Sunday, October 31, 2010

DCAHall3 Act V

(Tale Two)
[cut to the aisle of trees, eleven o' clock]
[Shade, Dark, Red, Shadow, and the Village Chief are gathered around]
Shadow: R-Red? I'm.. sorry about--
Red: It's fine. Really. Don't.. don't mention it, please.
Shade: SO, then! The aisle of trees.
Chief: It's different.
Shade: It is?
[the giant grey tree that used to be in the aisle is gone]
[and at least half the trees have faces etched onto them by now]
Red: What if.. these are the birchmen?
Chief: Nonsense. If these were our mystery baddies, I'd have died years ago.
Shade: What's down there, anyway?
Chief: .....a house.
Red: It isn't, by any chance, the huge mansion we spotted past the Silent Woods, is it?
Chief: As a matter of fact, I believe it is.
Shadow: Are we gonna check it out?
Shade: Of course. What's Halloween without a little trick-or-treating?
[they step up to the aisle of trees]
Chief: *sigh* Let's do it, then. Either way, this'll be the final leg.
Red: What?
Chief: C'mon. Let's go.
[they step into the aisle, to the East, paranoically looking around at the trees]
[they begin walking forward]
Dark: It's like they're watching us...
Chief: They ARE watching us, Dark. They are.
[a branch falls and lands directly in front of them]
[they frantically look around for the tree from which the branch fell]
Red: Guys, I think.. I think more trees have faces on them now.
Shade: You're just...... being delusional. Yeah. *looks at trees* .......yeah.
[they resume walking]
[after a short walk, Red turns to look behind them]
Red: ..guys.
[the others look]
[the giant grey tree has returned, blocking the path back]
Shade: Well. No turning back now.
Chief: C'mon. Let's keep moving. We've still a few acres left.
[they keep going and going]
Shadow: This is a very long aisle of trees.
Red: Well, not many parts of this forest are normal.
[and going]
[and going]
[and going, with the trees around them looking more and more sinister as they go]
?: ..intruders.
?2: .....manor.
?3: ...birch.
Shade: It's coming from the South.
Chief: How about we ignore it? We're going to the house, and that's that.
Shade: Aw, c'mon, Chief. Where's your sense of adventure?
[Shade moves over to the side of the aisle, only to find the trees have moved closer together, blocking access from out of the aisle]
Shade: ..uh-oh.
Shadow: We can't leave now?
Red: Apparently not. Looks like we're going to the house, like it or not.
Shade: I guess THIS is why you told us to steer clear of the aisle of trees.
Chief: It's one of the deciding factors.
[they resume walking East, and begin to see a humongous house on the horizon]
[the roof is gothic and foreboding, while the main structure of the building is oddly office-like and bland]
Shade: What kinda house IS that?
Chief: The manor, as it's called by travelers... no one's quite sure who built it, when it was built, or even exactly how big it is.
Red: It's abandoned?
Chief: Well, now.. I didn't say THAT.
[they continue walking toward the manor; as they get closer, they start to realize just how big it is]
[they then begin hearing the voices from before, following them]
Shade: Look around. Hear that?
Red: I hear it.
Dark: It's them, guys... they've found us.
Red: Who, Dark?
Shade: Do you even have to ask at this point?
Red: ..oh, right.
[they reach the front door to the manor]
Chief: Here we are.
Shadow: *sigh* Oh, boy. Let's do this.
[they open the door and step inside]
[it SLAMS shut behind them; they hear it lock]
Shade: Um.. did it just lock from the OUTSIDE?
Red: What kind of door locks from the outside?
Shadow: ....a cell door.
[the others look at him, then at the interior of the current room]

Log Entry #51 (Red: The Manor Interior)
The manor is a strange place, indeed. It's a labyrinthine ruse if I've ever seen one. There are many rooms. Many, many, many, extending upwards as well as
downwards, and Eastward as well as.. well, just Eastward. The easiest way to describe what's going on here as we navigate the maze of doors is to describe
the various room TYPES. You see, each room in this manor (save for a few rarities) fits into one of the following:

Room one, "barren."
The walls are barren and white. The ground is covered in debris. This place is HUGE, though.. whatever light we have, whether it's a flashlight or from a
video camera, only shows us what's directly in front of us. We can't even see the other side of the room with our lights; that's how big this room is. From
the debris, it's clear that something bad happened here. Exactly what happened, we're not sure. There is furniture in this room... furniture covered in
sheets. All the sheets are dusty.
Hello, yes? Who's there? ..ack. I already dislike this place.

