Monday, July 12, 2010

FINALLY, the Quinquenquoi finale! :D

Dark Chao Adventures
Adventuring since 2005.

Episode Seventy-Three: The Final Day

The final installment of our little adventure begins in the Dark Garden...
[our heroes teleport into the Garden]
Chapter 1: Win Some, Lose Some
Shade: So Shadow, where'd he say the chaos drive is?
Shadow: If what he said was right, and I have no reason to doubt him, then it should be in.. THIS grave, here.
[they walk up to a gravestone that reads "Chad"]
Dark: Who the flick is "Chad?"
Shade: I have no idea. I always thought he was some old guy who nobody liked.
Shadow: Apparently, he's not a real chao. It's fake.
MK: Either way, I've been waiting for a chance to do this!
[Mecha's arms turn into two giant drills, and he digs down into the ground]
[he hits a box and takes it back up to the surface]
MK: Here. Open it.
[Shadow opens it, and inside is a note]
"Hey guys. Thought I'd steal your chaos drive. In replacement, here is a bomb. It will go off today. Love, Mephiles.
PS: I broke out of jail."
TD: Gimme the bomb. I'll defuse it.
[they find a bomb in the box and the Doll defuses it]
Shadow: Where do you think we can find him?
Shade: Hm. YO, EGGMAN!
[Eggman appears]
Egg: What, what, what is it?
Shade: We're looking for Mephiles. He broke out of jail. Where is he now?
Egg: If he broke out of jail, then he could be anywhere. That demon can do some pretty weird stuff.
[Levity appears]
Nite: He's in Euphoria.
Egg: Euphoria?
Nite: Euphoria.
Egg: Right. So.. there you go. He's down in the magnificent dystopia of Euphoria.
Shade: Well, we started our hunt there.. may as well end it, too.
Shadow: I'm not looking forward to this.
Dark: Does this mean we have to go through Bioshock? I mean, for real? 'Cause.. I'm not good at it.
Shade: Guess we'll find out when we get there.
MK: H..hey, don't forget, we're coming, too!
Shadow: You guys really want to join us?
Chao: Eh, you guys can, but I'm staying behind.
TD: Unlike him, we will. We've got nothing else to do.
Shadow: What about you, Zim?
Zim: I barely even do anything. I'm out of here.
[Zim and GIR uneventfully walk off-screen]
Egg: Okay. You're going to Euphoria now. Shalakazaaam!
[they teleport]
Nite: didn't have to say that, y'know.
Egg: I know...
Chapter 2: Back in the Saddle
[cut to the underwater city of Euphoria]
[our heroes find themselves in the Medical District]
[oh, and Red is also here]
Red: Whoa, whoa, whoa.. how'd I wind up trapped in this?
Shade: You were with us when we first went here. May as well come all the way.
Red: Aaaarrrrgghh... but I don't wanna go through Chao Talk again!
Dark: Euphoria. It's Euphoria. Not that.. that place.
Shade: Dark, man, you've gotta overcome your deep hatred for this place. I'm sure we'll be alright.
Shadow: Yeah, maybe Mallet can help us. Remember him? Now, where'd I put my radio...?
[he pulls out his radio]
MalletR: ..oh, you guys are back on, are ya?
Shadow: Yeah, uh.. sorry about taking so long. We were celebrating the script's fifth birthday.
MK: And E3. Don't forget to mention E3.
Shadow: Uh.. yeah, and E3.
MalletR: Well, I've been sittin' around in this submarine for a while, waitin' fer you guys to come back!
Shadow: did you survive for a month?
MalletR: I dunno, but it's better than the alternative, innit?
Shadow: Good point. Alright, so where do we go from here?
MalletR: There should be a door leading to a Bathysphere transit metro thing somewhere nearby.
[they find it]
MalletR: Right. Is it open?
[Shadow tries it]
Shadow: ..yeah, it is.
MalletR: Thought not. Now go back through the district, and-- what?
Shadow: The door's open.
MalletR: But.. but how?
Shadow: I don't know; it just is! We're going through now.
