Monday, April 5, 2010

Future Warfare

[Note: None of the following lines were actually said. They're just here for drama.]
[cut to Shadow, Shade, Dark, and Red in a Fiat Panda]
Shadow: We've gotta go WHERE?
Shade: Novella Prospekt. It's like a prison, only worse.
[clips of the chao driving along the highway, fighting off robot Dark chao]
Rebel (Voice-Over): They're called "Chaobine." They're the Badnik SWAT team.
[clips of Shadow fighting the three Antlion Guards]
Shade: Nice, kid. Guess you proved you can handle yourself out there.
[clips of Shadow leading the antlion fleet]
Shadow: ONWARD!
[clips of the chao and the antlions assaulting Novella Prospekt]
Shade: C'mon. Future me's awaiting us at the train depot.

Season Seven: The End
Episode Sixty-Two: Still Waiting for Half-Time Part Four: Chao of Duty (Future Warfare)

[cut to a static shot of a prison hallway]
[gunshots are heard in the distance]
["Still Waiting for Half-Time" appears at the center of the screen]
[the logo then blows up, and is replaced by "CHAO OF DUTY: FUTURE WARFARE 2 LOL"]
["New Game" "Load Game" "Options" "Quit" appear below the title]
[a mouse cursor clicks "Load Game," then "Save Game 01"]
Chapter 9a: (ACT I) Entangled up in Blue
[cut to the train depot in Novella Prospekt]
[Shadow, Shade, Dark and Red walk along as trains whiz past]
?: Hey, you made it!
[in comes the Future Shade (Shade with a cowboy hat, shotgun, and stubble)]
Shadow: Of course. You told us to come, and we had nothing else to do.
ShadeF: Ah, yes... I remember. This is the part where you got guts.
Shade: Yeah, I've been teaching him how to be cool.
ShadeF: Not a bad job, kiddo.
Shadow: Alright, now are we gonna get a move on, or what?
ShadeF: Fine, fine. Come on.
[Future Shade leads them to an elevator; they ride it]
ShadeF: I'm afraid I'm flying blind here.
Red: What do you mean?
ShadeF: Well, every now and again, a Xenomorph'll give us info on this place, but.. we still don't know much about it.
Shadow: Hm, well, I suppose we'll just have to find out about it, then, huh?
ShadeF: *chuckle* I guess so.
[the elevator reaches the top; Chaobine Guard Soldier People are ready to fight n' whatnot]
[budda budda budda]
[Future whatsisname leads them to an odd room]
[Badnik technology fills the walls]
ShadeF: Okay, let me take a look at this...
[he pushes some buttons and pulls some levers]
[suddenly, a window opens up, and they see thousands and thousands of pods in the distance]
Shadow: What the heck...?
ShadeF: Wait a second... I've got an idea. *pushes s'more buttons*
[one random pod is lifted up by machines and taken to them]
[it opens up, and Future Cham is inside!]
ChamF: Ugh... Shade? Shade? Shadow? Dark? Red? What are you doing here?
ShadeF: We're here to save you, dude.
ChamF: It's not worth the risk! You have to get out of here! Save yourselves!
ShadeF: No! I've been talking with Mister Prower, and he's calibrated his portal and stuff, and...
ChamF: Well... okay, but I'm not leaving without Purflee!
ShadeF: We'll find her. Don't worry. I'll send you to the teleport chamber. See you there.
[he presses some buttons; Cham's pod closes, and he is taken away]
ShadeF: Alright, you four. I'm gonna look for a security station. Here's a radio. *gives Shadow a radio*
Shadow: Where are we supposed to go?
ShadeF: Just keep moving through this place. I'll meet up with you later. I have my own stuff to take care of.
Shadow: But... to where?
ShadeF: Go.. um... I dunno. To the teleport chamber, wherever the heck THAT is. Good luck!
[Future Shade runs off]
Shadow: Great. We're lost in a robotnicized prison about thirty-odd years in the future.
Shade: Ah, get over yourself, kid. Just pretend you have seven HP left, or something. Now, let's look around.
[they look around, and quickly find a closed gate]
ShadeFRadio: Hold up, guys. You at a gate yet?
Shadow: Affirmative.
ShadeFR: Okay, well... I found a security station. Let's see if I can't......
[the gate opens]
ShadeFR: Ah-ha!
Shadow: Alright, thank you.
[they move on, fight some soldiers, then find ANOTHER gate]
ShadeFR: Another gate? Okay, hang on.
ShadeFR: Hrm. It's kinda jammed. Gimme a sec.
[soldiers arrive]
Shadow: Uh-oh. Hurry up, Shade!
[budda budda budda]
ShadeFR: Got it! Gate's open.
[they dash through, and keep going through the hallways]
Red: Man, for a Robotnicized prison, it sure is much more BORING than the rest of the prison.
Shade: I guess Eggman doesn't like STYLE.
ShadeFR: *chuckle* Good one. Alright, listen, you're coming up to a security station. It's still occupied.
[Shadow points at Red and Dark, then at the station ahead]
[Red and Dark nod their heads, then dash in, guns blazing]
[Shade and Shadow follow]
Shadow: Hm. Pretty nice station. Future Shade?
ShadeFR: Yep?
Shadow: It appears the path ahead is blocked by a forcefield. Mind takin' it down?
ShadeFR: Can do.
ShadeFR: ...CAN'T do. Not from here. I'll have to come over there and take it down.
Red: Couldn't you just tell US how to do it?
ShadeFR: Yeah, but that's not as fun. ..crap, a LOT of Chaobine soldiers comin' your way!
Shade: What do you want us to do about 'em?
ShadeFR: There should be two turrets you can set up in there. ...set 'em up. I'll be there shortly, over and out.
Shadow: Alright, let's set up these turrets at the two exits.
[they do that]
Shadow: Now Shade, Dark, you two cover THIS exit; Red and I'll cover THAT one.
[they do that, too]
[in come the soldiers, one by one]
Dark: Funny. "One by one" is also how they die.
[Future Shade comes in after about a minute of these boring theatrics]
ShadeF: Right, I'm here. What'd you want? Forcefield deactivation? Kay-o.
[he messes with the consoles (oh, and the soldiers stopped coming)]
ShadeF: Guys.
[the chao surround the monitor (another thing I forgot to mention)]
[on the monitor is Purflee, somewhere else in the facility, talking to the camera?]
PFF: ..I'm not calling about that. You promised you weren't going to touch Cham.
[another voice is heard-- that of Doctor Eggman]
Egg: The Chaobine were a bit overzealous, I admit, but he was too big a prize to ignore in the absense of Shadow Raid.
PFF: You would have gotten Shadow had you waited for my signal, like I asked.
Egg: Well, we weren't sure if you'd go through with that.
PFF: Doctor Robotnik...
Egg: This is not open to debate, Purflee.
PFF: Doctor--
Egg: So sorry, but I'm out of time.
[the monitor switches off]
Shadow: ...damn. What a twist, huh?
ShadeF: I can't believe it.
Shade: It's been a while since you last played Half-Life 2, hasn't it?
ShadeF: Kinda. It came out over thirty years ago, you know.
Shade: Oh, yeah.
ShadeF: Anyway, you guys move on. I'll stay here and shut off the security n' whatnot.
[Shadow, Shade, Dark n' Red move on]
[they open a door and head downstairs to a flooded basement]
[Shade sticks out his arm, gesturing for the others to stop]
Shade: Don't touch that water.
Shadow: I'm not gonna ask.
Red: Neither will I.
Shade: In this case, though, we're gonna need you, Shadow.
Shadow: Got it.
[Shadow uses his gravity gun to make a lot of platforms across the water.. and... stuff]
[on the other side, they enter yet ANOTHER hallway]
Dark: So many hallways.
Red: It's like a maze of hallways.
[SUDDENLY, the lights go out]
All: Uh-oh.
[red flares are set off further ahead]
Shadow: Arm yourselves, guys.
[Chaobine soldiers try to ambush our 'heroes,' but are quickly SMITTEN DOWN TO DA GROUND]
Dark: You can't kill the metal. The metal will live on.
[they move onward, and find a cell block]
Red: Finally, normal prison stuff.
[deserted, of course]
Red: Good enough.
[they head into a small security station]
[three turrets are there]
ShadeFR: Hey, guys? I'd recommend you set up those turrets you found. Soldiers are coming from all directions.
Shadow: Sure, we'll do that.
[they do that]
[a few soldiers come in and attack]
[they are quickly held back]
ShadeFR: Alright, I'm gonna come to your position. Hold 'em back a little bit longer, okay?
Shadow: Okey-dokey. See ya then.
[it's sooooooo boring... they fight off such small numbers]
[Future Shade arrives to find all four of them asleep]
ShadeF: Well, I'll be. Sleeping on the job, are you?
Red: Uhh.... wow, I guess we were. Hey, guys, wake up.
[they wake up]
Shadow: Oh, I was just having the most wonderful dream...
Shade: What happened in it?
Shadow: It turns out we were just playing this on a computer.
ShadeF: Alright, c'mon, let's go.
[they find another monitor thingy; Future Shade messes with it]
[on the monitor is Purflee in a small room]
ShadeF: There she is.
[he messes with stuff more, and ends up trapping her in the room she's in]
ShadeF: Let's go cross-examine her.
[they walk into the room she's in]
PFF: Sh-Shade?
ShadeF: Whassup? What's up with you and the Egghead?
PFF: I.. I don't know what you mean.
ShadeF: 'Course you do. That monitor's got a built-in camera, you know. Captures your every move.
PFF: Ack! ..It's impossible to lie to you.
ShadeF: Thirty years of experience, ma'am. Now, tell me... what's going on?
PFF: I've..... sorta been working as a mole for Eggman.
ShadeF: Hm. Mole for Eggman, meaning trying to deceive HIM, or US?
PFF: Him, I swear!
ShadeF: Alright. Come on, everyone.
Shadow: Where are we going now?
ShadeF: Out of Novella Prospekt.
Red: How are we gonna get out of THIS place?
ShadeF: The same way Cham will.
[Future Shade leads them through a door and into a giant chamber]
[in the middle of the chamber is a huge machine]
ShadeF: We're teleporting out.
[the chao look at each other for a second]
Shadow: ...okay, let's do it, then.
PFF: I've already warmed the teleporter up for Cham.
ShadeF: That's good. Speaking of, he should be getting here soon.
[a machine carries a pod into the room]
ShadeF: Yup, there he is now.
[the pod is carried into the teleporter]
[Future Shade walks over to a console, and fiddles about]
[Tails' voice is heard on a radio]
TailsR: Shade, is everything ready?
ShadeF: All set. You?
TailsR: Everything is in order.
ShadeF: Sweet. Then let's do it.
[he turns to look at the teleporter; Purflee has entered it with Cham, and sealed herself in]
ShadeF: Wha?!
PFF: I'm sorry, Shade. It's for the best.
ShadeF: NO!
[the teleporter activates]
[the room flashes and... yaddayadda]
[Purflee and Cham have now been teleported]
[Future Shade stands and stares for a bit before running back to the console]
ShadeF: I can't believe it...
TailsR: Can't believe what? What's happening?
ShadeF: Holy Sham-Wow... what coordinates are THESE?
[the other chao run over to look at them]
ShadeF: Kids, I think it's time to fear the worst.
[suddenly, they hear someone banging on the door]
ShadeF: ****! ****!!! The Chaobine have found us!
Dark: What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?!
ShadeF: Uhh.. uhhh... Mister Prower, you're still ready for us?
TailsR: Of course.
ShadeF: Then we're still teleporting out.
[he hits a button]
ShadeF: Ohhh, but it's gonna take a while for it to warm up!
[he looks around the room]
[he sees some turrets]
ShadeF: There! Turrets! Set 'em up, guys!
[the chao set up the three turrets around the room]
Shade: Now, if my Half-Life 2 memory is fully functional, we've got three turrets and four entrances.
Shadow: Well, if my RECENT memory is fully functional, then these "ambushes" are really easy.
Shade: Exactly. We'll be fine--
[BASH! The door is broken open, and in floods THOUSANDS of Chaobine soldiers!]
[the turrets are destroyed within seconds]
ShadeF: Ah, I never thought I'd get to use this...
[Future Shade pulls out his shotgun, and performs a crazy maneuver, blasting in every conceivable direction]
[the entire room is instantly filled with dead soldiers]
ShadeF: Peace o' cak--
[BASH! In comes an antlion GUARD!]
Shadow: I REALLY hate the Veteran's Committee.
[Shadow and the Guard lock eyes]
[the Guard snorts and prepares to charge]
ShadeF: Kid. Take it. Now.
[Future Shade hands Shadow his shotgun]
[Shadow cocks it, and the Guard charges]
[right before it strikes him, he fires the gun once]
[the Guard's corpse collapses and flies to the wall behind Shadow]
Shadow: Teleporter. Now.
Red: But it's not ready yet!
ShadeF: You heard the kid. Into the teleporter!
[they enter the teleporter, and press a button]
[the machine seems to not want to activate]
[BAAAASH! More Chaobine soldiers enter]
Red: Wait, those don't look anything like the ones we're used to.
ShadeF: way, can't be.
Shadow: Can't be what? What are they?
ShadeF: Chaobine Elites, based on the Dark Ch--
[everything goes black]
[all that is heard is Shadow's heavy breathing]
[they find themselves back in Tails' lab, back in the city]
ShadeF: *pant* Whoo, I think we.. I think we made it.
Shadow: But, where's Mister Prower? I thought he knew we were coming.
Dark: Maybe Half-Life 2: Episode Three just came out.
[Shade bursts out with laughter]
Shade: Nice, dude.
[they enter the next room, and come face-to-face with a shotgun-- a shotgun held by Tails]
Tails: Sh..Shadow? Shade? Other guys? I had almost given up hope!
Shadow: Calm down, Mister Prower. For a second there, I thought we wouldn't make it, either.
ShadeF: Yeah, it felt like the teleporter freakin' blew up...
Tails: It did.
ShadeF: ..oh.
Tails: Yes, it certainly did, and its repurcussions were felt worldwide! But... that was a week ago!
[Dark's jaw drops to the floor]
Red: But.. but we were just there a few seconds ago...
Tails: Fascinating... we seem to have developed a slow teleport! This calls for a new line of investigation.
Shadow: A week? What have we missed?
Tails: Eh, not much. The explosion at Novella Prospekt was taken as a signal to begin the uprising.
Shadow: ...oh.
Tails: Yeah, war on the streets, urban warfare, new badniks, State of Emergency.. you didn't miss that much.
Shade: War broke out?
Tails: War broke out.
Shade: Still going?
Tails: Yeah. You can still get some action.
Shade: Yes!
ShadeF: So.. what happened to Cham?
Tails: That is most disturbing. According to our Xenomorph friends, he has been taken to the Egg Citadel.
Shadow: rescue mission?
Tails: Indeed. In fact, Red--the one from our time-- has gone off with that very purpose in mind.
Shade: Sweet. We can catch up with him.
[suddenly, a monitor turns on; the future Red is on it]
RedF: Doc? You there?
Tails: Oh, speak of the devil! Red, I have good news! The boys are back in town!
Red: The boys are back in town?
Tails: The boys are back in town!
Red: The boys are back in town! That's wonderful! We could use 'em here. We're about to stage our assault on the Egg Citadel.
Shade: We'll get there, man! We'll give you some back-up.
Red: Much obliged.
ShadeF: Listen, you guys go on by yourselves for a bit; I've got to stay here with Mister Prower for a bit.
Shadow: You'll catch up later, though, right?
ShadeF: Of course. I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Red: Alright, well... I gotta go. INCOMING!
[the screen shuts off]
ShadeF: You guys had better get goin', then. I'll catch up; I promise.
[the fearsome foursome head out of the lab, and down an elevator shaft]
Chapter 10: (ACT II) Anticitizen Kane
[Shadow, Shade, Dark and Red head out the door to the streets]
[the time is about.. five-thirty, maybe six in the afternoon]

