Friday, December 7, 2007

Promotional Trailers, Apologies, and Et-freaking-cetera.

Not exactly in that order.

First, I am sorry, I have been slacking off. Hey, I deserve some time off, too! And while you may think I will be slacking off even more during Christmas... no, no I won't. Although I may not talk much then, I am working on something to give to you guys as my present. To you. Here's a hint: DCAX is the codename.

Then, I have another promotion to give out. Still, this one's more of an.... extremely early one. Heard of the Orange Box? Yes, it has to do with Half-Life. That's the hint. Still, this idea is still in very early stages.

Here's yet another Promotional trailer, for yet another post-Season 6 thing.

[fade-in to the Heroes exploring a dark-red, slightly bulky/metallic corridor; Chao is carrying a flashlight]
Chao (Voice-over): Shell...
Shade (VO): The "Turricane"...
Dark (VO): The Four Elemental Tablets...
DH (VO): A secret File Cabinet?
Quartz (VO): The Beta Avengers really tore this place up...
Honey (VO): We shouldn't be here...
Chaosky (VO): Hey, that room is empty!
Phantom (VO): Such a strange pool...
Honey (VO): Definitely not NOW...
Quartz (VO): Or... WAS it them?
Chaosky (VO): OH MY HERO CHAOS, it's not empty...
SB (VO): It seems as if the Nomble is... alive...
Shade (VO): Well, yeah, of course it's alive, it's a monster, right?
SB (VO): I lied... he should have waypoints. The Nomble is a robot.
Shade (VO): So, why are you saying he's alive?
SB (VO): He can actually see us. He can smell us. He can tell exactly where we are.
Shade (VO): So?
[the heroes stop at a junction. Chao shines the flashlight on a rusty sign to see that it reads "Shell HQ"]
? (VO): Don't think I don't know who you are.
Dark (VO): Oh yeah? Who am I, then?
[cut to Dark speaking to an unknown figure (who is in a dark alley)]
?: Dark.
Dark: Heh, so you know who I am. So? Are you trying to take me on?
?: Why should I take on someone who doesn't know all the secrets of this city yet?
Dark: What, as if YOU do?
?: Such ignorance... such low intelligence... the Nomble will not be pleased.
Dark: The Nomble? You mean that screamy thing?
?: The same one. You know... this Shadow Bonic friend of yours knows an awful lot about this city.
Dark: So?
?: Did you ever bother asking him... where he got his information from?
Dark: He's been here longest.
?: You're right. He HAS. Still, don't you just want to know WHERE his info originated?
Dark: ...I... suppose.
?: I shall tell you where to get the information you seek, but only if you listen to me... step into my office...
[Dark slowly steps into the alley, and a red, flashing light is seen, followed by Dark's scream slowly being distorted]
? (VO): This city holds many secrets... and I will tell you where to learn everything.
[Dark slowly steps out, a blank stare is on his face]
[close-up on Dark's face, his eyes go black, he puts his hands on his cheeks, and starts screaming as the strange figure's laughter is heard in the distance]
[fade-out, the following appears in type-writer font]
DCA: secretcity5
[the text fades out, a few seconds later, the Nomble flashes on the screen before the trailer ends]

So, uh... look forward to that.

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