Monday, April 19, 2010

Somewhere.... beyond the sea! Somewhere, waiting for me...

What happened last time on DCA?
Shadow, the green Dark chao, is the star. He must get seven green chaos drives.
Shade, Dark, and Red are helping him.
They need the chaos drives in order to stop the Veteran's Committee from ending the show.
Of course, the Veteran's Committee has sorta... hired Shadow to get the drives for their own gain.
Last time we checked on him, Shadow had just acquired his second chaos drive.
Let's find out where Shadow's adventures will take him next, today on...

Season Seven: The End (aka Season Six part two)
Episode Sixty-four: SHOCKED!!! (A Riveting Tale of Oceanic Excitement!) part one: There's a Secret in the Sea...

Chapter 1: Somewhere, Beyond the Sea...
[cut to the void]
[the chao wake up from stasis]
Shadow: *YAAAAWWWWWWWN* Ah.. mmm... huh. Hey, guys, wake up.
[Shade, Dark, and Red wake up]
Red: I wonder where.. where we're going next.
Shadow: If my memory serves, it was something like.. the Atlantic Ocean.
Shade: Aw, geez... I can guess where this'll be.
[Levity Nite appears]
Nite: And you will undoubtedly guess wrong.
Shade: I will?
Nite: Yes. It would appear we have made a minor miscalculation as to where the next chaos drive resides.
Shadow: Really?
Nite: Yeahh.. you see, our anonymous source told us the Atlantic Ocean... but then we checked it out for ourselves.
Red: Go on.
Nite: There is a Chao Transporter at the exact coordinates we were given.
Shade: A Chao Transporter? So.. it's in the Gardens?
Nite: It seemed so. We followed our anonymous tip even further to a Chao GBA thingy.
[Shade and Dark fall silent with fear]
Shadow: Yes, and then?
Nite: A certain option was highlighted onscreen. "Goodbye."
Shadow: So.. so the next chaos drive.. is on the Chao World?
Nite: As far as we are certain, yes.
Shadow: Did you investigate any further than that?
Nite: You weren't gone that long, you know. BUT, we WERE able to find one thing out..
Shadow: Yuh-huh?
Nite: Your next chaos drive.. is somewhere in the sea.
[Levity Nite disappears]
Shade: Dude... I am NOT looking forward to this. This is the freaking CHAO WORLD we're talking about.
Dark: Land of nutjobs and half-wits...
[the void begins to dissolve; a beach slowly fades in]
[suddenly, the chao find themselves on said beach in the Chao World, surrounded by many local chao]
Shadow: Well... here we are.
Shade: Yes. Here we are.
Red: Yup.
Dark: Yep. ...HEY IT'S A BEACH
[Dark runs off, and starts playing in the ocean]
Shade: Don't bother chasing him. He'll grow tired shortly.
Dark: NO I WON'T
[Shade laughs and shakes his head]
[Shadow looks around]
Shadow: There's got to be someone who knows where the chaos drive is.
?: (Russian accent) Hey. Friend.
[the three approach a Dark chao selling ice cream]
Shadow: You mean me?
?: Yes. Call me "Ice Cream Man."
Shade: Isn't there anything else we can call you other than the seller of dairy treats?
ICM: Very well. "Ice Cream Man" is only codename, for it has same initials as Ivan Corey Mallet.
Shadow: See, Ivan Mallet is an awesome name.
Mallet: Thank you. Anyway, I hear you are looking for the... how you say.. chaos drives?
Shadow: Yes, we are. Do you happen to know where any of them are?
Mallet: As matter of fact... da. I am knowing where one is.
Red: And where's that?
[Ivan Mallet looks around for any witnesses, then he leans closer to the chao]
Mallet: There is one at bottom of ocean.
Shade: Uh.. yeah, thanks; we could figure that out.
Mallet: Ah, of course, of course. But, I am knowing more of it than you. Get your friend, and be following me.
