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[cut to Shadow, the green Dark chao, sitting in a red chair]
Shadow: Hi. I'm Shadow. The backstory to this episode is complicated, but I'll try to explain it, anyway. Lemme clear some space.

Okay, so my codename is "Raid," and I was ordered to sneak around this oil clean-up facility which secretly was actually a nuclear housing site. These terrorists hijacked it, although they actually didn't, and then there's Shade, who died two years ago, yet he can't actually be dead because I think I'm talking to his ghost. Or something. Then there's this weird guy.. who... who... he says he's Shade, yet he's obviously not... and..... and... uh... Metal Gear's back, and it's gonna kill me.. and there's a ninja... and this fox who.. uh.. I dunno, and then Shawn died in an explosion caused by Cham, who apparently is a demolitions expert, and was apparently recruited by the terrorists, who by the way are called "Splintered Cell..." and... and... and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IT'S COMPLICATED! Read the past three episodes, why don'tcha?! I QUIT!
[Shadow gets up and leaves the room]
[he pops back in]
Shadow: Enjoy this episode. :D

Season 7 (AKA Season 6, part two)
Episode Fifty-seven
The Game-Maker Must Be Crazy! part four:
"The Metal Gear Shade 2 Graphic Novel"

Before the episode starts, I offer you this little deleted scene from the previous episode:
[as Raid is on his way to the connecting bridge]
Cream: Raid, I finally got some information on that Pliskin guy.
Raid: Great! Lemme hear it!
Cream: He can't be "Snake Pliskin."
Raid: Why not?
Cream: "Snake Pliskin" was the main protagonist in the movie, "Escape from New York."
Raid: Oh. ..well... was it a good movie?
Cream: Much better than I had predicted, actually. I don't normally like action movies, but that was... wow!
Raid: So it WAS a good movie?
Cream: Very.
Raid: Okay.
Raid: Um... bye.

We pick up where the previous episode left off-- on the connecting bridge between Shells 1 and 2.
[Raid peeks over the railing, and a giant, bipedal robot rises out of the water]
[the camera zooms in on Pliskin's gray face]
Pliskin: Metal Gear...
[inside the cockpit of Metal Gear, Solidus Shade is feeling his face]
Solidus: ...****, they got my eye!
[his eye is missing]
Solidus: They'll pay for that.
[he fires some giant missles out of Metal Gear Eeksuu; the bridge is totalled, and Raid is on the side closest to Shell 2]
Solidus: Echo! C'mon!
[cut to inside the chopper; Tails and Pliskin are watching as a chao runs across the water]
Tails: What the heck is THAT thing?
Pliskin:'s running on water...
[the chao runs up a wall, and into a nearby Strut]
[Eeksuu swims away]
Chapter 1: Botanicus Livingus Legendio
Pliskin: Raid, you okay?
Raid: Ugh... yeah, I'm fine. How about you guys?
Pliskin: We're... managing.
Raid: The chopper?
Pliskin: Er.. not so much. We need some time for repairs.
Raid: Oh.
Pliskin: The President's all yours, kid.
Raid: .....Pliskin, are you THE Shade? I mean... they said you were dead.
[from now on, "Pliskin" is "Shade" :D]
Shade: Dead? Not me. There's too many things I need to do first.
Raid: But... I need to ask you something. After all, you're a legend...
Shade: I'm no legend. A legend is just fiction. Something you pass on to others. I'm just a guy who loves adventure.
Raid: Well, I'm only here because I was assigned this mission. I'd be outta here in a second if it were up to me.
Shade: Pfft, I bet you WOULD.
Raid: My question is... how could you come back to all this? Why keep fighting?
Shade: There's something my best friend once said to me.
Raid: Uh-huh?
Shade: We're not tools of the government, or anybody else. I fight because... that's what I'm best at. I always fight for that in which I believe.
Raid: What about the dead body? The one that was positive-ID'd as being yours?
Tails: Oh, that? Heh, it's amazing what happens when you go on Google and look up "Shade corpse ragdoll..."
Raid: Are you guys really a Non-Government Organization?
