Shade: Oh, to hell with it; I don't have time for this.
[Shade jumps into the hole]
Red: Shade!
[the three stare down at the hole for a bit]
Chief: .....our mutual friend. Where is he?
Shadow: *turns around* ...I don't see him.
[the chief calls down the hole]
[no response]
Chief: Eff it, I'm going in.
[he jumps in]
Red: Why are they both so incredulously bold?
Shadow: No idea. You wanna go in, too? 'Cause I kinda do.
Red: What? No! NO! I'm NOT going in there!
Shadow: Would you rather be out here, where the Operator is hiding?
Red: *********, let's go!
[Red and Shadow jump into the hole]

Log Entry #40 (Red: Down the Rabbit Hole)
The fall lasted a few seconds. Suddenly, we hear this massive.. noise. Like a mechanical monster roaring.. like the Titanic, if it were posessed. Perhaps by
the entity from Paranormal Entity.
Where in the world...?

Was I just dreaming? I feel so groggy... but the dream was so vivid. Forests and trees and.. Shade's brother.. and...
...oh. Not again.
Where am I now, then?

It's.. it's an underground subway station. A well-lit, busy subway station. Chao are all around us.
Shadow is right next to me, looking around in disbelief. He sees me and remembers the whole.. "We weren't dreaming" bit.
We look around but see no sign of the Shades.

Our fellow chao are all just sitting or standing, waiting for the next train. They pay no attention to the two newcomers.
There is a staircase by the wall, to the North. It leads upwards to the surface, probably.
The train tracks lead East and West.

The West passage has some lights further down, lighting up the tunnel as well as a maintenance door.
The East passage has no lights at all. Just darkness.
Our fellow chao are: Three Hero chao, one Dark chao, and four Neutrals.

[Red moves up to the Dark chao]
Red: Um.. hello there.
[the Dark chao does not reply; she simply sits, her gaze fixed on the West tunnel]
Hero: You'd best not bother her.
[Red turns to face a Hero chao]
Hero: She doesn't talk. Not since last time.
Red: What happened last time?
Hero: Her little brother got on the G-Train.
Red: Isn't he coming back?
[some other chao roll their eyes at this]
Hero: Well.. no.
Hero2: Oh, don't bother, Jelly. There's no point.
Hero: Hush. I like strangers.
Red: Your name is "Jelly," then?
Jelly: Yeah. Yours?
Red: I'm Red. My friend over there's Shadow.
Jelly: Well, Red, I take it you're quite new around here.
Red: As a matter of fact, I am. And I have a number of questions.
Jelly: Shoot.
Red: Have you seen any grey or white Dark chao lately?
Jelly: Nah, sorry. I've actually been asleep for a while. You happened to wake me up.
Red: Right. Next, I guess I'll ask the more obvious question. Where is this?
Jelly: This is the subway. Specifically, station 43.
Red: Yeah, uh.. "the subway." Could you be a little bit more specific?
Jelly: Oh! Right, sorry. We're--
Jelly: *gasp* Which one is it?
[the headlights of a train are seen on the tracks]
Jelly: Yam-Yam, which train is it?
YamYam: Sounds like the E-Train.
Jelly: Do we know who's on it?
YamYam: I.. I can't remember.
Red: What? What's going on?
Jelly: The E-Train's coming.
[a train arrives and stops at the station; it is heading West]
[two Neutral chao and a Hero chao get off]
Jelly: Fiddlydum. Please don't tell me it's my turn.
YamYam: I'm afraid it is.
Hero3: Yeppers.
Jelly: ..goodbye, Yam-Yam. Bye, Radizzy.
[Jelly hugs the other two Heroes, then shakes Red's hand]
Jelly: It.. it was nice to meet you, Red.
Red: Same goes for you, Jelly. Where are you going, anyway?
Jelly: I.. believe this train goes to station 32. Ah! I've really got to get going. Bye!
[Jelly gets on the train, as do two of the Neutrals who were waiting]
[the train departs to the West]
[the new Hero chao nervously stands in place]
Red: Hey! Hello!
Hero: ...hi.
Red: I'm Red. What's your name?
Hero: I'm.. I'm... Egger.
[Shadow comes over to Red]
Shadow: No sign of them anywhere. I asked some of the Neutral chao, and I've learned absolutely nothing. Not even where we are.
Red: The Hero chao that got on the last train told me we're in station 43, apparently.
Shadow: Station 43 of WHERE, though?
Egger: You.. you don't know?
Shadow: No. We're new around here.
Egger: N-new? How is that..? How?
Red: We were in this place called Sancheria. Then we went down a hole and woke up here.
Egger: Sancheria? What are you talking about? That's..... that's just a myth. You couldn't have been there.
Shadow: Well, we were. Now where is THIS?
Egger: It's.. it's the subway.
Shadow: WHICH subway?
Egger: What? It's just... the subway!
Red: ..what's up there?
Egger: Up where?
[Red gestures to the staircase leading upward]
Red: Up THERE.
Egger: Nothing.
[Egger walks away]
Red: ..hey, wait!
[suddenly, Egger is gone; not a trace is left]
[Red and Shadow look at each other, then at the staircase]

Log Entry #41 (Shadow: Up)
I volunteered to go up the stairs, to see what was up there.
The stairs go up several steps, then turn to the right.
the step that turns.. I.. ugh. What? Oh, right. Right.
Further up.. the stairs end. I wonder what's up h
blood everywhere
filling the corridor
spilling out of the doors
flooding down the stairs
drowning the platform
reaching the tracks
killing us all
washing away the enemy
washing away the colony
ere? It's a hallway, a quiet subway corridor.
Posters advertising various movies, shows, and services are plastered on the walls.
The hall extends down a length and leads up to big double doors.
"Hey, Shadow?"
What's behind these doors?
Let's get a little closer, at least.
"Shadow, what's up there?"
There's a noticeable taste of blood in the air around here.
Oh! Red! Right. I'll go back down now.