Room two, a closet.

Room three, "red."
The walls here are red. Pictures, paintings, photographs rest upon the walls. Generic ones. Ones of forests and social gatherings and dark city streets.
Usually, some kind of cabinet or armiture is in this type of room. The room is not that big. The lights are sometimes on, sometimes not. There is always a
staircase leading either up or down in one of these rooms.

Room four, "hall."
The walls are bland and white again. The ground is carpeted. The walls are narrow. The lights are off. It's a LOOOONG hallway. And I DO mean LONG. There is
the occasional door in the hall, and the occasional patch of dried blood on the wall. The hall ALWAYS ends with a door leading to a barren room.

Room five, "kitchen."
Amazingly, there are a lot of kitchens in this manor, and they're never strategically placed, or.. or even remotely LOGICALLY placed. There's a lot of pans
and a number of pots, a stove or two and a coupla fridges. The lights are never on in here.

Room six, "window."
This type of room is simply any room that has a window. Oddly enough, this includes rooms that are NOT at the edge of the building. Some rooms have windows
looking into the room next to it, even if the next room is just a bathroom or a barren room or whatever. Either way, we always feel like we're being watched
in these rooms, so we try to avoid them if possible.

Room seven, a bathroom.

Finally, room eight. The basement rooms.
For the bottom floor of the manor, every room is very similar. They are all barren, filled with various debris and whatnot, dark as hell, dank, spooky, and
huge. Always huge. We always feel like we're being watched, as well.

Log Entry #52 (DUNGEON: The Manor, Exploration)
Shade: Okay, guys. Now that we're in, we had may as well take a look around. See if you can find anything good, okay?
Red: Fine.
Chief: That's as good an idea as any, I suppose.
Dark: As long as we don't die.

Window room.
Red: ****, look at all those windows...
Shadow: Anybody else kinda really wanna get out of this room?
Shade: Forget "want to;" I AM getting out of here. There's a door here. C'mon.

Barren room.
Chief: Yeah? What's up?
Dark: ..what?
Chief: I.. oh, it wasn't you? Then which one of you?
Red: ...
Shade: ...
Shadow: ...
Chief: .....I'm going into this door here now.
Shade: Hey, don't leave us!
Chief: Never mind, it was just a closet.
Shade: Yeah, you do not want to go on your own, bro.
Chief: This place is just starting to get to me.
Red: Already?
Chief: Yeah. Already.
Red:, too.
Dark: Hey, a door!

Red room.
Red: I like this room.
Shade: Shut up, Red.
Shadow: Guys, there's a staircase. Should we go down?
Shade: Pfft, why not? It's not like this place is dangerous or anything.
Red: Now YOU shut up, Shade.

Window room.
Dark: Ah, more windows! I like windows.
Dark: Though not these ones. They're spooky.
Shade: Oh, they're not that-- RUNRUNRUN

Red: AH

Chief: *SLAM* *lock* Oh, man. Oh.. man.

Shade: *SLAM* *lock* Keep quiet, Dark.
Shade: Shhhhhh. Keep. Quiet.
Dark: But.. but...
Shade: Shh.
Dark: ...
Shade: ...

*THUMP* *rrrroooooooooooohhhhhhh*

Shadow: What.. what was that noise?
Red: It sounded very close.
Shadow: Do you think it was Shade? Dark?
Red: I.. I don't know.
Shadow: Should we.. check?
Red: In a minute. I.... in a minute.

Chief: ...

Shadow: C'mon, Red. We really should check.
Red: Alright, alright. Quietly, though. You never know who's out there.

Window room.
Red: ...
Shadow: See anything?
Red: Not yet.
Red: ffff, the closet..
Shadow: It stopped.

Red: Hello?
Shadow: Nobody's in here, Red. Let's get out of here.
Red: Scaredy-cat.
Shadow: No, really, nobody's in here.
Red: ...yeah, you're right.