MalletR: But... uh.. okay, fine. We need to meet up. I'm in Neptunes R Us, remember?
[they go through Neptunes R Us, occasionally shooting up the place, but eventually finding the back rooms]
[in the back rooms, they see a submarine, and head toward it]
[suddenly, some sploicers dive down and set fire to it]
[even though our heroes fight off the sploicers, the submarine still burns far too much]
MalletR: *cough cough* Boys.. get out o' here! Kill Ryan! Kill him!
Shadow: But..!
TD: C'mon, kid. We gotta get out of here.
[they get out as fast as they can]
Shadow: Guys.. Mallet.. man, Mallet's dead!
Dark: He expected the Medical District emergency access door to close. He.. he's played Bioshock. Who was he?
Red: Wasn't he just an ice cream salesman?
Shade: Yeah, who happened to know the inner workings of the video game this city's based on?
TD: Wait, "based on..."
Shade: Yeah, the city's based on Bioshock, isn't it?
TD: Yeah. Simply based on it. Obviously, it's not identical. Just inspired... a lot.
Shadow: Of course! So there'll probably be some new tricks, some differences from the game.
Dark: That doesn't make me fear it any less, guys. D:
Shade: Heh, no, but it should make you look forward to this some more.
Chapter 3: The Hellion
[as they move back to the bathysphere, they get contacted by Andrew Ryder]
RyderR: You creep in like assassins.. yet you sneak out like thieves. You're no CIA spooks. You're just pests.
[Shade gestures for Shadow not to reply]
RyderR: No matter. The only way to deal with pests like you is to get rid of them!
[they move on, to a large, domed-in forest]
Shadow: What is THIS supposed to be?
TD: Seems to me like it's some kind of indoor.. oxygen factory.
[they explore the forest for a bit]
RyderR: I came here to build the impossible. You came here to rob what you could never build.
[Shadow shakes his head]
RyderR: Even the air you breathe is mine! Well, breathe deep... it'll give you a fond memory for when you no longer can.
[they pass by some posters that say "Mallet Lives!"]
Red: Whoa, Mallet is known around here?
MK: If he's on a poster like this, he's bound to have deep haters, as well. Must have done something pretty big.
Shadow: ..I think we should keep moving.
[they make it to the next Bathysphere, no incidents]
Shade: Odd. There's supposed to be a liiiittle bit more opposition than this.
Shadow: Hey, let's take advantage of it while we can, right?
Shade: ..good point.
[the Bathysphere takes them to the Entertainment Center (completely rebuilt and whatnot)]
[they then enter the NEXT bathysphere]
Shadow: Okay, I've never played Bioshock, but I'm sure it's not anywhere near THIS easy.
Dark: Not even close.
[the next stop is the City Hall, home of Andrew Ryder]
Shadow: Alright. Ryder should be in here somewhere.
Shade: ......I think I know where he is. C'mon, guys.
[they go up to the third floor, trying to ignore how this building has not been changed at all]
[in the third floor, they enter a door that has been spraypainted over to read "Ryder"]
RyderR: In the end, all that matters to me.. is me. All that matters to YOU is you. It is the nature of life.
[Shade nods at Mecha, who kicks the door down]
[Ryder is not visible upon first sight]
RyderR: Does your master hear me? Mallet?! I am here, Mallet!
[finally, Shadow picks up the radio]
Shadow: Mallet is DEAD, Andrew.
RyderR: Ah, the parasite decides to speak! Tell me, boy.. how does it feel to see this magnificent city?
Shadow: It feels sickening. I've seen it all before.
RyderR: Yes, of course.. I've heard stories of you. The lost city of Chao Talk.. and the gang of travelers.
MK: Crap, he knows us.
RyderR: Tell me... is the one called "Shade" there?
[they all look at Shade]
[Shade grabs the radio]
Shade: What do you want, Ryder?
RyderR: Shade, you know who I am. Could you maybe tell the audience-- and Shadow-- who I am? Go on.
[Shade looks at Shadow]
Shade: Kid...