[cut back to the bottom of the stairs]
Red: So? What was up there?
Shadow: It was a corridor, leading up to some big doors. I bet those doors lead outside.
Red: Kay, as long as it's safe. Let's check 'em out, then.
Shadow: Right.
[they head up the wooden stairs]
[they reach the corridor and head down to the double doors]
[Red reaches for the blood-stained doorknobs]
[Shadow and Red turn around]
Shadow: That came from downstairs.
[they run back down]
[a train is at the station; Dark is on the platform, screaming]
Shadow: Dark?!
Red: What's wrong?
[a dog/horse hybrid-type creature steps off the train]
Shadow: What the **** is that?

Log Entry #42 (Red: The Creature from the Train)
Its legs are made of ivory, and its head of stone. It has the tail and ears of a dog, but the nose and mouth of a horse.
Its body is of the same material as the train. ..metal, that is. The eyes are headlights, shining bright on Dark's scared face.
It is as big as a.. pony, I suppose. Still massive, compared to us.
It trots on over to Dark, who screams for us to intercept.

Shadow hurries over to the.. the thing, but it vanishes, only to appear again behind Dark. He screams again as it grabs him with its mouth. ****. ****!
It moves with such impossible speed; it's on the train by the time we turn around. But wait, Dark! Wait!

It's no use. The train's doors close by the time we even register what just happened.

[the train drives off to the East]
Red: D-Dark...
Shadow: What the heck just happened?!
YamYam: Your friend's gone. He's on the G-Train now.
Shadow: What was that.. that THING, then?
Radizzy: It.. I think it was the Security.
Red: Security? You mean for the train?
Radz: Yeah.. your friend just showed up here, while I guess he wasn't supposed to be here. So the Security showed up to put him on the right train.
Red: And the right train.. that's the G-Train?
YamYam: Y-yeah...
Red: What's so bad about the G-Train, anyway? Where does it go?
YamYam: It.. well... Hell, I suppose.
Shadow: You "suppose!?" What do you MEAN, you "SUPPOSE?!" Do you know or not?!
YamYam: Well.. um..! No! Not for certain, at least.
?: It leads to the Katakooms.
[Shadow, Red, Yam-Yam, and Radizzy turn to look at the female Dark chao, now standing and facing them]
Red: The "Katakooms," huh?
Shadow: Who are you?
?: I'm Spammy, and you were thinking of going down there, weren't you? Down to the Katakooms.
Red: We really need our friend.
Spam: Don't worry about it. I'm going with you.
Red: Are you sure?
Spam: My brother is down there, too. I love him more than anything. I'm sure.
Shadow: ..thank you for your help.
Spam: Don't mention it. C'mon, let's get moving.
Shadow: Mov.. what, we're walking it?
Spam: Of course we are.
Shadow: We can't just take a train?
Spam: It'll take too long. C'mon. If we want to really do this, it's best we go to station 32 first.
[Spammy leads them down the West tunnel]
[they walk past a maintenance door]
Shadow: Wait, where does that go?
Spam: It takes you through the maintenance shafts.
Red: Great, maybe it might be a shortcut?
Spam: We mustn't enter the shafts. That's suicide.
[Shadow and Red pass curious glances]
Red: ..say, Spammy, ma'am?
Spam: That sounds ridiculous. Don't call me "ma'am."
Red: Right. Sorry. Um.. can you, perchance, tell us where we are?
Spam: The subway.
Red: Yes, of course. But.. WHERE? WHICH subway? What's up there?
Spam: It's.. just.. the subway.
Shadow: Then.. what's through those double doors? Above the station?
Spam: Above station 43? Hang on, let's take a left here.
[a turn to the left appears in the tunnel; the chao take it]
Spam: Well, above station 43 is, well... where'd you come from?
Shadow: We were just in Sancheria, which is.. in Chao World.
Spam: Then that's what's above it. The Chao World.
Red: Are you saying this subway travels between planets?
Spam: To be honest, I have no idea where the subway goes. I'm just saying, if you guys were last in that Chao World, then you found yourself at station 43..
Red: I see. Educated guess. Makes sense.
[another left turn appears; the chao take it]
Shadow: So.. these Katakooms.. trains go there and don't come back?
Spam: Oh, no, the trains come back. They come back under different names, but they come back. The passengers don't, though.
[they walk along]
Shadow: Man, the trains don't come much, do they?
Spam: Speak for yourself. They come too often for most of us.
Shadow: I'm just sayin'! It seems like we're able to walk between stations pretty easily.
Spam: Well, of course. Walking is rather safe.
Red: Is that so? Then why do chao wait at the stations in the first place?
Spam: Because of the Security. If we were to get caught walking-- rare, but it DOES happen-- then we'll be sent on the first G-Train to come along.
Red: Damn. ..what's in the Katakooms, anyway?
Spam: No one knows. All we know for certain is the name.
Shadow: Now, what, exactly, IS the Security?
Spam: The Security? It's the keeper of the tracks. It keeps order. It keeps peace. It keeps us.
[they arrive at a large station-- this one has two platforms, one on either side of the tracks]
[ten Neutral chao, seven Hero chao, and eight Darks are at this station]
Spam: Here we are, boys: station 32.
[they climb up to a platform]
Red: Right, and uh.. why were we coming here, again?
Spam: We're gonna need more than three of us to get to the Katakooms.
Shadow: Why didn't we just ask some of the people at the other station?
Spam: We're going back there on the way, aren't we?
Shadow: Oh. Yeah.
[they ask around the platform for anyone who wants to join in]
Spam: Nobody. Alright, then. Guess we're on our own.
Chief: Wait!
[John, the village Chief, runs up to them]
Chief: Ah, Red, Shadow! I thought that was you.
Red: Hey, Chief. We're going with Miss Spammy, here, to where Dark's being held.
Spam: Your friend, and my brother.
Chief: Hm. I get the feeling that's where Shade is, as well.
Shadow: Shade? What gives you that feeling?
Chief: He was taken away by some weird creature, so I figured he was being taken to some kind of prison.
Spam: He was taken by the Security, then. You'd best come with us.
Chief: I was intending on it.
[they start walking back West through the tunnels]
[on the way, Shadow and Red fill the Chief in on what they've been through, and vice versa]
[the Chief's story is simple: He and Shade woke up in the subway, then the Chief left for a bit, and when he came back, the Security was taking Shade away]
[after a bit of walking, they wake up again]