Dark: Shade.. I'm scared.
Shade: Quiet, I hear voices.
Dark: :c
Shade:'s Red and Shadow.
Dark: :o

Window room.
Shade: Shadow? Red?
Red: Shade, Dark!
Dark: *huggle* :D
Shadow: Did you guys hear that noise?
Shade: Yeah, it sounded pretty close.
Red: It didn't come from the closet; nobody's in there.
Shade: ..wait, where's my brother?
Red: ....oh, crap. Why do I get the feeling...
Shadow: ..that we know where he WAS?
Shade: What? ..o___o no, no, no. No. He wasn't in the closet. He.. he wasn't. I, um.. I saw him.
Red: What, you saw him running up the stairs or something?
Shade: .......dammit, he's in this building. He is.
Red: Relax, Shade. We'll find him. Now, in the kitchen, are there any more doors?
Dark: One does not simply walk into more doors.
Shade: Yeah.. there's about two more.
Red: Then he probably found his way into one without you knowing.
Shade: Yeah. Yeah. That's it.


Red: This one's a hallway. A dark hallway, but a hallway, nontheless.
Shade: Then.. then he's gotta be in here. Gotta be. Plenty of places to hide.
Red: Right, then. Where will we start?
Shade: We'll check every door. Every one. He's bound to be in one.

Closet, nothing.
Barren, nothing.
Bathroom, nada.
Red, zilch.
Barren, nuttin'.
Window, hello?

Dark: It's really dark here. In a bad way. D:
Shade: Shh. Did he follow us?
Shadow: I.. I don't see him.
Shadow: What the heck was that?
Red: It came from down here.

Basement hall.
Red: One light is on in this hall, right up by the door at the end of this long hall. It's awfully ominous.
Shade: It's coming from that door.
Dark: Ohhh, I don't want to go in there, Shade. D: I just don't.
Shade: We have to.
Dark: No, we don't, though! We don't! I don't.. I don't even remember what the heck we're running from!
Shade: The Operator, Dark! We're running from th--
Dark: No, we're NOT! I didn't see him ANYWHERE in this dark place.
Red: What do you mean? He was in......
Shadow: ..the.. window room? Was he?
Red: I.. I don't recall. I saw SOMETHING in the window, but.. I mean, c'mon, matrixing is the best explanation for that.
Shade: C'mon, guys. Don't.. don't lie. We saw him. I saw him. I.. I did. I did see him!
Shadow: Shade, even I'm starting to not want to check out the next room.
Shade: COME ON, guys! There's a slender man behind us somewhere, and you're.. you're scared of a little NOISE? Come on!
Red: Shade, don't... *sigh* okay, c'mon, guys. Let's go in there.

Before we enter, let's do our manditory inventory check.
-two video cameras (Shade, Shadow)
-one Solid Snake night-vision mask (Red)
-one simple Masky mask (Dark)
-one crowbar (Shade)
-one gravity gun (Shadow)
-one pulse rifle (Red)
-one shotgun (Dark)
Huh. Same as it always was.

Basement boiler room.
Red: This room is.. surprisingly large. My mind is telling me it's an acre large, but my common sense is reminding me that that's impossible. The lights are all on, and there
are pipes around the edge of the room, all going towards a giant boiler in the middle. The odd noise appears to be coming from the pipes.

Shade: There, see? Nothing in here but us chickens.
Shadow: Wait, Red? Something about your description seems a little odd.
Red: Yeah? What's that?
Shadow: Pipes don't go "raff."


Shadow: HOLY ****!!!
Shade: Red. Red. Describe. Please.

Red: It's.. it's black and yellow and teal. It has seven heads, two of which are those of birds. The other five are lion, bear, cow, zombie, and xenomorph. I **** you not.
It's some kind of.. mist? A mist with legs. Twelve legs. Eleven spider legs and one freaking hoof. This thing came out of the pipes.. and it's gigantic, taking up most of the
room. Oh, god, the arms--
The lights went out! Ah! Oh, crap!
Shade: Red, you have a night-vision mask! USE IT! HELP!
Red: Right!

..where'd it go?
I don't see it anywhere.
It's gone.
Shade: WHICH WAY?!

Red: Its arms! Its arms! Three! Branches! BRANCHES! ..FOUR! Five! One! ....****, too many to count! They're moving in ways that I really don't think branches are supposed to be
able to move in! fff, wait, it's tiny. Guys, the.. the thing.. is tiny. It's as small as a fly now.
Shadow: As small as a fly?
Red: As small as a fly.
Dark: I hate flies, Shade. D:
Shade: I know you do, Dark. I know you do. Red, where is it now?
Red: It's.. I lost sight of it.
Shadow: Dammit, I can hear it. It sounds like it's getting closer.