Shadow: Do you really know who he is?
Shade: I've had a hunch.
Shadow: Then who is that crazy cook?
Shade: He's.. your father.
Shadow: Wh..what? Ryder, is that true?
RyderR: It cannot be any more true, my child. Now that you know your legacy, perhaps it will make the rest of this easier.
Shadow: The rest of.. what?
RyderR: Could you maybe.. come into my office?
[Shadow walks into the office in front of him]
[Ryder walks out from around a corner, appearing at the top of a staircase in front of Shadow]
[he is a green Dark chao of about Shawn's age]
Ryder: We meet at last.
Shadow: Ryder...
Ryder: Oh, can the contempt! You know nothing of me, nor my works. Your only knowledge of me is what that Mallet fiend said.
Shadow:'re.. you're right.
[the door behind him closes]
Ryder: I've heard many tales of you, Shadow. I hear you are the Green One these days.
Shadow: That.. that's right.
[Ryder begins walking down the staircase]
Ryder: I hear you were able to do great things for Doctor Eggman. I hear he's a Veteran now.
Shadow: Um.. well.. yes. You know of the Committee?
Ryder: Of course I do! Boy, they've had their eyes on me for some time now.
Shadow: They have? Hm.. well, what else have you heard?
Ryder: I hear you actually destroyed Metal Sonic.
Shadow: It's not like it was hard, or anything.
[Shade is heard behind the door shouting "YEAH, IT WAS! DON'T LIE!"]
Ryder: *chuckle* I see the Grey One is becoming jealous. You kids haven't changed a bit.
Shadow: Wait, wait, wait.. how can you be my father? Zero kidnapped me and raised me as a child soldier.
Ryder: Yes, he kidnapped you. He stole you away from me. Soon after that, I left the Gardens. Let me clear some space.

I was in a rage. I dedicated many years of my life to searching the Chao World for you. After some years, I came across this
old city.. Chao Talk. I went in to search for you, and found myself lost in its massiveness after not too long. Do you want
to know another shocking truth? Once I entered this city, I never left it. Ever. The story of me becoming president? It's
all a fabricated lie to get people to believe this is a new city, a new, changed one that will not kill you.

Shadow: Wait, wait, wait.. but who fabricated the lie?
Ryder: Ah, yes.. I think I'll let your friends in now and tell everyone the next plot twist.
[Ryder opens the door and lets everyone in]
Ryder: We're not underwater.
All: WHAT?!
Red: That is absolutely absurd!
TD: What the heck are you smoking, man?
Shade: There's tons of water out there! Fish! Bubbles!
Ryder: Let me rephrase that. Euphoria never existed.
[they're still confused, except Dark]
Dark: ...I get it.
[they look at Dark]
Dark: You're saying Chao Talk is messing with us again?
Ryder: Exactly. We're still in the Tlekozamfa.
Shadow: So.. so you were never president; that was just a clever ruse by Red Metal?
Ryder: I'm afraid it might have not been the only ruse.
Shade: You're talking about Mallet, aren't you?
Ryder: Ivan Corey Mallet is not as he seems.
Shadow: What do you mean? He's dead.
Ryder: Are you sure? How did he die?
Shadow: He.. he was in a submarine that the sploicers--I mean.. the splicers.. they set it on fire.
Ryder: How do you know he was ever IN that submarine?
Red: We don't.
Ryder: Exactly. The chances of him actually staying in the submarine for a whole month are pretty slim.
Shadow: So then.. if he's not dead.. then where is he?
Ryder: No idea. All I know is, you boys had better watch yourselves. Maybe try getting out of here?
Shadow: No! We need to find Mephiles. He has a chaos drive.
Ryder: Mephiles? Who the heck is Mephiles?
?: I AM, FOOL!
[now at the top of the staircase is Mephiles]
Mp: I am surprised you fools managed to get this far without DYING a HORRIBLE, UNDERSEA DEATH.
Shadow: We're not underwater.
Mp: Haha, you idiots couldn't ev--what?
Shadow: The water. We're not under it.