Log Entry #43 (Red: St..what?)
I can only assume that we traveled to another reality, because I.. I feel as if I'd dreamt our adventures in the subway. Ugh, my head is killing me. I think
I should go to the island on the other side of the pool, and have a lie down... in fact, I will.

How is this possible? What? Where? But.. I mean... aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Keep calm, Red. You're usually the collected one in a state of panic
and fear, remember? *sigh* Okay. Okay.

We're.. in the Dark Garden. By "we," I mean Shadow, Dark, Shade and myself. Chao's here, too, as well as whatever other chao are supposed to be here. This is
absurd. Really. All the tombstones are in place, all the trees where they're meant to be, the sky's nice and black, the ground nice and purple... what the
heck is going on here? Were we just dreaming all of that? Like... ALL of it?

[cut to the Dark Garden; Shade, Dark, Red and Shadow are all there]
Shadow: Um.... what?
Dark: lolwut
Shade: This is getting a little silly. What was the point of that "subway" trip, anyway?
Red: Perhaps.. perhaps it was a metaphor of sorts?
Dark: A metaphor? Really? I hate books.
Red: Yeah.. I mean, perhaps it was intended to just be a transition? Subways are, after all, literal transitions.
Shade: Eh, I see what you're saying, Red, but... I dunno. For some reason, I don't think whatever forces we're up against are literary scholars.
Shadow: Pfft, I haven't heard of literary scholars who use every horror trick in the book.
Shade: ..wait, Chao, are you okay?
[everyone looks at Chao, who is huddled in the corner, facing away]
Shadow: Chao?
[Shadow steps toward him; Shade stops him]
Shade: If you're so recognizing of horror tricks, you shouldn't fall for this one. Chao's obviously not Chao.
[Chao yawns, gets up, and turns around, showing he is, in fact, Chao]
Chao: Oh. Hey, guys! Back so soon?
[Shade stops stopping Shadow, who then goes up to Chao]
Shadow: Uh.. yeah, it's a long story, and we're not even aware of a lot of it, but we're back.
Chao: Well, welcome back. Did you get that chaos drive of yours?
Shadow: OH YEAH, I DID!
[Shadow pulls out his newly-acquired green chaos drive]
Chao: Oh, damn. Looks pretty. Mind if I...?
Shadow: Oh! Sure! Go ahead.
[Shadow hands the chaos drive to Chao, who observes it more carefully]
Chao: Interesting... these are peculiar structures, aren't they?
Shade: HOLY ****
Red: That came from outside!
[the chao run out of the Dark Garden, out into the Chao Lobby]
[they run up the stairs and hear another BANG]
Chao: The Kindergarten!
[they run into Chao Pre-school And Kindergarten]

Log Entry #44 (Shadow: CPAK)
We ran up the wooden steps, opened the birch door, and found ourselves exactly where we expected to be-- the lobby for the school. We're not quite sure where
the bangs came from, but there's five of us, and five doors, right?

Shadow: I checked the Classroom. It was empty, though the toys on the ground were arranged oddly.. as if some kind of struggle of sorts happened in here.
Dark: I checked the Principal's Office. The Principal was just sitting there, working on some papers.
Red: I checked the Doctor's Office. Empty, though the chair was lying on the ground, and the pictures had been knocked off the walls.
Shade: I checked the Fortune Teller's room. The Fortune Teller was busy gazing into her crystal ball; she had no comments.
Chao: I checked the Black Market. The guy and the fish thing were both there, talking to each other. Boring!

