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Two-hundredth post! :D

Wow, it looks like the OFFICIAL Dark Chao Adventures Blog has finally reached its 200th post. In celebration of this, I... do not have anything to give. :P Well, okay, so I have the next episode of DCA. This is part three of Quinquenquoi, filled to the brim with references and jokes. Enjoy!

OH WAIT! *ahem*

What does it mean to have an official blog?
For me, having an official blog means we're going somewhere. It means we're bigger than nothing. :D And do you know what my FAVORITE part of this blog is? The fact that I didn't make it. That's right. The fact that the wonderfully lovely Invader mLe started this blog.. with her bare hands. Kinda-sorta. I mean... she decided to set up a small little blog to advertise my humble little fan script. Now it's around two years old and has two hundred posts.

Of course, then there's the fact that she invited me to be an admin. That's.. that's awesome. ^_^ That means I'm a somebody. xD People actually think I can write. Then again, that's more of what it means to have a fan-script, which I will go over in another post, coming sometime in the next week.

BACK ON-TOPIC! I.. I love you guys. :D Even though nobody ever reads this, it's still nice to know I have a little way to.. to FEEL like I'm professional. To feel like I still have fans. I'm sure I still do, but.. nobody ever says anything. And through all the hail, the storm, the Earth, the wind, and the fire and flames... I'll always give people something to read. If there are no new episodes of DCA up, then there's always this blog. This blog has two hundred posts. Two. Hundred. Most of it's stuff only I've read, but if anyone ever wants something to read, they can skim through the archives and realize, Wow... this kid is crazy. Heh.. haha... he wrote, like.. a hundred and ninety posts on this blog. He's so crazy! And then I can die happily, knowing I've made people laugh.

Actually, I can die happily anyway, knowing I've made a successful UNDERGROUND fan script. Underground. :D So underground that only a select few people even KNOW about it. But MOST IMPORTANTLY... I can die happily knowing that I have (and have had) such wonderful fans. People like Multichao, PaperBowser, Doom, Eliwood, and Invader mLe. =) Thanks a bunch, guys. I.. I guess now... I just miss you.

Anyway, that's my ramble for today. Please.. enjoy the next episode of Dark Chao Adventures.

Dark Chao Adventures
Adventuring since 2005.