[Ivan turns and walks into a small beach shack]
[the Darks get Dark and head into the shack]
Chapter 2: Somewhere, Waiting for Me...
Mallet: ..(Irish accent) a'ight, then. Enuff o' the Russian ****.
[Shade and Dark fall silent with fear]
Mallet: After all, I only played Russian ta fool those tourists. 'Foi showed me Oyrish self, I'd never get stuff done.
Shadow: Well, you're great with accents.
Mallet: Thank ya. Lissen, I know why yer really here... you are from the past.
Red: Wait.. what?
Mallet: Ya moight not 'av known it yerself, but.. y'air. Thirteh years.
Shade: How the heck do you know this?
Mallet: 'Cause I seen you, meself, thirteh years back. An' ain't no bloke from 'roundeer dun't know 'bout.....
[Ivan collects his thoughts]
Mallet:, if you dun' know 'bout it nao, no sense tellin' you 'bout it, meself.
[he gets up and leads the chao to his garage]
[a form of plane is parked]
Mallet: Juss take this plane, yeah? Floi it out, 'bout.. mile an' two yerrrrds out.
Shadow: We'll know what we're looking for when we see it, right?
Mallet: 'Course.
[the Darks enter the plane]
Red: Aren't you coming, Mallet?
Mallet: No, oi've got me oice cream to take carev.
[Mallet leaves the garage]
Shadow: Um... anybody else feel like we were just rushed into a plane?
[a small radio in the plane turns on]
MalletRadio: Oi, mate! Couldja mebby foire the plane up an' sterrrt floin'?
Shadow: Fine, fine!
[Shadow starts the plane up, and starts flying]
[they fly over the ocean]
MalletR: I may 'av messed up a detail...
Shadow: And what is THAT?
MalletR: Yer gonna 'afta floi a good distance into the noite.
Shade: HEY, hold up, mister "Oirish man!" That wasn't part of the deal!
MalletR: I thought your deal was wif t'Vet'ran's C'mittee... not ME.
[Shade shuts up]
Shadow: *sigh* Alright... we'll do it.
MalletR: Yeah, I mean, you want that chaos droive, roite?
[the radio turns off]
Red: ...guys?
Shadow: Yeah, Red?
Red: I have a bad feeling about this mission.
Shade: *gulp* You and me, both, Red...
Shadow: MY bad feelings sink deeper and deeper... notably whenever Mallet says something.
Shade: I second that.
[hours pass]
Dark: Sh..Shade...
Shade: What's wrong, Dark?
Dark: I don't like this.
Shade: *sigh* Me, neither, Dark........ me, neither.
Red: I can't believe we're back in the Chao World. I HATE this place.
Shade: I can't believe we're thirty years in the future here.
Shadow: I can't believe we're looking for something deep in the ocean thirty years in the future here.
Dark: I can't believe it's margarine.
[more hours pass]
[night falls, and Red has taken over flying for a bit]
MalletR: 'Ow ya 'oldin' up?
Red: *yawn* I'm... getting tired.
MalletR: Cerrrful, Red. Don't want you fallin' asleep at the wheel, nao...
[the radio turns off]
Red: I'm NOT gonna... *yawn* ...fall asleep... at the wheel...
Chapter 3: My Lover Stands on Golden Sands...
[cut to Shadow's POV, sitting in his seat, legs crossed]
Shadow: My parents always used to tell me, "Son... you're gonna grow up to do great things."
[he pulls a lollipop out of his mouth]
Shadow: Well.... they were right.
[suddenly, Red dozes off at the wheel]
[the plane plummets down to the ocean]
[Shadow blacks out]
[a few seconds later, Shadow wakes up underwater]
[he looks around and sees the debris from the plane sinking]
[he quickly swims to the surface]
[at the surface, he breaths heavily, and looks around for the others]
Shadow: GUYS?! *pant pant* Guys? You there?!
Shade: KID!