"Uprising 101"
(Day 3- 17:54:06)
(Red a.k.a "Redd Fox")
(District 14)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Regroup with Future Shade}
{Learn the basics of fighting in the Uprising}

[they walk along for a bit and suddenly an Egg APC (Armored Patrol Car) drives by!]
Shade: ****, and there's no Dog here...
Shadow: Wait, so.. can't we just fight them?
Shade: .....actually, that's not such a bad idea.
[budda budda budda]
[they carry on past a big Badnik Wall and into the plaza outside the train station]
[in the plaza, some rebel chao are tipping over a spire with one of Eggman's monitors on it]
[they tip it over, and it blows up]
[they cheer]
Rebel1: HEY! It's the One Free Raid!
Rebel2: Wait up, Shadow; I'm comin' with ya!
[the whole squadron of three rebel chao join our heroes]
Shadow: ..what just happened?
Shade: You got a squad following you now. You can send them wherever the heck you want.
Shadow: Hmm.... go over there!
[the squad goes over there]
Shadow: Now come back here!
[they come back here]
Shadow: Sweet. Do they ever talk?
Rebel3: Sometimes I dream of cheese.
Shadow: Never mind. Let's... get moving.
[they move down an alleyway]
[Shade stops them]
Shade: Hold on... see that red light?
Shadow: Yeah.. what IS that?
Shade: Egg Hopper.
Shadow: What's it do?
Shade: It hops.
Shadow: Oh.
Shade: ...and it blows up.
Shadow: OH. How do we dodge it?
Shade: Gravity gun.
[Shadow gravitifies that sucker]
[they move through the alleyway, dealing with whatever Egg Hoppers they find until they reach an uphill street]
[up the street is a Chaobine barricade, complete with turrets]
[also up the street, before the barricade, are tons of potholes and rubble, making it impossible to traverse]
Shade: I'll let you take care of this one, Green One.
[Shadow analyzes the situation]
Shadow: ...guys, see that building across the street?
Dark: Pfft, yeah. We're not BLIND.
Shadow: Well, we've gotta get there. Maybe there's a way up the street from there.
Red: That's a sound idea. Let's try it.
Shadow: Glad you think so. Ready?
[they run across the street, and are instantly shot at by the barricade]
[cut to the building across the street]
[six chao enter]
Shadow: Ugh... well, that was much more firepower than I had assumed.
Dark: *cough cough* Never... never assume, dude...... ow...
Shade: He has a point. If you ARE gonna assume in a situation like this, then assume the worst.
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Learn the basics of fighting in the Uprising}

"You and Me and Uma Thurman"
(Day 3- 18:04:58)
(Adrian Benjamin Ruthford a.k.a "Jack White")
(District 13)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Regroup with Future Shade}
{Assault the Chaobine barricade up the street}

