Friday, May 9, 2008

Shady Cross Paths "The Night of the Release"

[in front of you is a small building with a sign above it that reads "Shady Cross Paths"]
[there is a huge line of people waiting outside the door, with tents and camping equipment]
[you open the door, and hear a bell as you step into the air-conditioned shack]
[the clerk, a gray dark chao, is seen walking across the room, carrying a clipboard, and directing a team of dark chao]
Shade: Go, go, go! ....oh, hello, customer. Sorry, but I won't be able to help you with many things; we're preparing for 8 o' clock.
You: 8 o' clock?
Shade: That's right, 8 PM SHARP. DJay says it's GOTTA be on the dot. At least... eight eastern.
You: But... what's happening at 8?
[the darks stop, the team drops their large cardboard cutout of Shade, and the room becomes silent]
Dark: What's happening at 8? Are you NUTS!?
Red: Dude... I don't know what's happening at 8, but it has something to do with Season 6!
Shade: Actually, we DO know, but if we were to say it out loud right now, the EARTH WILL SPLIT IN HALF.
You: ...weird.
[the team of darks sets up the cardboard cutout, then proceeds to get a smaller one with shelves in it]
[they put the smaller one down, and get some DVDs from the back room]
[you pick up a DVD]
[on the front reads "For display purposes only," and has a picture of Shade on it]
You: Um... okay, I'll go now.
Shade: Come back at eight!
[you exit the shop, hear the bell ring as you open the door, and feel the heat of the sun again]

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