Red: Shade. I'm gonna try shooting it as soon as I can see it again, okay?
Shade: Please do.
*budda budda budda budda*
Dark: WHOA WHA *cough cough cough hack* GUYS AH AH
Shade: That is IT. *grabs plank of wood from ground* Listen up, various monsters of the forest of Sancheria, and listen well, for I have one piece of advice for you.
Shade: STOP HURTING DARK. *chucks plank of wood*

Red: ..the lights are back on.
Shadow: Damn, my head hurts now.
Red: That'll be because the.. the thing is made of some sort of mist, and we ended up breathing it in.
Shadow: Ugh, dammit, will you stop being so patronizing?
Red: ..what?
Shadow: You're always talking down on me. You are STUPID. Stop acting so SMART.
Red: ..damn, man. ._. Sorry. I wasn't even trying to--
Shadow: SHUT THE **** UP, ALREADY. I'm sick of your empty apologies! You don't mean it! You don't mean ANY of it! You've been.. abusing us ever since we got here!
Shade: Whoa, Shadow, calm down. He saved our lives multiple times by now and--
Dark: Shadow, please calm down...
Shadow: AHHHH MISTER IVORY. There you are. Maybe you can help me teach this little abortion what-for.
Red/Dark: What did you just call me?
Shadow: YOU HEARD ME, RUNT. I called you what you should have been.
Red: Shadow, we're chao. I don't think it's possible for us to hav--
Red: o____o "Ulysses..."
Shadow: You're against me. You're ALL against me. Well, let's see how you do WITHOUT me.
Red: Shadow, WAIT, STOP!

...he left.
Shade: Wh..what the...?
Red: "Ulysses..."
Dark: That's what he called you back on the subway, isn't it? ._. When he was.. wasn't himself.
Red: It.. it seems this was caused by the monster. He inhaled some of the mist-type substance.. and he appears to have reverted to some kind of primitive hallucinogenic rage.
Shade: So he's crazy, AND he's mad?
Red: To put it bluntly. ..crap.
Shade: What?
Red: He's crazy, mad, and wandering around this building, alone.
Shade: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Red: We'll find him. Don't worry.
Shade: We'll do more than that, Red. We'll find him, then we're getting out of here!

Log Entry #53 (DUNGEON: The Manor, Escape)
Red: From here on, the whole "room types" thing gets a little fuzzy.

We go out of the room, out of the next hall, up the stairs, then out of THAT room.

We are now in a long, long, long hallway. The lights are on.
Dark: Hey, who turned on the lights?
Red: I'd imagine Shadow did it.
Shade: Shadow!
Red: That came from this door, here.'s a playroom. The walls are blue and pink, and wooden toys are scattered on the floor.
Shade: Nobody's in here, Red.
Red: ..what?

Red: There are pipes along the edge of the room, leading up to a boiler in the mid-- wait a minute.
Shade: We're.. we're back in the basement.
Dark: AHHH I am SO sick of this room.
Red: Wait for us, Dark!

We go out of the room, down the next flight of stairs, then around the corridor.

We are now in a long, long, long hallway. The lights are on.
Shade: Wait, what? Did we just go down?
Red: I.. I don't know.
Red: That came from down the hall!


Red: There are pipes along the edge of the room, leading up to a boiler in the mid--
Shade: This house sucks. A lot.

We go out of the room, up the escalator, through the small hall, and into the parking lot.

The parking lot is huge. Simply huge. Cars are parked all over the place, and we can see the forest at the other end.
Dark: I wish MY house had a parking lot.
Shade: What the heck is UP with this place?
Red: Shh. I heard something.
heheheh.. i got u nao ulysses
Red: Is that..?


Red: G-guys?
..what? I'm.. I'm alone... just me and Shadow.
Shadow: Forget it, Ulysses. You're alone.
Red: Where.. where the heck did they go?
Shadow: Don't you get it, Ulysses? There never were any others. Just you and me.
Red: But.. but...
Red: Shadow, you need to relax. Oof! This.. this stuff is all in your head! I'm NOT Ulysses! I'm Red!
Shadow: Shut up.
Red: Sh..Shadow...
What the heck? No longer in the parking lot; we're now in a house. A plain old house. The living room.

