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Quinquenquoi part two!

Dark Chao Adventures
Adventuring since 2005.

Episode Sixty-Six: Un Film Gris

Our story resumes in the endless void.
Chapter 1: I'm Only Sleeping
[Shade is talking with Levity Nite, Echo, and Doctor Eggman]
Shade: What do you mean my father is dying?
Nite: Shawn is being slowly killed by some form of.. well... see for yourself.
[Shade is "dropped off" in a small hut on the Chao World]
Shade: Dad..
[Shawn the Dark is lying in bed, visibly ill]
Shawn: Shade.. you made it.
Shade: They told me just in time.
[Shawn looks around, suspiciously]
[Shade comes a little closer; Shawn speaks in a low whisper]
Shawn: Did they follow you?
Shade: I don't think so.
Shawn: Listen, I'm.. I'm not going to die. My mind is just.. well.. it's freaking out.
Shade: ..Levity mentioned that this was 'cause of some symptom of something. What the heck is going on?
Shawn: I'm not entirely sure, but I.. I'm not going to fear the worst! I'm not gonna die.
Shade: Dad. You know. What is going on?
Shawn: I... I really can't tell you.
Shade: Hmm... one last thing, though. Why are you here, on the Chao World?
Shawn: I was on vacation for a bit.
Shade: Oh. Okay. Well.. I'll check on Cham now.
[Shade leaves the house, and is then taken back to the void]
Echo: Well?
Shade: He's a tough one. I don't think he'll die. Can you guys take me to see Cham?
Egg: Mah boi, we can take you ANYWHERE.
Chapter 2: Another One Bites the Dust
[Shade is then '"dropped off" in the Neutral Garden]
Shade: Cham? You there, dude?
[Cham is heard hacking and coughing from behind the waterfall]
[Shade heads back there]
Shade: Hello, Cham?
Cham: Sh...Shade? *hack wheeze* That you?
[Cham is lying on the cave floor, grabbing his chest]
Cham: Kid.. I.. I'm dying, kid.
Shade: Are you sure? How bad is it?
Cham: It's.. it's deathly.
Shade: C'mon, describe it. What are you feeling?
Cham: My.. my legs feel like they're.. st..stretching... almost... and my.. arms, too...
Shade: What about your head? Any strange new thoughts?
Cham: Everything's going black... I.. I don't know.. what's happening.....
Shade: No, c'mon, stay with me!
Cham: It's.. it's..... no use, kid..... I can't... I.. I can't... I... I can't..... I.... I can't........
Shade: You can't what?
[Cham closes his eyes]
Shade: Cham!
Nite: He's gone, Shade. Come on. We've got work to do.
[Levity Nite had entered the cave]
Shade: You.. you guys can bend the script. Can't you make him alive again?
Nite: If we tried, the other force would bend it back, and he'd die. Please, come. We need your assistance.
Chapter 3: Another Brick in the Wall
[cut to the Dark Garden]
[Dark, Red, and Shadow have been building a wall seperating the Garden into two]
[enter Doctor Eggman]
Egg: What in the name of Seargent Pepper are you boys doing?
Red: Eggman! Come to this side of the garden, over here.
Chao: No, Doctor, please.. come to MY side of the garden.
Egg: ...
[Eggman goes to Red's side]
Red: Yes! In your face, Chao!
[Eggman approaches Shadow]
Egg: Shadow, we may need you for a second.
Shadow: Sure, what is it?
Egg: Come with me.
[Eggman leads Shadow out, and into CPAK]
Shadow: What's going on?
Egg: It's Echo. He's a little... under the weather.
Shadow: Where is he?
Egg: We put him in the clinic.
[they open the door to the clinic and find it empty]
[Levity Nite walks in, with Shade]
Nite: How's Echo doing?
Egg: He's gone!
Nite: WHAT?!
[Nite runs into the room, and looks around]
Nite: Not a trace. I.. I have to tell the others.
[Levity disappears]
Shade: Hmmm...
Shadow: What's up?
Shade: I think I might have a theory as to what's going on. But.. I need more evidence. Eggman.
Egg: Yes, mah boi?
Shade: Could you take me to Earth?
Egg: Um.. I suppose so. Where on Earth?
Shade: A specific place.
Chapter 4: The End of the Line
[cut to outside a run-down building in some city somewhere]
[enter Shade, Shadow, and Eggman]
Egg: This is the place you wanted, right?
Shade: Without a doubt.
Shadow: Shade... what is this place?
Shade: Long story. C'mon.
[they enter the building-- a main room, three doors]
Shade: I believe it's this door, right here.
Shade: Hrm. So maybe my theory was incorrect.
[Shade tries another door, and it opens]
[inside this room are a few empty jail cells]
Shade: Look for anything of interest.
Shadow: Like these jail cells?
[Shade takes a second look at them]
Shade: .......yes.
[he carefully examines one]
Egg: So they're jail cells.
Shade: Not JUST jail cells....
[Shade holds a padlock]
Shade: ..empty, LOCKED jail cells.
Shadow: Locked? You serious?
Shade: Interesting. Let's check out the next room.
[they leave that room and enter the final door]
[it's a utility closet]
Shade: Huh. Okay, you two, look for keys.
[they find some keys, and unlock the cells-- nothing different]
Egg: What about this door?
[Shade tries the keys on the door-- nothing works]
Shade: Well, that's peculiar.
Shadow: Can't open it?
Shade: Won't budge.
[Shade presses his ear.. area to the door, listening in]
Shade: ....I hear voices. Eggman, can't you teleport us in there?
Egg: I.. I COULD, yes.
Shade: Do it.
Chapter 5: Prophets of War
[they appear in a dark room; no lights are on, no windows are anywhere; it's pitch-black]
Shadow: Awfully dark room, isn't it?
Shade: Let's look for a light switch.
Egg: What about those voices you said you heard?
Shade: ..oh, yeah. Shh.
?: It's good to be back. Isn't it, Shade?
Shade: Who are you?
?: You know who I am, fool.
Shade: Mephiles!
Mp: Correct. Welcome to my newest diabolical scheme... one that will undoubtedly finish you pests off.
Shade: Why are you still trying to kill us?
Mp: For one thing, I haven't appeared in this season since the boring episodes.
Shade: So make some more appearances!
Mp: DJay forgot about me. Now I'm gonna show him why he should NEVER forget me.
Egg: But there are tons of villains in this show by this point. I'm sure it's hard to remember all of them!
Mp: But I was one of the earlier ones!
Shadow: What are you trying to do, anyway?
Mp: Heh heh heh...
[Mephiles hits a switch]
[televisions turn on all across the room, giving off a blue glow]
Shadow: So.. what? You can monitor everything now?
Mp: Oh, I don't want to monitor you. Actually, I want to do... THIS!
[he presses a button, and the chao (plus Eggman) suddenly find themselves in the Chao Lobby]
Egg: That darn Mephiles!
Shadow: What was he trying to do?
Shade: I.. I don't know, but whatever it is, I hope it's not too huge.
[Dark runs out to them]
Shade: What is it, Dark?
Dark: A meteor's falling, and it's gonna hit the Dark Garden!

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