Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some News.

Okay, don't expect more Season 7 stuff for a while. Maybe. For one thing, that episode I released? Consider it a present. An.... Election 2008 present.

Really, whether or not I make more Season 7 for a while, and whether or not the following trailer promotes something coming soon, or coming 2009....

...all depends on what games I get between now and Christmas.

Here's a trailer. I know I shouldn't show you the trailer, but I'm gonna.

[cut to a red screen; black blood splats are visible]
Shade: Sometimes, death is all you can see.
[Shade's silhouette appears]
Shade: It consumes you.
? VO: Oh.... oh, no! They're all dead! They're all dead!
Shade: So you have to look it in the eye....
[Shade revvs a chainsaw]
Shade: And bare your teeth.
[Shade runs forward, and prepares to chainsaw a messed-up robot in half]
[the robot turns around, and revvs up its own chainsaw]
[the two chainsaws "duel," pushing against each other]
[Shade pushes harder, stuns the robot, and cuts it in half]

Shade: Freakin' robots.
[fade to black]
Shade: It never ends.
[a black cog with a black chao skull in it appears on-screen]
[below it flashes the words, "Guns of War"]

[the logo disappears; "Coming Soon. Maybe 2009, Maybe Earlier." appears on-screen]

Haven't figured it out? Guns of War, the Gears n' Roses sequel, will be made sometime soon.

Now, why on Earth (or should I say, "FUTURE Earth") would I decide to make a sequel to Gears n' Roses so soon after I released the original?

Well, let's just say that I really liked making Gears n' Roses. And, I am interested in Gears of War 2.

Like I said earlier, whether or not Season 7 is continued soon, as well as whether or not Guns of War will be made soon, depends on what games I get between now and Christmas.

If I get Gears of War 2 before Christmas, Guns of War will be my top priority.

If I don't, Season 7 can continue.

I suppose any time between now and when I get GoW2, more eppies will be made. I guess.

I also had to make the tough decision about whether or not to make Guns of War DCAHall3, or just make something different for that, and make this now. I've decided that the DCAHalls are meant to be more standalone, rather than follow a storyline. Plus, Gears n' Roses DOES work well by itself. Guns of War will simply be..... a spin-off, if you will. Not really. I dunno.

Now, "Why 'Guns of War?' Why not 'Gears n' Roses 2?'" "Gears n' Roses 2" slips off the tongue. "Guns of War" is catchier. But, it's harder to get the "Guns n' Roses/Gears of War" joke.

And, it's rather inevitable that Epic Games will make another Gears, to either end the story, or keep the series rollin'. Of course, I will eventually make a DCA version of THAT. What it will be called, I do not know.

Some more things:

- Gears of War 2 is supposedly 10 hours long.

- Lemme put it this way..... Gears of War wasn't. I'm sure it was around 5-7 hours, or 3-5, or something.

- Okay, lemme spell it out for you-- Guns of War will be even longer than Gears n' Roses.

- Since it will be so long, I will not make two tales. That's the DCAHall formula. Guns of War will simply be Guns of War, not Tale One-- Whatever, and Tale Two-- Guns of War.

- Because of how much I changed the story in Gears n' Roses, it'll be one interesting challenge to explain how Dark, Chao, and Cham become.... not Instability, and then help Shade again as Delta Squad. Same with Eggman.

- ....yeah, in case you didn't notice, at the end of Gears n' Roses, everybody became an Instability except Shade. That was the cliffhanger.

- I also gotta figure out how to tie the Poker Gang to this one. That'll be....... pretty easy, actually.

- I've actually got some of the story already figured out in my head! Haha! This'll be a cinch!

- Okay, so now the last problem-- Gears of War 2. Getting it, and then converting it to DCA. I've also gotta pray that the Bezerkers return. I LOVE those guys.

So, that's it for this entry. Hope you got some joy out of it.

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