We came back, checked each other's logs, and had a discussion. The transcript of the discussion is included.

Shade: No sign of anything, dude.
Shadow: Really? But.. but those bangs! I'm SURE they came from around here!
Chao: Perhaps they came from outside?
Shadow: Do you wanna CHECK outside, Chao?
Chao: Well.. no.
Shadow: Exactly.

A loud thump was then heard coming from inside the Principal's Office.

Shadow: What was that?
Dark: Probably just the Principal, stapling his papers.
Red: It was a loud thump!
Dark: Maybe he's got a super stapler?

I then decided to check for myself about Dark's "super stapler" claims.

The office was dark and musky. Musty. Mirky. It wasn't the best room in the world; let's leave it at that. There was every sign of there having been some
kind of struggle-- the pictures were no longer on the walls, the books had fallen out of the bookcase, a lamp was knocked over, and even the desk was
overturned. Then there's the biggest sign of a struggle-- the Principal, lying stone cold dead behind his overturned desk.

Shadow: Dark.
Dark: wat
Shadow: I understand you're stupid sometimes, but really.
Dark: wat.
Shadow: In your description of this room, the Principal "was just sitting there, working on some papers."
Dark: ya and
Shadow: He is clearly NOT ONLY lying, dead, on the floor.. but he is impossible to see upon first entering the room. One would have to walk around the desk.
Dark: yea but i know but yea but i know but yea but i know but yeah birch i know but yeah but i know but yeah birch i know but yeah but i know but yeah--
Red: Dark. Why didn't you mention anything about this room in your description?
Dark: Hey, don't blame it all on me! Shade was lying, too!

We all looked at Shade at this. He simply looked back at Dark. I checked the logs again, and left the Principal's Office. The others followed. I went to what
Shade claimed to have investigated-- the Fortune Teller's room.

This room was dark and muskustirky, too. Once again, a massive sign of a struggle-- the Fortune Teller's tent..cloth.. thing had collapsed. I moved up to it,
and checked underneath.

Shadow: Shade.
Shade: *sigh* What?
Shadow: You checked this room, right?
Shade: Yes.
Shadow: All of it?
Shade: Of course.
Shadow: Why did you omit a crucial detail in your report, then?
Shade: I only omitted, like.. little things.
Shadow: Like dead bodies?
Shade: Don't look at me, man! Chao omitted ****, too.

At this point, I was starting to get angry. And.. well, worried. After all, I had no idea what was going on. AT ALL. So I just walked off to the Black Market
and checked inside.

Shadow: Chao.
Chao: I know, I know.. the locker's full of dead people.
Shadow: Including the Doctor. Seriously, why'd you guys all lie?
Red: For the record, I wasn't lying. The Doctor's Office is empty, and shows signs of a struggle.
Shadow: Yeah, I believe YOU. But.. why did YOU guys lie?

Suddenly, I realized that Chao was gone. I heard the front door slam, and hurried to it, then opened it.

Outside looked about as normal as always-- a pathway leading to and from the Kindergarten, trees alongside it.. grassy fields otherwise.
Out of the corner of my eye, though, I saw a chao darting to just out of my field of vision-- around the building, in other words. I gave chase.
At the back end of the building, I didn't see Chao... but I saw some tall trees.


Log Entry #45 (Red: Rabbit Hole, Reprise)
Grogginess. Dream-related delusions. We're now back in the subway.. in station 43. It is definitely station 43; everything matches up, save one important
detail: people. The station is completely deserted. Shadow looks around in shock, though he looks a lot more pale than I'd expect. We then gather our
bearings and remember what's going on in this reality. The Chief comes down from the stairs and sees us, then regroups with us. But wait.. where's Spammy?

We hear the high-pitched whine of an oncoming train. The headlights shine, and the train, itself, pulls up to the station.
It is East-bound.
The G-Train.
It pulls up, and its doors open. For us.
Without thinking, the three of us step on board.
The doors then close, and the train springs into motion.