...oh, my.
There are people. Ness, my favourite character from EarthBound, is kicking at me while I'm on the ground. A man, possibly inspired by "Silence of the Lambs," is also kicking at
me. A nice-looking woman sits, covering her face, at the other end of the room. I am now Ulysses, the ancient sailor. ..I have no idea whatsoever why these characters are
gathered in the same house, nor why "Captain Curator" is attacking me.
I must admit, I'm a little afraid. And rather hurt. Ow. I feel rather defenseless.

Back in the parking lot! That was strange. Ah, the others are back now, holding Shadow back.
Shade: SHADOW, DUDE! *slaps*
Shadow: Rrraaaaahhhh..... rr.. *cough cough*
Red: Ugh.. run, guys! Out of here!
The mist has escaped Shadow's body, and is starting to get bigger again. So we run down the parking lot, and exit into the forest.


We go out of the room, up the escalator, through the small hall, and into the parking lot.

Shadow: Um.. weren't we just in here?
Shade: We.. we WERE, yeah.
Red: Whoa, guys, what the heck is THAT?
Dark: Looks like the Grim Reaper.
Shade: For the love of..... I am getting VERY tired of all these monsters and dangers.
Red: Shade, wait!
He goes up to the Grim Reaper and shoves him onto the ground.
Shade: Sorry, Mister Reaper. I'm just sick of all these dangers--
bloody clown
giant spider
sentient planet
eaten alive
hairy scaly blob
creatures inside your skin
abandoned in the woods
chopped in half
loss of blood
alive during autopsy
burning alive
slender man
--that are just suddenly appearing. ....whoa. o_o Anybody else get that?
Shadow: I feel unreasonably scared.
Red: Let's hurry up and leave.
We run down the parking lot, and exit into the forest.


We go out of the room, up the escalator, through the small hall, and into the parking lot.

Dark: Okay, that's getting kinda annoying.
Red: Pfft, yeah, it is.
Shade: How many times are we gonna (have to keep doing that?) ...hello?
Shadow: Uh-oh. Look.
At the other end of the parking lot, just outside the exit, is a very tall, very... slender man.
He is simply standing there.
Dark: Sh..Shade? Are you gonna push HIM over, too?
Shade: No. That'd be suicide.
Red: So, what WILL you do?
Shade: I'll.. I'll distract him. You guys sneak around.
Red: G-good luck.
'Good luck?' That's the best I could come up with for what will probably be my last words to him? Just 'good luck?!'

Shade moves up to the Operator, and yet he does not look at Shade. At least, I don't think he does. His head does not move.
We quietly go to some nearby cars and start going around them.
As we go around, I look back and see the Operator is closer to Shade, yet Shade just stands there this time.
We approach the exit. I look back.
The Operator is blocking my view of Shade.
I turn back to see the exit, and scream.
A faceless chao is standing between us and the forest.
It is peach-ish.. almost human caucasian-coloured.
We stand in shock, watching as it watches us.
It then starts heading toward us. Dark faints.
However, it passes right by us. Shadow and I watch it as it heads toward the Operator.
It stops when close. The Operator turns and sees it.
All of a sudden, a series of images flash into my head, and a million words...
The Grim Reaper taking a lost soul away,
A vaccuum cleaner sucking up a dead mouse,
An old house being approached by a bulldozer,
And the most prominent: a tree growing in the middle of a road.
A birch tree.

