Sunday, May 18, 2008

DJaytendo DS number 1

Hey, and welcome to the newest act of my boredom! For those of you who are faithful DCA fans, but don't comment, instead just read all this stuff, you will probably read this first.

While waiting for someone to say something so I can release the epic episode 42, I came up with the wild idea to disclose a ton of info of random things!

I call this... the "DJaytendo DS!" The DS stands for "Developer's Secrets." Ready? Let's get started.

(NOTE: In DJDS, when I refer to an episode, I'll say something like 601 [example]. The 6 refers to SEASON 6, and the 01 refers to the first episode of season 6, so 601 means 41)

There was a strange amount of Half-Life references in 601, weren't there? A STRANGE amount. I wasn't really expecting to put so many in.

The weird quote JOE said on the phone? With the improper grammar? That's a reference to the ending to the Famicom game MOTHER, where Ninten's father is never seen, but is always heard on the phone. Right at the ending, a man in a beige coat and hat is seen talking on the phone, saying what JOE said.

The MILKMAN's secret (the REAL point to Season 6) has to do with that mysterious paper he was reading in 303. It is also the basis behind the Beta Avengers, and is the source of their strength. Without it, they would just be "The Milkman and Friends." Their secret is also my own, and brings up some important questions. It is one of the many mysteries to my show, and one that I have said the answer to before. .......what the hell am I saying? I've never said it before! I don't even know what it is; I just make this stuff up as I go along.

DCA's slogan, "Living life.... one step at a time!" refers to the fact that every single character has at least one problem that makes them unable to courageously live without said problem messing them up dearly.
For instance, Shade is very impressionable, and catches onto things rather quickly. He can survive very nicely, until his naive personality and stubborn nature force him to rethink his strategies.
Dark is...... well, we all know what Dark is. He's one of those people who can barely even survive.

Now, Metal Sonic is a rather complicated character. Or, rather, MY version of Metal Sonic. The OFFICIAL Metal is a robot. Just that. ...with a severe ability to think. But, the one I made is a tough, smart robot. He has been in repression for a while, so has had time to think about his priorities. It'll all be explained, trust me. Metal's past, his weaknesses, just trust me.

*sigh* Making DCA is not hard work, you know? To some it may be, but not to me. In fact, I'd prefer if I got paid for it. "Make chapter 1, make chapter 2, make chapter 3, make chapter 4, finish up." That's the schedule.

If you thought that I was running out of humor, or something, then 602 will blow your freaking MIND away.

Time to talk DCA08! Whatever happened to it? Oh, it still exists. It's Bonus Series 02. Professor Shade-on is Bonus 01. Anyway, one of these days, I'll finish up their adventure in Chao Talk. Because Shade Junior, too, is hiding a secret. Sheesh, it's all about secrets with me, isn't it? Shade Junior's secret is a tad harder to figure out, though. Or easier. I can't tell. It has to do with the Nomble.

DCA's slogan also has to do with the fact that most of the cast are idiots. There, I said it.


If DCA had a soundtrack, it would be a mixture between the Paper Mario music, the Sonic Rush music, and the Kirby music. Its theme song would be a mix between those three, the Dark Garden theme, and the Invader Zim theme.

If I had to choose between DCA being a TV series, and a radio show.... I'd say radio show. Before you go "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!," I have to say that radio shows leave a LOT more for the imagination. Plus, if it were a TV series, there would be too many copyright stuff, and camera angle crap, and animation costs, and I doubt any GOOD TV channels will take it.

If DCAWG were finished.... I doubt it would be very good. That's right. You heard it from ME first, NOT whoever would review it.

On the topic of DCAWG, I recently played the demo again, and I realized........ I really went outta my way to make some top-quality scenes there.

Once more, DCAWG-related: If I were to finish it, I'd make it much smaller than I had originally planned. Maybe five missions per side.

More DCAWG stuff: **** "DCA: A Shrewd Frontage" being the 'real' name; I'm going back to "DCA: War of the Gardens."

Something funny: Y'know that Bioware game, "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood?" Y'know that new character? Her name? "Shade." WTF? Coincidence?

HEY, FANS! You wanna make yourselves useful? MAKE A FAN EPISODE! If it's good, I'll praise you! If it's GREAT, I'll remake it into a bonus eppy! If it's AMAZING, I'll put it in (not remade, ORIGINAL) as a new eppy! Yes, I will give credit. Of course.

Now, whaddya say we turn on the radio? *zzzzrrt* Oh, nothing's on.

*sigh* Fine, I will disclose something about 602. Here is ONE RANDOM QUOTE from ONE RANDOM CHAPTER.

Shade: Think Mission Impossible, Dark, mixed with a little James Bond, and a couple pounds of Half-Life tossed in.

Until next time, everybody!

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