Episode Sixty-Seven: Take One to the Ballgame, and You Have to Take 'Em All

Our story resumes in the Chao Lobby.
Chapter 1: The Sky is Fallin'
[Dark, Shade, Shadow, and Doctor Eggman are there]
Shade: Dark, what do you MEAN a meteor is falling, and it's gonna hit the Dark Garden?
Dark: I.. I mean exactly that! Exactly what you just said!
Shade: I... I... I gotta take a look at this for myself.
[Shade runs down the stairs; the others follow]
[cut to the Dark Garden; the sky is turning red as a giant meteor is seen falling towards the garden]
[Chao, now a Dark Chaos chao, is there, too]
Dark: See? That!
Shade: Okay. Okay. Stay calm. Uhhhhh.... hrrrm, how did we stop the ARK when it fell that one time?
Chao: You didn't. I recall it hitting the Earth, but not creating much of an impact.
Shadow: Then that should happen this time, right?
Shade: No. This meteor is on fire. The ARK was not on fire.
Chao: Plus, compared to this, the ARK was a small pea.
Dark: Shade, we don't have time for this!
Shade: Ack! You're right! But who could help us stop something like this?
Shadow: Not Sonic, THAT'S for sure.
[Eggman chuckles]
Egg: That's.. that's a good one.
Shade: Hmmmmm... who can help?
[Shade stands, thinking]
Shade: ....OF COURSE! Eggman, take us... to San Francisco!
Egg: Mmkay.
Chapter 2: Victim of Changes
[cut to San Francisco, California]
[the gang appears outside a house]
[Shade rings the doorbell]
Shadow: Are you sure this person will be able to help us?
Shade: He HAS to be.
[the door opens]
?: Eh?! WHO is disturbing my ME time? I am TRYING to plot ways to DESTRRRROYYY THE HUUUMANNNS!
[it's Zim! You know! From Invader ZIM!]
[and good ol' GIR, too]
Shade: Zim, we need your help. A meteor is--
Zim: Well, OF COURSE you need the help of the great ZIIIM!
Shade: Y.. yeah, we do. You see--
Zim: But maybe the great ZIM doesn't WANT to help you, pathetic egg-baby!
GIR: Awww, c'mon, look at them! They're so cute! We should help them!
Zim: "Cute?" "Cute" means NOTHING to an Irken invader. Do you hear me? NOTHING!
GIR: Don't worry, guys! We-za gonna help you!
Shade: Listen, okay? A meteor is gonna hit the Dark Garden any minute now. We need you to whip up something cool to help.
Zim: Hahahaha! Is that all? Very well, silly creature. I will stop your big, bad meteor for you.
Shade: And.. could you maybe do it, like... now?
Zim: Alright, alright.
[Zim gets his Voot cruiser spaceshipamabobber and... gets to the Dark Garden somehow]
[the others follow]
[out in space, Zim flies around the meteor for a bit]
Zim: Okay, you freakishly large meteor.. thing. How about I start you off with a shove?
[Zim presses a button, and a giant robot hand extends out of his ship and smacks the meteor]
[it is sent flying into the nearby sun]
[he lands the Voot cruiser down in the Dark Garden and gets out]
Shade: Thanks a lot, Zim. We were pretty worried about that for a second.
Zim: Eh. It was no problem for the great ZIM!
Shade: ..so, why haven't you been here in a while? Why don't you come visit?
Zim: Oh, you know, I'm.. busy. Gotta try to make ends meet ever since I got fired from Nickelodeon.
Dark: Worst thing they ever did.
Shade: No, Dark. The worst thing they ever did was get rid of a BUNCH of shows, not just Zim.
GIR: I miss Rocket Power!
Shade: So, Zim, have you.. gotten some kind of job?
Zim: What?! ME? Get a JOB?! Like a HUMAN?! I would never! ...I sell pies.
Shade: Oh, cool. Seriously, why don't you ever visit? I'm sure you could make a funny villain from time to time.
Zim: Oh, I don't know. I might try to.. from now on. Maybe.
[in comes Levity Nite]
Nite: Shade, Shadow... oh, hey, Zim.
Zim: Hey, how ya doin'?
Nite: Shade, Shadow.. Mephiles has relayed a message to you.
Shadow: What's the message?
[Levity pulls out a piece of paper]
Nite: "You fools think you're the stars of DCA, huh? Well, we'll see just how good you are at braving the show, won't we?"
Shadow: What? What the heck is he talking about?
Shade: He's gonna give us some blasts from the past. From that room, he can do pretty much anything.
Nite: Hey, Doctor? May I have a word with you?
Egg: Uh.. sure.
[Eggman heads out of the room with Levity]
Chapter 3: Man on the Edge
[cut to Mephiles' base of operations]
Mp: Hmm.. what should I send at them next?
Nite: How about an apology?
[Mephiles turns and sees Levity Nite and Eggman]