[cut to a dark and wet cave room]
[Shade, Dark, Red and Shadow suddenly awake]
Red: ...nyah, that wasn't a dream, you know the drill.
Dark: Shade, what.. what happened?
Shade: I.. I don't know.
Shadow: Guys, maybe we should try and figure out where we are?
Shade: Good idea.
Amfy: You guys are underneath Sancheria.
[Dark turns on the light of a video camera to show Amphis, in the cave]
Amfy: Hello, Dark.
Dark: Amfeeny! Hey!
Red: Ah, Mister Amphis. I hear you helped Dark out earlier tonight.
Amfy: Yeah, that's right; I did. Now I'm gonna help you guys out one last time.
Shade: Go right ahead, please.
Amfy: Dark.
Dark: ..yes?
Amfy: You acquired a key about two hours ago. Use it. Kay, I'm out.
[Amphis leaves the light of the video camera, and is not seen again]
[Dark pulls out the key he acquired]
Dark: I guess he means this one.
Red: I don't see anything for you to use it on.
Shadow: Maybe it's further ahead? I mean.. there's more to this room, you know.
[they go further]
[they begin to hear odd noises]
Shade: Gah, I could swear that sounded familiar.
Red: Just forget about it, Shade. Ignore the noises. We need to focus on getting out of here.
Shade: You're right. Yeah.
[they go even further]
[in this section, they find a locked gate]
Dark: Ah, leave this to me.
Dark: It doesn't work.
Shade: What?
Dark: It doesn't work?
Red: WHAT?
Dark: The key, it doesn't work.
Amfy: Sorry 'bout that.
[the chao scream, then turn to find Amphis back again]
Amfy: I forgot to mention.. the key is a weird one. To unlock the gate, you need to insert it into its REAL keyhole.
Dark: And where is that?
Amfy: Your eye.
[Amphis disappears]
Dark: ..wait, WHICH EYE?!
[they hear Amphis shout "EITHER ONE" from far away]
Shadow: Your EYE?!
Red: Dark, you can't put that key in your eye! That.. that'll blind you! one eye, anyway.
Dark: But guys.. I've got to. Otherwise we can't leave.
Shade: Don't listen to Amphis, Dark. We can easily find another way out.
Dark: No.. we can't. That'd just be wasting time. Guys, I don't know why, but something's telling me we don't want to be here come midnight, and I also think it's getting close.
Red: ..but, your EYE!
Dark: I've spent this whole evening getting into trouble, and you guys have always had to rescue me. Well.. this time, we're ALL in trouble. And this time, I'LL rescue us.
Shade: Dark, NO!
Dark: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--
[Dark nearly faints; Shade catches him]
[Dark's left eye now has the key in it; blood is dripping down his cheek]
Dark: Did... is it over?
[the gate is now open]
Shade: Darko, you saved us. You saved our lives, man. T_T You did it.
Dark: Good.. let's.... let's leave....
[they leave; Shade supports Dark]

[they are now in a long, winding, narrow tunnel]
Dark: Guys.. it's hard to see. Where are we?
Red: Not there yet.
Shadow: WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?!
Dark: That sounded very familiar...
[Red turns and sees dozens of glowing eyes behind them]
Red: Shade. Shadow. Hurry. Like.. REALLY hurry. And do not turn around.
Shade: ..gotcha.
[they hurry, and hear stampeding feet coming closer behind them]
Red: Remember, DON'T TURN AROUND!
Shadow: WE WON'T!
[the tunnel turns left; the feet reach the turn mere seconds after the chao]
Dark: ..I remember this place! Guys! Fork in the road up ahead! Turn left! HARD left!
Red: You heard the man!
[they can feel hot air breathing down their backs]
[the turn in the tunnel could not have come sooner]
[they spin round and happen to catch a glimpse of their chasers-- purple/green skin]
Red: I get the feeling they'll turn soon. Keep going!
[they make a mad dash forward, then find themselves underwater]
[they blurble and gurp, then swim upwards and get to dry land]
[they then kneel on the ground, coughing, panting, and gasping]
Dark: Did we make it? *cough cough*
Chief: You made it, alright.
[they look up and see John the village Chief standing by the exit ladder]
Shade: Bro! Man, am I glad to see you!
Chief: What the hell happened to his eye? Ah, hold that thought. Meet me in the hut. Let's talk there. It's not safe here.
[the Chief climbs up the ladder]
Shadow: Shade.. we.. we actually made it.
Shade: We did, I know.. I can hardly believe it.
[after a little rest, they climb the ladder into the forest just as the clock strikes 12]

[at the top of the ladder, when all four chao are out, they look around and find themselves surrounded by white, faceless chao]
[one, a peach-ish chao, is standing ahead of the rest]
Dark: The colony...