Rebel2: Shadow Raid, sir?
Shadow: Yeah?
Rebel2: I.. think we lost Hendrix.
Shadow: Oh, right, I never got your names! Uh.. which one was Hendrix?
Rebel3: "Rebel1."
Shadow: Oh, darn. So, who are YOU two?
Rebel2: I'm White.
Rebel3: And I'm Jovi.
White: Code names, of course.
Shadow: Alright, cool. Jovi, could you scout ahead and see what's in this building?
Jovi: Sure thing, Raid.
[Jovi heads around a corner]
[budda budda budda]
Shadow: *sigh* White, you think you can deal with those Chaobine?
White: Of course.
[White takes care of the soldiers]
Shadow: Alright, well, we're probably gonna need codenames, too. I'm Shadow Raid, as usual.
Shade: I call Solid Shade.
Red: No, man, you need a REAL code name. One that you can say without your real name, and "Solid" doesn't count.
Shade: Fine, fine, I'm Peter Greybriel.
Red: I'm Redd Fox.
Dark: Just call me Duke Nukem.
Shade: Hmm... maybe "Peter Greybriel's" kinda silly.
Duke: What was your first clue?
Shade: me Mycroft Holmes.
Raid: Okay, sweet, we've all got our codenames, then. White, status report!
White: Jovi's dead, and there's another door in this building that leads further up the street.
Raid: Awesome. Mycroft, Fox, Duke, White... we are now oscar mike.
Duke: lol call of doody
[they head out the next door and find themselves a little further up the street]
Raid: Hmmmm.... ah, another building! In here, guys.
[they enter another building]
Raid: Say, whatever happened to my antlions?
Mycroft: Eh, they're only used in and around Novella Prospekt. Sad, I know.
Raid: Aw. Anyway, Duke! Fox! Check the basement.
Duke+Fox: Got it. *to the basement*
Raid: White, Mycroft, you two come with me up these stairs. I can hear tangos up there.
[they head up the stairs, and approach a door]
Raid: ....yeah, confirmed tangos.
Mycroft: How many?
Raid: A small squadron... I'd say about three or four.
Mycroft: We can take 'em. Who's gonna bust this door down?
White: Allow me, Sarge.
[White steps up to the door and kicks it down]
[Raid and Mycroft hop in and shoot the Chaobine inside]
Raid: ALL CLEAR! White, you check that door! Mycroft, THAT one!
[they split up and check out all the rooms]
[eventually, they regroup, as well as Fox and Duke]
Raid: Report.
Mycroft: Nada.
White: Zilch.
Fox: Nada III.
Duke: I found a supply crate.
Raid: Ah, we don't need those. We're fine the way we are.
[they hear noises coming from a monitor]
Raid: Huh?
[the monitor flickers Eggman's face a couple of times]
[it repeats endlessly]
Raid: Strange.
Fox: Raid, I think we'd best move on for now. We can worry about herr Doktor later.
Raid: Good point. Let's go.
[they enter another door, and see a hole in the floor]
Duke: Ooh! I wanna scout ahead this time!
Raid: Be my guest.
[Duke hops down the hole]
Duke: CLEAR, save for two turrets facing the other way!
Raid: I got 'em. C'mon.
[the rest of them hop down the hole, and Raid uses his gravity gun to boot the turrets through a window]
Raid: Hmmm...
[through the window is the very top of the street, just in front of the barricade]
Raid: We need to get around that barriade somehow... any ideas?
Mycroft: Try the other side of the street.
Raid: The other side of the street?
[on the other side of the street is another building they can enter]
Raid: Wilco. Onward, soldiers.
[they dash across and make it to the building]
White: Ugh... those.. those gunners are getting pretty painful.
Raid: Don't worry, White. You'll get yours in a moment. For now, up the stairs, guys.
[they head up the stairs, and deal with a Chaobine soldier or two]
[White finds health, and they all find a hole in the ground that leads to the other side of the barricade]
Raid: Alright, here's the plan... Duke Nukem, I want you to do what you're best at.
Duke: Sweeeeet.
Raid: Mycroft, if you want, you can back him up.
Mycroft: Fine by me.
Raid: White, you'll be in the back, but you've gotta focus on the gunners.
White: With pleasure.
Raid: Fox, if you'd like, you can sit this one out.
Fox: That sounds pretty nice, actually. I'll stay back here and toss health if you guys ever need it.
Raid: Sounds like a plan, then. Let's go.
[they charge out in a squad of four, tactfully taking care of the Chaobine]
[..except Duke, who just charges out and blasts everyone he sees]
[using this hybrid of tactics and RAWR, they easily deal with the barricade]
Raid: Fox, c'mon, we're oscar mike again!
Fox: Got it!
[Fox regroups with them, and they move up some stairs into another building]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Assault the Chaobine barricade up the street}
{NEW OBJECTIVE- Fight through the apartments}
[they deal with whatever soldiers are up here]
Raid: Moving on. C'mon, onwards! Lot of ground to cover.
[they head down a lot of stairs]
[down the stairs is a long hallway-- AMBUSH!]
[budda budda budda]
Raid: Keep it going. Nothin' to see here.
[up some more stairs-- budda budda, more boring hallways and soldiers]
[down more stairs-- budda budda, zombies and hallways]
[they make it outside into the center of the apartment complex]
Raid: Hm. We can't move on due to a cage over the next door.
White: Raid, sir, how about that staircase leading down to what is presumably an underground underpass?
Raid: ...good idea.
[they head down the stairs]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Fight through the apartments}

(Day 3- 18:30:00)
(Megan Sherry Bates a.k.a "Lady Gaga")
(Underground Tunnels)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Regroup with Future Shade}
{Traverse the tunnels}

[cut to an underground highway tunnel]
[the chao arrive to find another squad of rebel chao]
Raid: Sweet, reinforcements! Names?
Rebel1: I'm Theodor--
Raid: CODEnames, buddy.
Rebel1: Oh. Then... I'm Van Halen.
Rebel2: John Petrucci's the name.
Rebel3: I'm Lady Gaga.
Rebel4: And I'm Jimmy Page.
Mycroft: Ugh. Hope he dies.
Page: Excuse me?
Mycroft: Oh, just... mumbling to myself. Let's get a move on.
[they move forward, then suddenly are bombarded with manhacks]
Raid: Huh. Haven't seen these guys in a while.
[they destroy the manhacks and move around some rubble]
Fox: The Badniks must have gotten here. Everything's torn apart.
[they move through some narrow corridors n' whatnot]
[they come across a bunch of Chaobine]
Raid: Alright, Halen, Petrucci, Gaga and Page, let's see how good you guys are. Take care of that station.
Page: Gaga, I think you'd better sit this one out.
Gaga: What? Why me?
Page: Well, you're... a girl. This situation calls for boys.
Petrucci: C'mon, Page, you're just jealous 'cause Gaga's a better sharpshooter than you are.
Page:, I'm not!
Raid: Will you guys shut up and take care of the freaking Chaobine already?
Page: Fine...
[the four head out and take care of the soldiers]
[Raid follows them and walks up to a wall of rubble blocking the road ahead]
Raid: Well, ain't THIS just perfect?
?: Hey, is there someone there?
Raid: Uh.. yes, I'm Raid.
?: The One Free Raid?
Raid: That's the one.
?: Listen! We're gonna plant some charges and blow this rubble up! But, it may take a while, so.. be patient.
Raid: Can do.
[they sit around for a bit, waiting for the people on the other side to blow the rubble up]
Raid: So, Petrucci, what's the scoop between Page and Gaga?
Petrucci: Oh, well, as I said, Page is jealous 'cause he wants to be the best sharpshooter... and he's not.
Raid: Gaga took the title away from him?
Petrucci: Yep.
Page: Guys, I'm right here.
Raid: Congratulations. Would you like a medal?
?: Alright! Alright, we've planted the charges! Stand back!
[they stand back]
[the rubble is cleared]
[on the other side is a medic]
Raid: Oh, there's only one of you. Codename?
Medic: Robbie Williams.
Mycroft: Ooh, I like this guy.
Duke: Raid!
Raid: Find something, Duke?
Duke: Yeah, there's this little crawlspace right here.
Williams: Oh, that crawlspace heads to the next patch of tunnel, but it's been covered in radiation...
Raid: Leave this one to me, th--
Mycroft: No. Leave it to ME.
Raid: Hm?
Mycroft: I know where to go. That place can kill you if you don't.
Raid: Oh, well, if you really want to go...
Mycroft: I do.
[Mycroft crawls through the space]
Williams: HEY! Try to get us out of here, too, will ya?
Mycroft: Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
[he looks around and sees a bunch of broken-down cars sitting in toxic waste]
[he wipes off some sweat, feels the radiation, and hops onto a nearby car]
[he then hops from car to truck to car to car to random crate to pipe to whacking headcrabs to car to other pipe]
[he climbs up the pipe, and into a vent]
[the vent takes him to a long corridor]
[he goes to one end of the corridor and opens a door, which leads to the room the others are in]
Mycroft: Piece of cake. Let's go.
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Traverse the tunnels}

"The Only Easy Day Was Pancake Day"
(Day 3- 18:47:29)
(Robert Truman a.k.a "Brian May")
(Apartment Complexes District 9)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Regroup with Future Shade}
{Fight through the complexes}