Mp: Whoa, seriously? That's pretty intense. So where are we?
Red: We're still in the Unthinkable Valley.
Mp: ****. Then what's with all the water outside the--
[they look up at the sky window thing; just sky]
Mp: Uh-oh.
Chapter 4: Electric Eye
Mp: Guys. We've.. really gotta get out of here.
Shadow: Why? You're the whole reason we went back down here!
Mp: Yeah, well, that's when I didn't realize this place wasn't Euphoria.
Dark: You're stupid.
Mp: Shut up!
Shadow: *sigh* Hey, Eggman, you there?
[Eggman appears]
Egg: What's up?
Shadow: Mephiles gave up. Let's go.
Mp: What?!
Egg: Okay. Hang on juuuuust one second.
[Eggman disappears]
Mp: Now you guys listen-- I did NOT just give up. I never give up! I'm Mephiles! I'm the freaking DEMON of..... uh...
MK: Darkness?
Mp: Eh, probably.
TD: **** you, man. I'M the demon of darkness and evil and.. curses.
Shade: Hey, actually, that brings me to wonder... could this show technically be a Tails Doll story?
TD: A really long one, dedicated to me? Sure, but it's not doing me justice.
Shade: How so?
TD: Well, for a story to be actually a Tails Doll story, I must be the main antagonist, and.. I gotta be ME!
MK: Y'know, speaking of... you've been slacking off, Dollface.
TD: Yeah, yeah, well..
MK: I mean, c'mon! You used to be going around, stealing people's souls left and right!
TD: Well, I'm trying to quit.
Red: Wow, are you really?
TD: Yeah. It's.. it's just not healthful, y'know? I'm trying to cut it down to about three souls a day.
Mp: Oh, I hear you, man, I mean.. being a demon isn't all it's cut out to be.
TD: Oh, totally, yeah... I.. I agree. Completely.
Mp: It's just.. yeah. A LOT of hard work.
TD: Yeah, I just can't find the time anymore. Ever since the boss disappeared...
Shadow: Wait, hang on. Hang on, hang on, HANG ON.
All: Whaaaat?
Shadow: Tails Doll, you mean.. Metal Sonic, right? Metal Sonic is gone?
TD: That's what I've been saying for this whole serial!
Shadow: But.. I mean... I killed him, or rather, I WILL kill him.. but I mean, I DID, but it's in the future...
Shade: He's saying we traveled to the future and killed him there.
Shadow: But he was Neo Metal Sonic! That's.. that's him in the future!
TD: Hrm.
MK: WHAT IF THE PANDORICA IS OPENING? And it's creating all these cracks in space?
MK: But the sun is really the TARDIS, and we don't have that.
Dark: What if we go to the post office and steal a phone booth?
MK: No, what if we get Eggman to take us back to the 60s so we can get a police box?
Shadow: Guys! GUYS!
Dark: NO! Let's fly Eggman into the sun!
[Mecha and Dark shut up]
Shadow: ...thank you. Anyway, if what I think is true, then there's only one way Metal could be gone.
Ryder: You mean if his future self was his present self.
Shadow: Exactly, Ryder. But that would mean Metal can travel through time at will.
Ryder: You! Red robot guy.
MK: You called?
Ryder: How often did your boss actually appear at your base of operations?
MK: Uh...
Shade: He means "how much did you see Metal?"
MK: Well, usually a couple times a day, 'cause he was always going out to do something or other.
Shadow: Ah-ha. And The Cremator was completely off-screen and, hell, off the script before we got to that one place.
Shade: *shudder* District 2... man.
Shadow: So here we have plenty of time left unaccounted for. He could have easily just gone through time and whatnot.
Ryder: Hell, he doesn't even need that much time, if he's got a time machine.
Shadow: Excellent point. So I'd say my theory is pretty likely.
MK: Could you please tell me your theory, slowly, and with simple words? You're going a little fast.
Shadow: Okay. I killed your boss.
Shade: Hm. That leaves us with the question of "Why did he need to be in two times at once?"
Red: I have a much better question.
