Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who's the Fool?

[cut to the Dark Garden]
[Shade's all just sittin' around, carefully examining a block of wood]
Shade: .......yup, it's wood.
[suddenly, the Future Shade dashes in]
ShadeF: *pant* Kid.. we need to talk.
Shade: Whoa. Normally, it's US coming to YOU.
ShadeF: Yeah, well.. that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Everything's changing.
Shade: Everything?
ShadeF: Everything.
Shade: ...examples?
ShadeF: Examples? Well, first of all, I came to you to talk.
Shade: Yeah, I mean OTHER than that.
ShadeF: Then, there are talks that DJay's moving on to Microsoft Word.
Shade: The fabled Blu-Ray... it actually exists?
ShadeF: You can bet yer bebby it does, kid.
Shade: What will this mean for us?
ShadeF: There's no telling. It might be a good thing, or it might be a bad thing.
Shade: ...what else is changing?
ShadeF: There are also rumors that DJay's considering doing something ELSE with DCA.
Shade: Something else? Like... like a radio show?
ShadeF: Radio, video, comic...
Shade: Unlikely, but possible.
ShadeF: More like impossible, but likely.
Shade: ...touche. Go on.
ShadeF: Well, DJay's also getting rather lonely.
Shade: Hey, I don't wanna know that!
ShadeF: No, I mean.. he wants more people to talk to.
Shade: You mean he's getting desperate for fans?
ShadeF: Kinda-sorta.
Shade: What does he want US to do about it?
ShadeF: Pose for some advertisements, act hilarious, attract people.
Shade: Pfft. That's easy.
ShadeF: If we DO wind up doing a radio show, he might actually try to get some other voices.
Shade: You mean... he's gonna get OTHER PEOPLE to do our voices?
ShadeF: Yep. Don't worry, he'd still do your voice.
Shade: Oh, good. Yours, too?
ShadeF: Without a doubt. Of course, this is all speculation.
Shade: Of course, yeah. Continue.
ShadeF: He's definitely gonna work on the site s'more, though.
Shade: Good. It's rather outdated, by today's standards. "Work," how?
ShadeF: He's gonna work on advertisement for it, maybe figure out how to give it tons more content...
Shade: Yeah, yeah, what else is he doing?
ShadeF: He's brainstorming how to do the Veteran's Committee story arc.
Shade: Ah, yes, 'cause DCA's not REALLY ending... so he'll eventually want to do Season Eight.
ShadeF: Exactly. He's trying to think of the best way to do the rest of Season Seven.
Shade: Man, the story's gonna be tricky to work out.
ShadeF: Indubitably. Another thing he's seriously considering is making a DCA Wiki.
Shade: Is... is this series really THAT big, though?
ShadeF: Hey, there's a Halo Wiki.
Shade: Excellent point.
ShadeF: But, to answer your question, the series IS considerably larger than most fanfics.
Shade: Hm.
[enter Dark]
Dark: HAI GAIZ whatcha talkin' about? 8D
Shade: We're just discussing whether or not DCA is large enough to warrant a wiki.
Dark: *gasp* It most certainly IS! At least a thousand articles' worth of information!
ShadeF: If you include DCRPG, and all the other spin-offs, then yes.
Shade: Okay, well.. cool. Anything else?
ShadeF: Yeah, he might actually want some help with DCRPG2.
Dark: I had completely forgotten we had a DCRPG2.
ShadeF: Bingo. We do. It's just as important as the original, but DJay needs more than the usual two contributors (owners of Solar and Shadow Bonic). He might also want to organize things a little more before really doing anything further with that game.
Shade: Do you think anything will have happened by the time "Still Waiting for Half-Time's" over?
ShadeF: It's possible. I mean, he IS still working on that...
Dark: Is he at the Citadel yet?
ShadeF: Nah, he's up to the Nexus. And the next episode only goes up to the Citadel.
Shade: Okay, I think we get the idea. And when's the part you yell "APRIL FOOLS?"
ShadeF: ...beg pardon?
Shade: C'mon, we all know DJay would never change DCA. I can believe the Microsoft Word part, but...
Dark: RADIO?
Shade: Yeah, RADIO? Comic? This is obviously an April Fools joke.
ShadeF: But, it's NOT...
Shade: Very funny? I agree. It's not. Quit it.
ShadeF: *sigh* Believe what you wanna believe. I'm outta here.
[Future Shade leaves]

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