Monday, May 12, 2008

*Yawn*, I suppose....

God, I hate school. Don't you? It's robbing those poor minds of some hot-damn good DCA.

Episode 42 will come when I hear from more people. I canNOT disclose any more information about it, only that you will MOST DEFINITELY like it. Hell, you'll love it. It's funny. That's a given. I can also say that it will surprise the life outta you. Not the story, just.... the episode. Trust me, when I said Season 6 would be big, I didn't think I'd be serious.

That's all. When more people read, and get caught up in Chapter 1 of Professor Shade-on, and in Episode 41, then I will post 42. Okay, you just need to get caught up in 41. Professor Shade-on is a bonus story, so it's optional.

Boy, will you guys hate me for keeping this episode a secret from you... it is so freaking awesome. All right, I'll cheat a little and tell you one more bit of info:

It stars Shade, Dark, and Red. Shade will act braver, and more heroic than normal. Dark will act like he always does (dumb), but will comprehend things a tiny bit more, and be loyal to Shade. Red will actually get smarter, as well as braver.

...also, Shade gets crazier. Ooh! The plot thickens!

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