Shade: Yeah?
Red: Why isn't Eggman back yet?
Ryder: Mhmhmhm... yeah, that IS a good question.
Shade: Wait, didn't the Veterans once tell us about something or other?
Dark: They might have.
Shade: No. I meant... I thought they mentioned, like... some sort of bad guy? He was down in Euphoria...
Shadow: ..and he's the REAL reason we were taken out of here in the first place?
Shade: And he had the power to bend the script at will, too.
Shadow: Yeah, that guy. Ryder, do you know who this guy might be?
Ryder: Someone who.. wha? Any more info you can recall about this fellow?
Shade: Wait, yeah... there was one more, wasn't there?
Shadow: Something about symptoms...
Shade: AH! This person was the result of some new development.
Ryder: ..I can only think of one other dude who was the result of ANY new development, and that's....... me!
Shadow: Ryder? But.. can you bend the script at will?
Ryder: I.. I don't know. How would one go about doing that?
Shade: Ya just gotta.. think it.
Ryder: Hmmm...
[Shadow's radio turns on]
Shadow: Whoa.
Ryder: Wait, no, that's not right.
[coughing is heard from the other end of the radio]
Shade: That's pretty powerful script-bending powers you've got.
Ryder: But I'm not doing that!
Radio: Boy... boy... help...
Shadow: ...Mallet?
Chapter 5: The Chamber of 32 Doors
Shadow: Mallet, are you okay? Where are you? What happened?
MalletR: I'm... happy.
MalletR: Dark.. open Amnizu's door for me, would you kindly?
Dark: Oh, I ain't falling for your mind control, Giygas! Nuh-uh! No way!
[Dark is currently standing in front of a door labelled "Amnizu"]
[he's reaching for the doorknob]
MalletR: That's it, boy.. open that door.
[Dark opens the door; the rest of the gang just watches with curiosity and fear]
[the door leads down a long, dark hallway to a single, well-lit door]
MalletR: Now, son, couldja mebby walk up to THAT door in front o' yeh, and open IT, as well?
[Dark slowly walks down the long and dark hallway]
Shade: This is crazy. We've been here before. All that happens is that the door down there crushes you.
[Dark makes it to the door]
MalletR: Good. Open it.
[the rest of the gang moves up to the Amnizu door to get a closer look]
[Dark reaches for the doorknob... and turns it]
Shade: Well. So much for my recollection.
[behind this door is another long, dark hallway, leading up to another well-lit door]
MalletR: That's it, boy. Keep going.
[Dark moves further down the hall (followed far behind by the others), and opens the next door]
[behind it is yet another long, dark hallway, leading up to yet another well-lit door]
[and it keeps going for several doors]
[eventually, Dark reaches his tenth door, and is getting ready to open it]
Shade: YO, DARK!
[Dark turns to look at Shade]
[the next door opens by itself, slowly]
Shade: ....HEAD..... um.. b..back...?
[Dark turns around, and sees another long, dark hallway]
[at the end of THIS one, however, is a tall, cloaked figure]
MalletR: Okay, you wanna come up here? I'm lookin' forward to shakin' yer hand!
[the previous quote plays again and again, getting more and more distorted]
[the cloaked figure begins gliding towards them]
(Note: It's like it's walking.. but you can't see its legs move. Y'know. Gliding. Sliding. Hovering along the ground.)
[our heroes run like a bat outta hell through all ten or so hallways]
[yet they're still not back to the main hall place]
[they look ahead and see about ten more hallways]
[they turn around and see the one hall, with the cloaked figure hovering even closer]
Shadow: ...he's bending the script!
Shade: Ack, the kid's right! Dark, get back here!
Dark: I... I... okay!
[Dark turns and runs back to them; a door closes between him and the others]
[Shade tries opening the door, but to no avail]
Shade: Mecha!
MK: Got it.
[Mecha charges into the door; it stays put]
Shade: Try it again!
MK: I was gonna!
[he charges into it again]
[the door is busted open; the cloaked figure is almost to Dark]
Dark: Aiieeee! Help me!
