Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On the EIGHTH day of DCA, my DJ gave to me...

...something oddly different for Christmas!

Here's a list of DVDs I recommend. Why am I doing this? ...I don't know. Something to do with Christmas, and I can't think of another update.

- Anything Futurama, particularly the new one(s).

- Anything Avatar. It's my favorite show, and it's quite good.

- 1408. It could possibly be Stephen King's best. ...besides Dark Half.

- Monster House. It's hilarious.

- Anything Tenacious D. Why? 'Cause it's Jack Black and Kris Gass.

- Invader ZIM. You like DCA, right? Well, the early DCA had this humor.

- Pink Panther. Movie or cartoon, doesn't matter; it's funny.

- Meet the Robinsons. Disney back to its roots! Seriously, I. DIG. THIS. MOVIE.

- Hell, anything Disney Pixar. Those guys are good.

- Shrek, anyone?

- Hoodwinked. 'Nuff said.

- Wallace & Gromit. Good ol' British goodness.

- Big Fish. Have you ever seen this? It's a good movie.

- Some of the early Family Guy. Classic!

- Anything with George Carlin in it. He's one helluva comedian.

- Anything featuring BOTH Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. They are the best movie pair I've seen.

- Doctor Who. 'Nuff said.

- Um... Star Wars. Sure, why not?

Well, that's all I can think of. Those are just recommendations thought up at the last minute.

All the shorts I made up,

A Christmas short of cheating,


The Tee Em Ee Dubb-yoo Tee,

An accomplished promise,

The revealance of a rumor,

and a fan's friend drove up a tree!

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