Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, I got and beat Gears of War 2, SO....

Guns of War
Hell yeah, baby! The Cole Train's back in business! Ya can't stop the train, baby!
*ahem* Sorry. Gears of War 2 is a great game. Truly amazing. However, maybe it's because I haven't played it enough yet, but it doesn't feel as CLASSIC as the original. ...yeah, it's because I haven't played it enough yet. Wait 'til I'm REALLY used to the huge bosses.
So, Guns of War will be coming to a computer near you VERY not incredibly soon. This time, once I've made it, I've made it, so there is no release date. But, I'm thinking Christmas. Maybe. ...yeah, I may as well do that.
Okay, new production update!
Guns of War will be coming to a computer near you on December 25, 2008.
Of course, DCA08 will be completed before then, too. Hopefully. If not, I'll simply rename it DCA09, and I'll be in the clear. 2008's already got enough epic scripts. It only has room for one more, and Gears of War 2 was here--- well..... second.
Some things to look forward to about Guns of War--
- 5 EPIC Acts, each with around 6 EPIC chapters! Except the fifth, which will only have 5!
- NEW locations! Including a forest, underground, an abandoned facility, a mountain, an underground lake, and some unbelievable things.
- NEW enemies! Trust me, there'll be enough n00bs for everyone.
- Our good ol' Delta Squad, and Command! Shade, Dark, Chao, and Cham return for another round, with Eggman providing their intel!
- Even more EPIC speeches by the mysterious voice! Except this time, you'll learn who the voice IS!
- EMOTIONAL STORY! Well, more like a little side-story. Still, it's interesting.
- NO COMMERCIALS! Completely ad-free.
- There were some parts of Gears 2 I will be changing, just like with the first. But, this time, I only have ONE PARTICULAR part in mind. For those who have played it, I'll say Act 2, Chapter 6. You know the one I mean. *shudder* Hate stuff like that...
- I might throw in some bonus stuff, since this one is without the first random tale, and the epic song at the end where Cole raps. So, I'll just toss some bonuses in there.
- For those who HAVE played Gears 2, you should know by now just how epic and great it is. Epic Games is very good at making..... well, EPIC GAMES.
- Y'know what? Maybe Christmas is too soon.
Guns of War might not come out December 25, 2008. I mean, I still haven't played the game enough to get it to 'click' into my mind, you know?
I mean, with Gears n' Roses, I made it so great because I truly loved Gears of War. I was a true fan of that game. It was so dramatic... so awesome. Gears 2 is just as dramatic and awesome, if not more so, but the first time I played it (today and yesterday), I just "breezed through." I haven't gotten a chance to just.... PLAY it. Just walk through it, and pretend it's a movie. ....a 10-hour long movie.
So, that's it for this installment of "Guns of War PRODUCTION UPDATE!" ....heh..... "GoWPU." "Go poo."

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