Shade: C'mon, Dark!
[Dark follows them out]
Shadow: Where are we gonna go now? We've tried going back before, and it didn't work!
Shade: If that guy can bend the script, then... then... so can I.
TD: You can bend the script?!
Shade: I sure as hell hope so. Follow me.
[they head towards the door]
[Eggman appears at the other end]
Egg: Guys! Guys! Sorry I'm late. You say you have Mephiles? Excellent. Let's leave.
Shade: Eggman! Just the deus ex machina I wanted to see.
Egg: Wha? Oh. Oh! *chuckle* Good point. Alright, c'mon, guys!
[Eggman whisks them away]
Chapter 6: Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms
[cut to the void]
Ryder: Um.. thank you, Doctor, for saving us.
Egg: It's no problem at all. I can see you met the, uh.. the fugitive?
Dark: He was coming for me...
Egg: Yes, well.. that's because he's your fa--
Shade: Yeah, uh, Eggman.. we have encountered him before.
Dark: He told me we'd come back, that there were parts of the city we'd never seen before.
Red: Wait, when did he tell you this?
Dark: He.. left it in a note. For my eyes only. The last time we were there.
Red: Do you think he was referring to this time?
Shade: Let's hope so. Let's hope we're finally done with that accursed city.
Egg: Now, did you manage to get the chaos drive?
Ryder: Chaos drive? Hmm.. I think I know where that may be.
[cut back again to Chao Talk; the city hall; Ryder's office]
Ryder: Right. Well, I remember exploring this place, back when I thought it was actually my place.
Shade: And you think you remember seeing a chaos drive?
Ryder: Yes. In the secret passage below the elevator shaft.
[Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll back away]
MK: Yeah, uh.. you guys can go alone.
TD: We're.. staying up here.
MK: We're *******.
Shade: That's fine. We can do this by ourselves, right, guys?
Ryder: Uh.. actually, Shade, if it's alright.. I wanna go down there alone with my son.
Shade: Oh. O..okay. That's fine.
Shadow: Why just us?
Ryder: I'll tell you later.
[they head to the elevator and ride it down to the second floor]
Ryder: Right, now to get to the passage, we need to enter the shaft, which means the elevator must stay here.
[they head to the first floor via staircase]
Shadow: So why just us?
Ryder: Actually, I have no idea. I just thought it would be cool.
Shadow: ..oh.
[they enter the elevator shaft and see a bricked-up passageway]
Ryder: Right. Crap. Uh.. you know anyone with a crowbar?
Shadow: I think Shade has one.
Shade: I do.
[Shadow screams; Shade had followed them]
Shade: I thought I'd come along, just in case you needed me.
Ryder: Smart. Crowbar, please.
Shade: No way! I don't give my crowbar to NOBODY.
Ryder: Then.. then break down this obstacle.
Shade: Fine.
[Shade breaks it down]
Shade: I'll scout ahead to see if it's safe.
Ryder: Be my guest.
[Shade enters, and finds it really dark]
Shade: Ugh, I can't see anything! Anybody got a light?
[someone turns on a flashlight]
[he sees a squadron of about five soldiers pointing guns at him]
Shade: Uh... thanks for the light, guys?
[they prepare to fire]
Shade: Wait! Wait. I have one request.
[the leader tells them to hold their fire]
Shade: Do it like a firing squad. Y'know.. a firing squad?
[the leader then tells them to ready their weapons]
[Shade puts his hand around his back, and shapes it like a gun]
[Shade points his gun-shaped hand at the soldier on the far end]
Shade: Bang.
[the soldiers fire their guns]
[but Shadow had snuck up behind the soldier on the far end and pushed him over, knocking over the whole lot like dominoes]
[and that somehow makes the soldiers die]
Shade: Good, you remembered the signal.
Ryder: Wait, signal?
Shadow: Whenever Shade puts his hand behind his back and shapes it like a gun, that's a signal for the "domino" tactic.
Ryder: ...huh.
Shade: Okay, somebody take that flashlight.