Tails: In the way that we work for what we believe in, yes. We specialize in disabling the threats of Metal Gears.
Raid: But... why stick your neck out for something so risky?
Shade: Heh, that's the way I used to look at it... before my Gray Journey, two years ago. That really changed me.
Tails: We've got to keep track of our mistakes for the upcoming generations, so we might learn how to correct ourselves.
Raid: Hm. So... Otakit, is that the only reason you're here?
Tails: WELL... the terrorists have my friend's chao here. I want to save him.
Shade: We're here out of our own will. No assignments.
Raid: Thank you for answering my questions... and nice to meet you, Shade.
Raid: Doctor, they have Metal Gear up and fully operational...
Egg: That may be, but you might still be able to stop them. Rescue the president!
Raid: ...Eggman... you were monitoring my Codec calls. That guy... he's the real Shade. The real deal.
Egg: Maybe.
Raid: "Maybe?"
Egg: Don't let your guard down with him.
Raid: Doctor, why do you say that?
Egg: Because you went through a ****ing simulation of this mission; that chao was never a part of it. He's an unknown factor.
Raid: Well, you can take your simulation and....!!! We're out here; we LIVE; we BLEED; we DIE!
Cream: Please calm down, Shadow...
Egg: Yes, I suggest you do, Raid. Even if that IS Shade, he has no bearing on your mission.
Raid: Doctor, you and Shade used to be on the same side... I read about you in the CPAK school newspaper...
Egg: I don't give a ****ing **** what that piece of ****-filth trash says about me. Do you get me?
[Raid stays still for a bit, still thinking about things]
Raid: .........*siiiiiiiiigh* Better get moving.
[he sneaks around the Struts of Shell 2 (the ones that are still up and running)]
[eventually, he makes it to the Shell 2 core]
Raid: Hmm... if I were the terrorists, where would I hide the president?
[he sees a door and opens it]
[...the president is right there]
Raid: plain sight, I guess.
Chapter 2: Botanicus Presidentio Rescuum
Raid: President Jimmy James Jimmy-Bob Jack Johnson James John Jeffrey James Jon James Jackson Johnson.
Pres: You finally showed up.
Raid: You were expecting me?
Pres: Your skeleton suit isn't exactly Government material.
Raid: Are you alright?
Pres: this some kind of sick joke?
Raid: Wha?
Pres: If you're going to kill me for betraying my nation, don't **** with me!
Raid: But...
Pres: Who are you with, boy?
Raid: PROWLER, sir.
Pres: Hmm... PROWLER. Things are finally starting to make sense.
Raid: What do you mean? Why did you cooperate with the terrorists, anyway?
Pres: I wanted power. Absolute power.
Raid: But.. you HAVE power! You're the--
Pres: --the President? Please. I have no power. I'm just a figurehead. The REAL power lies with the Patriots.
Raid: The... Patriots?
Pres: The truth behind EVERYTHING. I'm not surprised you haven't heard of them. Few have, even those with code clearance.
Raid: But......
Pres: They decide everything-- politics, economics, you name it. They even decide who becomes president.
Raid: No way!
Pres: Hard to believe, isn't it? They do, though. And everything I supposedly do, they plan it all in advance.
Raid: B-but.. what about democracy?
Pres: "Democracy?" That's just a filler for textbooks. Do you honestly believe the government cares about what you say?
Pres: This country is shaped the way the Patriots see fit. The government is just a ploy for the public's entertainment!
[Raid stares at him]
Pres: Don't look at me like that. I'm legally sane, you know.
Raid: It's not your sanity that scares me...
Pres: *sigh* The Patriots... not even I know who the actual members are. Business? World leaders? Military? I don't know. Even my instructions come from a cut-out. All I know is that all my key decisions are made by twelve people part of something called the "Veteran's Committee."
Raid: The Veteran's Committee?
Pres: Yes. When I became president, I still.. did not feel right. I wanted TRUE power. I... I wanted to be a member of them.
Raid: And that justifies acts of terrorism?
Pres: Of course! I planned to use Metal Gear as a bargaining chip...
Raid: A bargaining chip?