[cut to the acre outside the aisle of trees]
[Shadow wakes up]
Shadow: Oh, man... *yawn* what a dream.
[as does Red]
Red: Ah, yes, I had a frightening dream.
[and Dark]
Dark: My eye seriously hurts.
[finally Shade, who quickly looks at Dark]
Shade: ..your eye is fine.
Shade: WAIT, your eye is FINE! That's great!
Red: guys dreamt the same dream as me, didn't you? Where Dark stabbed himself in the eye?
Shadow: With a key, yeah!
Dark: But my eye is fine...
Shadow: Wait a minute.
[Shadow looks around]
Shadow: This is the acre with the vista of trees in it.
[they all look around]
Red: morning time.
[the sun is rising, marking it around.. 8, 9 AM]
Shade: .....bro!
[Shade runs South]
Red: Ah, dammit, Shade! Didn't your dream teach you ANYTHING?
[the others chase after him]

[they follow him South one acre and West one, where they find a large clearing]
Shade: BRO!
[silence; nothing around but trees]
Dark: ..wasn't there a village here?
Shadow: Hey, yeah...
Red: Wait, what's that?
[in a pile of grass nearby, they catch sight of a faint glimmer of light]
[Shadow checks it out]
Shadow: It's.. a chaos drive.
Red: How many does that put you at? Five?
Shadow: No, four. My fourth was stolen.. I mean.. I got it in my dream, then it was also stolen in my dream, as well.
Red: Oh.. oh, yeah.
Dark: Ugh, I'm so sick of carrying all this. I'm just gonna put it down for a second.
Red: Carrying what?
[Dark drops stacks of log entries, guns, clothes, and masks]
Shade: wasn't a dream. I knew it.
Nite: Of course it was a dream, Shade.
[they turn and see Levity Nite, the figure in the dark cloak]
Nite: We would have warned you had we more time beforehand, but the forest of Sancheria is infamous for its powers to knock people out.
Red: We COULDN'T have been asleep, though. Look at all this stuff! All these entries!
Nite: The forest is a magical place. Whoever gets lost in here is found dead by a hole nearby. Not even all the bodies are there, either. Some are in a nearby cemetary.
Shade: So.. so I never met my brother?
Nite: Not at all. Shade, your brother is currently residing in New York City. Though coincidentally, he HAS been legally renamed "John."
Dark: What about the birchmen?
Nite: There used to exist an old tribe of Chao World natives under the name "birchmen." They were known to reside around these areas. They died long ago, however.
Red: And the Operator? How do you explain HIM? He's been sighted all over the place!
Nite: Three words: Dark, trees, and matrixing. I guess also paranoia, if you want to extend it to four words.
Shade: And.. and our logs?
Nite: Sleepwriting.
[they look at him in unsurprised disbelief]
Nite: can happen! Anyway, I have come to get you four. Shadow, I do believe you have your fourth chaos drive, correct?
Shadow: Yeah. I have it now.
Nite: Good. You see, Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll have returned, though Mephiles is missing. And he had the fifth drive.
Shadow: What? Do you know where he is?
Nite: As a matter of fact.. no. But we are searching hard. I simply came to make sure you are alright, and ask if you'll come back to the void with me.
[the chao look at each other]
Shadow: ...alright. We'll come.
Nite: Excellent.
[Levity Nite snaps his fingers, and the chao disappear along with him]
[the forest is now silent on November 1st]
[as the camera begins to fade out, a colony of white, faceless chao arrive and begin looking around the acre]
[as it fades darker, they hear a rustle and flee the screen]
[as it becomes black, a tall man appears in the background]

Dark Chao Adventures
Halloween 2010 Edition
"Sinister Serials of the Dark"
Story, setting, maps, by DJay32
Setting of Tale Three by We Create Stuff
Most characters by DJay32
Amphis by Logic(Fentzy)
The Operator by Marble Hornets crew, based on "slender man" mythos
Chao, Mecha Knuckles, Tails Doll, Mephiles, Doctor Eggman by Sonic Team
"Colony of Birchmen" by Mastodon

Next time, on DCA: Season Seven, Episode 74

"This forest is growing faster than I can tell
Cell structure eats away at a massive swell
Seems however I'm a victim of circumstance
Hunt for ogres and dwarves
Lion slicer
Run with death
Run with death
White faces coming closer with every step
Earth envelopes taking breath without happenstance
Carve my teeth out ripping through the sheep's head curse
Hunter gatherer
Ridden from the cave
Run with death
Run with death
Gone away
My heart's gone away
Taking everything
My heart's gone away
Take it now
Hunt for ogres and dwarves
Lion slicer
Run with death
Run with death
Gone away
My heart's gone away
Taking everything
My heart's gone away
Take it now" -Colony of Birchmen (Mastodon)


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