[amidst the fire and crashed plane, Shadow notices Shade swimming nearby]
Shade: C'MON!
[Shadow swims over to Shade; on the way, he finds the radio and grabs it]
[Dark and Red find their way to Shade, as well]
Dark: Shade.. I'm scared.
Shade: I don't blame you, Dark.
Red: Shade.... where.. where do we go now?
Shadow: Guys! Look!
[Shadow points at a lighthouse nearby]
Red: That's strange. Why is a lighthouse out in the middle of the ocean?
Shadow: Who cares? It's solid ground.
[they swim to the lighthouse and ascend some stairs, out of the water]
[Shadow tries the radio]
Shadow: Mallet? *hits radio* ...Mallet, do you read?
Shadow: Guess the radio's out. Maybe we should check out what's in here?
Shade: ..fine.
[they enter the lighthouse, and find it pitch black]
Shadow: Hello? Anyone here?
[the door behind them closes]
Red: Wha?
[the lights turn on, revealing a giant statue in the center of the room]
[it is of a Dark chao, standing proudly]
[a banner hangs across it, reading "NO GODS OR KINGS. ONLY CHAO. -Andrew Ryder"]
Shade: This can't be happening.
Dark: I think I'm gonna cry.
Shadow: What? What can't be happening?
Shade: I.... I....... I'll tell you later.
[they head down some stairs and find some form of orbular submarine]
Shadow: Terrible description.
Red: I wonder what's inside?
Shade: *sigh*
[they head into the sphere, and find a lever]
Dark: ...
Shade: ...
Red: .....anybody gonna pull it?
Shadow: I guess I will.
Shade: Before you do... are.. are you SURE you wanna go through with this?
Shadow: Well, it's the only way to get the next chaos drive.
Shade: ..fine. Fine. Go.
[Shadow pulls the lever; the plexiglass door to the sphere slams shut]
Shadow: Oh, boy.
[the sphere descends into the water, down a very large tunnel]
[they pass various signs listing how many fathoms beneath the sea they are]
[40... 400...... 400,000...]
[a screen comes down in front of the window, and a projector activates]
[on the screen is the Dark chao depicted on the statue]
["From the desk of Andrew Ryder" is written on the bottom of the screen]
[a recording of a voice plays]
Ryder: I am Andrew Ryder, and I am here to ask you a question: is a chao not entitled to the sweat of his brow?
[the chao listen to the recording with great intent]
Ryder: "No," says the chao in the Chao World, "it belongs to the poor."
[dramatic close-up shots of the chao, and.. insert more filler]
Ryder: "No," says the chao in the Hero Garden, "it belongs to the Hero Chaos."
[Shade chuckles at this; "That IS what they say.."]
Ryder: "No," says the chao in the Dark Garden, "it belongs to everyone."
[Shade then quickly shuts up, and looks around nervously]
Ryder: I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible! I... chose...
[the picture switches off; the screen retracts into the ceiling, revealing what's out the window]
[there is a breathtaking city stationed at the bottom of the ocean; neon lights and skyscrapers are everywhere]
[no streets, though; the buildings are connected by sealed-off walkways]
[thousands of fish are seen swimming around; even a whale is seen]
Ryder: ...Euphoria. A city where the artist would not fear the censor.
[Shadow smiles at this comment]
Ryder: Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality.
[Red smiles at this]
Ryder: Where the great would not be constrained by the small.
[Shade lets a small smirk out, then quickly hides it as a sense of familiarity strikes him]
Ryder: And with the sweat of your brow, Euphoria can become your city, as well.
[the recording switches off as the sphere floats towards a building]
Shadow: This place is amazing!
Shade: We really shouldn't be here.
Red: This city is astounding!
Dark: This place is really familiar.
Shade: Dark's right. This is all from Bioshock.
Dark: No, I mean... the.... something about this place... gives me a bad vibe. A familiar one.
[Dark walks up to the window, and scans the scenery]
Dark: I keep.. expecting... to see... someone.