Pres: But, I underestimated Solidus... he wants to CHALLENGE the Patriots! Even if it means ending life as we know it...
Raid: What are you saying?
Pres: Like it or not, but life without the Patriots... would be chaos. They control EVERYTHING. Can you imagine...
Raid: ...if everything I know and love ceased to operate?
Pres: Exactly. When I told Solidus that I wished to prevent destruction, he simply said pawns could not become players.
Raid: ...who IS Solidus?
Pres: My predecessor, Sam "Fisher" Sears. That's what the public knew him by, but I knew him by his codename, "Zero." I'm n--
Raid: Wait, wait, wait... Zero? Are we taking about the same guy?
Pres: Yes, yes, um... all this time, we have been saying "Zero," but in the script, he was called "Solidus."
Raid: ........did you just..
Pres: Break the fourth wall? Somewhat. I was fixing a plot hole, which must always be done at all costs.
Raid: Um.. okay, carry on.
Pres: Anyway, he comes from a group of his own, called the Ex Nowts. They all want the same thing-- to challenge the Patriots. Somehow, Zero became president, but fell out of grace with the Patriots about a few years ago...
Raid: A few years ago? ...CPAK!
Pres: Yes. The very development of Sumasshu went against the Patriots' plans, and Zero made things worse by sending in his own spy, Levity Nite, in to provoke Lam Mink and cause the infamous incident. However, he ended up revealing the existence of the genome army AND of Sumasshu, which REALLY made the Patriots mad. So, he lost his presidency.
Raid: I always thought he resigned...
Pres: The public story. He was fired, and I was selected to take his place.
Raid: So, the presidential race is all a myth? A show just for the public?
Pres: Indeed. The next scene in that show WAS Zero's untimely death, as his "health" would fail him. However, he was able to get underground with the help of Levity Nite. Eventually, he gained control of Splintered Cell, and has been waiting ever since...
Raid: Waiting for?
Pres: The completion of the new Metal Gear project. Once he has control of Metal Gear, the Patriots will be quite shocked, and he will actually pose a threat to them. So, he must be stopped...
Raid: Metal Gear is already operational...
Pres: I REALLY hate to say this, but... you're wrong. What you saw, I LOATHE to say... was not the project.
Raid: ...........................****.
Pres: Mmhmm. That was just Metal Gear Eeksuu, hijacked two years ago.
Raid: Then... where IS the new Metal Gear?
Pres: You're standing in it.
Raid: Get outta town.
Pres: I am quite serious. You are currently in the upper structure of "Libfairy Gear."
Raid: "Libfairy?"
Pres: That's right. We're talking about a HUGE vessel filled with a couple hundred thousand nuclear warheads, all guarded by a horde of mass-produced Eeksuus.
Raid: M-mass-produced?!
Pres: A-yup. The Marines orignally designed Eeksuu as a countermeasure for all the Sumasshus, but the Patriots redesigned it to defend Libfairy.
Raid: So, anti-Metal Gears are defending the biggest Metal Gear of all?
Pres: Ironic, isn't it? That's not all. Libfairy contains access to the Military Network, giving it full control over the army.
Raid: What kind of idiotic weapon--
Pres: Weapon? No. You're not seeing the big picture. Libfairy is more than just a military tool... it is a way to preserve the world as the way it is. The Patriots feel threatened, you see...
Raid: Threatened?
Pres: By the digital age. They feel that, with the advent of digital information, the public has a chance to find out the truth. So, they designed Libfairy to be able to edit all that information as they see fit. They want to re-establish their power in society.
Raid: B-but... but...
Pres: I had hoped to use Libfairy as a bargaining chip, to try and get my own power. However, Zero has shown that he plans on using it to establish Inner-Outer Heaven... by utilizing the Compton Effect on Manhattan, he will disable the business systems in America, which will definitely pose a massive threat to the Patriots.
Raid: what do I have to do?
Pres: You have to find Cheese. He's the only one who can stop Libfairy by now.
Raid: Cheese?
Pres: He should be in the Locker Room in B1 of this core. Once you find him, give him this.