[the gang emerges next to a DIFFERENT set of apartments]
Halen: Crap! They're shelling us!
[a metal shell falls from the sky and lands on top of Jimmy Page]
[headcrabs jump out and are quickly killed]
Gaga: They.. they got Page.
Raid: ..damn.
Fox: Guys, I think we'd best keep going. I mean, we've still got a ways to go, don't we?
Raid: F..Fox is right. We need to keep moving, and waiting around's only gonna bring in more enemies.
White: Well, I'm ready to roll when you are, Raid.
Raid: Good. Let's move on, then.
[they move on, and encounter a locked door]
Petrucci: Oh, hold on. *knock knock*
?: What's the password?
Petrucci: If you don't shut your damn piehole, I will shoot you in your left mouth.
?: Correct.
[the door opens; another rebel awaits them]
?: 'Sup, Petrucci?
Petrucci: Hey, May. Mind if we come in?
May: No, go right ahead. HEY, EVERYONE! We got visitors!
[they enter the building and find it to be some sort of rebel refugee.. place]
[Petrucci steps to the center of the room; everyone slowly starts looking at him]
Petrucci: Listen, everyone.. this will be the last day in the Uprising.
[the crowd gives off confused murmurs]
Petrucci: Shadow Raid has returned.
[Raid takes the stage]
Raid: Uh.. hello. I'm Shadow Raid.
Raid: You may not believe this, but.. I came here from the past to overthrow Herr Doktor.
Raid: Yeah, he sucks. I know. Anyway, I'm running a siege on the Egg Citadel.
Raid: I'm gonna let my advisor, Mycroft Holmes, explain to you the details.
Mycroft: Thanks, Shadow Raid. Hello. I'm Mycroft. I used to be the famous one.
["Huh?" "Don't recognize him." "Ringing no bells."]
Mycroft: *sigh* Yeah. Well, according to my calculations, we should be able to reach the Egg Citadel in a couple hours.
Raid: Really? We're THAT close?
Mycroft: Yeah.
Raid: Oh, awesome. It looks so far.
Mycroft: That's just because it's so freaking tall.
Raid: Right, of course. How hard will it be to get to the top?
Mycroft: Not hard at all. We'll go over this later, dude. You have a speech to give, remember?
Raid: Oh, right, right, yeah. Anyway, to accompany me in this speech...
[the lights go out]
[a spotlight shows Mycroft at a drumkit]
[a spotlight show Fox holding a bass guitar]
[a spotlight shows Duke holding a guitar]
[Duke grabs the microphone]
Duke: 'Sup, everyone... we're Rubber Goose. Joining us today is the Robotnikland 17 Symphony Orchestra.
[in comes the squad of rebels (like Jack White, John Petrucci, etc) holding string instruments]
Duke: And we have a very special guest tonight, who will be singing this piece with me... please welcome Shadow Raid.
[Raid steps up to the microphone again]
[the crowd goes wild; Duke gestures for them to calm down]
Duke: Raid has told you the basics. The Egg Citadel's gotta go down. But first, we need an army.
Raid: A BIG one.
Duke: So, to help you guys decide whether or not to enlist in our squadron... we wanted to play this song.
[ ]

[instantly the drums play an upbeat tempo as the guitar plays alongside the string instruments and..
you know what? Why don't you just listen to the damn song? xD]

Duke+Raid: Whooooaoooaooooooah! Whoooaooooooohhhhhhoooh! Whooooaooooaooooooaoooooah!

(Raid is singing most of the lyrics; the ones in parentheses are sung by Duke)
Raid: Hey all! (Hey all!)
Welcome to the greatest storm.
I know! (I know!)
You have waited much too long..
And I! (And I!)
I will be your shining star!
I'm here! (I'm here!)
Here to conquer here! And! Far!

Raid: Like the sun (The sun!), I run (I run!)!
Both: Into the heat of day!
Raid: Like a knight (A knight!), I fight (I fight!)!
Until the fight is woooooon...

(Here, everyone sings along, with Duke singing the backups)
All: In a rage (A rage!), I slay (I slay!)..
Raid: Each and every,
Duke: Each and every,
Both: Each and everyone..
Raid: 'Till this war is won!

Raid: And I live! To rule!
Duke: By the sword..
Raid: Slashing through the every inch of the power,
Duke: The power in you!

Raid: As I sit!
Duke: As I stand!
Raid: By the table I command!
Both: My kingdom...

Raid: I'm a Kniiiiiight of the Wind.

Duke+Raid: Whooooaoooaooooooah! Whoooaooooooohhhhhhoooh! Whooooaooooaooooooaoooooah!

Raid: Hey all! (Hey all!)
Welcome to the end is near.
I know! (I know!)
I will bring you pain! And! Fear!

Raid: On the ground (On the ground!), to the sky (To the sky!)!
Both: Face with you and I!
Raid: In a flash (In a flash!), I'm gone (I'm gone!)!
Both: Holding your crown high

All: In a rage (A rage!), I slay (I slay!)..
Raid: Each and every,
Duke: Each and every,
Both: Each and everyone..
Raid: 'Till this war is won!

Raid: And I live! To rule!
Duke: By the sword..
Raid: Slashing through the every inch of the power,
Duke: The power in you!

Raid: As I sit!
Duke: As I stand!
Raid: By the table I command!
Both: My kingdom...

Raid: I'm a Kniiiiiight of the Wind...
I'm a Knight of the Wind.
I'm a Knight of the Wind!

Duke: Our castle is a massive force!
Fox: A stronghold of power!
Mycroft: My armor stays unbreakable!
All: In battle every hour!

[Duke's guitar solo, followed by..]
[Duke's WTF this is a freaking SONIC song, what's THAT doing in there? solo]

All: Whooooaoooaooooooah! Whoooaooooooohhhhhhoooh! Whooooaooooaooooooaoooooah!

Raid: Like the sun (The sun!), I run (I run!)!
Both: Into the heat of day!
Raid: Like a knight (A knight!), I fight (I fight!)!
Until the fight is woooooon...

All: In a rage (A rage!), I slay (I slay!)..
Raid: Each and every,
Duke: Each and every,
Both: Each and everyone..
Raid: 'Till this war is won!

Raid: And I live! To rule!
Duke: By the sword..
Raid: Slashing through the every inch of the power,
Duke: The power in you!

Raid: As I sit!
Duke: As I stand!
Raid: By the table I command!
Both: My kingdom...

Raid: I'm a Kniiiiiight of the Wind.
I'm a Knight of the Wind!
[they finish]
[standing ovation]
Raid: So, who's gonna help us siege the Egg Citadel?
May: Uh.. I guess I will.
Petrucci: Sweet, welcome to the squad, May.
Duke: You guys are the worst crowd we've ever had. Where's my trailer?
Raid: Well.. okay, I guess we'll just carry on, then.
[they go through the next set of apartments, hopping through broken floors, fighting zombies and killing Chaobine]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Fight through the complexes}

"Took You Long Enough"
(Day 3- 19:01:40)
(Shade the Dark, Future, a.k.a "Slenderchao")
(District 8)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Regroup with Future Shade}

[they enter a room and are greeted by two turrets]
[Raid quickly shuts them down with his gravity gun]
[a door on the other side is kicked down... by Future Shade, leading his own little squad]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Regroup with Future Shade}
ShadeF: Well, lookie what we have here. Told you I'd meet up with you guys.
Raid: Looks like you followed through, sarge.
ShadeF: Kid, for now, just call me "Slenderchao."
Raid: Cool. I assume you know all of OUR nicknames?
Slender: Of course. I've been hearing of your adventures. You impress me, Shadow Raid.
Mycroft: What about me, dude?
Slender: Mister Holmes, you always impressed me. After all... you're ME.
Mycroft: Oh, sweet.
Slender: Anyway, c'mon, we've got a lot of work to do.
[Slenderchao leads them down some stairs and to a console]
Slender: Apparently, there's some kind of generator in the plaza below.
Raid: A generator? What does it fuel?
Slender: It fuels a forcefield that prevents us from moving on.
Raid: So... how do we shut it off?
Slender: You leave that to me. It'll take me a while, though, so.. defend me while I shut it off, kay?
Raid: Can do.
[they head out to the plaza]
[Slenderchao activates a console in the center of the plaza]
Slender: Alright, I'm starting the hack. Cover me.
Raid: Affirmative. C'mon, you heard him; let's set up some cover, guys!
[they set up some cover and wait]
[and wait]
[and wait s'more]
Slender: All done.
Fox: Wow, was that really it?
Raid: I guess we finally got a break.
Slender: That ain't a good thing, kids. 'Specially not in Left 4 Dead, but that's besides the point.
Raid: What are you implying?
Mycroft: My future self is saying that this is a warning that something REALLY bad's coming.
Slender: Pretty much. Then again, I'm not too certain.
Raid: We'll burn that bridge when we get there. C'mon, guys.
[most of the chao move on; Jack White and Slenderchao don't]
White: Now, there's something that's bothering me, Slenderchao...
Slender: Yeah-huh?
White: If you're Mycroft's future self.. then... shouldn't you remember what you've been through, and know what's coming?
Slender: It's a lot more complicated than that, Jack.
White: But am I at least correct? In theory, you SHOULD be able to, right?
Slender: No. You are not correct. In theory, I have no way of knowing what will happen in that boy's future.
White: Wha?
[close-up of Slenderchao]
Slender: In THEORY....... I could MAKE his future.
[He takes one step forward]
White: How.. in the name of jahosephats does that make the SLIGHTEST lick of sense?
Slender: This **** goes far beyond the simple concepts of a meta-show, Jack. It makes perfect sense...
[dramatic camera angles]
Slender: ..once you know the spoilers.
[Slenderchao leaves; Jack White ponders the conversation]

"Residue Processing"
(Day 3- 19:07:10)
(Dark a.k.a "Duke Nukem")
(City Underlevels)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}
{Go through the sewers}