[Shadow's radio activates]
Shadow: Whoa, finally, a signal!
MalletR: But the whole loitehowse is set off loike 'ellfoire. ..looks like some koind of plane crash.
?R: We're in the middle of the Chat Ocean. How could it--
MalletR: Dunno. You'd best get over there-- and be quick about it; the sploicers are comin'.
(Okay, fine, I won't toipe out the Oirish accent no more. :P)
?R: You've got to be kidding. How do you even know anybody's even coming?
MalletR: 'Cause we've got one o' them bathyspheres on its way down; we've got company.
?R: O..okay. Just one more minute. The sphere.. the sphere is coming up now.
MalletR: Johnny, security's banging all over-- get a move on!
[the bathysphere (submarine thing) surfaces inside a building (and.. airlocks n' stuff, so there's air inside)]
Chapter 4: And Watches the Ships that Go Sailin'...
[the chao look out the window and see complete darkness, save for the occasional flash of light, showing figures]
Johnny: Please, lady... I didn't mean to trespass. You can have my gun, just don't kill me, please!
[FLASH-- a chao brutally murders another chao]
[the chao can just about make out the shadow of an.. odd chao]
Chao?: it someone NEW?
[the chao screams, then hops away]
MalletR: Boy? Boy, you there?
Shadow: Um.. yes, I'm here, Mallet. Are you.. are you.. here, in the city?
MalletR: No, but Johnny told me of the plane crash, an' I'm on me way there now.
Shadow: That's good! Yes, that's very good.
MalletR: I don't know how you survived that plane crash, but.. lissen.. I aim to keep you alive.
Shadow: Thank you.
MalletR: Step out of the bathysphere. We're gonna draw her out.
Shadow: Wait, draw WHO out?
MalletR: The sploicer.
Shadow: Um.. okay.
[Shadow creeps out of the bathysphere]
Chao?: I'm gonna wrap you in a sheet.
[Shadow looks around; the female chao leaps at him]
[the chao is then instantly shot at by a turret defense system and killed]
MalletR: Now, couldja mebby grab a crowbar or summin'? You'll want a weapon.
[Shade finds a wrench and grabs it]
Shade: Lost in Bioshock. May as well make the most of it, yeah?
Shadow: Good, you're lightening up to things.
Shade: Yeah... I s'pose I AM.
Dark: I'm not...
Shade: Sheesh, Dark, will you chill? You've been freaking out ever since we started this mission.
Dark: But.. but this isn't good. I swear, this place is so familiar.
Shadow: Please calm down, Dark. Everything'll be okay.
Shade: Yeah, there's no way this can be any worse than Bioshock.
Red: Um.. Veteran's Committee, Shade.
Shade: ..............****!!! I had completely forgotten!
Shadow: Guys, we don't have time to debate about how bad things will get. We have to move on.
MalletR: Yes, please do, boys.
Shade: Fine! Fine. Let's hurry and get this done with.
[they enter the next room, and find the exit is having some technical difficulties]
Shadow: Great. We're stuck in here 'til we find a way to jump start a door.
Red: Maybe we can find something up these stairs?
[they head up some stairs]
[a vending machine is there; at the hatch.. thing of the machine is a syringe filled with blue liquid]
Dark: I call "not it."
Shade: Not it.
Shadow: Not it!
Red: Hey, now that's not fair. You're the Green One. You HAVE to be it.
Shadow: I hate you.
[Shadow grabs the syringe and injects himself with it]
Shadow: GUH! Ah, I always hated taking shots. Stings a little. At least it's over n--
[Shadow falls over; he gets up and grips his arm in pain]
Shadow: ****!!!! Ahh! Ahhhh! Ohhhhh... aahhhhhh!
[his arm turns blue]
MalletR: Steady now! Your genetic code is being rewritten! Just hold on and everything will be fine!
Shadow: WHAAAT?!