[the president hands Raid a disc]
Pres: There's a virus on there. It's the only way to stop Libfairy.
[he turns around, and sighs]
Pres: Well, I've told you all you need to know. There's only one last thing left...
[he turns again, to face Raid]
Pres: Kill me.
Raid: Wha?!
Pres: They're going to need my confirmation soon! By doing this, you'll at least prevent a nuclear strike!
Raid: But... but...
Pres: DO IT!
[the president drops to the ground; Raid is not wielding any weapons]
[Levity Nite, however, IS.]
Nite: That's abusing your right to free speech, Mister President.
[he blows away some smoke by the barrel of his gun]
Nite: Or should I say... Mister EX-President?
Raid: You.. why did you...
Nite: Alas, my finger must have slipped. I'll see you around, Carrier Boy.
[Levity Nite leaves the room]
Raid: Doctor, the president is dead.
Egg: I see... I'm sorry to hear that.
Raid: Where.. where do we go from here?
Egg: Well, your mission WAS to rescue the president, but, given the recent turn of events, you must honor the president's last directive. Raid, you must put a stop to Libfairy Gear.
Raid: Do you really think there IS a Libfairy, deep down in the ocean?
Egg: I do not have the proper clearance to prove that, but he was THE PRESIDENT! The freaking PRESIDENT!
Raid: And he was part of the terrorist plot.
Egg: All the more reason I believe his information was reliable.
Raid: What about that talk about the Patriots?
Cream: It's news to me. I'll look 'em up and see what I can find.
Egg: Find and rescue Cheese, Raid. He's in B1, the Locker Room!
Raid: Understood... Raid out.
Shade: What's your status, Raid?
Raid: Shade, the president... he's dead.
Shade: WHAT?! And the nuclear launch codes?
Raid: He died before they could get them.
Shade: Oh, good. At least we prevented that.
Raid: But... Levity Nite killed him. He must have known that they needed him, but... why did he kill him?
Tails: Maybe they found another way to activate the nukes?
Shade: Or maybe they found a much cooler weapon within Libfairy Gear.
Shade: Yeah.
Raid: Wh..why didn't you tell me?
Shade: You didn't ask.
Raid: Pardon me for assuming, but you also knew about the Big Shell being a front for it, right?
Shade: You mean, did I know that the Big Shell, a fully-functional environmental clean-up facility, was used to camoflauge Libfairy Gear? Yeah. I did.
Raid: Right... and when did you find out about all this?
Shade: It took a while, but we figured it out around the time you took out that mad bomber.
Raid: really are a living legend.
[they spend a long, uneventful time recapping the tanker incident, with Shade explaining that Tails had provided a boat to save him after the tanker sunk; they also establish that Tails and Shade already knew about the Patriots]
Shade: Raid, you've got to save Cheese.
Raid: Got it. I'll do that.
Chapter 3: Botanicus Morivus Rescuum
NOTE: Yeah, from now on, chapters will be really long. Some might be normal length, but... most will be extended in length.
[so, Raid goes down to B1, and finds the whole place flooded]
Raid: Ugh, just my luck.
[he swims through]
[underwater, he opens a certain door, and out floats Shawn the Dark's dead body]
Raid: !!!
[he awkwardly swims around the body, and makes it through the submerged hallways]
[he then finds himself no longer underwater, instead above water on a platform/bridge thing]
[in front of him is the vampire guy]
Raid: Still tickin', huh?
Echo: Unfortunately, Hell had no vaccines.
["Echo (Echo)" appears on-screen]
[Raid shoots three shots; two are dodged, the third strikes Echo's cheek]
Echo: Heh.. as I thought. Muscles are so eloquent.. they point out every movement you make before you even make them.
[Echo scans Raid]
Echo: But, your muscles... your suit... you're kinda weird. This will be fun. Well worth the wait.
Raid: You knew I was coming?
Echo: I couldn't let you interfere with Libfairy.
[Echo points at the door behind him]
Echo: The chao is just ahead. He's no use to us now, though. He's so awkward. The boss thought he was a girl at first.
Raid: He's still alive?