[the chao come across a big gorge in the street, blocking them from progressing]
Slender: Alright, so last I checked, the Red dude you're looking for is on the other side of this trench.
Raid: Awesome. How do we get across?
Slender: You don't. You climb in and explore the sewers. 'S the best way through.
Raid: Oh... I guess we can manage that.
Slender: Sure ya can. Hey, listen, this may be inconvenient for you, but.. I've gotta go.
Raid: Snap, why?
Slender: Gotta make sure Mister Prower is alright in the hiding place I relocated him to.
Raid: Oh, okay... you do that. We'll look for Red.
Slender: I know you will. But, hey.. don't think you won't see me again.
Raid: Of course.
Slender: I'll catch up with ya... I wouldn't miss Eggman's tail getting kicked for the world. I'm out!
[Slenderchao leaves, along with his squad]
Mycroft: There goes the greatest badass who ever lived.
Raid: What about Chuck Norris?
Mycroft: Doesn't hold a candle.
Fox: Captain Falcon?
Mycroft: Pales in comparison.
Duke: Samus Aran?
Mycroft: .......****. I stand corrected.
Raid: Right, what were we thinking? After all, every calender I've ever bought was a Metroid one.
Fox: My desktop background is of Samus in her badass Phazon suit.
Mycroft: Mine's of her in her Zero Suit.
Duke: Mine's of her in her birthday suit.
[they stare at Duke]
Duke: ...NSFW?
Fox: Word.
[they hop into the trench, and into the sewers]
Petrucci: Freakin' smells down here.
Gaga: Get over it, will ya?
Petrucci: *sigh* Fine...
[they traverse through the sewers, fending off many a zombie and alien creature]
[..oh, and Brian May was dragged away by the zombies]
White: I will miss Brian May.
Mycroft: Pfft, I won't.
[they enter a door and find themselves in a very large warehouse]
Raid: Stay alert, everyone. I have a bad feeling about this.
Duke: You have a bad feeling about EVERYTHING.
Fox: Um... no, he doesn't.
Duke: ..oh.
[suddenly, they are surrounded by Chaobine soldiers, but not just ANY soldiers...]
Mycroft: These are... the fabled Dark Chaos Chao.
Raid: I'm sure they're just like all the other robots.
[...they are :P]
Mycroft: Such a shame, too. I've been hoping to be a Chaos Chao some day... I hope they're nothing like THIS.
Fox: Oh, I highly doubt they will be.
Raid: Man, this is a really big warehouse. Where the heck is the door?
Fox: Right in front of you.
Raid: .......huh.
[they open the door]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Go through the sewers}

Chapter 11: (ACT III) "Stop Following Me"

"Charlie Rescued Me!"
(Day 3- 19:12:54)
(Red, Future a.k.a "Barney Calhoun")
(District 3)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Find Future Red}

[the chao find themselves out on the streets; this district seems to be focused around a building in the center]
Raid: Huh. Next chapter.
Fox: *yawwwwn* That took an extremely long time, didn't it?
Mycroft: What can I say? It's a street war. It's not supposed to be short.
White: Yeah, but those sewers passed by quickly.
Mycroft: Most likely because DJay's getting bored, or thinks the chapter was getting WAY too long.
Duke: Maybe both.
Raid: Hey, guys... stand back. I've got a REALLY bad feeling about this.
Gaga: About what, Raid?
Raid: Shhh...
[along the street leading to the center building is a blue line, obviously of a gun]
Raid: Snipers. Too high to reach.
Duke: Maybe we should get to the top of that center building?
Raid: That is actually a really good idea. Let's do that.
Mycroft: We don't want too many people in the line of fire of those snipers, man. **** would get real awfully fast.
Raid: Hmm... you make a good point. Gaga, Petrucci, White... you're coming with me.
[they carefully head up the street, and enter the center building]
Petrucci: Damn snipers... I could swear they're waiting... gonna pick us off, one by one.
Raid: Calm down, soldier.
Petrucci: We're not safe in here. They.. they're still waiting...
White: Would you chill, John? The game's not over yet.
Petrucci: The game may not be over, but they're still waiting for half-time, then, aren't they?
Raid: *sigh* M'lady, could you stay here with Petrucci and try to calm him down?
Gaga: Sure thing.
Raid: Jack, c'mon, we're gonna look for a way up.
White: What's wrong with the stairs?
[Raid opens the door, and reveals that the stairs leading up have collapsed]
White: Typical.
[Raid leads Jack down into the basement]
[the camera stays with John and Gaga]
Gaga: What's wrong?
Petrucci: I... I don't know. It's all this warfare stuff... I.. I just can't handle it, you know?
Gaga: Oh, John.. I know things may seem apocalyptic and hellbroken, but I assure you... everything's not lost.
Petrucci: How can you be so sure? We're going up against the whole freaking Badnik Empire!
Gaga: I'm sure because we've got Shadow Raid on our side.
Petrucci: Ohhh, I don't see all the hype in that guy.. I mean, what could he POSSIBLY do?
Gaga: Well, first of all, he supposedly came from the past.
Petrucci: Pfft, load of crock.
Gaga: As odd as it may sound... I believe him.
Petrucci: You... you DO?
Gaga: Yeah. He definitely doesn't seem to know much about the Badniks.. I'm certain he's a total outsider.
Petrucci: Now that you mention it, he DOES seem to be going in the direction of the Egg Nexus, completely oblivious...
Gaga: Oh, the Egg Nexus, ****... I had completely forgotten about that.
Petrucci: Still, it proves your point. Go on.
Gaga: Besides being from the past, he was able to escape from the city and to Cham's lab in a few hours.
Petrucci: Well... yeah, that IS pretty amazing.
Gaga: AND, he made it through Ravenholm. Then the highway. Then he was able to destroy Novella Prospekt.
Petrucci: Okay, okay, I get it! You're right. We.. we might just be able to do this.
Gaga: See? Everything's not lost. We have the One Shadow Raid... as well as the Grey One.
Petrucci: W..we have THE Grey One with us?
Gaga: Yeah, that Mycroft Holmes guy.
Petrucci: Huh. I didn't recognize him.
Gaga: Oh, and then there's Slenderchao..
Petrucci: Wait, if Mycroft is the Grey One, then that means Duke Nukem and Redd Fox are......
Gaga: ...huh, I hadn't thought of that. We might just stand more than a chance against Herr Doktor.
Petrucci: Heh, now that you mention it... YES, we DO! Haha! Thanks, ma'am.
Gaga: Anytime.
[Lady Gaga slaps John Petrucci in the face]
Gaga: Now don't you EVER pull that EVER again, you hear me, soldier?
Petrucci: Ow! Alright!
[a door opens in front of them; Raid is there]
Raid: Guys, we found another staircase. Let's go. Petrucci, you up for this?
Petrucci: Yeah, I'm thrilled.
[they head up the stairs to the top floor]
[Future Red is there]
RedF: Hey, Raid! Could you.. give me a little help?
Raid: Sure, with the snipers?
RedF: No, I want to bake a ****ing cake. Just toss some grenades at 'em, man.
Raid: Got it. White, you take that sniper over there. Gaga, take the one opposite me. Petrucci?
Petrucci: It's fine. I can do this. I've calmed down.
Raid: Good, so you can take that sniper opposite White's. I'll take this one.
[..and.. they uneventfully throw grenades into the windows the snipers are perched in]
RedF: Thanks, dude.
Raid: No prob. Now that we've met up, maybe you can tell me how to get to the citadel so we can get there?
RedF: Oh, there's a slight problem with that plan. C'mon. Let's have us one o' them walk-n-talks.
[they go back down the stairs and regroup with the others]
Raid: Alright, what is it we need to know, Red?
RedF: First of all, call me "Barney Calhoun."
Raid: Kay, Barney. What's up?
Barney: You see, up ahead is this big.. bank, or museum, or.. whatever it was, it's gone now. The badniks got to it.
Gaga: Oh, you're talking about THAT, aren't you?
Barney: Yeah, see, they've converted it to the Egg Nexus.
Raid: *gulp* The... Egg Nexus? What is that?
Mycroft: Think of it like this: the Egg Citadel's got the final boss, so the Nexus has the semi-final one.
Raid: Oh. And... and I'm fighting him all by myself?
Mycroft: We'll discuss that later.
Barney: Yeah, but you see... it's not easy to invade. It's gonna require a muli-step invasion.
Mycroft: He's right. It's a freaking ***** to invade. An EPIC *****, mind you, but... still a *****.
Raid: Well, how close are we?
Barney: Right around the corner. C'mon.
Raid: Oh, boy. Okay...
[Barney leads them into a building]
Barney: ...anybody hear a moose?
Fox: No.
Petrucci: Not at all.
Barney: Damn thing still haunts me...

