Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the SIXTH day of DCA, my DJ gave to me...

A Christmas short! This thing has NO dialogue, just actions. Hope you like it.

"Echo's Revenge"
Background Music: Carol of the Bells
[Echo flies above the Heroes as they get a Christmas tree]
[snow begins to fall, the Heroes get some firewood]
[Echo appears unchanged, yet occasionally looks at the fire with envy]
[the Heroes relax, eat some chestnuts, and laugh in the holiday cheer; Echo fills with a plethora of envy]
[the Heroes fall asleep, and Echo quietly lands; a few seconds later, the fire goes out; Echo is angry]
[he summons (with Beta Avenger powers) a magical GameCube controller with the letters 'AR' on the front]
[he twists some knobs and pulls some levers, resulting in the chao changing colors]
[laughing devilishly, he charges to the Dark Garden, and sees that they're all asleep]
[he turns Dark into a Knuckles chao, Dark-Hawk into a Tails chao, and Phantom into an Amy chao]
[then, he accidentally turns the BGM off, waking Shade up]
[Shade gasps and dives for the controller; Echo stops him and gestures for him to go back to sleep]
[Shade snatches the controller, accidentally pressing a button turning Echo into a Neutral Chaos Chao]
[they fight over the controller, pressing buttons by accident, and Shade becomes a Dark Chaos Chao]
[one of them presses D-Pad down, bringing the music back, waking Chao up, who goes to see the commotion]
[suddenly, they turn Chao into a Hero Chaos Chao, and they all fight for the controller]
[one button press later, Echo becomes a Hyper/Mega chao and powerfully grasps the controller; their fates were in his hands]
[he powerfully pressed D-Pad up, resulting in Metal Sonic and Chaos 0 to enter the garden]
[the characters were quick to injure the 'heroes;' Shade and Chao screamed]
[but then, Shade got an idea, a bold idea nontheless]
[he sprung up and shoved Metal into Chaos, freezing them in place and causing the controller to malfunction]
[as the controller was destroyed, everyone went back to normal; Metal and Chaos disappeared]
[Echo, cold and defeated, retreats back to his airborn post]
[and as the screen faded out, it was easy to see Echo's evil grin, cackling in the Winter snow]

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