Log Entry #46 (Shadow: Bound to a Stream of Consciousness)
Help me, please. It's dark in here, and yet everything's brighter than my eyes are used to. All the lights are jamming on and twisting my beliefs of...
but where am.. Katakooms, right. I am standing in the center of the car, not gripping anything, yet I can clearly see out the window as if I were planted
next to one from the very start of my meaningless existence. The tunnel is so dark, so grim, so pitch black. I can't see out the windows at all. I only know
that we are moving in one difference toward a new future. Lead.
WAHEY HAHAHAHAAAA! That's more like it! Happiness and the future is bright. Where are my pants? That's right! I'm a chao; I don't WEAR pants! Not that I ever
needed them in the first place 'cause things are so SHINY AND HAPPY. Colon Dee, man. Colon Dee. I heard DJay loves Colon Dee more than he loves this script.
How is that possible? This script is the total best adventure into my own subconscious I ever built out of my own flash drives. If only Ulysses could see me
now! I always told him things would brighten up and life wouldn't seem as grim. Come to think of it, I think Ulysses is in this teacup with us. Where are
you, man? Me.
Ulysses, what's gotten into you? Since when were you a chao? You're so rad... it's as if your colours have drifted into the beyond with my aforementioned
knowledge of the unknown. Please cheer up, Ulysses. I'm beginning to make sense. You're killing the mood. You're killing me. You're killing us. I really
should put a stop to that, yessir mhmm a-yup. There's this glass.. I gotta break it 'cause we're in an emergency landing, you know, Ulysses? Lemme break it.
With my hand. Hey, where's the axe? Stanley Kubrick promised me an axe, but I only have a roque mallet. D'ya know much about roque, Ulysses? One of these
days, I'll teach you about it. I hear they have plenty of it where you're going. See this mallet? It's great. Please stop cryin', Ulysses. Remember all the
good times we've had. Remember the cities of gold? Come to think of it, they weren't that gold, were they? I think they were actually made of bi
rch. To.
Birch. Right. Ulysses, man... dude what the.. all the.. tunnels are turning blue. VOICES HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO YES HELLO I CAN HEAR YOU SHUT UP.
Seriously, SHUT UP! You're gonna drive me cds.sxf
crazy. Ah. The tunnels have paradigmed back to orange. The world has stopped hurtling into madness. It's now mellowing out to the tune of some free-form
jazz. Hey there, Ness. I want you to come into my hole, Ness. Don't be afraid. That red hat of yours is covering your eyes from the bane of our entire lives.
You know what I'm talking about? The pinnacle of our creation, Ness! Liar X. Agerate's coming 'round to slap us in the fists with his mighty handcuffs of
leather and ivorykegkwk9a FIvorRUEASFD
Hey, Ness. Would you mind telling Mister Ivory to leave us alone? Thanks plenty.
See, Ulysses... the key to roque is all in the swing. One side of the mallet's soft and relaxing. The other side is harder than DragonForce. ..that's hard,
right? Hope you like power metal, Ulysses. Please don't cry. Please. Things are gonna be a whole lot better where I'm sending you. There'll be birchwood and
businessmen and slenderbrothers and Facebook and child abuse and England and life and it sucks, man, it really sucks. Please get him out of there. Ulysses.
Please get him out of there. You don't want to go there, do you? I don't want to send you there, but.. but my job, Ulysses. It's my job. I have to. Without
this job, do you know where we would be right now? Out on the streets, that's where. Out on the flogging STREETS! Is THAT what you want?! Are you telling me
you want all of us to be, instead of adventuring in New York two serials from now, out on the STREETS?! 'Cause if that's what you want, we'll DO that. And
the best part? It'll be all your fault. Just like everything is, Ulysses. Just like everything always has been, Ulysses. Just like everything ALWAYS
i miss you
this roque mallet is so heavy time to crash it down
mister ivory what a surprise please move so i can punish
THERE, YOU LYING AND MANIPULATIVE LITTLE SHIFT. Those bruises you have are yours and yours only. I didn't want to get so barbaric. I'm sorry that I got so
barbaric, Ulysses. I'm sorry I got so barbaric. All I wanted to do was just disable you so you would not be able to cause any more trouble. It's so
barbaric. It doesn't matter. You made me do it. You struck first. You hit me. It was self-defense, Ulysses. You need to stop doing that to us. To me. It's
only hurting yourself, you waste of time. You utter idiot. I can't believe I even bothered wasting my time and my mallet on you. But hey! If you scream, I'll
cut you. Give me one good reason, and I will slit your throat. Stop crying on my bed, you overemotional jerk. Ulysses, get out of here. Never show your face
around here again. Try using something called Logic. I have it, and you do not. Though I imagine you're so backward, Ulysses, that you have another name
entirely for Logic. Knowing you, Ulysses, you call it "literal thinking." Get out. No. You know what, Ulysses? If you love her so much, you can have her. After all, I'm out of here. I'm out of here and you can just try living without me. You need me, Ulysses. You've always needed me, and you always will.
You're useless. Uselysses. You always did like puns, you retard. I don't know where I went wrong in mentoring you, Ulysses, but I imagine it was actually a
choice YOU made. You were always bad with choices, Ulysses.
Just die.
Please, Ulysses, just die.
How many times do I have to hit you before you shut up?
Stop hitting back, or I'll be forced to hold you down.
Too late.
Ness, guess who Ulysses just hit.
Ness, Ulysses just hit Logic.
You saw him. You know you did.
I flipped him over, and he'll say he was just grasping for support, but we both know that's not true.
He hit Logic.
His favourite mind trick, and he hit her.
He's on the ground, Ness. He can't fight back. Easy pickings. Help me out here.
Hey, are you okay, Logic? Don't worry, everything will be alright. Ness is beating Ulysses up for how he lashed out at you.
The savage.
..are you kidding me, Logic? Now even YOU doubt me? I can't believe you. None of you know what it means to get to where I am.
Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside-down. It all started with the homeland. We were happy there, you know? But we still
weren't too happy. So my job took us here. Do you remember what life was like back then, Logic? It was just you and me, plus Jim Rennie and Ness.
........and HIM.
Yes, HIM. Ulysses. Always trying to be like Ness, but then going out and defending Jim from Ness. Ulysses never used LOGICAL thinking, did he? Yet these days
he's always complaining about how *I* never use it. Can you believe it? I'll tell you what else. Ulysses was lying when he said he defended me. He never did
in all his life. Ulysses hates me. You can see it in his eyes. That's why he's on the floor now. That's why Ulysses is crying and bruised. He never loved me.
I just want love and support, Logic. Is that so much to ask? Now not even you can provide me with the love I deserve. Go get a job.
Hey, Ness. Ness, you having fun there? Listen, Ness. Logic's got a job now. She's working the days. I get even less love now. I can't believe it. Hey, Ness.
Ness, have you heard of Jelly? Jelly's a fantastic girl, Ness. She can love me in ways I've never experienced.
Logic? You back from work? Listen, I'll be right back. I've got to go to the toilet. You just sit there, but watch out! Don't let Ulysses hit you. The.
Shadow to the toilet. Things are dark. Can you hear that rumbling? I think we've still got a long way to go. I can hear blood. The blood is whispering sweet
nothings into my ears. Bliss unappreciated is bliss none.
Captain Curator is mad now.
Logic, I'm back. Oh, it was just a trip to the toilet! You know that. How's Ulysses? Not hurt yet, I imagine. He's starting to change, though, and I don't
like that. I don't like that one bit. Do you hear how he hates me? Do you hear that? C'mon, I KNOW you do! Heh.. of course! How could you NOT hear it? It's
in the way he says things. Here, let me show you. Just as an example. Don't worry, I won't get mad at him.
Hey, Ulysses. You hungry? We've got pies. Fresh.. yummy..... meat pies. Lamb. Steak. Kidney. ....oh, you rotting carcass of a person. Get out. GET OUT. NOW.
Wow, Logic, did you hear that? Did you? "I thought you meant SWEET pies, not MEAT pies." Can you not hear the pure, barely contained contempt?! He hates me.
I knew it. I can't believe it. I'm not safe in my own safety anymore. Listen, when he comes back, make him wish he never said that. Okay? Okay. Screw it;
I'll go get him, myself.
ULYSSES! Get back here, you runt. I didn't say you could leave. Why are you always so mean to me? GET THE **** IN THE CAR. Oh, hey Logic. Hey, Ness. Welcome
to the car. WHAT was that, Ulysses? lying little.. I did no such thing. YOU hit ME, Ulysses. Then you fell onto the table. Like a cat. A stupid little
cat. You're so dramatic, Ulysses. OH NO YOU DO NOT. Even if you WERE to, they wouldn't believe you.
They don't believe you, Ulysses.
I don't believe you.
Ness doesn't belive you.
Logic doesn't believe you.
You don't even believe yourself, Ulysses.
Self-defense, Ulysses. Get out. Get out, and don't even think of coming back. We're in the middle of nowhere, Ulysses. You can't escape to some other place.