[he runs to a balcony and jumps off of it]
[THUD! .....silence]
[the other chao stand awkwardly for a moment before heading down the stairs]
[Shadow is lying on the ground, arm throbbing; sparks are flying from it]
MalletR: You alright, boy?
Shadow: *cough* Ugh.... just about.
MalletR: First time Arrem's a real kick from a mule. But there's nothin' like a fistful of fury, is there?
Shadow: "Arrem?"
MalletR: Yeah, Arrem. It's a type of Remtal.
Shadow: "Remtal?"
MalletR: Oi, no need ta make fun o' me accent. I dunno how to really pronounce it.
Shadow: Ah, whatever. What does this Arrem do?
MalletR: That particular Arrem makes it so you can shoot lightning out of your fist.
Shadow: ...that has got to be the coolest thing ever.
[Shadow shoots the exit that is having technical difficulties]
[it opens]
Shadow: Well, that's pretty damn useful!
[they move on to a small plexiglass hallway connecting two buildings]
[out one window, in another hallway, is a tall hooded figure leading a small faceless chao]
[our heroes stand in awe]
Dark: I.. don't.. like... this place.
[they keep moving on, and enter the next building]
[inside, a crazy male chao (wearing a mask) charges at them]
MalletR: A sploicer! Zap 'em, then whack 'em! The one-two punch! Remember! The one-two punch!
[Shadow zaps the chao, then Shade whacks him; he dies]
[they move through the building, killing some sploicers, then they enter an elevator and ride it up]
MalletR: I've made it to Euphoria. I tried to make it through a back door, but it's.. locked.
Shadow: You want us to unlock it, right?
MalletR: Yeah. 'S over at the Entertainment Center, "Neptunes R Us."
Shadow: Hm. Neptunes R Us.
MalletR: Lissen.. I know you must feel like the unluckiest chao in the world right now...
Shadow: A little bit, yeah. And Dark's fears don't really help.
MalletR: You're my only hope to get in there.
Shadow: Why do you want to get in here?
MalletR: I know how to get you the chaos drive.
Shadow:'s a deal, Mallet.
[they reach the top of the elevator]
[a shadow is cast from around the next corner-- a female chao is sobbing over a baby's pram]
Shade: Alright, Shadow, on the count of three, you're gonna zap her.
Shadow: Why? She's obviously lost her baby.
Shade: "Obviously" doesn't count for **** anymore, buddy. C'mon. One.. two... three!
[they hop around the corner, zap, then whack the chao]
[inside the pram was a pistol]
MalletR: Arrem changed everythin'. It destroyed our bodies.. our minds....
Shadow: I can tell.
MalletR: We couldn't handle it. Best friends butcherin' one another... babies strangled in cribs...
Shade: And replaced with pistols.
MalletR: And then there was the whole "mass sacrifice" deal every Tuesday... eah, doesn't matter.
Shade: Yeah, the whole city went to Hell.
MalletR: Boy... you don't know the half of it.
[they enter a restaurant; a neon sign says "Happy New Year 2039"]
Shadow: Hey, Mallet? What year is it?
MalletR: Well, uh.. for the sake of the story, it's 2040.
Shadow: Alright, thanks.
[next to a corpse sitting at a table is a strange device]
Shadow: What's this thing?
MalletR: If you're seein' what I think you are, try pressin' the "Play" button.
Shadow: Okay, the "Play" button...
(Diane McChaotock- New Year's Sadface)
"Well. Here I am. Alone on New Year's Eve... the silliest girl in Euphoria. Silly enough to fall in love with Andrew Ryder.
Silly enough to-- *STATIC* What? Wha? What's... what's going on? HOLY--"
[they look at the corpse once more; it is missing various limbs, and has no eyes]
Red: I wonder what happened on New Year's.
Shade: Gah! Don't say stuff like that, otherwise we'll end up finding out!
Red: But.. don't we want to?
Shade: NO!