Echo: Perhaps. Oh, and you thought that killing the president would prevent a nuclear strike?
Raid: But I didn't--
Echo: Libfairy still has a purified nitrogen bomb.
Raid: O SNAP...
Echo: Yes... Splintered Cell lost all credibility, all dignity, everything we ever had six months ago...
Raid: The public didn't listen to you, so you vowed to get revenge on the Patriots?
Echo: Exactly.
Announcer: Final check for Libfairy complete. All non-essential employees, report to your stations.
Echo: Hmm.. sounds like Libfairy's ready.
[Echo points to the water below them]
Echo: This water isn't regular water, you know. It's all.. chemicals and stuff. No buoyancy. You go down, you don't come up.
[Raid gulps]
Echo: Take a look at your grave... 'cause it's the last thing you'll ever see.
[Echo charges forward; Raid shoots him in the face]
Echo: Ack!
[Echo falls over into the water]
Echo: ...well, this is quite ironic, isn't it? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
[he sinks]
Raid: Doctor, they've finished the final check for Libfairy!
Egg: Quickly, save Cheese! You need to get that virus into the system!
[Raid enters the locker room, and opens an odd locker; a chao wearing a bow tie falls out, crying]
?: St-stay away!
Raid: Calm down! I'm not one of them. I'm here to save you. Are you Cheese?
Cheese: ..*sniff*... yes...
["Cheese the Chao (Cheese)" appears on-screen]
Raid: Now then, the president told me you were the only one who could stop Libfairy.
Cheese: He... he did?
Raid: Yes. I need you to come with me to Shell 1. A certain Mister Prower is there, waiting for you.
Cheese: Tails? ...okay... I'll come.
[Cheese holds on to Raid as he swims back half of the way, then they stop by an opening for a breather]
Raid: You holding up okay?
Cheese: Yeah.
Raid: Hello?
Cream: Shadow... what are you doing?
Raid: I'm helping Cheese get back to Shell 1, where Mister Prower will--
Cream: LIAR! You're just trying to escape from the mission.
Raid: Wait.. what? Where the P Diddy did you get an idea like THAT?
Cream: I've seen this before.. in class, you'd always want to daydream, or escape from reality...
Raid: Well, yeah, but that was in class--
Cream: And that's what you're doing NOW! This mission's stressing you out, so you're using Cheese as a scapegoat to escape from reality!
Raid: Wha-huh? That doesn't make any logical sense, Cream.
Cream: It doesn't HAVE to! It's still TRUE!
Raid: But it's not! Don't forget that I'm saving CHEESE, YOUR BEST FRIEND!
Cream: I don't care!
Raid: don't care?
Cream: I bet you still don't even remember what tomorrow is.
Raid: September 9th... I got it! It's your birthday, isn't it?
Cream: Not even close.
Raid: Well, what IS it, already?
Cream: Goodbye, Shadow.
Raid: .......that was odd.
Cheese: What? What was odd?
Raid: Oh, don't worry about it. C'mon, we're nearly there.
[Raid leads Cheese through the rest of the underwater Strut]
[at the end of the water place, they decide to talk]
Raid: Cheese... uh... you made this virus thing, right?
Cheese: Yeah. It's actually more of a worm cluster than a virus, but.. yeah.
Raid: Will it really stop Libfairy?
Cheese: It SHOULD.. I mean, it should put a stop to Libfairy's data distribution system.
Raid: You know about the DDS?
Cheese: Of course-- I created it.
Raid: ......
Cheese: Cat gotcher tongue? Heh...
Raid: ..yeah. Pretty much. So, why.. I mean... what's up with the DDS?
Cheese: It's... really hard to explain, so I'll just give you an example. Think about the alphabet.
Raid: Okay.
Cheese: 26 letters, right? What if it were actually 30, but the Patriots simply limited the last four?
Raid: No way!
Cheese: It's not that farfetched of a theory. Think about the gene theorem and stuff.
Raid: Wasn't it, like... 40,000 genes to a human, or something?
Cheese: Yes, but when it was orignally announced, it was 100,000. What happened to the extra 60?