Mp: I should have expected you fools to break in here.
Egg: You should not be in here, Mephiles. This building was shut down for a reason.
Mp: Heh heh heh... so now it looks like I have a bargaining chip, huh?
Egg: You.. you want to join us?
Nite: Eggman was a special case, Mephiles. We had lost a member, and Eggman proved himself to be worthy.
Mp: Well.. if I can't join the Veteran's Committee.. then I will bomb the Gardens to the ground.
Nite: You DO know we were trying to end this show, anyway, right?
Mp: So I won't get any opposition. Muh huh huh... yeah, I knew that.
Egg: But.. but you can't!
Nite: Why not? We WERE gonna end the show.
Egg: But.... I mean... but... argh. I.. I've got to warn the chao.
[Eggman teleports away]
Nite: ......
[cut back to the Dark Garden; Eggman appears]
Egg: You guys have got to get out of here! Quickly!
Shade: Why? What's wrong?
Egg: Mephiles is going to bomb these gardens!
[a chill runs down Shade's spine]
Shade: Much like the Grey Journey...
[BAM-- a bomb appears in the center of the garden]
Shade: RUN!
Egg: No need!
[Eggman snaps his fingers, and the bomb disappears]
Chao: ..wow, where were you a couple seasons ago?
Egg: He'll probably send another unless we stop him.
Shade: Let us come with you.
Zim: Yes! I wish to see Mephiles again... it has been a while.
Egg: Okay...
[cut back to Mephiles' base of operations]
[Levity has gone; Eggman, Shade, Dark, Shadow, Chao, Zim, and GIR appear]
Shade: Mephiles!
Zim: Odd demon hog thing!
Mp: Ah, Shade.. AH, hello, Zim. Come to watch me destroy the gardens?
Shade: Mephiles, you don't have to do this!
Mp: You're right; it's a total waste. However, I DO have to do... THIS!
[Mephiles hits a button; the others are teleported to...]
Chapter 4: For Absent Friends
[Stardust Speedway Zone, Act II]
[the Eggman statue toward the end]
Chao: *gasp* The Stardust Eggman...
Shade: I'm glad he sent us here. We could use the Poker Gang.
[they enter the Stardust Eggman and find Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll sitting in a corner, bored]
MK: What do you wanna do today?
TD: Stare at the wall.
MK: Hey, it's you guys!
TD: Have you guys seen the boss?
Shadow: Metal Sonic? Well.. last I saw him, he fell off the Egg Citadel, but that's thirty years from now.
TD: Then where is he NOW?
Shadow: I dunno.
MK: Anyway, what's up? You guys need something?
Shade: As a matter of fact, we do. Mephiles has gone crazy and is trying to destroy everyone. Wanna help us stop him?
[Mecha and the Doll hop up]
MK: Do we?!
TD: Dude, we've had nothing to do ever since Metal disappeared! We've been DYING for something to do!
MK: Yeah! Let's rock and roll!
Egg: Very well. Let's go back to Mephiles, then.
[cut to Station Square; everyone appears there]
All: Huh?
Egg: Funny... I can't seem to get us any closer than this.
Shade: He must be blocking your teleportamajigger ability...
MK: Oh, he is SO dead. Okay, where is this building of his?
Shade: Uh.. I'm pretty sure it's... this way.
[Shade leads the gang down multiple blocks]
Dark: Are we there yet?
Shade: Um.. not.. quite.
Chao: Are we lost?
Shade: Shut up, Chao.
[they keep walking down even more blocks]
[eventually, they reach a beach]
Dark: Station Square has a beach?
Chao: Apparently so.
MK: Kid. You have no ****ing clue where you're going, do you?
Shade: N..not really.
[everyone groans]
[Levity Nite appears]
Nite: It's a good thing you're down here. Mephiles has another message.
Shade: Great. Let's hear it.
Nite: "You might want to spend less time hunting ME down and more time hunting your gardens. You have one hour."
Shadow: This is a troubling situation, isn't it?
Nite: Eggman, I must speak with you. Come with me, for this is urgent.
Egg: S..sure.
[Eggman leaves]
Shade: ..oh, crap, now he can't teleport us back!
TD: Somehow, I think Levity Nite did that on purpose.
Shadow: Do you think Mephiles is affiliated with the Veteran's Committee now?
Shade: No time to speculate. We only have an hour to do this.
MK: Listen to yourself, kid! "Only an hour!" Harharhar! An hour is plenty of time.
Shade: Not when we're lost at some beach in Station Square, and have to get back and defuse a bomb without Eggman's help.
MK: It's still easy.
Zim: Yes, you silly chao! You simply have to think with the resources given to you.
Shade: WHAT resources?