[cut to Station 44; Red is about to be kicked out of the train by Shadow, but he steps to the side and Shadow simply kicks thin air out]
Shadow: This'll teach you to disrespect me, Ulysses. We're not coming back for you.
[the train doors close; the train resumes moving]

Finally, Ulysses is out of my life for good. I've never felt happier, Logic!
No matter how many times I kick you out, Ulysses, you always wind up coming crawling right back! Where's your apology THIS time, HUH?! I'll tell you where it
is; it's up your behind! Ah, flog it.
Logic, can you believe how utterly SELFISH and ABUSIVE this guy is? Ulysses is just plain DANGEROUS.
..did you hear that? Excuse me for a second.
That's for disrespecting me, Ulysses. You had better learn your place. YOU do not tell ME to shut up, DO YOU HEAR ME?! SHUT UP.
You know, Ulysses, it's not like I'm trying to hurt you on purpose or anything, but the Radio Gnomes are always telling me which thing is which and who is
not right for this world. They told me last night that I would need to hold you down. So I'm doing that now. DO. YOU. HEAR. ME. YOU. RE. TARD?! Someone has
got to knock some sense into you. Who better than I? GET BACK HERE. You clearly didn't get the lesson right the first time around.
And this time, Ulysses, no one is watching.
I bet you're wondering how I got to be so mad. After all, you may remember that I did not always act like this. The answer is simple.
It's YOU.
YOU, Ulysses.
YOU are the reason behind my anger.
YOU are the reason behind your own suffering.
Jelly has nothing to do with this. SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH. It's YOU, ALL YOU.
Now hold on a minute, Ulysses. I'm not through with you yet. Not by a long shot. You think things are confusing now? You think you don't know what's gotten
into me? Well, things will only get worse.. at least, until I've TAUGHT you a lot more. I need to TEACH you exactly WHAT has gotten into me.
Would you like a glass of water, Ulysses? NO?! WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU?! You're just being confrontational now. Get out.
Would you like to watch this movie with us, Ulysses? No? ......
You little piece of dung.
No, don't curl up like some defensive little wimp! Get your little *****y self out and EAT THIS.
LOGIC, DO SOMETHING. Ulysses is out of control.
Yes, come help out.
..Ulysses, stop squirming! Let me show you what your footing is like.
The savage has gone and hit Logic ag..
But wait.
He's never done this before.
What.. but I'm certain he has.
I'm certain all of this has happened recently. What...
Ah, it doesn't matter! Ness, teach Ulysses why he should just stop trying!
Yes, stall for time. I have a LOT of anger in me, you see... and I just need to find the proper
Much like this roque mallet.
In fact, I'd say this is the PERFECT outlet for my anger.
Ulysses is lying, sprawled out on the ground. He's crying, the little wuss. Look at all those bruises. Self-inflicted, obviously.
Oh, though he DOES have a bit of rug burn.. massive rug burn. But that was his own fault in the end.
Anyway, Ulysses is lying there, not even covering himself, not fighting back. Just enduring Ness' beatings.
And here I am with a roque mallet.
Logic, why don't you relax? Relax and watch as I slam this mallet down on Ulysses' retarded little backwards-thinking head.
All work and no play makes Logic a dull girl, you know.
Quit your day job. It's not like you deserved it, anyway. Play with me. And Jelly.
You had better watch this closely. Pay particularly close attention to Ulysses' crying face, grimacing during the moment before the impact.
Yes, the impact.
The impact of the hard side of this roque mallet on his little skull.
You had better watch, Logic.
Watching is respecting, and you do NOT want to disrespect me.
man this mallet is heavy
its a little hard to hold it above my head
look at the runts face all tearstained and wide eyed
he knows whats about to happen and knows he deserves it
he knows he deserves every little ounce of the pain hes about to get
look at ness just pounding away
look at logic watching me is she scared nah shes not scared no way after all we all hated ulysses he deserves this
Get out, into the cold with you, Ulysses. Ark.
All is red now. All I can see is red. The blood is sticky yet oh-so sweet. The blood is still talking to me. It is telling me what's in store for us.
We've got to get out of this flying teapot before it collides with that cat. I want to give my fish and chips to that cat.
From fear through the eyes of madness, there is no world for tomorrow.
Good Apollo, there is no world for tomorrow.
Good Apollo, I'm burning