"Egg Nexus: Not By the Hairs on My Chinny-Chin Chin"
(Day 3- 19:26:42)
(Shade the Dark, a.k.a "Mycroft Holmes")
(Egg Nexus exterior, District 2)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Infiltrate and disable the Egg Nexus}

[the chao go up some stairs into a small building]
[they come across a window that reveals a large museum-looking building, with a big roof and huge courtyard in front]
Barney: There you have it, Raid. The Egg Nexus.
Raid: Whoa. Well, we may as well plan the raid out now. How are we gonna do this?
Mycroft: Breaking in will be easy. Just follow us.
Barney: Yeah, but when we're in there... shutting things down may be difficult.
Mycroft: Then, once we've shut things down, we should have roof access.
Raid: Why do we want roof access?
Barney: It's, like... something to do with reinforcements.
Raid: Oh.
Mycroft: Of course, once the Egg Nexus is shut down, you can bet this square will be teeming with soldiers.
Barney: Ah, yes. Eggman won't take too kindly to shutting down this stronghold.
Raid: It won't be too bad, though, right, Mycroft?
Mycroft: WELLLLL......
Raid: Is it harder than the Antlion Guards?
Mycroft: Con.....siiiiiderably.
Raid: ****. Will I be on my own?
Mycroft: Like I said, we'll discuss that later. For now, let's stick to discussing the outline of the plan.
Raid: Right. So, once we get roof access, then what?
Mycroft: Well, while you're trying to get the access, Barney over here will press on ahead to the next district.
Barney: District 1.
Raid: District ONE?! We're THAT close?
Mycroft: Yeah, but it's a heavily-guarded district, you know.
Raid: So... once I've got roof access, I'll have to fight my way out of the Egg Nexus and to District 1 where we'll regroup?
Barney: Pretty much. Once we've regrouped, we'll find a way into the Egg Citadel.
Raid: Okay, so that's it? We can do this!
[Mycroft shakes his head]
Mycroft: Love your enthusiasm, kid, but this is arguably the hardest part of the game, right here. Wellll....
Raid: Well?
Mycroft: It's debatable, but some say the Nexus is the hardest part, while most say the part AFTER it is.
Raid: District 1?
Mycroft: The journey TO District 1.
Raid: Hm. Well, we'll burn that bridge when we get there. We've gotten this far. Nowhere to go but forward.
Mycroft: That's the spirit. You ready to go?
Raid: Hell yes.
Barney: Then everybody, take your last bathroom breaks or whatever.
[Barney loads his weapon]
Barney: We're beginning the assault.
[everyone takes care of their last bathroom break or whatever, then gathers in the next room]
Barney: Okay. Mycroft and I will take point until we get to the building.
Mycroft: White, come on up here. You're pairing with Raid for this.
White: Alright.
Mycroft: Petrucci, you and Gaga stick behind Raid and White. Back them up at all costs.
Gaga: Roger that, chief.
Mycroft: Fox, Duke, take the caboose. Take any stragglers. Two by two, everybody!
[a camera spots them]
Barney: ****, so much for stealth; we've been spotted!
Mycroft: Let's go! Stick together!
[they head down some stairs and to a street in front of the Egg Nexus' courtyard]
Mycroft: Oh, one more thing--
Raid: WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?!
Mycroft: The badniks can fire lasers out of the sky, but just out here. They'll stop once the Egg Nexus is down.
Raid: That... that was NOT what I expected.
Barney: Enough chitter-chatter. To get into the courtyard, we've got to go around these forcefields.
Raid: Seriously, couldn't you guys have told me about the forcefields beforehand?
Barney: Hey, relax. We're taking point. Just follow us.
[Mycroft and Barney lead the group down the street, watching out for any OMG WTF LAZER HAXes]
[they waltz on into a small building at the end of the street and kill some soldiers]
[they then open a door and find themselves in the courtyard]
Barney: C'mon, let's keep it moving; there's another forcefield stopping us from reaching the building.
[they fight off more soldiers, dodge more LAZORZ and enter another small building]
[..and kill more soldiers, then exit through another door, and find themselves just outside the Egg Nexus]
Barney: Nearly there. We gotta go around to the side door. C'mon.
[Barney leads them to the side door; they enter it]
{OBECTIVE COMPLETE- Infiltrate the Egg Nexus}

"Egg Nexus: Search and Disable"
(Day 3- 19:32:32)
(Michael Urkel a.k.a. "Johnny Gioeli")
(Egg Nexus interior, District 2)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Disable the Egg Nexus}

[the side door took them to a quiet hallway]
Barney: We're in. Everyone here?
[everyone is here]
Mycroft: Yeah, everyone's here. Raid, you mind taking point from here?
Raid: I guess, but... where do we go?
Mycroft: Well, we're looking for three generators.
Barney: Obvious ones. Ya can't miss 'em.
Raid: Oh. Okay. Let's go, guys.
[Raid leads them into the nex-- BEEP BEEP]
[before they enter the next room, turrets rise from the floor]
Raid: Whoa!
Mycroft: Duke, explosives!
Duke: Got it!
[Duke fires explosives at the turrets; they go ka-blooey]
[NOW they enter the next room]
[Chaobine city!]
[budda budda budda budda]
[they move on to the next room, and up some stairs]
Raid: ...shh! You guys hear that?
?: Help! Please!
White: It was coming from this room, right here.
[they enter the room, and find some rebels stuck behind a force field]
Rebel1: You there! Please, shut the force field off!
Raid: Sure thing. *shuts off*
Rebel1: Thanks, dude. The name's Jun Senoue.
Duke: Awesome name.
Jun: Thanks. My pal here is codenamed Johnny Gioeli.
Gioeli: 'Sup?
Raid: Welcome to the team, guys. We're taking this place down.
Gioeli: Rock n' roll!
[they leave the room, and some turrets rise from the floor]
Raid: Duke?
Duke: Yah?
Raid: Nuke 'em.
[in the next room is a crazy energy orb being held in place by machines]
Barney: Kid, that's one of the generators. You know what to do.
Raid: I.... do?
Mycroft: Use what we have taught you, young grasshopper.
[Raid examines the scene carefully]
Raid: Hmmm.... ah-ha!
[Raid shunts the energy orb with a burst from the gravity gun; it flies around and disintegrates]
Mycroft: We have taught you well.
Barney: Two to go. Let's go!
Raid: Got it.
[they leave the room, and are ambushed by regular and Chaos Chaobine]
[..of course, our heroes win. They're a really big squad.]
[they find a strange bridge and cross it to another branch of the Egg Nexus]
[they check out a random room, and are instantly locked in]
Fox: Crap.
Raid: Brace yourselves, guys.
[they hear dozens of footsteps running to a door opposite them]
[beep beep]
[...beep beep...]
[...beep beep...]
[The door is blasted open, and Chaobine soldiers storm in]
[budda budda budda budda budda]
[Guess who is left standing?]
Fox: Man, these fights are getting REALLY easy.
Mycroft: Pfft, yeah, 'cause there're, like... nine, ten of us.
[they keep moving and find another generator]
Raid: I got this. *SHUNT*
Barney: Nice job. We've only one left.
Raid: This is all going much too easily.
Mycroft: Heh... good to see you're catching on.
Raid: Wha?
Mycroft: Duke, Fox? When we were going through Half-Life 1, do you remember when it went REALLY easily?
Fox: Uh... yeah, during "Forget about Freeman," right? Right after Surface Tension?
Mycroft: And what followed that?
Fox: Lambda Core, and then Xen.
Mycroft: And how hard was the rest of the game?
Duke+Fox: ****ing impossible.
Mycroft: So, kid, you've got that to look forward to. We're close to the end of the game.
Raid: Oh... gee, thanks for THAT pep talk.
Mycroft: Don't be like that. You're learning. You only have to worry about the journey to District 1.
Raid: Fine... let's just hurry up and shut off the last generator.
Barney: You heard the kid; hurry up, let's go!
[they travel to another wing of the Egg Nexus]
[the next room is filled with lasers and mines]
Raid: ......okay, so this IS kinda hard.
Mycroft: Do it. You'll find it's not as tough as it looks.
Raid: *sigh* Fine. Wait here, guys.
[Raid enters the room and looks for some ways around the lasers]
Raid: Huh. Looks like I'm gonna have to do this the hard way.
[he crawls under one laser, hops over another, sneaks around one, rolls under another]
[he hops across the machines in the room and dodges the mines]
[at the other end of the room, he hits a button and switches the lasers off]
[the others enter the room and come to him]
[in the next room is the final generator]
Barney: C'mon, Raid. Finish this.
Raid: Gladly. *SHUNT*
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Disable the Egg Nexus}

"Egg Nexus: Ain't No Beatles Gig"
(Day 3- 19:52:01}
(Frederick Todd Jenkins a.k.a "John Petrucci")
(Egg Nexus roof, District 2)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}
{Obtain roof access}

Mycroft: Well, Raid... you wanted your hard part. You're about to get it.
Raid: Right...
Barney: I'll take point now! Follow close!
[Barney leads them back down to the bottom floor, dealing with tons of soldiers]
[they go through a small hallway and come to a door]
Barney: Alright, guys. This is where we part.
Raid: Bye, Barney. See ya in District 1.
Barney: Yeah, see ya. Senoue, Gioeli, could you back me up?
Jun: Sure thing.
[Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli go with Barney]
Raid: Well... let's get this over with.
[they head up the stairs and reach door to the roof]
Mycroft: Before we head out there, we need to talk.
Raid: Yes, we do. Am I going to be on my own during the hard part?
Mycroft: Most likely.
Raid: ..great. Okay, let's go.
[they head out the door and begin fighting the hordes of soldiers]


[cut to Eggman's office in the Egg Citadel]
[Eggman is talking on a monitor to someone]
Egg: The Egg Nexus has been deactivated. They're... they're coming for me.
Egg: I'm NOT being paranoi..well, I AM, but with good reason! That chao.. Shadow Raid.. he's a madman.
Egg: ..well... but...
Egg: Hmph. Very well. Verrrry well. Please do. Oh, and... feel free to use maximum firepower.
[Eggman laughs evilly as the screen fades out]

[cut to the Egg Nexus rooftop; the chao have just fought their way to the other side]
[they have opened access to a bridge that allows reinforcements to spawn indefinitely]
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Obtain roof access}

"When the Poop Hits the Paddle..."
(Day 3- 19:57:23)
(Shadow a.k.a "Shadow Raid")
(District 2)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}