[Mecha, the Doll, Zim, and GIR clear their throats]
Shade: ..oh... right.
Chapter 5: Counting Out Time
[cut to the gang wandering around the streets by the beach, asking people where the nearest Chao Transporter is]
[they regroup after some queries]
Shade: Report.
MK: I got nothing.
Chao: I got some rumors on one on Prison Island.
Dark: I got a rock.
Shade: Prison Island. *sigh* Great.
TD: You sound disappointed. It won't be that bad. We've just gotta look for a plane of sorts.
Shade: Zim, what about your Voot Cruiser?
Zim: Uh.. right, of course. GIR!
GIR: Yes, my master?
Zim: Where did you park the Voot Cruiser?
GIR: The what?
Zim: The.. the Voot... y'know... our ship!
GIR: What's it look like?
Zim: It's.. it's purple.
GIR: Oh, that?
Zim: Yeah, that.
GIR: What about it, again?
Zim: Where did you park it?
GIR: In a lake.
GIR: Yeah!
Zim: WHY?!
GIR: "Why" what?
Zim: Why did you park the Voot cruiser in a lake?!
GIR: The what now?
Zim: The.. the purple thingy!
GIR: What about it?
Zim: WHY did you park the purple thingy in a lake?!
GIR: 'Cause!
Zim: "'Cause" what?!
GIR: Mister Demon Guy told me to!
Shade: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Mephiles told you to dump the Voot Cruiser in a lake?
GIR: Yup!
Shade: Damn. He's good.
Shadow: I agree. He is.. he is really good.
GIR: Who we talkin' about?
Shadow: Mephiles.
GIR: Who's that?
Shadow: The demon guy.
GIR: Oh, yeah. What about him?
Shadow: He's really good.
GIR: Yeah. He is. ^___^
Shade: ARGH, we don't have time for this!
[Shade runs up to a random person]
Shade: Excuse me, sir? Which way to the nearest airport?
Man: That-a way. *points somewheres*
Shade: Thanks! Everyone, follow me!
[they run along the roads for a while; Dark stops suddenly]
Shadow: Dark, what's wrong?
[everyone else stops]
[Dark points at a giant ice cream parlour]
Dark: I'm hungry.
Shade: Dark! We don't have the time! We've only got about.. three quarters of an hour!
Dark: But the iiiice creeeeaaaam! D:
Shade: AH! Fine! Fine.
[they get some ice cream]
Shade: There! Better?
[Dark holds up his hand in opposition, then finishes his ice cream]
Dark: Okay! Better.
Shade: Good! Let's go!
[they continue running]
[after a while of running, they reach the airport]
[they enter]
Chao: Oh, great.
Shade: What? What's wrong now?
Chao: We've still got to go through customs.
Shade: *grrrooooaaaaan* Great.
[they stand in line for about ten minutes (half an hour left now)]
[they reach the reception.. clerk... place]
Clerk: Hello, how may I help you?
Shade: Uh.. yes, hello. We'd like eight tickets to, um.. the.. 2:30 flight to Prison Island.
Clerk: 2:30 flight leaves in half an hour. You sure you can make it in time?
[Shade turns to the others and shrugs his shoulders]
Shade: I guess we'll take it.
Clerk: Alright. That'll come to about.. two thousand dollars.
Shade: Two thousand clams? *pays the man* Highway robbery.
[they move through the airport]
Shadow: Where the heck did you get two thousand dollars, Shade?
Shade: Let's just say the Tooth Fairy owed me one.
[they enter the food court and see a clock-- 2:03]
TD: Huh. We've got twenty-seven minutes 'til the flight leaves, and 'til the gardens blow up.
MK: Man, how are we gonna pull this off?
Shade: I've been thinking about that one. ...yeah, uh, seven cheeseburgers and fries, please. Dark, what do you want?
Dark: I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6-- with extra dip, a number 7,
[the others turn to look at Dark]
Dark: Two number 45s-- one with cheese, and a large soda.
[they get their food and find a table]
Shade: Anyway, I was thinking... *chomp* maybe we could.. and you might call me crazy at this... *munch*
[the others lean closer]
Shade: I was thinking we could hijack the plane. *chomp* ..aw, MAN, this stuff is GOOD!
MK: Well.. I'm in.
TD: Yeah, sure. I mean, we've done worse.
Zim: Hijacking a human aerial ship? Ooh, neat!
GIR: I didn't get a toy with my meal. :c
Chao: I.. I suppose I'm up for it.
Dark: Ready to roll, sarge.
Shadow: Hey, anything that'll get me those chaos drives, right?
Shade: Alright... it's settled. We hijack the plane in five minutes.
[Dark burps]
Shade: ...seven minutes. When we're all done with our food. Be ready, 'cause...
[close-up of Shade]
Shade: This is gonna be fun.

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