[Shadow takes it]
Shade: Good. Let's move on, see where this little corridor leads.
[the corridor leads into a small cavern-ish room with a table and writing on the wall]
Shadow: Hang on, I think there's another flashlight on this table. Ryder, you want it?
Ryder: Um... sure. Thanks.
Shade: What's this stuff on the wall say?
Shadow: ..."No hope."
Ryder: Well! That's encouraging.
Shade: Hey, you're the one who said the drive was down here.
Ryder: I didn't realize this place was so dark before.
Shade: It's NOT dark, it's.......
Ryder: Yeah?
Shade: Never mind. It doesn't... it's not the same with you.
[they find that the path ahead is blocked by a bunch of boarded-up.. wood.. stuff]
Shade: I got this one.
[he breaks the wood down and they continue]
[the cavern becomes icy and frozen and whatnot]
[they turn a corner and find an underground, frozen river]
Shadow: Ryder, do you remember where the drive is?
Ryder: Kinda. Sorta. I just know it's down here.
Shade: But this is a dead-end!
?: Looking for something?
[they turn and shine their flashlights at the only way out-- the cloaked figure is there]
Chapter 7: Lucretia
Shade: You...
?: Relax! It's me.
[the figure takes off its cloak and reveals itself to be Shade Junior on stilts]
Shade: Junior? What are you doing here?
SJR: The Veterans sent me here to help you guys on your quest.
Shade: ..they.. did? Okay. Do you know where the chaos drive is?
SJR: Oh, yes, certainly! But it's not down here.
Shadow: Then where is it?
SJR: Follow me. I shall take you to it.
[Junior leads the three out of the cavern, and through the city hall]
SJR: It is in the Daedalus Labs, just opposite this building.
Ryder: Those old labs? But I could never even enter that damn place.
SJR: That is because it was locked. I shall open it for you.
Ryder: Huh?
Shade: It's okay. My son's got some weird as hell connection with the city, or whatever. He's a..... what's it called?
SJR: "Tour Guide."
Shade: There we go. He's a Tour Guide.
Ryder: A Turgii? But Turgii are beings of pure Remtal.
Shade: No, no, see.. he's a TOUR GUIDE. They're these people who know the inner workings of the city, and are all weirdy.
Ryder: But.. but I renamed them "Turgii." The beings of pure Remtal who know the secrets of Euphoria.
Shade: Ah, but see, Junior USED to be a Tour Guide. He's not anymore. He just happens to still know the secrets... wait.
[Shade stops walking]
Shadow: What?
Shade: The city always changes. If Junior's not a Guide anymore, he shouldn't know the...
[Shade runs up to Shade Junior]
Shade: Junior, are you a Guide again?
SJR: Don't touch me.
Shade: Wha?
SJR: I'll explain as we move on. Come. Into the labs.
[Junior leads them into the Daedalus Labs, which suddenly transform into "Ryder Industries"]
SJR: The city developed a new defense mechanism to hold back Red Metal. More on that later.
Shade: Um.. okay.
SJR: You see, Red Metal has evolved over time. It can now manipulate your minds.
Shadow: So it can make us hallucinate, and such? So that's why this place looks like Bioshock?
SJR: Correct.
Shade: How did it evolve, exactly?
SJR: That's the thing-- the chaos drive was able to amplify its power.
Shadow: So the chaos drive.. helped the Red Metal?
SJR: Yes. If you take the chaos drive, there's no telling what will happen to the city.
Shade: Does this mean any Tour Guides will do their best to steer us away from the drive?
SJR: .....why, yes. That's right.
Shade: Of course, you're not a Guide anymore. Right?
[Junior stops walking]
SJR: I am not a Tour Guide, Shade.
[he turns around and shifts into a cloaked figure]
SJR: I am THE Tour Guide.
Shade: KNEW it! Guys, let's scoot.
[the three run as fast as they can]
TG: Bare this in mind, Green One.. you will not get that chaos drive. I shall make sure of it.
[they head back into the elevator shaft and enter the cavern]
Shade: Okay, let's make this quick. I know now that Ryder was right. The drive IS in here.
