Friday, November 21, 2008

Boy, it's been a while, huh?

"So, how are things?" I'll tell you how things are. Things are GREAT!

My life is wonderful right now. Rock Band 2 is awesome. Really. Gears 2 has never been awesomer. Still, Guns of War won't be made for a while. Trust me. I still haven't played it enough yet. Third time's the charm, though, right?

I got the SPECIAL, "Last Stand Edition" of the Gears of War 2 Strategy Guide. It rocks. It comes with a one-in-46,000-of-a-kind, 8X10, signed by the author lithograph (picture or something) of a character. ...his name's Skorge. It is one AWESOME picture, though. I'mma try to get it framed. I've already worked out who will play Skorge in Gears 2, and I know exactly WHY, as well. I dunno if Mecha will be in there or not, nor the Tails Doll. Well.... Mecha might.

Also, Christmas is comin' up awfully quick now, ain't it? I'm hopin' to get a number of things, come December 25th. Who knows? I might even spread the joy by releasing some kind of special then. I haven't made a REAL Christmas special yet.

One more thing-- if you haven't yet, GET GEARS 2, and if not yet, GEARS 1 AS WELL! Both games are REALLY awesome! And, if you can, GET THE LIMITED EDITIONS FOR BOTH OF THEM! I got the first's limited edition for twenty dollars less than the actual game cost. was used. Still, it rocks. A super-special tin, a book of art, a special DVD about the game, and it just looks so cool! Apparently, the second's limited edition has an even better book, a DVD, a tin, and is just as good!

Let's see, what else is there to say now? ....nothing at all. See ya later!

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