Raid: You don't mean...
Cheese: Oh, but I do. The Patriots simply altered the reports to say 40,000.
Raid: But there were reports and research...
Cheese: Which were all altered, as well.
Raid: But.. but...
Cheese: The DDS is complex, simple, AND effective. It will shape the world the way the Patriots see fit.
Raid: So, what we're talking about here is basically one big censorship system?
Cheese: Hmm....... pretty much, yeah.
Raid: So, so... so.. Libfairy is simply the guard for the DDS?
Cheese: I guess you could say that, yeah.
Raid: ...uh... let's get back to moving.
Cheese: Okay.
[so, they resume moving]
Egg: Raid, I need to let you know...
Raid: Yep?
Egg: Remember, the connecting bridge is down?
Raid: Crap, I completely forgot. How will we get across, then?
Egg: There should be an oil slick down by the water... think of it as a really weird bridge of sorts.
Raid: Ah. Thanks, Doctor.
Raid: Uh... how are you on heights, Cheese?
Cheese: Can't say I like them. Why?
Raid: We're gonna have to go down a little.
Cheese: How much is "a little?"
[Raid opens up a hatch; a LONG ladder extends a long way down]
Raid: About 130 feet.
Cheese: .......wonderful.
Raid: I'll go first. Just don't look down, okay?
[they slowly descend the ladder, and reach the bottom]
Chapter 4: Botanicus Echovus Returnum
[the oil slick... yeah, it's kind of a really weird bridge]
[also, by this point, it's sunset. Just letting you know.]
[along the oil slick are a bunch of enemy sentries and soldiers]
Raid: Crap.
Cheese: Why do I not like the sound of that?
Raid: The oil slick bridge thing can only support about one of us at a time.
Cheese: Great.
Raid: Uh... Shade?
Shade: Yep? What's the problem?
Raid: We're at the oil slick... and it can only support one of us at a time.
Shade: Oh, I see what your problem is. And all the enemies are there, too...
Raid: Yeah.
Shade:'ve got a PSG1, right?
Raid: Uhhhh...
Shade: ..SNIPER RIFLE, genius.
Raid: OH! Yeah, I got that!
Shade: Good. Take care of the enemies from a distance. It's not so hard now, is it?
Raid: I guess not. Thanks.
Raid: Cheese...
Cheese: I don't like the sound of that.
Raid: You're gonna have to go first. I'll clear the enemies with sniper fire.
Cheese: Sniper fire. Great.
Raid: Just go!
[Cheese goes across the bridge as Raid clears the enemies out of the way]
[he's almost there when...]
Cheese: ACK!
[Echo appears out of nowhere and grabs him; he points a knife to his throat]
Raid: Oh, boy... what should I do?!
[Echo slowly drops into the water, a sniper bullet in his forehead]
[the camera turns to show Shade at the other side, a sniper rifle in his hands]
Shade: Yeah wut.
[Cheese stands still for a bit, and then waddles across the rest of the bridge to Shade, where he then collapses]
Raid: Oh, no!
[Raid runs across the bridge, and gets there]
Raid: What happened?
Shade: It seems... Echo was able to get a stab in. To his stomach.
Raid: Aw, jeez...
Shade: He's still alive. C'mon, if we hurry, we might be able to still do this.
[they make it to a computer room where Tails is waiting]
[they explain the situation, and Cheese musters up enough strength to do all the virus stuff]
[he then lies on the floor]
Cheese: ...Tails...
Tails: I'm here, Cheese... I'm here...
Shade: Psst.. Raid?
Raid: Yeah?
Shade: Look at the screen.
[Raid, Shade, and Tails look at the screen, which shows a blue screen with lots and lots of words on it]
[their eyes are wide]
Raid: What... what happened? Did Cheese do it wrong, or something?
Tails: No, I'm sure he did it right... maybe the Patriots altered the disc.
Cheese: Tails... is everything alright?
[Tails looks at Cheese, then looks at the Blue Screen of Death, then back at Cheese]
Tails: Um........ yeah, everything's fine.
Raid: Shade, what if the virus doesn't work?