Raid: Alright, are you guys leaving me now?
Mycroft: Kinda-sorta. We'll just be up here.. in case things go horribly, horribly wrong.
Duke: Which they probably will.
Raid: Well.. wish me luck. I'm going down. By myself.
[Raid heads down some stairs]
Mycroft: ...he is SO dead.
White: Why did you send him down if you knew he was gonna die?
Mycroft: Well.. he needs to be tested.
White: Screw this; I'm going down with him.
[Jack White heads down the stairs]
Mycroft: ..aren't you two going down, too?
Petrucci: Me? You kiddin'?
Gaga: If White Stripes over there wants to get himself killed, I say let him.
[cut to Raid; he reached the bottom floor and is approaching the door to outside]
White: Wait up!
[White regroups with him]
Raid: You comin', too?
White: Hell yeah. We badasses have to stick together.
Raid: This is probably a suicide run, you know.
White: It won't be that bad. Now, come on.
[they exit the door]
[outside, giant tripod badniks are walking around, blowing things up]
[a random rebel soldier is seen shooting a tripod, which then proceeds to charge up a powerful beam]
[the soldier disintegrates]
Raid: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ****.
White: ..okay, so it might be a TEENSY bit harder than I had predicted. But we can still manage.
Raid: Dude... there's five of 'em.
White: It'll just take a while.
[they run outside and take cover]
Raid: Okay... I'm gonna try shooting a rocket at it.
Raid: ...another.
Raid: One more.
Raid: One more should do it.
Raid: Ahhhhh, **** you, man.
[BOOM; rooaaarrr.... die]
Raid: Okay! Five rockets kill one.
White: We have seven.
Raid: ...perfect.
[they hear a large crash coming from the center of the courtyard]
Raid: What...
[they hear the tripods fire at something]
White: The...
[they hear all the tripods explode]
Both: Nuclear-equipped walking battle tank?
[they peek over the cover]
[everything is on fire]
[in the center of all the rubble is a lone figure, crouching]
Raid: What IS that?
White: Is it a badnik?
Raid: I think the more important question is... is it friend or foe?
[the figure slowly stands up]
[Mycroft is heard shouting "HOLY ****CAKES!"]
[it slowly steps towards Raid and White]
White: Whatever it is, it's got elflike shoes.
Raid: It's got blood-red eyes.
White: It's got a cape.
Raid: Worst of all... I think it's a robot.
?: This is quite amusing, you know...
Raid: Wh..what is?
?: The fact that you do not recognize me. I have saved your life more times than you even know.
Raid: So.. so you're our ally?
?: Now, I wouldn't say "ally..." I am merely your acquaintance. And you have pissed off my #1 client.
Raid: Who's that?
?: Herr Robotnik. He was paying me BIIIIG bucks to control the streets of Robotnikland 17.
White: *gasp* No way.. you're The Cremator.
?: Some have called me by that name.
Raid: You control the streets? You haven't been doing a very good job, then.
?: Yes, well, when you blew up Novella Prospekt, I was called in to.. clean up the rubble. And the coasts.
Raid: You've been killing the rebels in the outposts?
?: Hahaha... yes. And I was just about to bomb the antlion nests when Herr Doktor called me in with some shocking news.
Raid: The Egg Nexus...
?: I must say, I am very impressed. I never expected a CHAO to shut down such a building.
White: Well, for the record, there were, like.. nine of us. Including Mycroft Holmes.
?: M..what? Wait, what?
White: Mycroft Holmes. The codename for Sh--nobody!
?: "Sh.." who?
White: Doesn't matter.
?: Hmmmm... yes. Doesn't matter. At least.. not for YOU.
Raid: Enough! Who ARE you?
[Mycroft suddenly drops in, wielding his crowbar]
Mycroft: Metal Sonic...
White: Mycroft!
MS: Ah, yes... Shade. Of course, it all makes sense now.
Mycroft: You want me. Don't mess with these guys if you want me.
MS: I'll mess with whoever I want.
Mycroft: Like hell, you will!
[Metal glares at Mycroft]
MS: You are pushing my patience, Shade. You're lucky I haven't done any cremating just yet.
Raid: Just let us pass by. We only want to get to District 1.
MS: Let you pass by? What, should I also sit around while you assassinate herr Doktor?
Mycroft: Relax. We're not gonna assassinate him. We just want to talk with him.
MS: He's my biggest client. I can't take any chances. For instance!
[Metal pulls out a freaky sword]
MS: This sword may be old-fashioned, but it gets the job done. I don't want to take chances on whether or not you die.
[Mycroft wields his crowbar]
[they stare off for a bit]
MS: ...prepare to be cremated!
[Metal charges at Mycroft, who hops out of the way; Metal turns on a dime and follows]
Mycroft: Eah! *dodge*
MS: What's the matter, Shade? *chase* Did you forget who I am?
Mycroft: No! *dodge* Well.... *dodge* ...sorta. *dodge*
[they continue the game of cat-and-mouse for a bit before Mycroft stumbles]
[suddenly, Jack White leaps into the fray and tugs onto Metal's cape, making Metal stumble, as well]
[Metal shakes Jack off]
MS: I'll deal with YOU later, runt.
[he launches himself into the air; Mycroft jumps out of the way as Metal lands]
Mycroft: Duke! Duke!
Duke: Got it, chief!
[Duke tosses his RPG from afar]
[it hits, and a large explosion covers the ground]
[the chao watch closely to see if Metal survived]
Mycroft: ....I think... I think we did it, guys. Yeah! I think we actually beat Met--
[suddenly, two robotic arms extend from within and grab Mycroft]
[as they detract back into the cloud, Raid uses his gravity gun to pull them back]
Mycroft: Pull, dude! Pull!
Raid: (strained) I'm... I'm trying!
MS: Muahahaha...
Raid: What's.. what's so funny?
MS: Oh, nothing... just the fact that, while you're trying, I'm NOT!
[Metal's arms retract extremely quickly]
Mycroft: ****!!!
[Petrucci and Gaga come down to the courtyard, then run into the cloud]
[struggles are heard; the cloud slowly fades]
[Metal is gone]
Raid: Wha? Where did he go?
[Redd Fox and Duke Nukem have now come down, too]
Fox: I think the more important question is... when will he return?
[Duke helps Mycroft up]
Duke: Whoa, Holmes, are you alright?
Mycroft: *cough cough* Ugh... not too bad... I don't think Metal was able to do anything too rash.
Petrucci: We'd better get outta here before he comes back.
Raid: John is right. We'd best hightail it out of here.
White: Let's get a move on, then. District 1 isn't far from here.
Raid: Yeah, let's go.
[they head out of the courtyard; Mycroft slowly walks forward]
Duke: C'mon, Shade. Put your arm over my shoulder.
Mycroft: *does that* Thanks, Dark... *hack wheeze* ugh...
Duke: What did he...?
[Mycroft reveals his stomach (which he was covering to this point); blood covers it]
Mycroft: I *cough* ..didn't want to worry you guys.
Duke: You are a true badass, sir.
Mycroft: Dark..... I never told you this, but... it's been a real pleasure with you as my number one.
Duke: Wha? But.. no! We're.. you're...
Mycroft: Dark. Look at me. I'm about to tell you something I have never told ANYBODY in my entire life.
[Mycroft looks at Duke right in the eyes]
Mycroft: You will rule the garden when I am gone. You have always been my best friend, and... I love you.
[tears build in Duke's eyes]
Duke: Sh..Shade... sir... you're not going to die. We're getting you out of this!
[Duke starts walking and pulling Mycroft with him]
Mycroft: Dark...
Duke: We've.. *sniff* ..we've only got a little bit left! The game's nearly over!
Mycroft: Don't you get it, Dark? Metal's gonna come back! He's.. he's...
[Mycroft feels tears, and attempts to hold them back]
[...but he ends up sobbing over Duke's shoulder]
Mycroft: (crying) He's gonna come back, and he's gonna finish what he started!
Duke: Sh....Shade... you.. you're crying...
Mycroft: (crying) You're damn right I'm crying! I'm no badass.. I'm just a chao. And.. I.. I can't take this.
Duke: Shade, listen to ME for a second, okay? I'm going to tell you something I have never said before, EVER.
[Mycroft sniffles and looks at Duke]
Duke: ...I will not let Metal touch you. Even if I have to fight him personally.
Mycroft:, geez, Dark... *sob* you... you... you're..... thank...
Duke: Shh, shh, shhh.. it's alright.
[Duke looks at Mycroft right in the eyes]
Duke: Now... are you going to continue crying to me about Metal, or are you going to go out there and finish this game?
[Mycroft sniffles and thinks]
Duke: Remember, there's a kid out there who is depending on your mentorship to make it through this alive.
Mycroft: You're... you're right. Shadow needs me now more than ever. I.. I shouldn't be crying. I should be helping him.
[Mycroft hugs Duke]
Mycroft: Thanks, Dark. You're a true pal.. and you always have been. C'mon, let's go.
Duke: There's the Shade I know and love.
[Duke supports Mycroft as they walk along to the next street]

"...It Goes Splat"
(Day 3- 20:12:14)
(Metal Sonic a.k.a "The Cremator")
(District 2 underpass)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}