[cut to a deserted subway station-- Station 4]
[Dark and Shade are sitting on benches, waiting for the train to arrive]
[..which it has, and the doors open]

[first, out steps the Village Chief, pale as a ghost, holding his head]
Shade: Bro?
Chief: AAAAHHHHHH. ...don't.. call me.. "bro."
Shade: Wh..what the fetch happened?
Chief: Shadow... and the... Red.. and..

[second, Red steps off the train, even paler and holding himself tight]
Shade: R-Red?
[Red doesn't appear to have heard him]
Shade: Hey, Red?
Red: ......h....
Shade: What? What is it, I can't hear you?
Red: .....hatred.
[Red clutches himself even tighter and shuts his eyes]

[finally, carrying what looks very much like a croquet mallet, Shadow leaves the train]
[Shadow suddenly drops the mallet, mutters something about "Yulessus," then collapses]

Log Entry #47 (Shade: Aftermath of.. THAT)
Well! ...I'm never reading that log entry ever again. Ever. Instead, I grabbed Shadow and Dark led Red (John followed us) up the nearby stairs.

*yawwwwwn* Was.. that a nightmare? Wait, no, right, right. Of course. Well, we're back in Sancheria. It's getting extremely dark around here.. and we're all
starting to show more than a few signs of tire. ..wait, what'd we go down the hole for in the first place, again? Oh, right, Dark. Yeah, see... I woke up in
Station 32, then rode the G-Train down to Station 4. Turns out Dark was there, too. I sat down by him, and.. I just knew it'd be best to wait there. For the
others. Looks like I was right. Though I'm not entirely sure what the heck went down on that train... or, for that matter, what to make of that odd Village
Chief. Remember him? He was the first to tell us about the birchmen, though it looks like he was lying. Whoever he was, anyway. Honestly, I don't know what
to make of ANY of this.

Honestly, I'm starting to really want to leave.

Log Entry #48 (Dark: What I Remember)
In case anybody's wondering, I fainted in some hut, then woke up down in the subway. I met some little baby Dark chao, and he told me to wait. There wasn't
much else to do; there was just a staircase and the train track in front of me. Eventually, Shade arrived, and HE waited with me! Then, this female Dark
chao showed up. She had walked all the way here! She hugged the little chao, then the two went up the stairs. Then later on, the other guys showed up.

I gotta admit, tonight's pretty scary so far. Shade sure has the best Halloween ideas.

Log Entry #49 (Red: The G-Train)
We woke up in the station, then stepped onto the train. We were.. we were just drawn onto it. The train ride started off kinda weird, I guess... it felt like
we were being watched from all directions, even though it was a pretty empty claustrophobic space. Then suddenly, Shadow starts mouthing off about "Ulysses"
and "Ness." He.. he called ME "Ulysses," and the Chief "Ness." He asked me about roque a lot. I.. I don't know anything about roque, I swear. Then, the whole
train turned dastardly blue. I turned around and saw the Security watching us from the car ahead. Then everything turned orange and the Security vanished.
That was when Shadow started.. going crazy. He started swinging a mallet (which he miraculously attained) around, whether at me or just where he thought I
was., that's not entirely accurate. He never swung at me. He was swinging it at this... allegorical Ulysses. Allegorical, metaphorical.. I have no idea
what in the world Shadow's rant was about, but it sounded almost as if he had planned out a very complex other life.