Shade: Then we'll get aboard Libfairy and do some "hacking," ourselves. Besides, I've always wanted to talk to Zero again.
Cheese: Tails... can you do me a favor?
Tails: Sure, sure, Cheese... anything.
Cheese: ...tell Cream..... how I died... tell her I love her, and always will.....
Tails: Oh, no, Cheese, we're getting you out of here; I promise.
[Cheese goes limp]
Tails: ...Cheese?
[no response]
Tails: ........Cheese?!
[no response]
Tails: CHEESE! *sob* NO.. Cheese....
[the camera pans backwards as Tails sobs, while Shade and Raid just stand by the computer, eyes closed]
Announcer: Attention! Libfairy is ready for launch. All personnel, evacuate the upper floors immediately!
Shade: Crap. Sounds like they're cutting this place loose.
Raid: We'd better get down there before this thing takes off.
Tails: What about the hostages?
Shade: Otakit, you take care of them. Okay?
Tails: But.. I should be down there. You're saying I'll only get in your way.
Shade: Wrong. I'm saying only you can save those hostages. Their lives are depending on you.
Tails: ....okay, Shade. I understand. I'll save them.
[they walk to an elevator that goes down to Libfairy]
Shade: This is the place.
Tails: Good luck, you two.
Shade: Thanks, Otakit. You, too.
Raid: Now, how are we gonna open this thing?
Shade: You can come out now!
[the ninja/Mr. X guy falls from the ceiling]
Raid: You! What are you...
X: Libfairy is about to launch.
[Mister X points his katana at Raid]
Shade: Get ready, Raid. We've got to do this.
Raid: Now you're switching sides?!
Shade: I don't recall ever saying I was on yours.
Raid: Crap.
[Mister X taps the side of his helmet, and it goes transparent, revealing the female Shade inside]
Raid: What the--
[SShade knocks Raid out with her sword]
[the screen abruptly goes black]
Chapter 5: In the Belly of the Beast
[cut to Raid's point of view; things are blurry, and bright lights are above him]
[voices of Zero and Levity Nite are heard]
Zero: Is he still alive?
Nite: He was when Shade (female) brought him in. I've checked everything on this guy-- genomes, DNA, information-- nada.
[Raid tries to shake his head, but is too tired]
Nite: He doesn't exist in any database. He's a nonexistant character from a nonexistant organization.
Zero: I suspected as much. However, I know this chao. Wake him up.
[whatever platform Raid is resting on lowers, and turns to a weird angle to face Zero and Levity Nite]
[Zero now has two Doctor Octapus-esque tentacles as a part of his exoskeleton, and things are no longer blurry]
[oh, and Zero has an eye patch and a monocle now, instead of goggles]
Zero: It's been a while, hasn't it? ...Shadow Eater.
Nite: You know this fellow?
Zero: Of course I do. My, how you have grown...
[one of Zero's tentacles grabs Raid's neck]
Zero: A lot of cerebral implants... have they altered your MEMORY, too?
[Zero lets go; the camera switches to third-person, showing that Shadow is strapped to a torture table thing, and is naked]
Zero: This is my chao. Shadow... I thought I'd never see you again...
Raid: You.. know me?
Zero: You don't remember? Your moves, your skills, your techniques... everything you've ever known, you've learned from me.
[Zero clears some space]

Don't you remember the many years back then? You were one of the greatest child soldiers the world has ever known... you fought in that stupid Dark Army of Shade's, but you were still a child soldier. Your expert gunfighting and sharpshooting earned you such nicknames as "The Green Devil" and "Shadow Eater." I was your owner. I raised you since you were in a little, green egg. However, when the wars ended, you.. you disappeared. For one thing, you appeared in episodes less and less, and.. it was almost as if you were changing completely. I should have known they would recruit you.

[the camera switches back to first-person view of Raid]
Nite: It's an interesting coincidence.
Zero: If he's a lackey for the Patriots, I doubt he knows anything of interest.
Nite: What shall we do with him, then?
Zero: We'll do what you suggested.
Nite: And Splintered Cell?
Zero: Ignore them.
