Saturday, April 3, 2010


Okay. So. Earlier, I had a specific plan planned out for DCAHall3. Now, I have a BETTER plan.

Yes. Ohhhhhhh yes. Ohhhhhhh YES. This is a BRILLYUNT idea.

Ohhh-hoh-hoh... so, my old idea... the second concept for DCAHall3 (the first being Left 4 Dead, later to be merged with #710.. or whatever) will become Tale One. The old Tale One idea I had... wasn't going anywhere. Now, I think people will like this new one.

The new Tale Two....... the Feature Presentation...... this is a great idea. I freaking LOVE it. It fits in so perfectly......

Now, lemme tell ya, with this new idea in place, Season Seven will have to end a lot sooner than I had originally planned. It'll still take forever, mind you, but... the number of serials will decrease. At least, this way, we can finally move on to Season Eight.

...hmm.. okay, so there's still the occasional kink to work out, like which one Tale Two will be based on... and the format....

Maybe I should make a short, three-panel comic strip as a promotional teaser picture? ..that's a good idea. I think I'll do that.

DCAHall3, coming October 31, 2010. Get lost in a new w--

YES OH THAT IS A FREAKING GREAT IDEA-- sorry. Sorry. I just.. keep.. getting GENIUS plans.

DCAHall3, coming October 31, 2010. Get lost in a new world.. a year late.

....OH YES ANOTHER GREAT IDEA! Oh, gee, I think I've essentially got this planned out now!

Official tagline:
He didn't tell you the whole story. Get lost in a new world... one year too late.
Dark Chao Adventures: Halloween 2010

Make sure you bring stars. They might help you.

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