Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't drink and drive. Do drink and think.

So hey, folks. :D DJay here. ..who else would it be? :P Sorry. Stupid thing to say. ..well, I guess it could have been mLe, but she hasn't said much lately. WHATEVER I DIGRESS


I've been doing some heavy thinking, and for once, some heavy (not really) drinking. I shouldn't have done the latter, but that's more of a personal thing. Besides, it relaxed me. It made me rethink a lot of things. I think it's changed me as a person. Beer never sounded so good. o_o But it tastes horrible. Don't ever drink it. Especially not lite. Especially not warm. Especially not warm and lite. ..mitecha, after half a bottle of that (like I said, not heavy), you become incredibly relaxed. ....damn, I feel great. =) I'm not buzzed anymore, by the way; that was a few days ago. But like I said, it made me rethink some things, and I'm no longer as panicky as I used to be.

..what was I talking about? I dunno. Guess I'm tired right now. Uh.. wait. Hang on. Dammit, Jordan, focus. xD

RIGHT, right. So after thinking, I think I have some definite announcements regarding Dark Chao Adventures.

Dark Chao Adventures: The Radio Show (title pending)
Coming some time after Halloween. Definitely. I'm proud(er) of my voice (than I used to be), and I think I could prolly bring the seventy-three episodes to a books-on-tape format. Look forward to that.

 Dark Chao Adventures: Book of Faces, et cetera
Coming alongside the Radio Show. Allow me to elaborate. DCA is a big series, and its current fans have moved on. It needs... how you say... new fans. But I don't want to just show the scripts around the net; I want to introduce Shade and company to the world with audio. DCA's moving from one dimension to.. well, still one dimension, but now with sound. 

Dark Chao Adventures: War of the Gardens
DCAWG. Remember that? Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't really done much with it. Or anything. But I'm getting interested in adventure games again, and I think I might resume work on it. Maybe change it up a bunch.

Dark Chao Adventures: Halloween 2010
DCAHall3 is coming along right on schedule. :D ...though I haven't touched it since I finished the de facto Act II, which was at least a week ago. Don't worry, though. I'll get it done.

Dark Chao Adventures: Season Seven
DCA7 is our biggest season yet. I predict DCA8 to be even longer, though, if my plans work out accordingly. Nevertheless, the future episodes are on hold until further notice, not only because of DCAHall3, but also because of a lack of ideas. I'm not sure what video game I could be bothered to put as the next serial. Ideas include EarthBound (for real this time), The Legend of Zelda: Blankity Blank Blank, and Grand Theft Auto (again, for real).

Chao Chat: 200.1 FM
....damn, I'd completely forgotten about our little recurring station. I'll be sure to throw it into future eppies. Probably.

The Dark Chao Adventures Official Website
I still have some pages to make on there. Stuff like tons of character bios, and LINKS! Right! Links. I should also talk with Neff about developing on the radio player that's on the main page. Then I need to put in the Dark Chao Shorts, and.. more fan art? I dunno.

The Dark Chao Adventures Wiki
We have a Wiki. We've had one since April. Did I mention that yet? I'll put it in the links sidebar. I need editors. That could be anybody. Even you, occasional reader who never comments and I hope exists but probably doesn't.

DCA Rule 34
....never in a million years. I'm gonna pretend I never even uttered those words.

The Time to Work on Dark Chao Adventures...
is Halloween and beyond. I'm moving to England in two weeks, and then again to India in October. So from now on until then, DCAHall3 will be the only (or at least MAIN) thing to come out of my brain and onto my computer. From then on, I will have a lot of time on my hands. Plenty of time to convert every single episode to radio format, right? :D

Soon, I will be the British boy with an American accent living in India wearing a tuxedo, hat, scarf and 3D glasses who works on a Dark chao fanfic/radio show for complete strangers on the internet and (hopefully by then) his friends on Facebook (in between sessions of Rock Band 3 and hopefully talking to his future girlfriend). Imma just gonna let that sink in for a minute. If the tux were a trenchcoat and the hat a trilby, then it would be an utter dream come true for me. :3

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