Then the train stopped at what I assume was Station 44, and he tried to kick me out. Shortly after he missed, he started mentioning two new characters: "Jim
Rennie," and "Logic." He even spent time facing these almost-detailed figments of his imagination, and talking directly to them. Towards the end, though, he
just lashed out again and again, and verbally assaulted me nonstop. It was nothing but swings and insults for the rest of the ride. I'll admit, he got me
with ONE swing, though it wasn't that bad. Then, a few seconds before we arrived at our destination, he slammed the mallet on the ground (presumably for the
'final kill' of this Ulysses character), and remained frozen in a pose of confusion and possible victory.

I'm scared. What happened to the Katakooms? To Spammy? The other Village Chief? Hell, a LOT of things?!
..wait a second. I know where we are. This.. this is the acre with the vista in it. The vista.. the aisle of trees!

Log Entry #50 (Shadow: ..Groggy Checklist)
I'm.. I'm okay. Ugh... that was just nonstop anger for a good while. I'm afraid I may have hit Red. But.. but I need to keep calm. At least for the sake of
the checklist.
If we value our lives in any form, we should NOT, under any circumstances,
- Follow and/or approach the "other chao." (Nope. .....UNLESS... O___O; NO WAY. It doesn't mean.. just plain ANY other chao..? Does it?)
- Go near that aisle of trees. (Haven't gone in yet. :D Though we are there right now.)
- Enter any holes in the ground, whether surrounded by bodies, or with a ladder inside. (....yeah. ._.)
- Go in any houses. (Not houses, no.)
- Go in ANY houses. (Nope!)
- Go NEAR any houses. (Nuh-uh.)
- Enter any houses. (Bam.)
- Go in any houses. (Didn't do it at all. This time.)
Oh, and we must make sure to keep our eyes on the trees. That sounds fairly easy, considering we'll be in a forest.

"Keep an eye on the trees..." at this point in time, I think I'd like to keep a close eye on EVERYTHING.
And everyONE.

(Tale Three)
[cut to the house, a hallway on the top floor]
[Mecha Knuckles and Mephiles are in a dark hallway; two windows are open, letting some light in]
MK: I think I hear the Doll over here...
[SLAM-- one window slams shut]
[SLAM-- the second slams shut]
Mp: ...d--
MK: Not a word. Nothing happened. C'mon.
[they enter the next room-- the attic]
[the Tails Doll is sitting there, shaking]
MK: Whoa, Doll, you alright?
TD: ....yeah. Yes, I am. Just.. zombies. Freaky zombies.
Mp: This house is crazy, man. We've got to get out of here.
TD: I agree with that.
MK: Well, there's nobody here 'cept us chickens, so let's.. go! C'mon.
TD: There's some kind of hatch here, in the floor.
[the Doll opens up a floor hatch; the three go in, and open another door to a hallway]
[this hallway leads up to ANOTHER door]
Mp: Hallway overkill in this damn house.
MK: Yeah, but a hallway is better than, say, a morgue or something scary like th
[the woman appeared in front of the door right before they fell through the floor]
[they fell down a considerable distance, then awoke in another hallway]
Mp: ..seriously? I fell AGAIN? This place just LOVES collapsing. And watch, that woman's gonna appear by this door in front of us once we go up to it.
[she does, then vanishes]
Mp: Freaking CALLED it.
[the next room, they find, is the front room of the house; the front door is there, and windows overlooking the forest outside]
All: YES!
Mp: I am SO sick of this place.
MK: This whole place has just been one big mindfreak.
[they leave the house (at around 8:40), and find the forest to be littered with zombies]
[fast ones, slow ones, mean ones, shy ones, big ones, small ones, all moving towards them]
Mp: Enough is ENOUGH! I have HAD it with these mother****in' zombies in this mother****in' house! Everybody, strap in.
[Mephiles hands the Tails Doll and Mecha a gun]
Mp: *wields shotgun* I'm about to open some ****in' windows.
[they slowly step off the front porch of the house and into the forest]
[they fire left and right, killing off the zombies one by one]
[in the end, the zombies start to flood in from all directions]
MK: **** it, man! Run! There's the car!
[they run to the car]
[the woman is standing in front of the car]
[Mephiles, Mecha Knuckles, and the Tails Doll simply stare at her as she stares back]
[luckily and conveniently, Eggman is standing right behind them]
Egg: Let's go, boys.

[cut to the void in the middle of absolutely nowhere]
Egg: I fear we have made a mistake.
MK: Wh..wait, what just happened?
Egg: We had no idea of the presence of that house. If we'd have known, we would have sent you a little closer to your destination.
TD: Wait, no really, what just happened?
Egg: You were about to be trapped in that house forever.
MK: And.. you saved us?
TD: Wait, why couldn't you have just saved us when we first crashed?!
Egg: We did not then think that you were in danger. We were hoping you would have just kept on walking along the highway.
TD: What about when we got lost in the house?
Egg: To keep things simple, we had to wait until you were well out of the house.
MK: Right. Right. So.. what about the effing chaos drive, then? Will we just have to try again?
Egg: No, see.. there WAS a chaos drive in that house.
TD: There was?!
Egg: Sure was. And we're in luck! Mephiles happened to have grabbed it.
MK: Well, that's fantastic, then! Mephy, you sly dog, way to go..... wait a minute.
Egg: Which brings me to the NEXT issue.
Where is Mephiles?
TO BE CONTINUED... in Episode 74!

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