[the chao head down some stairs and find themselves in an underground tunnel]
Raid: Mycroft, everything okay?
Mycroft: Yes. We were just... planning out how to do this next part.
Raid: Ah, yes.. about this next part...
Mycroft: ...*remembers* Aw, crap.
Raid: What?
Mycroft: Kid... no matter what, we're here to back you up.
Raid: Wait.. what?
[they slowly turn around]
[The Cremator is far away, at the other end of the tunnel]
Raid: Run. Run now.
Mycroft: You heard the man; let's go, doubletime!
[they run as fast as they can; Duke is still trying to help Mycroft through]
Mycroft: Duke, go on ahead! I.. I think I can run.
[Duke lets go and runs ahead; Mycroft attempts to run, but trips]
[The Cremator chuckles, pulls out his sword, and runs toward Mycroft]
Duke: RAID!
[the others stop running, turn, and see the situation]
[they quickly run to Mycroft's aid]
Raid: C'mon, Holmes, don't die on me now. No man left behind.
Mycroft: ...I've taught you well, kid.. *cough*
Crem: Perhaps a little TOO well?
[The Cremator is standing next to them]
Duke: **** off, Cremator!
Crem: Well, that's not a very nice thing to say...
Duke: Oh, I'm sorry; I just.. got a bit defensive.
Crem: No, no, I understand. After all, I've almost killed Shade, and all...
Duke: Yeah, and... yeah. You know, you're not such a bad guy.
Crem: Really? Well, that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Thank you!
Duke: No problem! ...say, what happened to you? I mean... I'm sure you've died multiple times now.
Crem: What, you mean during the Instability War? Yeah, well... the Veteran's Committee... they thought I'd be best for this.
Duke: Oh, of course... the Veteran's Committee. Do you.. do you work for them, or something?
Crem: Well... to tell you the truth... I'm actually a mole. I work for them only as a cover.
Duke: O rly?
Crem: Ya rly. I mean, they're trying to end DCA, and that's NO good. So, I'm finding out what their plans are.
Duke: Cool. And what ARE their plans?
Crem: So far, I've found out that they want to use Shadow to get the chaos drives for their own gain.
Duke: R..really? And what could the chaos drives do for them?
Crem: I haven't quite figured that out yet.
Duke: Ah. Okay.
[The Cremator looks, and finds that the others had run off during the conversation]
Crem: Aw, dammit. Why do they always run?
Duke: Want me to go fetch 'em for ya?
Crem: Oh, you'd do that?
Duke: Of course! You can trust me.
Crem: Well, that'd be swell. Thanks!
[Duke runs off to find the others]
[Duke enters a building that happens to be in the tunnel]
Duke: Guys? You there?
Raid: Shhh! Up here!
[Duke heads up some stairs, and finds them]
Raid: Nice job stalling for us. Now, we were able to find out that the entrance to District 1 is somewhere in here.
Mycroft: On the third floor, yeah. So c'mon, let's go.
[they head up some more stairs, and search for any doors]
[...but there are none]
[--wait, no, there's one. xD Of course.]
Raid: Quick, quick, get in!
[they run in the door]

"Pale Horse"
(Day 3- 20:20:44)
(Ivo Robotnik a.k.a "Doctor Eggman")
(District 1)
(Robotnikland 17, Egg Country)
{Journey to the Egg Citadel}

[cut to District 1: a bunch of streets revolving around one large building in the center]
[a horse statue is visible in the distance]
Raid: We made it.. the hard part is over.
Mycroft: Mostly. This part's not quite a walk in the park, either.
Raid: Wonderful. Where do we go?
Mycroft: To that horse statue at the other side of the district. Barney's waiting for us there.
Raid: But.. there's tons of rubble blocking the street leading to there!
Mycroft: That's why we go into that building in the middle.
[they head into the building, and drop down into the basement]
[they hear Chaobine radio chatter]
Gaga: Ohh, I've never been so happy to hear Chaobine in my life. ..let's kill 'em.
[they move through the basement, killing Chaobine]
[they then head up the stairs, finding that the building is in ruin]
[the second floor has been blasted apart, and there is no longer a roof]
Raid: I think we can go through the ruined second floor and jump out a window to get to the statue.
Mycroft: Now you're thinking.
[they head up to the second floor, killing more Chaobine]
[the "islands" of the ruined second floor are all connected by girders, or nothing at all]
Raid: Okay... easy does it...
[they hop across some patches of the floor 'til they reach the center of the building]
Fox: What was that?
[The Cremator flies above the building]
Crem: Guess who, kiddies!
[the chao scream]
Duke: Um.. I found them for you!
Crem: Yeah, yeah, I know you secretly snuck off with them. Besides...
[he pulls out a machine gun]
Crem: I was gonna kill you, anyway!
Duke: *gasp* You monster!
Crem: Hahahaha! Eat lead!
[The Cremator flies around, firing at them]
Raid: Aw, crap!
Duke: messed with Shade. You made him cry. Nobody makes Shade cry and gets away with it.
[Duke tosses Final Fantasy VII at The Cremator; it just misses]
Crem: Whoa! Watch where you're throwing that thing!
[...and, as it's coming back, it strikes him in the back of the head]
[he falls to the ground; Duke hops down to the first floor to finish the fight]
[The Cremator gets up]
Crem: Ugh... you insufferable rogue!
Duke: You're gonna pay for what you did.
Crem: As will you.
[The Cremator whips out his machine gun again and opens fire]
[Duke ducks behind a rock, and pulls out his trusty RPG]
Crem: Hiding won't help you! I have legs, you know.
[The Cremator walks around the rock, but Duke is no longer there]
[he scratches his head in confusion]
Duke: HEY, UGLY!
[The Cremator looks up and sees Duke on the platform with the others]
Duke: Time to show you what we Darks are made of.
[Duke throws his RPG]
[and once more]
[and one final time]
[once all the smoke clears, they find that The Cremator is trapped in rubble]
Crem: Argh! Freakin'.. rocks...
Raid: Let's get out of here, NOW!
[they run along the platforms and jump out a window]
[they land on a street, and run to the horse statue]
[Barney is waiting for them there]
Barney: Hey, you made it! ..whoa, what happened to Holmes?
Mycroft: The Cremator... he's cleaning the streets.
Barney: Aw, ****! We'd better hurry, then. See, the Egg Citadel is just past this Badnik Wall.
[there is a Badnik Wall at the end of the street, but it won't budge]
Barney: See, I think it might be best if we find a way around it.
Mycroft: No time! *hack wheeze* We have.. no time for that.
Barney: Well, what else CAN we do?
[The Cremator has landed on the street]
Crem: Leaving so soon?
Barney: Mycroft... what's the plan?
Mycroft: There's a way under the Badnik Wall. We just have to get down there.
Crem: What are you guys talking about? Your inevitable deaths?
[The Cremator steps forward]
Crem: You know, I'm done playing. The game is over. I'm really going to shoot you now.
[he pulls out a pistol]
Crem: And I'm doing it with a pistol.
[the chao look at each other]
Raid: Duke.
Duke: Got it, chief.
[Duke throws his RPG at The Cremator]
Crem: RPGs won't help you here.
[The Cremator shoots at the ground by their feet]
Crem: Perhaps you weren't taking me seriously enough. I'm good with pistols. Really good.
[he points it at Mycroft]
Crem: And I'm more than willing to shoot your beloved Shade.
Mycroft: Why do you want ME?
Crem: I was given specific instructions to kill "Shade the Dark." That, and we've known each other for a while.
Mycroft: Who gave you the instructions?
Crem: Isn't it obvious by now? The Veteran's Committee! They know you are the star of the show, and want you dead.
Mycroft: But... but Shadow's the star now.
Crem: He's simply the protagonist. You still have quite a following, Dark Lord.
[Mycroft thinks things through]
Crem: Enough talking. Let's end this.
Barney: Yes, let's. Gioeli, Senoue! Formation Phi.
Gioeli: HUAH!
Senoue: LET'S ROCK!
[Johnny throws mines into the battlefield; Jun grabs The Cremator with a grappling hook and pulls him towards the mines]
Crem: Oh shi
Crem: Hmph, so you guys have some new tricks up your sleeve. So do I.
[The Cremator flips his cape over himself and becomes invisible]
Petrucci: Holy crabcakes!
Senoue: Don't worry, guys. I've still got him with the grappling hook!
[suddenly, the grappling hook becomes really light]
[Jun pulls it back, and finds that it is no longer grabbing anything]
Senoue: Uh-oh.
[Mycroft is lifted into the air]
Mycroft: Found him found him get him hurry!!!
[Duke tosses his RPG]
[Fox shoots with his AR2]
[Raid picks up a rock with the gravity gun and chucks it]
[Petrucci, White, and Gaga shoot with whatever gun they have]
[Barney fires with Duke's shotgun]
[Johnny tosses mines]
[Jun throws the hook again and again]
[finally, Mycroft uses his last strengths to pull out his crowbar and thrust it forward]
[sparks fly; Mycroft is dropped (and runs like hell); The Cremator becomes visible]
Crem: This was not predicted.
[The Cremator is sent flying]
Crem: Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!
[the chao cheer]
Raid: We.. we did it! We actually did it!
Barney: We did, yeah.. that was pretty awesome, right there.
Mycroft: Now, about this Badnik Wall... Jun Senoue!
Senoue: Yes?
Mycroft: Place your grappling hook under it, right about.. here.
[he does that]
Mycroft: Now, everybody pull!
[everyone pulls the rope/whatever, and the wall lifts]
Mycroft: Raid... go in! Go in now!
Raid: Alone?
Mycroft: You can do it, kid... we believe in you.
Raid: But.. but the Egg Citadel is HUGE!
Mycroft: Don't worry, we'll try to find our own way in. Just go!
Raid: Okay! Okay.
[Raid runs to under the wall, and drops down into a hole]
Barney: And if you see Doctor Eggman, tell him I said... "FU*wall drops and crashes* YOU!"
[smoke fills the underground passageway]
Raid: Calm down, Shadow... you can do this.
[he gets hit on the head with something-- a crowbar!]
Mycroft: KID! TAKE IT!
Raid: Thank you!
[Raid equips the crowbar]
Raid: I guess it's time for me to become a badass.
{OBJECTIVE COMPLETE- Journey to the Egg Citadel}

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