Shadow: I think I'm with Shade this time. After our last adventure, I don't.. really.. want to threaten my life anymore.
[they explore the restaurant, killing whatever sploicers they find]
[in the women's restroom, they find another device]
(Bobby Johnson- Hole in the Bathroom)
"Yo, Flora. This is Bobby from the theater. I dunno what kinda restaurant yer tryin' to pull, but I got people complainin'
about a hole in yer bathroom wall, lettin' all the stink out! I'm tryin' to run a respectable theater, so I don't want to
have to deal with my payin' customers worryin' about the stink comin' from yer crapper. Get it fixed."
Shadow: Gotta admit, I didn't want to know that.
Red: Now hold on a second, Shadow. This hole might take us further.
Shadow: I guess...
[they search the bathrooms and find a big hole leading to a theater balcony]
Chapter 5: Somewhere, Beyond the Sea (Reprise)
[a chao is down on the ground floor, singing a childlike song and doing something to a corpse]
MalletR: Careful now... couldja mebby lower your weapon for a minute?
[Shadow glances at Shade, who lowers his crowbar]
[they carefully walk across a catwalk, observing the chao down on the ground]
Shadow: What is that guy doing?
MalletR: You think that's a chao down there? Don't be fooled. He's a Little Reaper now.
Shadow: "Little Reaper..?"
MalletR: Someone went and turned an innocent baby chao into a monster.
Shade: Right, and it's up to us to kill each and every one of them.
Shadow: K..kill them? But.. but that's wrong..
MalletR: Whatever they taught you about right an' wrong in your time... doesn't count fer much down here.
Shadow: But.. why.. why is...
MalletR: They carry Remtal.. everyone wants it.. everybody needs it.
[they make it to the other balcony, and descend some stairs]
[they enter a room with a window looking out to the Little Reaper]
[a sploicer approaches the Little Reaper]
Sploicer: Hey there, little kid... you wanna come for a ride in my van? Right this way...
[the Little Reaper screams]
Sploicer: N-no! Don't!
[a tall, hooded figure slowly walks into the room]
[it grabs the sploicer with one (cloaked) hand, and holds him up]
[the sploicer tries to shield his eyes, but ends up staring directly into the face behind the cloak]
[a red substance seeps out of the figure and into the sploicer]
[the figure drops the sploicer, whose head then explodes]
[the Little Reaper follows the figure out of the room]
[Dark screams]
Shade: C-calm down, Dark... please.
[Dark falls silent with fear]
Shadow: Mallet... Mallet, what the.. what was that?
MalletR: That was a Turgii.
Shadow: Ugh, I can't understand your freaking accent! ...sorry.
MalletR: Doesn't matter. The Little Reaper gathers Remtal, the Turgii keeps 'em safe.
Shadow: But what.. what happened to that guy?
Red: His head exploded!
MalletR: That's what happens when you touch raw Remtal. It's not always the head, and it's not always an explosion.
Shadow: Whoa... this is heavy.
MalletR: Keep movin', boy! Neptunes R Us is right around the corner!
Shadow: Right...
[they enter the next room and approach a sign that says "Neptunes R Us"]
[a gate slams shut, blocking entrance; an alarm goes off]
MalletR: DAMMIT!
Shadow: Wh..what happened?
MalletR: It's Ryder! He found us! He's blocked off exit to Neptunes! Argh, you'll have to go around!
Shadow: How?!
MalletR: There's a way through Medical! Go to Medical!
Shadow: Got it!
[they fight off some more sploicers and enter a gate that reads "Medical District"]
[they walk around a corner, and are suddenly locked in a small, dark room]
MalletR: He's trapped you! I.. I'm gonna see if I can't bypass the system, okay?
[a projector activates, showing a video of Andrew Ryder giving a monumental speech]
Ryder: Centuries ago, there existed a utopia unmatched by all others...
Many would try to enter. They would be allowed, so long as they respected the customs.
But, there would often be chao entering who were trying to rob the city of its secrets and technology.