[Levity's arm twitches]
Zero: Finally happening?
Nite: It was bound to happen sooner or later... could it mean that he's here, too?
Zero: We'll raise security. How are the reports?
Nite: All is going well.
Zero: Excellent.. soon, we'll show the world the true power of Libfairy...
[Levity takes a look at Zero's eyepatch]
Nite: You know, you're a splitting image of the bossman, himself.
Zero: Is that so? *laughs* In that case, I guess I should thank this kid for that.
[Zero leaves the room]
Nite: Hmm.. this situation is very nostalgic.
Raid: Ugh... where am I?
Nite: Why, you're inside Libfairy Gear, of course.
[Levity holds up the disc Raid used to have]
Nite: I'll just take this, seeing as how you won't need it anymore.
[the female Shade walks in, in military clothes]
Nite: Hmph. A foul wind is blowing. We will meet again, Shadow.
[Levity leaves the room]
SShade: Stay where you are. We're being watched on a camera.
Raid: What are you up to?
SShade: I'm switching over to nanocommunications. Y'know.. Codec.
Raid: Mister X? ..Ninja?
SShade: Yes, that was me.
Raid: Why are you also a Russian commander?
SShade: That was just a smokescreen.
Raid: A smokescreen? For what?
SShade: I was sent to provide you support.
Raid: Support? Who sent you? The Doctor?
SShade: The Patriots.
Raid: Wha?
SShade: Well, I have no choice. They have my kid brother... and will kill him if I don't help you.
Raid: Your kid brother?
SShade: Yes. (The one she once called "Shade Junior," but.. uh... it's a different one.)
Raid: That's horrible...
SShade: Indeed, it is. Once a month, they will send me a photograph of him, to show me how he's doing...
Raid: Ugh, that's evil. I don't think anybody can blame you for what you did.
SShade: That's your opinion.
Raid: What about Shade? ...Solid Shade, I mean.
SShade: I joined forces with him around the time you were rescuing Cheese.
Raid: Why?
SShade: Well, if Zero gets away with Libfairy, your mission will be a failure. The Patriots will say I failed, too, and...
Raid: Oh... but... why would the Patriots want to help me? Are they hoping I'll take Zero out?
SShade: No. You're just like me... we're just pawns.
Raid: Pawns for what purpose?
SShade: The S3 plan.
Raid: The what?
SShade: You'll figure it out sooner or later... but I wonder if you can handle the truth? Anyway, Zero has to be stopped.
Raid: What about the virus?
SShade: No effect so far. I think the Patriots tampered with it.
Raid: So, uh... can you release me?
SShade: I'll let you go once I leave the room. Shade has your stuff. He's out in one of the hangars.
Raid: Does Shade plan to destroy Libfairy Gear?
SShade: No. Even for Shade, it would be impossible. He just plans to take care of Zero and his men.
Raid: And you?
SShade: I will stay concealed... I don't want anyone to find out about me.
[she leaves the room]
Cream: Shadow, are you alright?
Raid: I guess. I'm not dead; that counts for something.
Cream: Shadow, is it true? What Zero said?
Raid: ...yes.
Cream: That's horrible... baby chao going off to war?
Raid: It happens a lot more than you think. If we survived the day's fight, we'd get praise, food, and a bed.
Cream: Oh, my...
Raid: Of course, this was actually before Shade was in command. Zero didn't mention the days I spent in the Chao World...
Cream: On that savage planet?
Raid: Yes... we were shapen into the perfect war machines. I wasn't like Shade. I didn't question why we fought.
Cream: Why not?
Raid: If we questioned, we were shot.
Cream: Eep.
Raid: When the civil war ended... the one on Chao World... most of us were sent to villages to live there.
Cream: But you weren't, were you?
Raid: No. I was an exceptional soldier, so they sent me to the Gardens...
Cream: Well..... um...
Raid: Now I know why the Patriots wanted ME to kill Zero. I'm the perfect war machine... only I can do this.
Cream: Shadow, please don't talk like that...
Raid: But, it's true.
Cream: I haven't even told you about...... never mind. Say no more. Please.

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