Sunday, November 9, 2008

Among my thousands of projects, a new one arises!

Well, not really THOUSANDS. First, let's count up the ones I DO have left to do.

- Professor Shade-on (more of just a side project, really)

- DCA08 (it'll be done before January 1, 2009)

- Season 7 (I haven't quite shifted my focus into it yet)

- Guns of War (Wait until I have GoW2 first)

- Website updates (They come every now and again)

- DCRPG (We're up to Mission 15 so far-- 5 left!)

- Shade and Dark Play Half-Life 2 (almost at the final chapter)

I think that's it. Now, a new one has risen! Although, it's in the same state as Guns of War-- it's gonna happen, and sometime soon, but not yet.

Before I announce it, I'll continue on this long introduction.

Season 6, The Gray Journey. It was more of an experimental thing than anything else. Seeing how hard it is to make text adaptions to games.... it wasn't that bad, actually. And I'm sure the chao will return for Half-Life 2, but not for a while, either.

BUT, the chao returning to something included in the Gray Journey IS what we're talking about here. In fact.....

Man, I hope you can see that.

Introducing, DCAHalo2! The chao return to their musical abilities for a second fight against the Cyber chao.

Look forward to it, foo'!

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