Those people would always be met with extreme prejudice.
When I established Euphoria, circa 2026, I made sure to follow each and every example set by that city.
BUT, I chose to set some of my OWN examples... for instance: Euphoria would be a utopia.. in an unthinkable place.
Where on Chao World could I possibly place a city that no other city has been?
Then I got it. Euphoria wouldn't be a NEW utopia...
It would be an OLD one, brought to NEW life by one simple change.
In the year of 2018, I became President of Darku, and my first order of business was to secretly work on Euphoria.
The Tlekozamfa was to be transformed into sea. You now know it as the Ryder Ocean, named after myself.
Of course, as the old fables of yore go, Tlekozamfa is old Darkonjurf for "Unthinkable Valley..."
For Tlekozamfa is the geographical location of the aforementioned ancient utopia.
I sank this valley into the sea, thereby changing the face of the planet and rendering myself an unforgettable president.
After my second term, the utopia had adjusted to its new conditions surprisingly well.
I mean that.
It looked completely untouched!
Since a good decade of clean-up and pressurization was unnecessary, I formally opened Euphoria to the public.
One day, our scientists discovered a secret lab, and a strange substance. It horrifically decapitated all who touched it.
It was later discovered that it was this substance that kept the city safe as it sunk the brimey deeps.
Scriptures were found in the labs that labelled it Red Metal.
Let me say that once more, for it sounds very powerful! Very.. proud. Red. Metal.
It was as obvious then as it is now... the founders of the ancient utopia were pure geniuses. Why, you ask?
If you mix Red Metal with sodium chloride, it becomes a gene splicing treatment!
We deemed this new substance "Remtal." It changes your genetic code so that you may better yourself in whatever you'd like.
As an example, if one were to find himself too slow, one would just apply the correct Arrem, and he would be faster.
Right, right. Remtal is the substance, itself. Arrem beefs up individual traits.
Now, on to more pressing matters. You, there. What are you doing in my city?
Who sent you? Was it the Darks? The Heroes? Or maybe the Neutrals aren't as they say they are?
Or were you perhaps sent by an... OUTSIDE source?
You will never learn the secrets of Euphoria. No negotiations.
Perhaps if you'd care to negotiate with these other people, though...
[the video switches off; a horde of sploicers are heard banging on the doors and shouting]
[the door behind them opens]
MalletR: Alright, I've opened the door! Go now! To Medical!
[the chao run into the next room and close the door]
[this room is some kind of airlock]
Shade: Guys.
Red: No.
Shadow: I don't...
Dark: ...
Shade: Guys.
Red: This isn't... this can't..
Shadow: I mean...
Dark: ...
Shade: This is much worse... than I could have ever predicted.
Red: This can't be real! This CANNOT BE REAL!
Shadow: I.. I don't know.. what is happening right now.
Dark: ...
Shade: But, dude! You were there!
Red: DCA09?
Shadow: I.. I was a minor character back then. Very minor. I don't remember anything.
Dark: ...
Shade: Dude.. let me put it in simple terms...
Red: We are all going to die.
Shade: We're dabbling with the single most INSANE city ever known.
Red: It's a wonder we haven't seen the Nomble yet.
Shade: But I'm sure we've seen the Tour Gui--
[the chao stare at Dark]
Dark: That.. THING back there wasn't my.. the Tour Guide.
Red: How can you be sure?
Dark: I.. I just know. I do.
Shadow: Can someone PLEASE tell me what is going on?
Red: Ah, we may as well.. if not for him, then at least for the readers who haven't read DCA09.
Shade: *sigh* Alright... listen. Euphoria is basically a copypasta'd version of the secretcity.
Red: The secretcity that rested deep in Chao World for ages, and killed all who entered it.
Shade: There's nothing but crazy puzzles and the occasional ominous character in here.
Shadow: Yes, but.. where ARE we?!
Dark: We're in Chao Talk!

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