Shadow: Otherwise the Guide wouldn't have been so quick to get us out, right?
Shade: Exactly. Look carefully, guys.
[they enter the dead-end cavern and look around]
Ryder: What's this in the frozen river?
[they look and see a sparkling yellow light]
Shadow: That's it!
TG: That is not yours.
[the Guide has entered the room]
Shade: Back off, Kilburn.
TG: Kilburn? No, Grey One, I am not Dark's father.
Shade: Wha? But.. but HE'S...
TG: Kilburn is no longer with us. I am the Tour Guide now.
Ryder: ..Shade, help Shadow get the drive.
Shade: What?
Ryder: I'll take care of this guy.
Shade: Okay. Stand back, Shadow!
[Shade smacks his crowbar into the ice]
Shade: Ugh, this stuff is tough. It may take a while.
Shadow: C'mon, Shade, dig! Dig!
Shade: I'm trying!
Ryder: Guys, he's not moving.
Shadow: What?
Ryder: The Tour Guide.. he's not moving.
[the Tour Guide has folded its arms, and is watching Shade]
Shadow:, why would he be...?
Shade: I've got something!
[Shadow looks down and sees Shade strike the ice; the chaos drive is now grabbable]
Shade: Take it, Shadow! Take it!
Shadow: But why...?
[Shadow looks further up the river and sees a frozen corpse]
Shadow: ..Shade!
Shade: Wha?
[Shade sees it, too]
Shade: Holy nelly, what the?
[the frozen corpse comes to life and begins digging through the ice towards the chaos drive]
Shade: That's Kilburn!
Shadow: That's Dark's father?
TG: As I said, he is no longer with us.
Shadow: ......ah, screw it.
[Shadow grabs the chaos drive and absorbs it or whatever chao do with those things]
[suddenly, Wilson Kilburn burts up through the ice and grabs Shadow]
Shadow: Holy crap! Ugh, he's all bloody and gross! Get him off me!
Shade: I got him!
[Shade whacks Kilburn a couple times; he falls over; Shade grabs Shadow and they run]
Shadow: Ryder!
Ryder: You two go on.
Shade: What are you doing, man? You've gotta come with us!
Ryder: No. Just trust me on this one. I've got to stay here for now.
Shadow: Ryder! .....Dad..!
Shade: C'mon, Shadow!
[Shade grabs Shadow and pulls him out of the cavern]
[they hurry back up to the third floor]
Shade: Eggman! Eggman!
Egg: You have it now?
Shade: Yes! He's got it! Let's go! NOW!
Egg: Um.. yes, right!
[Eggman takes them all to the void]
Chapter 8: Los Endos
[cut to the void; Mecha, the Doll, Shade, Shadow, Dark, Red, and Mephiles are all gathered together]
MK: So? What happened? And where's Ryder?
Shade: Ryder couldn't come. Shadow got the drive.
TD: Nice job, kid.
[Eggman and Levity Nite appear]
Egg: Well done, fellows. Shadow.
Shadow: ........
Nite: Unfortunately, we do not have time to help you get the next chaos drive.
Shade: What do you mean?
Nite: In fact, we do not have time to help you get ANY more. Your escapades at Chao Talk have caused violent repercussions.
Shade: In English?
Egg: Well, without giving away confidential information, that Tour Guide is still bending the scripts, trying to get at us.
Nite: And Echo is not feeling his best. So we must give you the details quickly.
MK: Just give it to us straight.
Egg: Very well. The next two chaos drives are in-- wait, no.
Nite: We shall split you up into two groups. You four chao, come with me.
[the four chao go with Levity]
Nite: Now, then.. while the other three hunt for one chaos drive, you shall hunt for this one.
Shade: And when they find theirs, you'll give it to Shadow?
Nite: Essentially.
Red: Right, so where's ours?
Nite: According to survey data, it is somewhere in the Sancheria forest on the Chao World. Same time period, of course.
Red: The future?
Nite: Correct. Hurry now and get it!
[Levity sends them away]

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